No Way Out( A HTTYD Love Story Part 3)

This story is set in modern day time, with no dragons(sorry), and for Tuffnut and an OC I came up with. If you don’t like this character don’t be going reading.

“Coming your way, Car!” Ruff shouted as the volley ball went sailing over her head, Carstella bumped the ball hard. Non of the boys on the other side could get to it in time. and they gained a point.

“Point, girls.” Fishlegs called as the ‘official’ ref.

The boys groaned, they’d been losing fifteen to three.

“Your serve, Car.” Astrid said as she tossed the white ball to the brunette.

Carstella readied herself, they all found out instantly she only serves over hand, and tossed the ball up in the air. Carstella hit the ball hard, not wanting it to bounce off the net and hit Ruff in the face, again.

It went over the net, over all the boys, and landed right in front of a guy who had sand sprayed in his face.

Carstella covered her mouth with her hand and ran over to see if he was okay, despite the others telling her to stay there.

“What idiot did that!?” The guy demanded.

“I’m so sorry.” Carstella said as she approached the man, “Are you alright?”

The green eyes red head rose instantly and shot a death glare at the person who had dared to speak to him, then it softened instantly. Those who were around him were surprised by this, and even more so when he spoke.

“I’m fine.” He said with a small smile, “This yours?” He asked the girl as he picked up the volley ball.

Carstella nodded, “I’m really sorry.” She told him, “I didn’t intend for my serve to hurt anyone, but I guess it-

“I’m not hurt.” The red head half laughed at the brunette in front of him, “It sprayed sand in my face, that’s all. You have a strong arm.” He told her, “Do you work out?”

Carstella nodded.

“I thought so.” He said to her, “You have the body for it.”

“Thank you.” Carstella said quietly and tried to shrink into herself, unsure about the attention she was receiving from him.

“I’m Dagur, by the way.” The red head said and stuck out a hand to the girl.

“I’m Carstella.” She said and took his.

“Carstella.” Dagur repeated, “That’s a beautiful name, what is it Celtic, German, what?”

“I don’t know.” She told him, “My mother named me.”

“She must be a wonderful person.” Dagur said.

Carstella shrugged.

“Uh, hi Dagur.” Hiccup came up behind Carstella to try and get her out of there.

“Hello, Hiccup.” Dagur almost growled, but held it back to not scare Carstella.

“I see you’ve met Carstella, my cousin.” Hiccup said pointing to the brunette.

“Oh, you’re Hiccup’s cousin?” Dagur said smiling more.

Carstella nodded.

“Well, we must get together sometime to talk more.” Dagur told her, “I would love to get to know you better.”

He handed the volley ball back to Carstella.

“I’ll look you up.” She said with a smile.

“I look forward to seeing you again.” Dagur told her.

“As do I. See you later then.” Carstella said to him.

“I’ll see you later.” Dagur replied as Hiccup pulled Carstella back over to where his friends were waiting on them.

When she got back to the court all of them mobbed her.

“You need to stay away from him.” Astrid spoke first, “He’s bad news.”

“He’s only going to use and abuse you.” Ruff told her.

“He’s no good.” Fishlegs said.

“I can’t name one good thing about him.” Hiccup said.

Carstella nodded, she had a weird feeling about him to begin with.

They played for about an hour more, before they had to got to work, so they cleaned up and headed their own ways.

Carstella had an new idea for a story that she wanted to get down, she swung by a convenience store for a late lunch. All the while she had the funniest feeling in her stomach that she was being followed, her gut never let her down.

She didn’t need to cross on her right, but she did for an excuse to see who was shadowing her. As she turned she saw the boy she just met today at the beach. Dagur.

Great. She thought, just what I need at the moment.

She crossed when the light signaled, and sped up her pace. Dagur matched her pace, keeping the same distance from her as before. She saw a group of people walking together, and used that as her escape.

She walked past them and then turned around and started walking with them. As she figured Dagur continued forward and turned the corner thinking she went that way. When he did, Carstella bolted past the group, across the street and the other cross walk, until she was sure she was a safe enough distance from Dagur.

She continued on at a brisk pace until she reached her apartment unit. She unlocked the first door and closed it behind her before going up the stairs to the fifth floor, three steps at a time.

When she got to her door, she hurriedly unlocked it, closed it behind her, and locked it back up. She took a few steps backwards and then whipped around, have expecting someone to be on her balcony. But there wasn’t. She was alone.

Carstella was alone in her empty apartment, she sighed of relief and started down the hall to the second bedroom in the apartment. That room had her computer, video games, and her set up for writing. She pushed the door open and closed it behind her, pausing a moment before flipping the lights on.

Maybe I should bring this up to the others tomorrow. She thought to herself. At the very least I’ll get it off my chest.

Carstella decided it was best not to tell the others about Dagur the next day. They had their own worries, and her problems were in no way theirs.

So when she saw them the next day she said nothing about it as they were working out. Carstella had joined the same gym as the others, and they loved to work out in the morning with each other.

She smiled as she watched them mess around in the mirror.

