Obscuring the Heart(Part 1)

“Hiccup you should be at the forge!” I yelled to the brunette as he scrambled by me.

“I’m on my way! Trust me!” He shouted back at me trying to get out of the fire and into the safety of a building.

I sighed and turned my attention to the zipple back in front of me.

While most teenagers our age were supposed to be on fire patrol, Hiccup and I were special cases.

My older brother, Hiccup, we’re twins, and myself are the children of the one and only Stoik the Vast, chief of Berk. Hiccup was small and skinny, almost a walking fish bone, in his own words. He had shaggy brown auburn hair and green eyes, he was highly intelligent. I was tall for my age and had more muscle than the average girl should, I had dark brown hair and blue eyes, and I was much more than skilled. Both of us were technically.

I was skilled in the art of killing dragons and fighting in general, and Hiccup was skilled in things like reading and writing, and coming up with amazing contraptions that could revolutionize the viking world; if someone gave him a chance. It seemed to me that I was the only one who saw any potential in my older brother. He wasn’t the average viking; he was something far greater than the known world could know. But our father kept us both on tight leashes.

I got both heads loped off, then I vaguely heard the familiar sound of my brother screaming.

I sighed and picked up my ax before running off in the direction of the scream. And sure enough, Hiccup was running away from a fuming monstrous nightmare, or should I say flaming?

I grabbed a grappling rope and threw it at the beast’s snout causing its attention to snap from my brother to me. I saw him duck behind a large torch in the middle of town.

I allowed myself to focus on the monster before me knowing he’d be okay for the moment.

It took a couple minutes of dodging the nightmare’s attacks and getting used to its fire’s heat before I could behead it.

I was breathing heavily when the thing finally died, and I had to take a knee to catch my breath. I was young, but I was strong enough to take on a beast alone. Or was it because of who I was protecting? I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that I’m a much better dragon killer if I have someone to protect whom I care for. And no one fits that description better than my own brother.

“Hiccup!” I heard my father yell at said person, “How many times have I tole you to stay out of the streets when raids go on? Your little stunt just cost me a herd of nadder!”

“Dad, please listen to me.” Hiccup begged, “I swear I shot down a night fury, if we send out a search team then-

“Enough, Hiccup!” My father told him, “You’ve done enough damage to the village, and almost got your sister killed!”

“I’m not a kid dad.” I snapped at the older man as I approached the scene, “And neither is Hiccup, so stop treating us this way!”

“With you two running around, and playing-

“Playing?!” I demanded, cutting him off, I was going to get an ear full for that later tonight but at the moment I didn’t care, “I killed three dragons tonight, and protected your son, who also shot down a night fury! Instead of acusing us for things we didn’t do, how about you start organizing the town to rebuild what’s been destroyed for the millionth time instead of chewing out your children! And if I didn’t want to put my life out on the line and save Hiccup, I wouldn’t. So don’t you ever, pull that card again.”

My dad, and frankly everyone else around stared at me in shock. I wasn’t usually the one to snap at anyone, but I’d had enough of this.

I let out one last short sigh before grabbing Hiccup’s wrist and pulling him after me.

“Come on.” I told him softly, I reserved this tone for him and him alone, “Let’s see if we can find that night fury you shot down.”

“Sit.” I ordered to my brother who was a couple yard a head of me staring into his note book trying to figure out where to go now.

“I’m not a dog, Sigrid.” He told me and looked back at me.

I just stared at him with a blank face. He sighed lightly and walked back towards me before sitting on a log. I sat next to him and pulled out two sandwiches. One tuna the other chicken. I asked him which one he wanted and he took the tuna one.

We sat in comfortable silence as we ate.

“You really do know me better than I think you do.” Hiccup finally said and turned to me as I took a sip of water.

I shrugged as I said, “I was starting to get hungry, so I figured you were too.”

He nodded and took the jug of water from me.

“Can I ask you something?” Hiccup said breaking the silence again.

I shrugged telling him to continue.

“Why do you always believe in me?” I raised an eyebrow at him not understanding what he meant, “You think all of my plans are cool and are a good idea, you always support me when something goes wrong, you keep dad off my back like there’s nothing to it, you believe in me.”

I nodded, “I was always under the impression that that’s what siblings are supposed to do for one another.” I told him, “Besides, you believe in me.”

