No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 6)

This story is set in modern day time, with no dragons(sorry), and is for Tuffnut and an OC I came up with. If you don’t like this character, don’t be going reading.

“Holly fucking shit.” Was all Dagur could say from the door way as he watched the brunette furiously go through everything on the hard drive she just plugged into her computer.

Stoik, Spitelout, and Gobber had all explained to the red head what was really going on. He was to keep his mouth shut and act stupid to the entire thing otherwise he was going to jail and they were throwing away the key.

“Holly shit!” He said again.

“I know, okay. I know.” Carstella said, not intending to snap as she was tired of hearing those words as she was trying to figure what the hell was going on.

“I’m sorry,” Dagur said, “But how the hell did you live through all that?”

They also told him about ‘Crime Through a Child’s Eyes’ as her biography.

“You get used to it.” She said as she scrolled through more files, “Eventually it becomes about the same as breathing.”

“And when you stopped listening to your father?” He asked.

“He figured it was just a phase I was going through and gave me some time.” She told him, “Until I started questioning him.”

“What happened then?” He asked.

“You don’t wanna know.” She told him grimly.

“Jeeze.” Was all he could say, then he went back to being silent and watching the brunette work.

Many minutes passed before there was any words spoken by any of them.

“That fucking bastard!” Carstella shouted and forced herself up pushing the chair back. Her teeth clenched, her hands in tight fists, and her eyes were in a death glare.

“What is it?” Stoik asked coming into the room, after pushing Dagur out of the way, with Spitelout close behind him.

“My father promised my hand to him as a way to make a truce.” She growled, “I guess he didn’t like me after I turned fourteen.”

“Maybe you should get out of town for a while.” Spitelout suggested.

She shook her head, “If I took anything away from what I was trained to do it’s hide in plain sight. He won’t find me, and then he’ll move on.”

“You at least need a disguise.” Spitelout warned.

She shook her head, “I looked much different when he last saw me than I do now.” She told him, “He still probably think’s I have blue eyes.”

“So how was your date with Dagur last night?” Tuff asked as Carstella slid into the booth next to Snotlout the next morning.

“That would depend.” She said staring at the table, “Is it a kind gesture when one takes another’s hand?”

“In what way?” Astrid asked.

“In this way.” Carstella said as she reached over the table to grab the blonde’s hand and entangled her fingers in the other girl’s like Dagur had her the night before.

“It’s an overly friendly gesture.” Astrid said and pulled her hand back, Carstella did the same, “He must really like you then.”

Carstella shrugged and stared at the blinding white table.

“Everything okay, Car?” Hiccup asked his cousin.

Carstella looked around the Diner to see it empty, except for them and Gobber who was in the kitchen. So, Carstella turned back to her group of friends and explained last night.

“Wow.” Was all anyone could say when she’d finished.

“I never knew Dagur to be sensitive like that.” Astrid said.

“Usually I found if he liked you he’d bully you.” Hiccup grumbled.

“Maybe for you guys,” Ruff interjected, “But with girls he’s straight forward and flirty.”

“He said I was different.” Carstella told the group, “A good kind of different.”

“That explains it!” Snoutlout said with a smirk.

“What’s it?” Astrid asked.

“I over heard Dagur a while back at the gym say that he was getting tired of the same old girl every time.” Snotlout said, feeling higher up knowing this information that no one else did, “And that he wanted some fresh meat. I guess Car here is a wonderful breath of fresh air to him to the regular girls you get around here.”

“Great.” Fishlegs groaned, “So he’ll be back.”

“Maybe.” Carstella said, “We gave him a lot to think about last night.”

“Wait.” Tuff said slowly, eyes widening thinking he understood what the brunette was saying, “Did you guys tell Dagur about you and everything?”

Carstella nodded, “He wanted answers.” She told them, “He wanted to know what was going on.Why I was freaking out, why my uncles were involved, the new car roaming around town. He wanted to know, and we told him. We also told him that if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut about it uncle Spitelout’s going to use his police chief status to make him regret it all.”

“Do you think he’ll keep your secret?” Fishlegs asked with a wince afraid of the answer he was about to get.

The girl in question shrugged, “I wish I could tell you, Fishlegs, I really do.”

They sat in silence as they finished their breakfast before heading out. They planned to play beach volley ball again today. and they all were dressed for it.

“Do you think you should be out?” Fishlegs asked Carstella as he looked around nervously, “They could find you.”

Carstella smiled and said, “Calm down, they’ll only find me if we stand out.” Fishlegs straightened himself out and tried to relax, “And I’ve changed my appearance since I left so no one would recognise me.” Fishlegs relaxed completely, not wanting to get involved with anything gang related, “Or at least do that easily.” Fishlegs tensed again, this was going to be a long day.

“Don’t worry.” Carstella told all of them, “If you play stupid about my involvement with them they’ll probably give you a couple slaps on the wrist and let you go.”

They soon arrived at the beach and set up the net.

“Okay, this time: cousins vs everyone else!” Snotlout declared as the net was finished.

“You just want Car on your team!” Ruff accused.

“Well we could always go dark hair against blondes.” He suggested.

“That’s the same thing!” Astird argued.

