No Way Out( A HTTYD Love Story Part 7)

Carstella rubbed her neck as she exited the pharmacy. Old wounds were starting to hurt and she was beginning to have trouble sleeping. This wasn’t new to her, so she swung by to grab some sleeping medication on her way home from running errands.

The guys were coming over tonight. They were a little on edge about the people asking around, so to ease their minds Carstella invited all of them over for the night. They all agreed and said they would be over as soon as they were off work.

The brunette just continued down the street, a little more on guard than usual.

“Carstella.” Someone called. The said girl stopped and looked over her shoulder to see who it was that was calling her.

An all to familiar red head walked up to her, when they were standing next to each other, Carstella continued on Dagur walking with the same pace.

“Weird people have been asking if someone has seen a girl that looks faintly like you.” Dagur told her, as he looked around making sure no one was in ear shot.

“I know.” She told him, “They asked me the other day.”

“You aren’t scared?” He asked.

She shook her head, “You saw the picture and you see me, agree or disagree I’ve changed.”

“That’s for certain.” He said and scratched the back of his head, “I just wanted to let you know,” He said hesitantly as Carstella pulled out her key to enter her apartment, “I’m not gonna tell anyone.”

Carstella smiled at the green eyed boy, “Thank you, Dagur.”

Dagur smiled back, “And I’ll kill anyone who tries to sell you out.”

Carstella half laughed to herself, “I’ll keep that in mind, see you around Dagur.”

“See you around, Carstella.” Dagur said and went on his way.

Carstella unlocked the door and headed up to her house, she wanted to clean a little before they actually came.

Hiccup and Fishlegs were the first to arrive, together, as they worked at a local high school. Hiccup taught art, and Fishlegs taught history.

They helped Carstella finish cleaning before the others came.

Next to arrive was Astrid as her shift down at the beach was finished. She was working part time as a life guard down at the beach to help her become a fire fighter in the next few years.

Astrid helped Carstella make tea as Ruff arrived at the apartment. Ruff worked in an office all day as a secretary, Carstella still couldn’t put Ruff Thornston behind a desk in a pencil skirt and blouse all day without her going crazy, but apparently she liked it.

When they were all hanging out in the living room trying to decide what video game to play, Snotlout showed up. Snotlout worked in a garage/scrap yard, he was always working on some new car or bike that came in.

Last to arrive, while the group was deciding whether to order chinese or pizza for dinner, Tuff showed up. Carstella found that he worked at one of the most successful fashion design studios in the world. He was still a junior in the business but he was making great progress, he made a big name for himself with destroyed jeans, he claimed to have gotten that idea from going through his closet one day.

“So what will it be?” He asked as he slumped on the love seat next to Carstella.

“We can order both.” Carstella said with a shrug, “But write down what all you want, I’m not doing this by ear.”

After much finicking and debates everyone put down what they wanted on the paper. Carstella then placed the orders.

“Be here in about an hour.” She said and took her spot next to Tuff again, but her words were basically drowned out by the group yelling at how was winning and losing and cheating in the game they were playing.

“So, how’s this gonna work?” Snotlout asked after everyone calmed down from a really funny story Tuff just finished telling.

“How’s what going to work?” Astrid asked.

“Where everyone’s sleeping.” Snotlout stated.

All eyes were on Carstella.

“Both the love seat and the sectional are pull outs, I was thinking of putting Hiccup and Astrid on the love seat bed, Fishlegs on the sectional bed, Ruff in my room with me, I have an air mattress I can pull out and then there’s the other half of the sectional someone can sleep on.”

“Any other ideas?” Snotlout asked not wanting to get stuck next to fishlegs on the sectional.

When all of them were ready for bed, Carstella placed them accordingly. Fishlegs got the love seat bed, Snotlout got the sectional bed, Hiccup took the other half of the sectional because Tuff complained he would roll over in the middle of the night and fall off, so he was on the air mattress on the floor.

“Good night, guys.” Carstella said to them, “And I’ll leave the hall light on so you don’t bang into things.”

“Night, Car.” Hiccup and Fishlegs said bid. Tuff and Snotlout grumbled a good night that wasn’t audible.

Carstella walked down to her room and opened the door, Ruff and Astrid were trying to figure something out.

“Is everything alright?” She asked as she closed the door.

“Are the three of us going to fit in here?” Ruff asked the brunette, “I get we’re all on the thinner end of the spectrum, but I thrash.”

“You two get my bed.” Carstella said calmly as she gestured to the pile of blankets and pillows piled on the floor on Ruff’s side of the bed, “I’ll be on the floor.”

“I’ll take the floor.” Astrid offered.

Carstella shook her head, “You’re my guest. Besides, I’m used to sleeping under strange circumstances, floor with blankets, not that strange.”

“If you’re sure.” Astrid said apprehensively.

“I am.” Carstella told her and walked over to her make shift bed for the night, spreading out blankets to make a mattress like thing.

“Good night.” Carstella said to the girls.

“Night Car.” Astrid almost whispered.

“Yeah, night.” Ruff did the same as she pulled on the string of the lamp next to her.

Carstella pulled a blanket over her and curled up into a comfy position, before eventually falling asleep to her friends’ snoring breathing.

The next morning, Carstella awoke at the same time she usually did. She wandered off to the kitchen to start making breakfast for her friends.

