No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 14)

Carstella smiled even wider at the joke Tuff just finished telling her. They were sitting in a booth at a russian resturant that just opened up in town.

Tuff had told her that this was their first official date, and their one month anniversary so they had to celebrate.

“So what are you going to order?” Tuff asked after he calmed down and looked back at the menu.

“The borscht.” Carstella said quietly with a sweet smile on her face, “It’s been forever since I had it.”

Tuff looked up instantly, “You’ve had this stuff before?”

Carstella nodded slowly as the smile disappeared, “I was born and grew up in Russia.”

Tuff blinked, “Wow, here I picked this place just cause I thought it’d be interesting to try new things we might not even like.”

“Then may I suggest the beef stroganoff for you, it would be most suited for your palate.”

“What is borscht anyway?” Tuff said as he looked over the ingredients in the stroganoff.

“It’s usually a mix of cabbage and root vegetables like beets and carrots, but everyone has their own recipe for it.” Carstella informed.

“I will stick with your suggestion.” Tuff told her with a big smile, causing the girl’s lips to turn upwards.

The waiter made his way over to them, Tuff looked at Carstella with a devilish smile.

“Shall I order in Russian?”

Carstella face palmed, knowing he probably didn’t know a work of Russian.

“Please do not.” The waiter said as he pulled out his note book, “I don’t speak any and it’s hard to figure out what people actually want.”

“Alright then.” Tuff told the man, “I’ll have the beef stroganoff and she’ll take the borscht?”

Carstella nodded telling him his pronunciation was correct.

“I think you’re the first person who ever ordered that.” The waiter said as he wrote the orders down.

“I can’t imagine why,” Carstella said, “It’s delicious.”

“Some people just aren’t brave.” He told her, “Anything else?”

“No that’s it, unless you want anything else?”

Carstella shook her head.

“You orders will be out soon.” He said and turned away heading into the kitchen.

“You’re seriously Russian?” Tuff whispered as he leaned across the table so the girl could hear him better.

Carstella nodded and then leaned forward to whisper something back, “What origins did you think Blodvist came from?” She had said the name with a thick Russian accent, letting it dawn on Tuff.

His jaw fell open, then after a moment of that he opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water.

Carstella got him to stop just as the waiter came back with their orders.

“Thank you.” she said softly as the dishes were placed in front of them.

“You’re welcome.” The waiter said and left the table.

Tuff whispered even lower, “You’re father was a fucking Russian mobster!”

Carstella nodded, “Why do you think I wanted out?”

Carstella smiled sadly as she picked up her spoon and dipped it in the steaming red liquid. A genuine smile appeared as she took a bite.

“That’s borscht alright.” She said more to herself than Tuff.

“It good?”

“You want to try?” She offered.

Tuff shrugged, “Why not, if I didn’t try new things I’d never have found my love of surfing.”

Carstella offered a spoon full to the blonde across from her. Tuff blew lightly on the liquid not wanting to scald his mouth and then took the plunge.

“Kinda weird.” He said after he swallowed, “But it’s not bad.”

“It’s strange if you’ve never had beets and tomatoes together before.” Carstella informed.

Tuff shrugged and dug into his food, they talked about everything they could in public and nothing at all.

“I think that’d work perfectly.” Dagur said with a sinister smirk on his face.

“That’s why I brought it up.” Alvin told him with a dark chuckle.

“And I know exactly how to start it tomorrow.” Dagur added with his own chuckle.

“I knew it was a good idea to work with you.” Alvin told the red head.

“It’s been a pleasure all around.” Dagur informed.

Carstella and Tuff held hands as they walked down the mostly empty streets. Carstella silent as she nodded to what Tuff was saying, and Tuff not shutting up for anything.

“And then we got like a month of detention.” Tuff said as he finished the story of how he and Ruff rigged fire crackers to go off in the middle of final exams.

“You must have a lot of good memories with your sister.” Carstella said.

“Yeah, she’s not as awesome as me but she’s pretty cool, we’ve had a lot of fun together.” Tuff said smiling at the sky for a moment before looking back at the red eyed girl, “I just kinda feel bad that you don’t have any of those kinds of memories.”

Carstella shrugged, “I’m making so many new memories with you guys now.” She told him, “And I have at least one memory of my father that isn’t business as usual.”

“What’s that?” Tuff asked as Carstella pulled out her key and opened the first door to the apartment.

“He showed me how to make Borscht.” She said and opened the door for him first.

“Really?” Tuff asked in disbelief as he walked in, “Cause when I picture your father I think of this really big, dark, scary guy that can crush you with his thumb.”

