No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 16)

Ruff set Tuff down on the pavement next to the sign so he could rest. Everyone was silent. They all had the same thought going through their minds; would she be okay?

They waited maybe ten minutes at the corner before they heard syringes in the distance, and only two minutes after that before the ambulance pulled up in front of them. They got out and they pointed to Tuff.

They looked completely and utterly shocked as they layed Tuff on the gurney and removed the make shift sling.

“Whoever set this knew what they were doing.” One of the E.M.T.’s commented.

A couple of police cruisers showed up shortly after when they were about to load Tuff up in the ambulance.

“What’s going on?” Spitelout asked as he exited his car.

“This one has a broken arm.” The E.M.T told him, “The others are shook up but no major injuries. But all of them have lacerations on their wrists, indicating that they were tied up for a period of time.”

“Thank you.” Spitelout said and marched over to the others who were being questioned, but all they could do was shrug and give half assed answers to everything.

“They’re in shock.” Spitelout told the officer, “Why don’t you get them some water before we bring them back to the station.” The other officer nodded and left leaving Spitelout alone with them, “What the hell happ-

He was cut off by a loud explosion and orange filling the sky. He drew his gun out of habit, but the group seemed completely un affected by it.

“The Fucks going on!?” Spitelout yelled.

Zaidah gave the instructions to the operator, and as she was being questioned by the man hung up and turned the phone off again.

She turned her attention to the squirming red head at her side.

“Let me show you what happens to rats in Russia.”

She dragged him to the other end of the wear house, where there were piles and piles of bodies, canisters of gasoline, gun powder, and everything flammable.

In the center of it all, taped to a chair was a beaten and bloody Alvin.

She threw Dagur in the chair next to Alvin, they were back to back, and pulled out duct tape. She secured him both to the chair and to the larger man.

“The only thing about rats is that, we treat them just like the people we don’t like.” Zaidah said as she picked up a canister of kerosene, “But if you think about it, we don’t like rats so they’re grouped into the same category as the regular people who aren’t rats.” She sighed heavily as she unscrewed the cap to the liquid, “In the mafia especially, rats are the lowest of the low. So even if it wasn’t me who was going to kill you, Alvin would have once he got what he wanted. So if you think about like that, I’m doing you a favor by killing the both of you. But then again, the old man’s already half dead now. I went a little over board there.”

Zaidah started to pour the strong smelling liquid over the heads of the two males until the jug was empty.

“I wont forgive anyone who hurts anyone dear to me.” She said as she tossed the now empty jug aside, “I’ve never really had anyone who was dear to me before, I think that’s what my mother would have liked me to have if she were here today.”

Zaidah sighed as she opened up another jug of gasoline.

“I only wish I got to see him roast live.” She said and started to pour the gas in a line leading to the nearest exit. She pushed the door open and then threw the jug back towards the men.

“I think that’s going to be my only regret.” She said as she tossed her guns, clips full of bullets and grenades into the room with them, “As said in Russia,” She said lit a match against the wall of the wear house, “Do svidaniya.”

She tossed the match down on the trail on gasoline and shut the door as the flames quickly made their way to the two men, who were bound and surrounded by bodies and flammable materials.

All they could do was whimper as flames surrounded them.

Zaidah picked up her hooded trench coat from the ground near the fence and dusted it off before pulling it on as she walked.

Her friends were safe, so she could leave again and try to start again, Mexico, Chili, Brazil. She was multi lingual so it wouldn’t be too hard to blend in.

She stopped in her tracks and looked over her shoulder, a moment later an explosion was heard through out town, the sky was filled with orange and fire, the entire wear house was engulfed in flames.

Her current mafia problems were done, but she knew deep down in her heart that she couldn’t run this time around. She’d been running her entire life, now was the time to own up to who she really was. And she was more than willing to accept the consequences for it all.

“The kids still haven’t said anything, Spite.” A detective in the force told the chief as he entered the building, “They just keep shaking their heads, and this one girl keeps asking if her brother’s gonna be alright. I’ve seen shock before, you have too, but these kids are hiding something.”

“You think so?” Spitelout asked sarcastically, “Maybe the girls were raped in front of them or another of their friends were killed by the people who kidnapped them. Have you ever thought of that?”

“For the love of God Spitelout, one of them’s your own kid and you’re talking this way?”

“You’ve seen some shit too, haven’t you Sven?” Spitelout asked, “Every kidnap victim, every teenager, every single person is hiding something! This has nothing to do with one of them being my own boy, this has to do with us not knowing what the hell’s going on in this town anymore!”

“I’ll explain everything that’s gone on in this town to you, chief.” Both men turned around to see a girl with dark hair and blue eyes staring them down, “I’m the reason your boy is in shock.”

She let her trench coat drop to the floor to show she was covered in knives and blood.

“Put your hands up!” Near by officers shouted at the girl who was already complying.