“The entire village believes in you.” He counters.

“That’s not the point.” I told him, “The point is, if you keep believing in me and my abilities, I’ll forever believe in yours. Besides, you’re a genius.”

“Not according to dad.” He murmured.

I shoved him roughly almost causing him to fall off the log.

“Will you forget about dad for ten seconds.” I snapped, “You’re a genius, Hiccup. What you come up with is amazing, but the viking world isn’t ready for you yet. It’s not ready for your ideas  and your heart, it’s still the time where people like me will rein. And I think it’s going to be like that for a little while more, but there’s nothing wrong with you. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or I’ll hurt you then kill them.”

Hiccup smiled slightly, “So what do we do if we don’t find the dragon?” Hiccup asked as we stood up and started walking.

I shrugged, “We could always say that we found the thing in the rocky edge and couldn’t get down there and haul it back up and to the village on our own. And if they come and question it, we can pass it off as the waves carried it off to sea.”

“And I thought I was the smart one.” Hiccup muttered. I shoved him again.

We walked a few more minutes before I saw a couple of broken trees, like something had broken them down. Hiccup saw them too. We continued to follow the path slowly incase something flew out at us. We peeked over the edge of a hill where the marks leaded downward. I instantly pulled Hiccup down again.

“That’s the night fury.” I whispered to him.

He swallowed hard, he knew I wasn’t lying.

“What do we do?” He asked, “I never killed a dragon before.”

“Do you have your knife on you?”

He nodded.

“Draw it, go over there, and make sure it’s dead. I’ll be here incase.”

He nodded and advanced towards the beast with his knife drawn. I watched him carefully to make sure that nothing was going to go wrong. For some reason I didn’t feel like his life was endanger this time. I saw him jump back when the dragon moved, it was still alive. I saw him hesitate when deciding if should kill it. Deep in my heart I knew Hiccup wouldn’t be able to kill the creature, he wouldn’t be able to, not with his heart. I readied my ax when I saw him cutting the ropes that held the dragon in place.

But for some reason I didn’t move when the dragon jumped on Hiccup. I somehow knew he wouldn’t my brother. The dragon roared loudly at him before flying off. Hiccup stammered to his feet and stumbled a couple steps before he passed out. It was a close encounter.

I walked up to him and lifted him onto my back piggy back style and started to carry him out of the forest.

About half way out he started to come to. Needless to say he freaked out on when I didn’t help him out, but he didn’t say anything else after that, neither did I.

When we got home dad was there and we was staring into the fire. Hiccup and I tried to sneak past him and go upstairs, but he knew.

“I need to speak to both of you.”

We both knew what was coming, apparently Hiccup needed to say something too.

Dad went first.

“You both are going to get what you wanted.” Dad said slowly, “Sigrid, I will give Hiccup a chance to prove himself in battle. Hiccup, starting tomorrow you will be training on how to fight dragons, I’ve also arranged that Sigrid is in your class, you should get all the practice you can and try to teach the others.”

“I should have gone first.” Hiccup sighed, “Dad, I don’t want to fight dragons.”

My eyes got wide at that, was this because he wouldn’t kill the night fury?

The brunette rambled on for a moment about other things he could be doing for the better of the village than killing dragons, before dad cut him off and headed out before offering a half assed good bye to the both of us.

When the door closed, my attention shot to my brother.

“You don’t want to fight dragons?” I asked.

“I couldn’t kill that dragon there, what makes you think I can kill one in the field.”

I looked at him puzzled a moment as he ascended the stairs before following him up and going to bed.

The next morning Hiccup and I walked into the arena with the rest of the class.

Astrid Hofferson was convinced this was her destiny to be there and become the next viking legend. Snotlout Jorgenson, my and Hiccup’s cousin, looked around thinking this was going to be a walk in the park and the best ability to show off to Astrid. Fishlegs Ingerman, he walked in nervous, but egar to put his book knowledge to the test. And the other twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston they were looking around amazed hoping to get a scar out of it. Everyone was actually.

“Yeah, pain.” Hiccup said sarcastically as we walked in together, “Love it.”

“What’s he doing here?” Tuffnut muttered to the rest of the group.

“And what’s she doing here?” Ruffnut asked aswell, “She’s already certified to kill dragons.”

