No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 15)

Carstella had woken up late that morning, she hurt. And she knew why, but was confused when she found herself alone in her bed. She threw on her t-shirt and panties as she left the room. In the kitchen she saw one of her metal bowls upside down on the table and a piece of paper on top of it.

She read the note and relaxed, he was called into work. She carefully lifted the bowl only to smile at the breakfast he left for her. Tuff was always on her case because she didn’t eat as healthy as she should have.

“Good work, Dagur.” Alvin congratulated the boy as he looked over the six they all picked up.

“I know, I’m good.” Dagur said.

“I hate to break the party.” Eret said gaining their attention, “We still have to take into consideration the fact she might not even come.”

“And what makes you think she wont come?” Dagur asked the man, “We have her friends, she’s going to risk her life to get them back.”

“Not entirely true, Dagur.” Eret countered, “She might have come to be friends with them, but deep down she’s still a hardened mafia boss. She’s a killing machine who doesn’t understand things like kindness, compassion, love.”

“And how to you know that, huh?” Dagur snarled.

“I helped make her that way.” Eret growled back.

Dagur looked taken aback by what he said. The red head was so used to seeing the red eyed girl as innocent and sweet the idea of her hurting anything was beyond him.

“Her father needed help training her when she was younger and he was busy with work, he appointed me. And I made sure that for the first part of her life she was hardened to the point nothing got in, and that she only expressed hate and anger.”

“Hate to anger you,” Tuff called to the boys, the men had removed their gags a while ago, and laughed lightly at his thought of the play on words, “But Carstella’s probably the farthest thing away from understanding those things. Yeah she doesn’t know how to laugh, but she’s just a softy past her icey exterior.”

“Tuff,” Astrid said to the boy, “I know I may say this often, but; SHUT UP!”

“See,” Dagur snarled, “She’ll come.”

“Now the question comes, how to contact her?” Alvin asked.

“We could chop up one of them and place their head on her door step!” Dagur offered as he eyed Tuff, “I like that idea.”

“We need them alive for now!” Alvin snarled, as he looked over the contents of things they confiscated from the group, “I know.”

Carstella was finishing cleaning up after her and Tuff from last night, when her phone went off.

She looked at the caller id and smiled as she answered.

“Hey Tuffy, what’s up?”

“Tuffy?” The groups’ voices sounded from the other side.

“Well solves the next problem.”

Carstella’s eyes narrowed hearing the voice.

“Alvin.” She growled.

“So glad you remember me, Carstella.” He growled into the phone.

“They don’t have anything to do with me Alvin.” She hissed as she practically ran down the hall to her office, quickly turning on the call tracer.

“Oh don’t they?” Alvin asked, “Well maybe they don’t, but Stoik Hadock the mayor of your town, and Spitelout Jorgenson chief of police certainly do.”

Carstella let out a ‘tsk’ sound as the tracer activated, “Black mailing a town mayor and police man, Alvin I’m ashamed of you. I thought you would have had something better up your sleeve.”

“Oh I do.” Alvin chuckled darkly to her, “I just want to see what you’ll do first.”

“I’m already making my move, Alvin.” She hissed.

“Then I’ll make mine.” The man on the other end laughed, “I’m assuming your first move is to find my location. After this call ends I will give you four hours to come here. Every hour you waste, your precus Tuffy is going to go through the worst pain of his life.”

Carstella shot up and snapped into the phone speaking in Russian, “I swear to God, you touch him I will make you even less of a man than you already are!”

Alvin chuckled darkly, there was a small pause.

“Hey, what are you doing? Let go of me, you- snap– Ow Ow ow ow ow ow! The fuck’s wrong with you!”

Carstella’s heart hammered in her chest.

“Get the idea?” Alvin asked, “At the end of the fourth hour the will be his neck.”

“Go fuck yourself.” Carstella hissed into the phone, the signal got a fix so she shut her phone abruptly only to open it again and dial a new number.

Tuff was laying down on the ground groaning in pain, his unhurt arm was hovering the one that was now broken as he whimpered.

“She’ll be here soon.” Alvin said as he put the phone down.

“You can’t be too sure.” Eret said, “She is-

“You heard what she said boy!” Alvin growled, “So she’ll be here. Her heart obviously isn’t as impervious as you once thought it was.”

“Keep your hands off her.” Tuff growled through his clenched teeth.

“Shut up, idiot.” Ruff growled to her twin, “Or they’ll kill you.”

“I wont let them touch her.” Tuff sobbed as the pain got too much, “I wont.”

Carstella closed the phone half way through dialing the number realizing it was a bad idea. She had to deal with this herself, and quick.

She pulled her wardrobe over so that it was leaning against her bed, on the back there was everything she’ll need.