“Get on your knees!” Deputy Mulch said as he advanced to the girl carefully, she complied.

“Hands behind your head!” She complied, “Interlock your fingers!” And again.

Another officer, Bucket, came forward to remove any and hopefully all weapons on the girl.

“How many weapons do you have girl?” He asked as he removed her belt only to find a row of small throwing knives.

“You’re gonna want to take my boots too.” She suggested.

“I didn’t say you could talk.” Mulch yelled at the girl.

The entire time Spitelout stared at the girl who held his gaze without blinking. She had a tired look on her face, she was tired of running, tired or pretending, tired of not being herself. And he understood.

“Lay down on the ground.” Mulch told her more calm seeing how cooperative she was.

She complied to the hand cuffs and a female officer coming over to see what was under her t-shirt.

“She had a bullet proof vest on?” Bucket asked looking at the vest that also held multiple knives in it.

“This way.” Mulch said escorting her to the interrogation room.

Spitelout watched in disbelief as she disappeared down the hall with Mulch.

“What’s wrong, Spitelout?” Sven asked seeing the looking of horror and daze on his face.

“It’s just,” Spitelout started not knowing how to finish.

“There kinds of things only happen in the movies, right Spitelout.”

Spitelout turned to see Stoik standing there.

“Exactly.” Spitelout said out of breath, “You here for Hiccup?”

Stoik nodded.

“We still need him here to find out what happened,” Spitelout started, “But you can wait in my office until then.”

“Thank you.”

Spitelout lead Stoik to his office where he quickly shut his door and turned around.

“I knew the mafia was behind it, but I didn’t know she would turn herself in.” Spitelout said suddenly.

“So then do you know why she did?” Stoik asked.

Spitelout shrugged, “She must be tired of running and hiding, maybe putting the others in danger was too much for her and she wanted it to stop.”

“The only why to be sure is to talk to them and her.”

Spitelout nodded, “You can talk to the kids, see what they have to say about the situation. But I can’t get you in to see her, not after she had all those weapons removed from her.”

The door to the room where the five sat opened.

“We aren’t gonna talk until we find out if Tuff is going to be okay, okay!” Snotlout finally snapped.

“Tuff is going to be fine.” Stoik said causing all of them to jump up.

“Dad!” Hiccup exclaimed.

“Tuff is going to be fine, but I need to know what happened to you.”

“We were all kidnapped by some goons.” Astrid told him.

“And then we were brought to this wear house on the other side of town and shoved in a room where this guy Alvin demanded we tell him what we knew about Carstella.” Fishlegs added.

“We didn’t tell him anything, and he got mad. But he called her in order to get her over there.” Ruff continued.

“He then broke Tuff’s arm as insurance for her coming.” Hiccup finished, “An well she came, and basically slaughtered the entire contents of the wear house consisting of mafia goons and, I’ll assume, Dagur aswell.”

“Dagur?” Stoik asked raising an eye brow, “What does he have to do with anything?”

“Apparently he’s been working with Alvin in order to get back at Carstella.” Ruff said, “He’s even worse slime than I thought!”

“And he played a big part in kidnapping us.” Hiccup added.

Stoik nodded, “Do any of you know if she would have wanted to turn herself in after something like that?”

“If anyone would it’d be Tuff, it’s almost like they’re joined at the hip!” Ruff exclaimed, “They’re always together, and making plans. He’s definitely her best friend which is so unfair!”

Stoik nodded again, “The police still need to question you to see what’s going on. But I’m not going anywhere.”

“Dad.” Hiccup called before the larger man had a chance to leave, “Will Carstella be alright?”

“It’s hard to say son.” Stoik told him sadly, “It will depend on her.”

The door to the interrogation room opened.

Spitelout didn’t say anything as he unplugged the camera on the wall.

“I want to talk to you.” He said to the girl as he pulled up a chair across from her.


“Why are you turning yourself in all of a sudden? What happened to starting a new life?”

“I tried, and it almost got my friends, and your son killed.” She told him, “I don’t want that happen again, so the best way to do that is give myself up to the police.”

“Can’t you run away again, and hide out in Europe or Australia or something?”

“I’m tired of running, Spitelout.” She told him, “I’m tired of hiding, and not being able to be who I really am because my past is holding me back. I can’t keep doing that, otherwise I’m not living at all.”

“You know what’s going to happen if you go through with this, right?”

She nodded, “I’m going to get the death penalty.”

“And I can’t let that happen.”

She stared him down across the table, her eyes making him feel uncomfortable. Spitelout had sat in an interrogation room with and been face to face with serial killers, serial rapists, people who didn’t care anymore, but he never felt uncomfortable under their gazes, and here he was shifting and sweating under a girl’s that’s less than half his age.

“It’s not your life, Spitelout. I can do what I want without having to answer to anyone. And I’m going to keep doing that.”