“Something like that.” Carstella said as they made it all the way up the stairs, “That’s why I only have the one memory.”

She unlocked the door and allowed Tuff in first before she went in. They took off their shoes and coats and went to the sectional in the living room.

“So you aren’t going to tell me about in detail?” Tuff asked as maneuvered their bodies to cuddle together.

“What’s there to tell?” Carstella asked as she with a shrug nestled herself deeper into Tuff’s embrace, “He called me into the kitchen one day after training, and told that regardless of how good I am on the field, or in missions, or in meetings I still need to be able to take care of myself. So he showed me how to properly make borscht, apparently it was his mother’s recipe.”

“Not much to say there, is there?” Tuff asked.

“You know how to cook right?” Carstella asked, only to have Tuff nod, “Then you already know how to cut up vegetables, boil ingredients, and combine it all. There’s nothing to say.”

“Okay.” Tuff said with a shrug as he started pulling Carstella’s hair out of its braid and gently running his fingers through it. He knew there was something else to the story, but he didn’t want to push. He’d never push her further than what she wanted.

Tuff placed a kiss on the back of her neck and nuzzled her.

Carstella let out a mewl at the contact Tuff had given.

The blonde behind her liked the sound and kept nuzzled her neck to hear more.

“Tuff.” Carstella whined at his continued actions.

“Sorry.” He said and pecked her cheek and rested his head back on the cushion.

Carstella turned around in his embrace to face him, they were then chest to chest.

“I didn’t say stop.” She said innocently as she placed a light kiss on his lips.

“Hiccup!” Dagur sang as he approached the brunette and his girlfriend, “I was hoping to talk to you, do you have a second?”

Hiccup opened his mouth to reply but before that could even happen, Dagur spoke again.

“Great!” He grabbed the smaller man and dragged him off leaving the blonde girl by herself.

Astrid sighed as she watched the two head off, she was about to continue on her way to the gym for her morning work out but a van blocked her way. The back door slid open two men grabbed her and pulled her into the van, gagging and restraining her before she could even react.

And just like that the van was gone.

“So, what did you want to talk about, Dagur?” Hiccup asked both hesitantly and uninterested.

“I wanted to talk about Carstella.” Dagur began, “And how we’ll be seeing her soon.”

Hiccup raised an eye brow, “What are you talking ab-

The brunette was cut off by a cloth covering his mouth and nose, and a strong arm holding his torso so he couldn’t get away.

The last thing the green eyed boy saw was Dagur smiling manically at him.

Tuff stirred and opened his eyes slowly adjusting to the light in the room. He smiled feeling the light weight of the brunette on his chest.

He looked down to see her sleeping face, she was so innocent. Like her life never happened.

Tuff lightly kissed her head and tried to pull away to get up, but she held him there.

Carstella made a whine sound and snuggled closer to Tuff’s side.

This time Tuff moved much slower, less than a snail’s pace, but he managed to get out of her grip. He stood at the side of the bed for a moment just admiring the girl, and feeling pain as he saw the scars that rippled across the pale skin of her back and side.

He placed one more kiss on her head and adjusted the covers over her so she could continue sleeping. Then he pulled on his boxers and jeans and headed out to the kitchen to make her breakfast.

Ruff walked into her office building and said good morning to the ground floor secretary.

“Hey, Ruff.” Heather said, “You have a cute friend waiting to talk to you upstairs.”

“I don’t have any cute friends.” Ruff groaned as she passed the black hair girl.

“I disagree.” She called after the blonde.

Ruff rode the elevator up to the eleventh floor, she passed familiar faces, all giggling and acting girly, all the men on the floor looked pissed off.

“Ms. Thorston.” Her boss’ biggest opponent, Mildew, addressed her, “I highly suggest you keep your business life and personal separate.” He warned, “That man must go.”

“I don’t even know the guy, sir.” Ruff all but growled to the older man.

Ruff stalked on past the old man, ready to give whoever this guy was a piece of her mind. Then she stopped dead in her tracks.

The most beautiful hunk of man candy she’d ever seen was before her. Large, muscular arms, broad and wide chest, long and defined legs underneath those black slacks, and a beautiful, tough face. Ruff had all but melted on the spot.

“Hello.” Ruff purred.

A look of disgust flashed on his face, but it was quickly covered by a charming smile.

“Miss Ruff.” He said seductively as he sauntered over to the blonde, Ruff was so fixated on the man she didn’t even notice the russian accent he had.

“I’ve been waiting all my life to see you.” He told her and reached for her hand to place a kiss on it.