I rolled my eyes at them and advanced, “This is our father’s idea.” I told them, “Not ours, so shut up and listen. I’m only obligated to protect one of you newbies.”

They shut up, but Astrid glared at me. We didn’t have the best history together. Me getting recognition early on for taking out a few terrible terrors and a hand full of nadder before I was ten. She made it her mission to surpass me no matter what, I personally didn’t care. I was forced into this, and as long as my brother was safe nothing else really mattered to me.

“Let’s get started.” Gobber shouted to quiet us down, “The one who does the best, will win the honor of killing their first dragon.”

“Hiccup already killed a night fury, so, does that disqualify him?” Snotlout asked.

The twins snickered at the remark, I made a mental note to take our cousin down and make it look like a training accident.

Gobber consoled Hiccup about being made fun of. It didn’t really help.

He went on listing off some of the dragons that we would be training against. The entire way Fishlegs letting out a fact about them, even after Gobber told him off.

“Wait!” Snotlout yelled as Gobber was about to pull the lever down, releasing a dragon, “Aren’t you going to teach us anything first?”

“I believe on learning on the job.” Gobber told him and pulled the lever.

I grabbed Hiccup and b lined for the shields on the other side on the arena. I thrusted one in his hands and picked one up for myself.

“Good job, Sigrid, Hiccup.” Gobber encouraged, “The first thing you need is a shield. If you have to choose between a shield and a weapon, take the shield.”

The others scrambled to grab a shield as well. I started banging on the metal of my shield as I approached the dragon to disorient it. Hiccup noticed this working and followed suit along with the others.

“Good leadership, Sigrid.” Gobber told me, “Those shields are good for making noise, and it can disorient a dragon.”

“Be careful.” I called to them, “There’s still five shots left and this can sometimes cause erratic rapid fire.”

“How often is sometimes?” Fishlegs asked scared.

“Case by case.” I told him and slowly started to move into the groncle’s blind spot. At this rate the twins were already out.

The groncle let out another shot at Fishlegs, and another at Snotlout.

“Three left.” I muttered to myself as I surveyed the area. Hiccup was on the other side of the arena with Astrid. We were past the point of banging on our shields.

The groncle headed straight for them as Hiccup was distracted. Astrid jumped out of the way as the dragon blasted Hiccup’s shield out of his hand, he scurried to go after it as the dragon singled him out. It shot another blast and there was only one left.

When it had Hiccup cornered against the wall about to fire again, I acted on instinct.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and used my shield to hit the groncle on the under side of it’s chin, causing it to swallow the blast it was going to deliver.

I kept pounding its face with my shield making it back up each time. I had to get it away from him. Every one stared at me as I continued to batter it with the object in hand. All the while I was slowly sending it back in it’s cage.

When it was in Gobber shut the doors. I dropped the shield and ran back over to Hiccup.

“Are you okay?” I asked and helped him up.

“Yeah.” He said out of breath like he’d been the one taking on the dragon, “Thanks to you.”

“Remember.” Gobber said as he approached us, “A dragon will always go for the kill.”

We all left the arena after that, class was over. Hiccup said there was something he needed to do and he ran off. I had a feeling it had to do with the night fury we’d encountered, but I couldn’t be sure.

I made my way home and grabbed some throwing knives from my room before heading out into the forest.

There was this clearing a fair distance away from the village that I liked to go to and train. It was quiet, and there were a lot of trees making good targets. And I began my training for the day.

I took slow bites of my chicken leg at the great hall. Gobber was going over where people messed up in that day’s training. Hiccup hadn’t come back yet and I was beginning to get a little worried.

The door opened and I looked up to see the same person soaking wet and slowly made his way over to us.

I slid over a little more towards Fishlegs, creating more room for him.

Hiccup slid in next to me without a word and just stared at the food in front of him.

“And where did, Hiccup go wrong today?” Gobber asked the table.

“He showed up.” Snotlout chuckled causing the twins to laugh too.

“He wasn’t focused, and let his shield fall.” I said while shooting a sideways glare to Snotlout.

“Very good, Sigrid.” Gobber told me, “It’s nice to have you with them leading the pack.”

I didn’t reply.

“This is something I want you all to study.” Gobber said and plopped the book of dragons down on the table, “Everything we know about every dragon we know of is in these pages, it’ll help you with your training.”

