No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 17)

“All rise, honorable judge Oswald residing.”

Zaidah rose slowly along with her lawyer.

“You may be seated.” The judge said, “How does the defendant plea?”

“Guilty on all counts of murder, involuntary man slaughter, possession of concealed and illegal weapons without a permit, mafia affiliations, and illegal immigration.” The lawyer said.

“You’ve gotten around, haven’t you miss Blodvist?” Oswald asked.

Zaidah shrugged.

“Is there anything else you would like to say before the jury leaves to make their verdict?”

“If I may be allowed.” She said.

The judge nodded, and she stood up, pushing the chair back a little more so she could move from behind the desk. All officers had their weapons at the ready.

“I would like to ask, rather than say, is it considered a crime when what you do is what you grew up knowing, and what was beaten into you?” She asked, and paused a moment before swallowing, “I don’t expect this to waver your thoughts on sending me to jail or anything like that. But I came here hoping to find the life I could have led if my father were a different man. And I would also like to apologise to the you, judge.”

“And why’s that?” He asked the blue eyed girl.

“Because your son, Dagur, was not only working with a notorious mafia boss, Alvin Outcast, but he was also in the explosion that occurred at the wear house on Timber lane.” She said with a straight face, “I made sure he couldn’t get out.”

The judge looked at her with wide eyes as she lowered her head and made her way back to her seat, careful to make no sudden movements.

“There will be a one hour recess for the jury to decide your fate, court will resume after that.” Oswald said as he lowered his hammer, “Court augured.”

“All rise.”

“The would be Russian mafia boss, Zaidah Blodvist, daughter of the infamous Drago Blodvist, is on trial today at the highest court here in California to decide if she is going to spend the rest of her life in maximum security at San Quinton state penitentiary, or if she will be sentenced to death. There are many questions about the girl now, such as; why is she turning herself in here and now all of a sudden? And, why was she here? She has refused to speak to any of the reporters outside the court house on her way in, but perhaps we’ll understand more as the case goes one. We’ll keep you posted with how the court case progresses.”

“Gobber, can you turn that shirt off?” Ruff snarled at the blonde cook.

“Unlike you lot, I actually want to know what’s happening.” Gobber snapped back at the girl.

“Tuff is already upset more than anything, you’re making it worse.” She argued.

Tuff just blew bubbles in his chocolate milk pretending the others weren’t there, but he tuned them out a long time ago.

“I think he’s taking it the hardest out of all of us.” Astrid noted.

“There’s one person taking it harder than the rest of you.” Stoik said from behind the counter.

“And how could that be?” Ruff demanded.

“The officer leading her around in restraints.” He said shortly.

“Dad?” Snotlout asked.

Stoik nodded, “I wasn’t sure about helping her in the beginning, but Spitelout convinced me to help her. He said he’d take full responsibility for her and her actions. The way he looked at Carstella was like a daughter, which he always wanted. And to top it off she is the daughter of his favorite sister, he took to her instantly.”

“He wanted a girl?” Snotlout was stuck on.

“He got the next best thing.” Hiccup told him bitterly.

“Hey!” Snotlout shouted at the brunette.

“Shut up both all of you!” Fishlegs yelled over the group who were starting to bicker, they all stopped and stared at him, Fishlegs does not yell, “I get it! We’re upset because of what she’s doing and that we can’t change it. And maybe, yes, there are a couple people who are hurting about more than us. But at the moment that doesn’t matter, what does matter is accepting her choice and preparing for what is going to come. She has the strongest affiliations with the Russian mob, she’s killed more people than we can probably count, and she’s done things that would kill us, make our skin crawl, and throw up, along with being through shit that would have made us give up a long time ago. She’s going to be sentenced to death, and there’s nothing we can do, but understand she’s done. She can’t do it anymore, and she doesn’t want to.”

“Doesn’t want to what?” Ruff asked.

“Live anymore.” Fishlegs said grimly, “Or maybe she does, and she’s tired of the charade of not being able to be who she is, or the guilt of her previous life has gotten to much, or. . . ”

“Or?” Hiccup pried.

Fishlegs gestured to Tuff’s arm in its sling, “She was perfectly fine with running and hiding and hanging out with us, and then we got kidnapped and hurt, and she knows they aren’t going to stop, and she doesn’t want us going through anything she did because she actually does care about us, and as a messed up kind of thank you for caring about her too. If even for a short time.”

Everyone went quiet.

“Maybe they’ll go easy on her because she did have an abusive father who forced her into the business.” Snotlout said optimistically.

Astrid shook her head, “Oswald is her judge.”

“You mean. .”

She nodded.

They all sighed and stared at the table, they were all so powerless.

Zaidah was placed in a holding cell until the time was up.