“Hi,” Ruff purred to the man, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man like you before.”

“Forgive my rudeness.” He said and bowed to her, “My name is Eret, and may I be so bold as to ask if I can whisk you away from here to a land of lamor?”

“Take me!” Ruff exclaimed and pounced on the man, “I love you!” She added.

“Let us go then.” Eret said and carried the girl out of the building.

A van was waiting near by, Ruff was so wrapped up in Eret she didn’t notice the door open or her hands and feet become bound until a gag went over her mouth and she was thrown in the van by the very man that was carrying her.

Snotlout was in a hurry to get to work, he’d woken up late that morning and was scrambling to make up for lost time. He turned down an alley knowing he would save about three minutes on his commute.

He slowed down a little bit knowing that kids and animals would like to run across this alley all the time.

He didn’t notice the van flying down the alley towards him, until he got rear ended.

“Fuck!” Snotlout shouted, this was the last thing he needed today.

He jumped out of his truck to inspect the damage.

The driver of the van behind him got out an looked apologetic.

“You better fucking have insurance buddy!” Snotlout snarled at the man, “I’m already late for work, and my boss said if I were late one more time I’d be fired, so the last thing I need is a fender bender from on idiot like y- mmmmMmmm Mmmmmmmm!”

Snotlout was subdued by two men who snuck up behind him, one held him in place while the other had a cloth over his mouth and nose.

When Snotlout stopped moving they bound his wrists and ankles and put a gag on him before they threw him in the back of the van with the others.

Ruff and Astrid looked at each other knowingly, their odds of surviving were dwindling because they knew why this was happening.

Fishlegs enjoyed his walk to work that day. His bag was filled with marked essays, worksheets, and tests. His students had done much better than he thought. The end of the year was coming, and now was when most of the kids realized they were failing.

“Excuse me.” Fishlegs looked over to see a young woman with a map in her hands, “I hate to bother you, but could you tell me how to get to Alber street?”

“It’s no bother at all.” Fishlegs said with a smile, “If you go straight down this street for two blocks, you’re going to want to want to go left, and then cross at the cross walk there heading to your right, keeping going straight one more block and you’re there.”

“Thanks.” The woman said as her mouth turned into a smirk as she shoved the blonde backwards roughly sending him into a van, where he was quickly tied up and gagged with the others.

The three blonds looked at each other hoping they were going to get out of this alive.

Tuff hummed quietly as he filled the omelet with cheese.

He heard his phone go off from the coffee table and picket it up.

“Hello?” He asked trying to be quiet.

“Tuff.”Johan said from the other end, “I hate to bother you on the weekend, but I need you come in. They have no idea what you want them to do with that purple party dress you designed.”

“I thought it was pretty self explanatory.” Tuff said as he moved the omelet to a plate  with hash brown, toast, and bacon.

“He’s new.” Johan told him.

“Get one of the older tailors to take care of it then.” Tuff argued as he put coffee grounds in the coffee pot.

“It’s not just the one dress.” Johan continued, “I also want to talk to you about the bondage inspired shorts you came up with, along with a couple other items.”

Tuff rolled his eyes, “Fine, I’ll be in, in a little while.”

“Thank you.” Johan said from the other side.

“See you then.”

“I suppose so.” Johan said and ended the call.

Tuff placed the plate on the table and covered it with a metal bowl to keep it hot. He picked up his shirt from the living room floor and buttoned it up as he scribbled down a note on a piece of paper for Carstella when she got up. He hurriedly got the rest of his cloths on and made sure he had his phone, wallet, and keys on him before he left.

“You did go, Johan.” Dagur smirked at the older man.

“Thank you.” Johan said apprehensively as his eyes flickered between Dagur and gun he had.

“We must work together more.” Dagur informed him before nodding to the men behind Johan.

A cloth soaked in cloraphorm was placed over his mouth and nose until he passed out.

“Let’s meet back up with Alvin, shall we?” Dagur said as he got up.

Tuff walked down the street grumbling, if not for Johan he’d be laughing with Carstella over coffee right now.

He sighed as he crossed the street, only to be almost run over by a van.

Tuff was about to yell at the guy, but was cut off by the door opening and being yanked into the space, only to be bound and gagged and thrown against Fishlegs who was in the same position as him.

He looked over to see it was more than just him and Fishlegs, but Snotlout, Ruff, Hiccup, and Astrid aswell.

Looking around at the people on the confined space with them, and hearing them talking Tuff knew exactly what was going on. And he had a bad feeling about who was behind it.