“Alright, calm down.” Carstella told them getting between the parties,”It could be good to mix up the teams, so this time around you guys can get Tuff and I’ll go over and play with Snotlout and Hiccup. And then we’ll change teams again next time too.”

All three of them huffed and crossed their arms but agreed anyway.

“Bump!” Hiccup called after he hit the ball up.

“I’m setting!” Snoutlout called and followed through with his call.

“That leaves me to, spike!” Carstella finished and jumped up to smack the poor white ball down with great force, causing the blondes on the other side of the net to jump away, not wanting to get hurt.

Ruff had attempted to bump the deadly ball back over, misjudged the distance and it ended up hitting her in the face. She was currently sitting between the two courts keeping score with an ice pack pressed against her forehead as Fishlegs subbed in for her.

“Point to their team.” Ruff sarcastically cheered.

“Your serve.” Astrid all but growled as she threw the ball back over the net to the opposing team.

“Hiccup, you serve.” Carstella said when she caught the ball and tossed it over to her brunette cousin.

“If you say so.” Hiccup said and turned to head to the serving line but stopped.

The rest of the group looked as to why Hiccup had stopped his advances and realized that two men in black suits were approaching them. They all looked at the two curiously. One had black hair, the other was a blonde. Both were well build men that had dark sunglasses over their eyes, and each of them held a bored look on their face.

“Excuse me.” The one with black hair said as he approached, “I hate to interrupt, but my associate and I are looking for someone.” The rest of the group came over to where Hiccup, Carstella, and Snotlout stood as they were closest to the men, the blonde haired man took a picture out of his pocket and showed them, “Have you seem her?”

The girl in the picture looked mean and ready to tear anyone apart in a second. She had long, dark brown hair, bangs that came down and covered her right eye and most of her right cheek. She had high cheek bones, a large-ish, round nose, thin, pale lips, and a tattoo of a dragon over her left eye, which was blue.



“No, sorry.”



“Can’t say I have.”

Carstella only shook her head, but in her mind ‘I saw that person everyday of my life up until about a year ago, and I’m glad she’s dead.’

“Thank you for your time.” He said, “If you do think you see her,” He pulled out a card and handed it to all of them, “Don’t hesitate to call.”

“We won’t, thank you.” Hiccup said to them.

The two men left, continuing down the beach to question other people. The entire group eyed Carstella.

“Don’t tell me that was you.” Astrid almost whispered.

Carstella just shrugged, the group got the idea that she didn’t want to talk about it in public. But they would force her to talk later tonight.

“So who were those guys?” Astrid called from the living room as Carstella finished making tea.

“The one with the black hair was Savage, without a doubt.” Carstella called back, “The other one was some underling. I don’t know.”

“So how did you manage to change yourself from that to you?” Ruff asked from the sectional as Carstella came into the room tray of tea in her hands.

“I changed my part, the way my bangs hung, cut my hair. It used to go all the way down to my knees.” Carstella started as she put the tray on the table and sat down on the love seat as she brought her legs up to sit cross legged.

“Then I got a nose job in Thailand before I headed over to Madagascar. And then tattoo removal.”

“What about the eyes?” Tuff asked as he sat next to his sister, “Yours are red, the picture had blue eyes.”

“Contacts.” Carstella said simply, “My father didn’t like my eyes being red, he said it made him think of work when he was at home and he didn’t want that. So he got me coloured contacts, I wanted blue ones.”

“Why blue?” Fishlegs asked as he took a seat.

“They were the same colour as my mother’s.”

“Aunt Flemintine had blue eyes?” Snotlout asked.

Carstella nodded, “At least from what I saw in the pictures.”

“What do you mean she isn’t here?” Alvin hissed when Savage reported to him.

“No one’ seen her.” He told him boss, “We should move on, she could be half way around the world under a fake name right now.”

Alvin took a deep breath and sighed, “I don’t want to admit it, but you do have a point. We’ll have to move on, she is most likely under a new name. And with her knowledge of the world she could be anywhere. We’ll leave a couple agents here incase she does decide to show her face.”

“I’ll get right on it sir.” Savage said and left.

When the door was closed, Alvin sat down behind his large desk and pulled open a drawer. He picked out a face down picture frame. He picked it up and turned it over staring at the figure it held.

Blue eyes held his gaze a moment before it wandered. Her long, dark hair was untied and a mess, she had a scowl on her pretty features. She wore a baggy t-shirt that had been ripped and showed off her smooth and toned stomach, torn up jeans that hugged her legs and showed off the curve and muscle they had, black combat boots. She held behind her in an intimidating position a long black staff that she always trained with.

Hardly anyone could get a picture of her, at least with her knowing, they had to have hidden cameras to snap a photo, or get them while she was preoccupied with something else.

It was the first picture Alvin had ever received of the girl he was hunting. Her father could only get this photo because she was training, and all the others came out blurry. But Alvin loved it either way, he loved her. This photo told him more about the girl than any conversation he’s ever had with her. She’s dedicated, hard working, stubborn, fierce, is not to be underestimated, she was strong and not about to be pushed around by anyone.

Alvin agreed to all the terms that Drago set after seeing this, he wanted nothing more than to be with the girl, regardless of how young she actually was.