“I’m gonna call it a day, guys.” Hiccup said as he grabbed his towel and started for the showers, “I still need to grab lunch before heading into work.”

“You gotta point.” Astrid said and grabbed her towel, “We should all hit the showers.”

They all nodded and headed to the change rooms.

Carstella changed in the change stalls as Astrid and Ruff were in the public showers.

“I don’t find them hygienic.” Carstella replied when Astrid asked her why she wasn’t showering with them, “I’ll shower when I get home.”

The two just shrugged and let her be as the girl laced up her combat boots.

She bid good bye to the girls before leaving the room, she knew that Hiccup and Tuff had already left to get to work. And that the others wouldn’t want to wait around and talk when they were done. So she just left.

Carstella grabbed some things at the grocery store before heading home. She wasn’t in a hurry this time, she just went along with the crowd until she reached her apartment street door.  She reached into her pocket for her keys, but stopped when she felt a presence behind her.

Carstella turned slightly to see Dagur standing behind her, and even though she was one step above him, he was still taller than her.

“Dagur.” Carstella said when she saw the red head.

“I thought you lived in the other direction.” He smiled at her.

“I don’t like being followed.” She told him, shifting the paper bag she had from one arm to another.

“I feel like you’ve been avoiding me.” He told her, “But that’s not true, is it?”

“People have said you aren’t the best person to hang around with.” She told him coolly.

“And who’s said that?” He asked her.

“People.” She replied, knowing this situation all too well.

“Like your cousin?” He asked.

She shrugged, “Maybe.”

Dagur growled from the lack of response he got from the girl, her red eyes were piercing through his very soul.

“What if I could change your opinion on me, from what others have said to what you think?” He offered.

“What are you suggesting?” She asked him.

“A date.” He said sure of himself, “This Friday, six o’clock, Gobber’s place.”

Carstella looked at him a moment, before sighing. She wasn’t getting out of this easily.

“I’m leaving the city, temporarily Wednesday.” She told him, “And I wont be back for a few days.”

“Then we can sort it out when you get back, but I’m not leaving until I hear you say yes.”

Carstella sighed again, “Alright.” She said, “We’ll figure out a day and time, and I’ll go out with you, when I get back.”

“I knew you couldn’t resist me.” Dagur smiled and leaned forward as Carstella leaned as far back as she could from him.

And with that Dagur was gone as fast as he appeared.

Carstella sighed and straightened out before unlocking the first door and walking up stairs. For some reason feet felt heavy, which they shouldn’t.

Maybe it’s because I’m ignoring their warnings and going out with him. She thought, or maybe it’s because I didn’t sence him behind me until then.

She unlocked the second door and shut and locked it behind her. She pulled her shoes and socks off and put the bag on the counter and went into the bathroom. In the medicine cabinet she pulled out a special face cleaner and wet wipe.

She put a little of the cleaner on her palm and began to scrub her face, after a few minutes she rinsed thoroughly and grabbed a wet wipe. She went over the spot a couple of times and then scowled at her reflection, she hated it.

Over her left eye, taking up part of her forehead, cheek, and eyelid was a dragon tattoo:dragon 1

The first time she’d ever done everything right to her father’s specifications, she had been rewarded with this tattoo over her left eye. It represented everything and nothing for her. Who she was, what she was, where she came from, and what she was hiding from.

But this was not the only one she was hiding. She had them all over her body. Each time she did well on the assignments that her father gave her, he would reward her with another tattoo. But every time it had to be a dragon.

Carstella closed the door and turned the water on before stripping herself of her cargo pants, t-shirt, 3/4 sleeve shirt and under garments. She had seven tattoos in all.

The one on her right shoulder and arm:right arm tattoo, it was almost a full sleeve. That one she had gotten when she had single-handedly assassinated an oppossing mafia boss herself.

On her left Shoulder and arm:left arm tattoo, this one she got for offing a traitor and his family when she was twelve.

The one on her stomach:abdomin tattoo, she’d gotten this one for setting and detonating a bomb in the middle of a very important political meeting. But when her father found out that all who attended had survived she got the most savage beating he’d ever given her.

On her left thigh:thigh tattoo, this one had come from the murder of all of his opponents children. Carstella hadn’t been older than ten at the time.

On her right calf:calf tattoo, this was for exposing his most crucial competitor as a pedophile. And at fourteen, she gave her innocence for the love of her father.

There was another on her back:back tattoo, she’d gotten this for setting fire to a court house at eight years old.

But the one that hurt the most was the one on her eye. Her father had to test her in some way to make sure that she was ready for all the training she needed to go through at six years old. Her father took her and her nanny, the woman who had been like a mother to the girl since she was born, as she had no mother. Her father gave her a gun and told her what to do. As the woman begged for mercy and to be spared, Carstella had no choice but to pull the trigger.

She’d done wrong, and with the reward that she’d received for doing such a thing, she began the downward spiral into the intracit workings of the mafia she would one day try to escape from.

Carstella shook those thoughts out and stepped into the shower. She didn’t have to live with the memories much longer. Once she got back from her trip, she could actually start her life a new, nothing holding her back.