She just sat on the bench and thought about her friends, how they deserved better, and how she’d miss them.

Half way through the wait time the door opened.

“Did they not need all the time to find me guilty?” She asked only to see Spitelout in the door way holding his cell phone in one hand, he motioned for her to come over to him.

Tuff stopped blowing bubbles through his straw suddenly, he looked over to Snotlout who was too occupied with staring at the table to notice anything.

He snatched his phone from the table next to him, and found the number he was looking for.

“Hey what are doing?” Snotlout snapped at the blonde only to receive a death glare, causing him to shut up.

Tuff called the number and waited for him to answer.

It can’t be too late, he thought. It can’t.

“For the last time Richard, I can’t convince her otherwise!”

“Is she still alive?” Tuff asked to the person on the other end.

“Tuff?” Spitelout questioned.

“Yeah, it’s me. Is she still alive?”


“I know it’s probably against protocol, but can I talk to please, just ten seconds.”

“Give me a minute.”

Tuff waited patiently as he drummed his fingers on the table, it seemed like an eternity.

Zaidah advanced to the man slowly. Spitelout put his cell phone to her ear when she was close enough.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Carstella, I love you.”

She gasped hearing those words from the other end, her eyes got wide.

“I love you, Stell, I really do.” Tuff repeated.

“I love you to, Paddy Garret.” She said as she blinked back tears, “But this is still something I need to do.”

“I couldn’t let you without you knowing this.” He told her, “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you to.”

The phone was pulled away from her as she nodded to her uncle with a smile on her face, she tried not to cry.

“You’re very loved, Carstella.” Spitelout said and put his hand her shoulder to enforce the idea.

She just nodded as a few stray tears fell from her eyes.

“I never heard that before.” She admitted finally, “I never have.”

“You can’t say that now.” He told her and glanced at his watch, “It’s not too late to make a plea deal.”

She shook her head, “I have to do it.”

Spitelout nodded and patted her shoulder before wiping away a couple of her tears.

“Do what you have to do.” He told her and turned to leave.

“I love you too, uncle Spitelout.” She whispered, but he heard it loud and clear.

He couldn’t say anything so he just left the room.

Carstella sat back down on the bench, oddly with a lighter heart than she had before.

Tuff put the phone back down on the counter and let out a breath he’d been holding. He sniffed a bit before he smiled at the people at the table.

“I will never love again.”

The door opened for a second time, this time Zaidah knew it was time.

She rose and ankle restraints were put back on her.

She walked down the long hallway to her destiny, her uncle by her side, and armed men around her.

The door was held open for her as she entered the court room. Her lawyer was waiting beside the table for her, he looked even more grim than the other officers in the room.

“You can still reach a plea.” He told her as she took her seat.

“I don’t want a plea.” she told him.

He sighed and sat next to her, waiting for the judge and jury to enter.

“You love my cousin?” Snotlout said in a daze, unable to understand what was really going on.

“Yeah.” Tuff said as he looked back at the t.v. hoping it would give some idea of what was going on.

“How long have you two been dating?” Ruff asked leaning closer to her twin.

“Officially one month, as of the day before the entire kidnapping thing.”

“Wow. Shitty anniversary timing.” Ruff commented.

“You’re missing the point, Ruff!” Snotlout yelled, “He loves, my cousin!”

“Calm down, Snotlout.” Hiccup told his cousin trying to reason with him.

“How are you so calm, Hiccup?!” He accused the brunette, “You know deep down she’s sensitive and fragile, and there for should not be with such and idiot!”

“Actually, that’s exactly why I approve.” Hiccup said boredly.

“Ha!” Snotlout shot in Tuff’s face before snapping back to the brunette, “Wait, what?”

“Tuff is not the smartest person around, I think we all agree to that.” Hiccup started, “He usually relies on his feelings to tell him how he should act. And if his feelings towards Carstella are that strong he’s never going to leave or hurt her, and with them being polar opposites they’d work well together.”

“Ha!” Tuff shot back in Snotlout’s face.

A beep on the t.v.indicated breaking news, everyone’s attention turned directly to the screen.

“This just in. Zaidah Blodvist, daughter of the powerful mafia boss, Drago Blodvist, has just been sentenced to death via the electric chair by an honourable jury. Her execution will be private as to not allow other mafia spies into the room to save her, as she would be the leader of her late father’s organization back in Russia. Many questions are still unanswered, and appear to remain so as we can’t even get close enough to see her face properly. But her execution will take place in three days time, at San Quinton penitentiary, where she will wait on death row for her time.”

Gobber turned the t.v. off after that, before looking sadly over at the group.

“Well,” He said solemnly, but still trying to lighten the mood, “At least you don’t need blessing.”