As she put bacon and hash brown in the oven to cook, she heard something behind her. Fishlegs was awake and standing in the kitchen behind her with a smile on his face.

“Good morning.” She whispered to her friend to try not to wake the others up too soon.

“Good morning.” He said back, “Do you need any help?”

Carstella shook her head, “No, but thank you anyway.”

“Alright.” Fishlegs whispered apprehensively as he felt bad for leaving her to do it all on her own.

Carstella had everything out to start making pancakes when the buzzer on the front door went.

She strode over to the door where the camera and intercom was.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Ms. Jorgenson?” A man with black hair, in a black suit, and black sun glasses on asked. He wasn’t alone. There were three other men, dressed the same as him, two of them were brunettes and the last was a blonde.

“Yes.” She said, “Who are you?”

“We’re with the F.B.I.” He told her and pulled out his badge, he held it up to the camera for her to see, “We just want to talk to you.”

“About what?” She asked.

“Just some general questions.” He responded and put his badge away.

“Alright.” She said with a sigh, “But please forgive the mess, I had guests over last night.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He told her.

She cut off the intercom and pressed the button to let them in.

“Shit!” She yelled, waking up Hiccup and Snotlout in the living room, Tuff was still sound asleep.

“What is it?” Hiccup asked as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

Carstella crammed the love seat bed back into the sofa.

“Put the couch back in order?” She phrased it like a question but it came out like an order. Snotlout stripped the blanket off the bed and folded it back as quickly as he could and put the cushions back on as Carstella approached Tuff, leaned down and with one swift movement had the blonde man over her shoulder she grabbed the air mattress with her free hand and dragged them both to her bedroom.

“Follow.” She told the other two.

They did as they were told hurrying about it. Carstella pushed the air mattress into the room and tossed Tuff carelessly on the bed where two, half awake girls sat. That contact brought them both fully awake and woke up Tuff. Before anyone else in the room could say anything, Carstella dragged Fishlegs into the bedroom as she pulled her hair into a messy pony tail and hissed;

“No matter what you’re about to hear or feel, non of you leave this room, non of you make a sound. No matter what.” She told them, “I’ll come and get you when it’s safe.”

They were all about to question the girl, when they heard a knock at the door.

“Stay here.” She whispered.

She closed the door quietly behind her, and ran to the living room to put the cushions back on the love seat. There was another knock at the door.

“I’m coming!” She called as she smoothed out the cushions, she took one quick look around to make sure that there was no indication of anyone staying the night.

She took a deep breath and unlocked and answered the door.

Before her where the four men at the door.

“Please, come in.” She told them as sweet a smile as she could muster.

They entered and she motioned to the living room.

“Sit down.” She said as she closed the door, “May I offer any of you some tea?”

“That’s alright, thank you.” The one with black hair said as he and his associates took a seat on the sectional.

Carstella sat on the love seat and looked at them.

“What was it you wanted to speak to me about?” She asked.

“We wanted to know if you’ve seen this girl anywhere.” He said and pulled out the same picture that she had been shown of herself the other day.

Carstella looked at it a moment and scrunched up her face to make it seem like she was thinking if she had before. The she shook her said and said, “Can’t say I have.”

“I see.” He said and put the picture back in his pocket, “Do you know any Drago BloodFist?” He asked.

Carstella cocked her head to the side in confusion, “You mean that big mafia boss that died a while ago?”

He nodded.

“I know of him.” She told the man, “But I don’t know him.”

“Do you have any prior affiliations with the mafia?”He asked.

Carstella furrowed her brow and stared at the man in front of her.

“No.” She said defensively.

“Ms. Jorgenson, you know you can get in large amounts of trouble for lying to us about this.” He told her.

“I’m not lying.” SHe defended as anyone in her position would do, “I’ve never seen that girl, I’ve never known Drago BloodFist, and I have no affiliations with anything to do with the mafia.”

The man leaned forward to get closer to her before whispering, “You’re lying, Zaidah.”

Carstella’s eyes widened by what she just heard. The man rose and reached into his jacket, but Carstella was faster.

She shot up grabbing his arm and turning him around, firing at the three other men as they rose to grab their weapons and turn it on her. She made him shoot them each. She made note it was only a revolver, six shots.

“You were always a stubborn one, Zaidah.” He growled out, trying to wiggle out of her grip or kill her by breaking her neck, which wasn’t working.

“One of the few things I received from my father.” She hissed as she got bored of the situation and broke his arm.

The man howled in pain as Carstella turned the gun on him and shot him in the head. She released her grip on him but took the gun. When his body fell limply to the ground she looked at the three others.

The one brunette had a bullet hole in his forehead, the other had on in his throat, the blonde had one in his torso. He was playing dead, his chest was faintly rising and falling. She aimed the barrel at his head and squeezed the trigger. Another loud bang echoed through the apartment.

Carstella sighed as she emptied out the last bullet from the gun and dropped them both.

“Hiccup!” She called down the hall to the group who were waiting on her.

“Yeah?” He replied in shock.

“Don’t come out, but on the stand that has the t.v., my phone should be there fully charged. Call your dad and uncle Spitelout. Tell them to come, and use their key to get in.” She told him.

“Car, what happened?” Astrid asked.

“It’s best you don’t know right now.” She assured them, “Non of you come out, you don’t want to see this.”