No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 2)

This story is set in modern day time, with no dragons(sorry), and for Tuffnut and an OC I came up with. If you don’t like this character don’t be going reading.

“And this is the Library.” Hiccup said as they passed by a giant white building that had similar architecture to ancient Greek buildings.

“How big is it exactly?” Carstella asked Hiccup politely.

“Wanna find out?” He asked the girl and started up the stairs.

Carstella’s red eyes lit up as she followed her cousin up the stairs.

In a near by cafe the rest of the group, who were supposed to be showing the brunette around the town aswell were all sitting in the shade of the paraselles at their tables as they enjoyed the cold drinks in their hands. Well, almost all of them.

Tuff sat blowing air through his straw into his soft drink as he stared at the back of the new girl as she followed her cousin up the stairs, until he couldn’t see her anymore.

He was brought out of his trance by his sister snapping her fingers in front of his face to gain his attention.

“What?” He demanded from his twin.

“Do you like Carstella or something?” She asked with a devilish grin. The others at the table had a similar look on their faces.

“No.” Tuff said to his twin and pushed himself back in chair a bit, “I’m just not sure I trust her.”

Astrid rolled her eyes, “She’s here because she wants nothing to do with her old life. We have to treat her like a normal person. This is her fresh start.”

Tuff rolled his eyes. He knew what Astrid said was true. But he couldn’t have them all knowing what he actually thought.

The second he layed eyes on her, Tuff thought she was the most beautiful person in the world. She wasn’t girly like Astrid or his sister, she was a tomboy and didn’t care about what others thought of her, but that never stopped her from being polite to people.

It was about ten minutes after they entered they came back out talking between themselves.

“What took so long?” Astrid asked when they approached.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting.” Carstella said as she sat down next to Snotlout, “Hiccup was nice enough to help me sign up for my own library card.”

“The line was really long.” Hiccup finished, “So where haven’t we taken her yet?”

“Shopping Alley.” Astrid said suggestively.

“Town hall!” Fishlegs said matter-o-factly.

“Our favorite video game store.” Tuff said without thinking.

“Do you like video games, Carstella?” Hiccup asked his cousin.

Carstella smiled and nodded, “Very much.”

“I think I know where we’re going.” Snotlout said to the group.

Astrid just groaned.

“Maybe we should go to the shopping alley first.” Carstella suggested.

“Great idea!” Astrid said and shot up, “Let’s go!” She grabbed Carstella and Ruff and pulled them off towards the shopping street.

The boys sighed and followed.

“I think you’d look good in this, Car.” Astrid said holding up a deep blue bikini with ties up to Carstella to show her what she meant.

“Ah, thank you for the thought, Astrid.” Carstella said politely as she put her hands up and back away a little bit, “But I’m not really the kind to wear things like that.” She smiled as she pulled on her black 3/4 sleeve on her left arm in an, failed, attempt to pull it down more.

“You’ll need a bathing suit being this close to the ocean.” Astrid continued.

“I have a wet suit for surfing, I’ll be fine.”

Astrid looked at the brunette for a moment before turning back around and looking through the rack again.

Thinking she should go before Astrid made her put something on, Carstella turned and found the boys around a bench with street food in their hands.

“So this is the Shopping Alley.” Carstella said as she walked up to the boys alerting them of her presence.

“Yeah.” Tuff said in between bites of his hot dog, “Not much cool stuff here.”

“All the girls flock here though.” Snotlout said as he eyed two looking into a store window.

“There isn’t much of interest here.” Carstella said absentmindedly.

“You’re strange.” Tuff said again.

“How so?”

Tuff swallowed hard, he didn’t think he’d said that out loud and if he did he never expected she would want a reply.

“You aren’t as loud as, as rude as, as girly as, or have the same thought process as the other girls here. It’s strange.” He explained, hoping that was enough for her.

There was a pause before Carstella replied.

“I don’t think it makes me strange.” She told him, “I think it makes me unique, because I’m not like the others here.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Tuff said as he went back to his hot dog.”