“You mean read?” Tuffnut asked the blonde man.

“While we’re still alive?” Ruffnut finished.

“Yeah.” Snotlout chimed in, “Why read words when you can just kill the stuff the words talk about?”

“Those words.” I growled, “Can give you enough information that can save your pathetic lives in battle.”

“I read it like nine times.” Fishlegs said excitedly as he started to ramble on about some of the dragons in the pages.

“There was a small chance I was going to actually read it.” Tuffnut said cutting Fishlegs off, “But now that chance is gone.”

The twins and Snotlout left after that, same with Gobber. Fishlegs quickly followed suit.

“I guess it’s just us.” Hiccup an walked over to Astrid’s side of the table.

“Read it.” She said boredly and shoved it towards my brother.

“All mine, great.” He sighed.

“Where were you earlier?” I asked Hiccup seeing as we were the only two in the great hall at the moment.

“I wanted to know why it didn’t kill me.” He said and slumped down next to me burying his face in his hands.

“And?” I asked.

He shrugged and I dropped the subject.

“Try and get some sleep tonight.” I told him and rested a hand on his shoulder as I stood up, “I want to get some sleep.”

“Have fun.” He called after me.

I hated seeing him like this.

“Hey! I noticed that there wasn’t anything in the book of dragons on night furys!” I heard Hiccup yell up to Gobber, “Is there like a sequel to the book or a night fury panflit?”

“Focus Hiccup!” Gobber yelled down to him, “It’s like you aren’t even trying.”

I grabbed him and forced the brunette to the ground with me. He narrowly missed a fire blast from the nadder we were pinned against today.

“There isn’t anything else on night furys.” I told him and dragged him along through the maze checking every corner to make sure the coast was clear, “We don’t know much about them, not their speed, not their shot limit, not even what they look like. What we do know is; they’re dangerous and no viking has encountered them and survived. Now, you need to focus on your survival.” I told him.

He only nodded and followed closely behind me.

We weaved through the maze. I motioned for him to stop and crouch down when I saw the nadder. On the other side of the opening were Astrid and Snotlout. I backed up a little, Hiccup did the same thing with me. I motioned for them to come over to this side, it would be easier to evade the dragon this direction.

Astrid didn’t oppose as she rolled over to our side and pressed herself against the wall next to Hiccup. I motioned for Snotlout to stop. He didn’t move. After a moment of waiting for the right opening, I motioned for him to go now. He did and pressed himself against the wall next to Astrid.

I took one last glance at the nadder and motioned for them to go. I stayed a small distance away from the others to make sure they were safe and if the nadder came after us I would be the first one to see it and protect the others.

We came to a split in the maze, we could either go right or left, but we couldn’t go the way we just came.

I pointed left and Astrid and Snotlout ran that way. Hiccup and I advanced carefully to the right.

We came to open area in the arena near the entrance. I heard something from my right, and I saw Astrid jumping over the walls as she was followed closely by the nadder.

The blonde came tumbling down ontop of Hiccup. The nadder jumped down and prepared for an attack while they were tangled together. Something clicked in my mind and I ran and pushed over a near by wall, it toppled down pinning the nadder to the arena floor.

I jumped down on top of the nadder, keeping the wood down on the dragon. There was a large gap in the now broken wood. I could see its eye, part of its mouth, and its neck. I raised my ax high, ready to swing it down and kill the beast.

But as the ax was above my head, and I stared down at the nadder, I froze. I just stared at its eye for a moment. I didn’t see fire, or anger, or hunger like I had with the other dragons that I’d killed.

I couldn’t quite place the emotion that was behind its yellow eyes, but I knew it all too well.

I stumbled back a little bit off the wood, and placed a hand over my mouth. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and hot all over my body.

“Get the thing in its cage!”I yelled to Gobber trying to keep control of my body, it wasn’t working that well. My stomach was lurching and I knew I was about to lose my breakfast. I had to take a knee and drop my ax to hit my stomach to keep it down. I was left defenceless.

Gobber quickly herded the nadder into its cage. I ran out of the arena and plunged my head into a bucket of cold water. I calmed down, and felt so much better. I kept my head submerged until I had no breath left.

I took a few deep breaths to calm me down. Water dripping down my neck and soaking my shirt.