Carstella suited up into a bullet proof vest, black t-shirt, cargo pants, and combat boots. She strapped herself up with bullet clips, hand guns, grenades, knives galore, and on the side of belt a three section nunchucku that could come together to be a staff if they were connected correctly.

Carstella placed blue contacts in her eyes and threw on a hooded trench coat before leaving. She left her keys in her mailbox, but took her phone.

She sped walked down the streets as she typed something on her phone.

She reached the fence line to the wear house as she hit send, she then turned her phone off, as she walked into what she was really was.

“It’s almost been one hour.” Dagur sang like a giddy school girl, “Can I break his other arm?”

Alvin opened his mouth to tell him to wait a moment, but was cut off by an explosion outside.

He smirked widely knowing exactly what that was.

“Looks like she’s here.” Alvin laughed.

“Can I still break his arm?”

“She will kill you, and she’ll take pride in it.” Eret warned remembering what happened when he accidentally stepped on her dog’s tail all those years ago, he still had the scar on his chest where she almost dug his heart out.

Bullets were flying across the wear house. While the mafia had numbers on their side, Carstella had skill. Two clips, twenty down.

She dropped the empty clips on the ground and put in new ones as she leaned against crates, she waited.


That was her chance!

She danced through taking down as many as she could, emptying one clip just to fill it with another.

The underlings around her fell like snow in winter around her. She was in her element more than she wanted to admit.

“Well, I think I’m going to go greet out guest.” Alvin said as he went to exit the room, “Watch the prisoners.”

Dagur growled not liking being told what to do.

Eret only sighed as he drew his gun.

“What’s that for?” Dagur snarled at the older man, “Going to turn on me?”

“No,” Eret said simply, “It’s defence.”

“For what?” Dagur demanded.

Eret listened intently to hear the gun fire on the other end of the wear house.

He turned his attention fully to Dagur who was in front of the group of prisoners. Using his unoccupied hand he unbuttoned the first few buttons on his shirt and showed a nasty scar on his chest.

“This is what happened ten years ago, when I accidentally stepped on her fucking dog’s tail.” Eret’s face flashed in pain remembering the situation fully, “She went for the heart, and would have dug it out with her bare hands had her father not called for her to be pried off me. But now he’s dead, and we want revenge.”

“But, he died in a car accident.” Fishlegs said scared of what Carstella was actually capable of, “I-it couldn’t have been anyone’s fault.”

“Is that what she told you?” Eret laughed, “Here’s the reality; your friend was the one who rigged the car he was going to be taking to his meeting to explode.”

“And how do you know it was her?” Astrid snapped, “If she was taught everything she knew from you people there were bound to be others who-

“Because there was no trace of a bomb in the car at all.” Eret cut her off, “And she always prided herself in those, no one else knew how to make them disappear completely in the explosion but her, and she’d have been the only one who could have gotten into the garage without it being suspicious.”

Finishing what he wanted to say, Eret turned his attention back to the door. It was too quiet outside for his liking. He knew when it was quiet she wasn’t too far behind.

He stood there, weapon ready, everyone in the room was quiet, even Tuff who was still badly hurt. Their hearts hammering in their chests. Moments ticked by, but they seemed like hours.

Sweat formed on Eret’s brow, he was getting anxious. And then he remembered that she loved to toy with her opponents more than anything else.

He raised his gun ready to shoot when the door opened. But a loud crash was heard behind him.

Before Eret could turn around he was on the ground in momentous amounts of pain. There were knives in his side and arm, stopping him from reaching his gun.

Dagur was too slow to react so as he turned to see what the crash was about he was pinned to the opposing wall of the room by a bounty of sharp, dripping red knives.

“C-C-c-Carstella.” Dagur started nervously, knowing this situation wasn’t good for him, “I was hoping you’d get here soon. They kidnapped me in order to get you and your friends.”

Carstella was advancing towards him slowly, she kicked the gun further away from Eret so he couldn’t get it.

“I didn’t tell them anything, I swear!” Dagur exclaimed as a last ditch attempt to save his skin.

Before he could say anything else, Carstella grabbed his jaw roughly so he couldn’t move it.

“And you wont tell anyone anything again.” She snarled.

A sickening crack echoed through the room, as Dagur started whimpering and making illegible sounds.

She turned from the red head, having broken his jaw, and turned her attention to the man still on the floor. She advanced a little, but stopped about two feet from him. When she opened her mouth to speak, she spoke in Russian.

“I should have known, you being his right hand man, of course you’d be the first one to want my head.”

“Why would you want to leave the life he carved out for you?” Eret snapped back in Russian.

“He didn’t carve out anything for me.” Carstella replied, “And it wasn’t what I wanted, it was what I was born into. I had no choice but to do what he said, when I had no idea what was really going on.”