“And there we have it.” Hiccup said as he sat down next to his cousin and girlfriend as they all looked over the ocean as the sun was setting, “It’s not much, but it’s home.”

“It’s wonderful.” Carstella told him, “You’re all very lucky for getting to grow up here.”

There was silence for a moment before someone spoke up.

“Um, Carstella.” Fishlegs started, the said girl turned her head to show he had her attention, “Um, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to. But I was just curious as to how your father died, the papers never said.”

“Automobile accident.” She said she was speaking about the weather.

“Do you miss him ever?” Ruff asked the girl this time.

“Can you miss someone you never cared for?” Carstella asked back.

They all looked at her like she was crazy.

“What does that even mean?” Tuff asked before he thought.

Carstella shrugged, “My father never gave me any reason to care about him, so why would I miss a man I don’t care about?”

They all nodded only slightly understanding her words.

It was quiet for the rest of the night until they bid each other good night.


Tuff stretched himself out in the early morning sun. He didn’t want something like last time to happen again. He was in the middle of a good wave and he got the worst cramp you could imagine in his leg and wiped out. He also learned the beauty of morning yoga.

As he turned one eighty degrees he saw a familiar brunette run by on the side walk along the beach and an extremely fast pace.

Tuff instantly knew she had to have been in the best shape of her life, if he’d run that fast from his apartment to Gobber’s diner he’d make it half way and need to crawl the rest of the way, and he only lived about three blocks from the diner.

Tuff watched her disappear down the side walk, admiring how she was hardly sweating, even though it was starting to heat up, how she kept the consistent pace all the way through, and he wondered vaguely what music she listened to when she would work out.

When she was fully out of his sight he continued with his morning yoga keeping her in mind the entire time.


“I saw her this morning.” Tuff replied to the question Spitelout just asked the group in the diner.

“Where?” He demanded.

“She was running along the path by the beach.” he replied, “Why?”

“She’s been missing since this morning.”

“How can she be?” Ruff asked the man, “She’s right there.”

She pointed to the door just as Carstella slipped in meekly looking down at her feet.

Spitelout marched right up to her.

“Before you yell at me.” She told her uncle, “I didn’t forget about meeting you, but I needed to get a cell phone first. The line was long, and I used it to call you when I got it because I knew I was going to be late, but no one was at your house, and I don’t have your cell number either.”

Spitelout sighed, “Alright, but be safe from now on. I didn’t even know where you were this morning.”

“I went out for a morning run, I felt really bad the past few days and it helped.” She told him.

“Be safe from now on.” He told her and handed her a piece of paper before leaving the diner.

After a few moments of silence.

“What can I get you, Carstella?” Gobber asked.

“Iced tea if you don’t mind please, Gobber.” She said.

“Coming right up!” He said with a smile and headed back into the kitchen.

“So you got yourself a cell phone.” Astrid said as Carstella approached the group.

“Yeah.” She said, “I needed one.”

“Is it the new galaxy or something?” Ruff asked with wide eyes as Carstella sat down.

“No.” She said and pulled out a basic, silver, flip phone to enter the numbers on the paper Spitelout had given he, “Those kind of phones make it too easy for people to track your movements.”

“What do you mean?” Fishlegs asked getting a little bit scared.

“Most phones now have internet access, that makes it easy for phone companies to track their phones and users attached to them.” She said not looking up from her phone, “This is a basic, only calls and text messages. Anyone from the mafia is going to have to try extra hard to try and find me this time around.”

“This time?” Hiccup asked.

Carstella paused a moment and took a breath before continuing, “I ran away once as a child, they found me almost instantly and hauled me back. Father wasn’t happy in the least.”

They were all silent except for the faint beeps of button pressing from Carstella’s phone.

“And here we are.” Gobber said coming out with a tall glass of iced tea.

“Thank you.” Carstella said with a smile.

“No problem.”

Silence again as Gobber walked away.

“So what are we going to do today?” Snotlout asked the table, “That’s not the shopping alley.”

“I wanna go to the shopping alley.” Ruff said, “Newz Dez is having a sale.”