A cold hand pressed against my forehead, the smell of smoke, metal, and fresh grass filled my nostrils. Hiccup was kneeling next to me as he was getting chewed out by Astrid about his lack of focus.

“You’re sick.” Hiccup told me very concerned, “You shouldn’t have been here today.” He was completely ignoring Astrid now, she was only getting even angrier than before.

“I’m fine.” I said with a sigh, but I knew he was right. I had a horrible immune system, and constantly got ill, regardless of my strength and skill.

“Yeah right.” He said with an eye roll and pulled me up to a standing position. Hiccup pulled his vest off and put it on my shoulders before wrapping an arm around me and pulling me back home, “You defiantly inherited dad’s stubbornness.”

I held back a cough as he led me through the village to our house. And as we left I could just feel Astrid’s eyes baring into my back.

When we got in, Hiccup sat me down next to the fire place and ran upstairs to get a couple of blankets and then draped them around me before going outside and grabbing as much fire wood as he could carry before throwing them in the fire pit and lighting them. He got more fire wood to make a better fire and keep it going. He closed the door and got a couple more blankets from the storage cupboard and my comb from our room. Then he filled the kettle with water and placed it near the fire to heat it.

Hiccup then sat behind me and took my hair out of it’s pony tail and took a towel to dry my hair for me as I coughed into my hand.

He always does this. I thought. It was so, so easy for me to get sick no matter what I do. Hiccup had never gotten sick. And he used that as a sign he needed to take care of me as a payment of the amount I had protected him.

My hair was mostly dry after a few minutes and he picked up my comb. He dragged the comb through my dark hair. And he would continue to until my hair was completely dry.

Half way through there was a knock at the door.

I watched Hiccup as he answered it, I tried to hold back a cough in case I had to jump and protect him.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston stood at the door, my ax held by both of them.

“Sigrid forgot this.” Tuffnut started.

“We thought we’d bring it back to her.” Ruffnut finished.

“Oh, thanks.” Hiccups said and reached for it, only to have it pulled back.

“I said, we thought we’d bring it back to her.” Ruffnut snarled.

“Yeah.” Tuffnut continued, “We aren’t going to give it to you.”

I let my cough out as I stood up and headed towards the door. The cold air hit my face hard, but it felt nice.

“Thank you for bringing it back to me.” I said and held my hands out for it.

They both placed it in my palms together.

“Hey,” Tuffnut started, “What stopped you from killing that dragon earlier?”

“I was about to throw up.” I replied shortly, “It threw me off, and I couldn’t stay up with the dragon moving.”

“Well, there’s next time, right?” Ruffnut suggested.

I nodded, “Thanks again.”

“No problem.” They said in usion and left.

Hiccup closed the door and I put my ax next to the door.

Hiccup led me back to the fire and sat me down before continuing to comb my hair dry.

“Hey, Hiccup?” I asked suddenly.

“Yeah?” He asked pausing a moment, he wasn’t used to me speaking during these times. I was usually ashamed for being sick and silent.

“Why couldn’t you kill the night fury?” I asked.

Hiccup paused again, I looked out of the corner of my eye at him. His lips were pressed into a thin line and his eyes transfixed on the floor.

“He was scared like I was.” He finally said, very softly, to point I almost didn’t hear.

I nodded. That’s what I saw. That dragon was afraid. It was strange, I was so used to seeing the fire of anger, hunger and fury on his face. But that nadder was afraid.

I instantly felt horrible. All the dragons felt something other than what we think they do. They’re just like us.

I heard a liquid pour into a cup. I looked up to see Hiccup adding the hot water to a cup for me.

He handed it to me and began to braid my hair in a simple braid. I plugged my nose and chugged the liquid, ignoring the scalding of my tongue. I held my breath a moment after I finished to get the least fowl taste in my mouth.

I sighed when I was done. He took the cup from my hands and put it on the counter. He then helped me up stairs to my half of the room and into bed. He readjusted the blankets around me as I settled down on my bed.

“I’m going to go out for a while.” He told me as he rested his hand on my forehead, “Your cold doesn’t seem to be that bad this time. I’ll be back before night fall and I’ll leave that herbal tea on the counter for your and the kettle hot.”

I nodded to him and turned over to get a little more comfortable.

“Have fun.” I told him.

“Get better.” He told me, and then exited the room and house.

I turned the other direction and started to fall asleep.