Spitelout sighed in defeat, “If it’s what you want.”

“It’s not what I want, but it’s what’s best.”

He nodded and stood up, “Can I get you anything?”

“A lawyer.” She said plainly, “I don’t have one.”

He nodded again and left the room.

“I can’t believe it.” Stoik said hearing the news from Spitelout.

“I know.” He said, “Maybe if we give her a reason to stay around she’ll at least go for a plea outside of court.”

“And what do you suggest?” Stoik asked.

“I’m open to suggestions, Stoik. I can’t come up with everything on my own!”

“I’ll say!” Gobber said entering the office without knocking, “What were we talking about?”

“How to change Carstella’s mind on her taking the death penalty.” Stoik said with a sigh.

Gobber scratched his beard for a moment, “Maybe we should ask Tuff, that boy hasn’t shut up the entire way from the hospital.”

“That’s it!”

“She’s gonna what!?” The group exclaimed hearing the news.

“And we’re thinking maybe you can convince her otherwise.” Stoik explained.

“We can try, but she’s pretty stubborn.” Tuff said scratching the back of his head with his good arm.

“We’ll try dad.” Hiccup assured.

The door to the interrogation room was pushed open.

Zaidah looked up hoping to see the lawyer she asked for, but instead was greeted by her friends.

She just stared at them coldly.

“We heard you were going to turn yourself in and take all counts against you.” Ruff said nervously.

Zaidah nodded slowly.

“We don’t want you to die!” Snotlout exclaimed, “You’re the better, cooler, much more awesome cousin I’ve been deprived of my entire life! You can’t die, and I’m not letting you take the death penalty!”

Zaidah rose slowly and stalked over to where Snotlout stood, he backed up in hopes to get away from her, all of them stepped back as she approached.

“That’s exactly why I have to take it.” She told Snotlout slowly before turning to look at the others, “You saw what I did to Eret and Dagur, and I know you have a pretty good idea what happened in the explosion. And because of that you’re all scared of me.”

She walked back the other direction to look out the window at the cars going by on the street.

“I wouldn’t say scared.” Astrid said bravely, only to flinch when Zaidah whipped around to see her.

“You keep proving my point.” Zaidah told them, “I don’t have anything. I’ve never had anything I actually needed. I thought maybe with him dead I could start again and get what I longed for, but I’m back to fucking square one!”

“No, your not!” Tuff exclaimed and advanced towards the brunette, “You are not back to square one! If we weren’t so stupid to have gotten kidnapped this situation wouldn’t have happened, and you wouldn’t have been hurt reliving your past! It’s us who are to blame.”

Zaidah stared at the ground as she tried not to cry, “You don’t get it Tuff. I like it.” She let a single sob escape her throat, “I liked gunning people, breaking their necks, seeing how many knives I can throw into them before they die, setting people on fire and watching them burn. When killing I’m at peace. That’s why I write about murders and such because they help sooth me. I not meant to be in the same world as you are, Zaidah has to die, she’s a killer.”

“I don’t know Zaidah.” Tuff scoffed, “I know Carstella Jorgenson, the writer who’s been abused as a child and that’s why she has dark writing. But she’s beautiful and wonderful and wouldn’t hurt anyone unprovoked.”

“Carstella isn’t. . . ” But she couldn’t finish her sentence.

“Carstella is who you wanted to be your entire life.” Tuff said as he advanced further and cupped her cheek in his hand forcing her to look at him, “Carstella is now who you are. Zaidah needs to die, and you can kill her, but not by an electric chair or lethal injection.” He poked her chest, “But by opening your heart.”

She leaned forward and placed her head in the crook of his neck.

“I know.” She sobbed, “But because of both of me, you got hurt. And I can’t forgive myself because of that. Besides, I already decided that regardless who did what, I’m to blame for the actions that happened involving me. I need judgment.”

“You need nothing but to accept what is what.” Tuff said as he wrapped his unhurt arm around her shoulders.

“In order to be, and keep being Carstella, I killed the four henchmen, my father, his driver, and myself. She isn’t as innocent as you think.”

“Who said anything about innocence?” Tuff asked, “I just said you didn’t need to die.”

She pulled herself away from the blonde and shook her head.

“I made up my mind, nothing can change it.” She said staring at the floor again, “Alvin wasn’t the only one who’d want a piece of me. There are hundreds if not thousands of other groups that want my head. It’s easier in the long run.”

“Why are you accepting this!” Tuff demanded.

“Why aren’t you?!” She yelled back, “It’s my life and my choice, I make what ever decisions I want. And you have to deal with it.”

“Don’t do this Stell.” Tuff warned her.

“Carstella never existed!” She yelled, “Deal with that!”

They all hung their heads in shame as they exited the room. Tuff looked back to say something else, but couldn’t find the words because she was shaking again. He just left trying to keep his heart together in the process.