“You could never have lived a normal life. You were bred to be the ultimate warrior for the family.”

“Who’s to say I couldn’t have had a normal life, when I was never given the chance?”

“So what now?” Eret snarled at her, “Going to kill us, destroy the evidence, and move somewhere else to start your life over again?”

Carstella shook her head, “Kollega(1), I’m here because I don’t want to run anymore.”

“Big of you.” Eret growled, “But you’re dying here!”

He reached around fast to grad the gun he had at his other side, and shot her in the abdomen.

“Do svidaniya(2) , sestra(3).” Eret snarled as the dark haired girl stumbled backwards.

“You’re right,” She gasped back as she looked up at him, his face paled, “Do svidaniya, kollega.”

She threw a knife and hit him in the wrist causing him to lose his gun, Carstella kicked it out of the way as she hauled him up.

“If you just let me go.” She growled in English as she placed an arm under him chin.

“With what you knew it wouldn’t have been possible.” He groaned out.

“And look where that got you.”

“Carstella, wait!” Ruff called out gaining the girl’s attention, “You can’t kill him! I was going to marry him!”

Carstella looked unamused, a split second later a third sickening crack filled the room.

“No.” She said as the body fell limply to the floor, “And my name isn’t Carstella.” She admitted as she pulled out another knife and cut the ropes holding Astrid before she handed the blonde the knife, “It’s Zaidah. Zaidah Blodvist.”

“You’ll always be Carstella to us.” Tuff said and gave a half smile at the girl.

She gingerly turned Tuff onto his back and inspected the arm. He hissed in pain when she ran her fingers over the bruised flesh.

“Sorry.” She muttered and she layed it straight on the floor.

“Forget about me.” Tuff hissed at her, “You need medical attention.”

Carstella rolled her eyes as she lifted up the hem of her shirt to show a bullet proof vest under her t-shirt.

“Your arm, idiot.” He hissed again through clenched teeth.

Carstella cocked her head to the side and looked at her right arm only to see a circular gash and blood.

“It’s a flesh wound.” She said as she pulled out another knife and unhooked her nunchuku.

“What are you doing?” Hiccup asked as he rubbed his wrists.

“Making a splint.” She said shortly as she used the knife as a make shift screw driver do remove the screws holing one bar to the others. She tossed the two that were still connected together aside. She lined up the piece of wood with the injured arm and started tying it to the arm with the pieces of cut rope near her.

“Snotlout, give me your hoodie.” She said to the black haired boy.

“It’s not Snotlout.” He said as he removed the garment, “It’s Richard.”

She cocked an eyebrow at him as she took the offered item.

“My real name’s Belvedear.” Fishlegs said sheepishly.

“Mine is Mark Andrew.” Hiccup said.

She smiled at them as she secured the hoodie as a sling around Tuff’s neck.

“My real name is Gertrude, believe it or not.” Astrid said as she handed the girl back her knife, “I changed it when I turned eighteen.”

“Mine is Fernhilda.” Ruff told the brunette.

The girl turned her red eyes to the blonde laying in front of her.

“Paddy Garret, are you happy?” Tuff snapped.

She nodded lightly, before the unintelligent gurgling of a red head brought her back to their current situation.

“Is anyone else hurt?” She asked.

“Does a broken heart count?” Ruff asked as she eyed the limp body of Eret.

“He was my father’s right hand man, Ru-Fernhilda.” Zaidah said, “He’d have left you for dead. You can do so much better than that.”

“We’re fine.” Astrid said for the red of the group, “But Tuff needs medical attention.”

“I know.” Zaidah said, before turning her attention to the injured man in question, “Can you walk?”

He nodded. Zaidah helped him up carefully, only to have him almost tip over.

“I’ll support him out of here.” Ruff said as put his un injured arm around her neck and looped her arm around his torso.

“Thanks sis.” Tuff said.

“We’ve been through worse.”

“We have?”

“No, but we need Car- I mean Zaidah to focus on getting us out of here alive.”

“I took down all the henchmen on the premises.” She said and ripped Dagur off the wall, “I’ll walk you down to the main entrance, but then you guys are on your own. Go down the street to the corner Timber and jack. I’ll call an ambulance.”

They nodded and followed her down the stairs and out the door. They were only vaguely aware of the stench of death that surrounded them.

Zaidah watched from door way until they were outside the gate, she still had Dagur in her grip. She held him still by his long red hair.

She pulled out her cell phone from her pocket and turned it on. There were over one hundred missed calls from Stoik, Gobber, and Spitelout put together, but she ignored it, she had a job to finish.

(1)Kollega= multiple meanings, used in story as brother.

(2)Do svidaniya= good bye

(3) sestra= sister.