“We can go have a girls day.” Astrid suggested, “Right, Car?”

Carstella stopped mid sip to reply, “I actually have things I need to get.” She said sheepishly, “My place isn’t exactly homey yet. Besides I need to get groceries.”

She shrugged, “Then Ruff and I will go.”

The two nodded said by and left.

“Oh!” Fishlegs said suddenly, “The museum has a new exhibit, this one is on ancient wars.”

“You had me at wars.” Snotlout said smirking at his blonde friend.

“That sounds like fun.” Hiccup said, “Tuff, you in?”

“I’d have more fun picking the lint out of my belly button.” He said to them.

“Okay.” Hiccup said awkwardly, “We’ll see you two later then.”

Carstella moved from the booth so the boys could get by her, before returning to her seat.

“So are you planning to just sit here board all day?” She asked him.

Tuff shrugged, “Guess so. Unless you wanted company or something while you do your shopping?” He mumbled the last part, but Carstella heard it loud and clear.

“I’d like that.” She told him with a small smile.

Tuff couldn’t help but smile back.


“How are piano wire, light bulbs, lysol, screws, and moth balls supposed to make a house more homey?” Tuff asked as Carstella threw a box of moth balls in the cart he so graciously offered to push.

“These aren’t, exactly.” Carstella told him, “I’m going to set up my own home security system. I’m not going to risk something.”

Tuff shrugged, but kinda understood. After he first saw her, Tuff borrowed ‘Crime Through a Child’s Eyes’ from Hiccup. His heart broke reading what she went through, if anything that was written in those pages about her father’s executives, he’d understand why she’d be so on edge.

By the end of the trip, there were many common house hold things in the cart, and a couple not so common.

Tuff helped her carry it all back to her place. While she didn’t get nearly as much as he though she would, there was still just a little to much for one person.

“Thank you again for coming and helping me, Tuff.” Carstella said as she unlocked her apartment door.

“No problem.” Tuff said as he set the bags down on the kitchen table. It didn’t look like much to him until the lights were flipped on. Then he realized there was more to this place than the ocean view. There was a large open concept kitchen area, with sliding glass doors that led out onto a beautiful balcony. To his left there was a hallway, which he assumed was a bathroom and her bedroom down there, to his right he could see a living room that had large sectional, a love seat, an oval coffee table, fuzzy looking area rug, behind the sectional there was an even bigger sliding glass door leading out onto the same balcony as the kitchen one did, and on the far wall, from floor to ceiling there was a shelving unit filled almost entirely with books, knick nacks, doo dads, and a couple of picture frames. It was a big apartment.

“Tea?” Carstella asked as she started taking things out of the bags.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Tuff said as he took a seat at the table.

Carstella put the water on to boil and got out two mugs.

“So how did you get this place?” Tuff asked in an attempt to make conversation.

“Uncle Stoik took care of it all for me.”

“Stoik pulled that many strings for you, huh?” He said more to himself.

“No.” She said understanding what he meant, “I’m a fairly successful author.And because my father didn’t have a will, after all his debts where paid the money all went to his next of kin. Me.”

“And you used his bank account to run away?” Tuff asked with a laugh.

“No.” She said and looked at him, “I withdrew all the money he had, otherwise someone would be able to track me down easily. I sent Stoik a large sum to take care of my living arrangements for me while I try and get away, and then another sum for the trouble I caused him.”

“So you bribed him?” Tuff couldn’t believe that an unswayable man like that would give into a lot of money.

“No. he wrote me back with a few conditions as to how this was going to go down. I sent the first amount, and then I handed him the second amount as a thank you at the diner that night. He gave it all to charity.” She told him and pulled the kettle off the element as it was whistling.

“He really is uncoruptable.” Tuff said and rubbed his face, before another question struck his mind, “Your father was a powerful mafia boss that controlled most industries, how much was left?”

Carstella shrugged as she placed a mug in front of him with a creamer and sugar cubes, “About 45 billion after debts.”

Tuff spit out his tea at those words, he never even thought he’d see a million in his life, and she had 45,000 times that.