The Red Shadow Hunt(A Pokemon Paul Love Story Part 4)

“We believe it’s the Red Shadow.” Harley said.

“Give the guy a prize.” Someone said behind them, all of them instantly whirling around to see who it was.

Leaning in the doorway, a shadowy figure cloaked in black stood with their arms crossed.

It looked up to reveal mitch matched eyes of green and grey.

“You grew up, Paul.” It said to him, “You’ve become a man in this time.”

He smiled slightly as his hand was on his sword, “Jowey.”

I smirk pulled on the figure’s lips as it pulled the hood back revealing not only the different eyes, but long black hair and scars and tattoos on her neck and face.

He unsheathed and ran towards her with lightning speed. She sighed softly before pulling out her blades.

With one blade his sword was knocked out of his hand and across the room, with the other, it went directly to his neck as she spun. She stopped a millimeter before it grazed his neck.

“You still need practice.” She said and sheathed her blades as she turned around to look at the taller man.

He sighed, “Guess, I can’t kill you just yet.” He said.

“Not unless you don’t want information about the Red Shadow.” She said and went over to the bar.

“You have information on him?” Drew asked.

“Information or not!” Garry said drooling, “Can I have you for the night?”

She hit him in the face with the back of her fist when he got close.

“I work here you lecture.” She spat, “But I’m a not a woman in the tavern.”

“What she means is, she’s not here for pleasure. She’s here to keep everything in check.” Martain said, “It’s good to see ya’ Paul.”

Paul nodded, “I just wish the terms were happier.”

“So these were your friends.” Harely said and went closer to Jowey to inspect her.

“How ’bout you get out my face!” She hissed.

He backed up, “You’d actually be pretty if not for that scar.”

She rolled her eyes and drank her ale.

“So what information can you give us?” Drew asked her sitting down next to her.

“The Red Shadow is always underestimated.” She said, “I wouldn’t let my guard down in my sleep if I were against him.”

“You aren’t an enemy?” Garry asked.

She downed her entire drink and whipped her mouth before replying, “He’s my master.”

“So you took your teachings from the most wanted man in the world?” Paul asked.

“You always go to the best don’t you?” She asked, “Besides, I never said anything against you with the princess having you as her favorite.” She cocked an eyebrow and smirked.

“How the hell do you-

She merely pulled out the silk cloth that was given to Paul by the princess days ago.

“You really need to practice more.” She said, “You always leave yourself open.”

“I really hate you, you know that.” He hissed and snatched it back.

“You don’t hate me.” She said and used the same hand she had held the cloth with to support her chin, “You just don’t like me touching anything that came from the princess.”

“What about the Red Shadow?” Drew asked, “If you tell us, we might not bring you in aswell.”

She rolled her eyes, “I could whip each of your asses before you can draw your swords.”

“Wanna bet?” Harley growled.

“You might be pretty, but I never back down from a challenge.” Garry hissed.

“No fighting in the tavern.” Martain said as he filled another mug.

“We’ll take it outside.” She said and got up leading the way out of the tavern.

She had her back to the three that would fight. Paul had had his ass kicked by her already that day, he wasn’t going to go two for one.

“Are you ready, woman?” Harley hissed as he reached for his sword.

“When ever your ready.” She said boardly still with her back to them.

Each of the men had their hands on their hilts. Each about to draw when she disappeared and the three fell to the ground as blood shot out of their bodies in every direction.

“Weak.” She said behind Paul, behind the hunters, behind everyone who was watching.

“Fast.” Paul mumbled, “No wonder you went to the Red Shadow.”

Jowey shrugged and sheathed her blades, “I’m actually faster than he is.” She told him.

“No wonder I couldn’t beat you.” He said.

She didn’t look at him as she went back inside and sat back at the bar.

“Do you at least know where the Red Shadow might be?” Paul asked coming back in and sitting next to her as everyone resumed what they were doing before.

“No.” She said, “He never stays one place too long.”

“Do you at least know what he looks like?” He asked her.

“Yeah.” She said and sipped more ale that was placed infront of her.

“Can you tell me?” He asked.

“Why would I wanna do that?” She asked.

“To help a friend out.” He told her.

She shook her head, “You just wanna hunt him down so you can bring his head back to the b@st@rd king of yours.”


“You bring back his head, you get the hand of the beautiful Dawn.”

“Jowey.” He said more stern.

“Why would I want to tell you anything about him when you’ll use it, bring us both in, become the king and marry that princess. And then you forget all about us.”

“Why do you think I’d do that?” He demanded.

“You’ve been here a day!” She yelled and stood up, “You’ve seen and talked with Martain, and Zuren, and Alec! You’ve been in the same room and looked over them closely! And you didn’t recognize them!”

“I recognized you didn’t I?” He defended standing up.

“I’m kinda a hard face to forget with a scar on my neck, burn on my face, and miss matched eyes!” She cried, “Face it, you didn’t remember any of us because you didn’t want to!”

She walked about half way to the door before stopping and turning back, “You didn’t remember us because you didn’t want to.” She repeated, her eyes now becoming glossy, “The King took us in because of the princess. She then became the center of your world. And you know you’d do anything for her.”

“I would not!” He defended.

“What about the nights you held her!” She yelled.

The entire place got quiet.

“How did,

I stopped sob was heard throughout the room.

“I go down to the towns every once in a while.” she said, “I went to the castle a few times over the years. and whenever I did I found the two of you together, in her room at night. And you were holding her, and she was giggling. And you were smiling.”

She sniffed and turned her head fast, “Your on this because you don’t want her hurt incase you got her pregnant.”

He was shaking his head at her, eyes boring into her soul.

“Don’t you dare deny this either.” She spat, “You know it’s true.”

“Why the hell do you care?” He asked.

“Because you’d do anything for your princess.” She repeated, “You’d do anything, even hunt down a friend if you have to.”

“I’m not hunting any of you!” He argued, “I’m going after-

“I’m the Red Shadow! You fucking bastard!” Tears rolled down her face and she fought to keep them away.

“I’m the Red Shadow.” She repeated calmer, she still didn’t look at him, “I killed Barry, and Ash, and those three outside. I was hoping you’d catch on, but I guess that was too much.”

“Jowey.” Paul said like talking to an injured animal.

“What?” She snarled, “Are you going to tell me she wanted you and not the other way around? Are you going to say you didn’t mean to meet again like this? What about yell at me for keeping this from you? Oh, I know! You never liked me since you saw Dawn, and you don’t even see me as a woman right now, but a fugitive that you’re gonna kill and take down to the king and get married to his daughter?”

She sobbed ever so slightly more, “If that’s the case fine. But look me in the eye and tell me knowing this now, you’d happily return to your whore of a princess and marry her.”

She held his gaze intently even with the tears.

“She isn’t a whore.” He argued.

“You don’t know that.” She told him, “You couldn’t have been her first. She might have banged a knight or butler. hell, even a stable boy.”

Paul lunged at her, sending Jowey to the ground. She quickly threw him off of her and into he nearest wall, hard.

She propped herself up on her elbows to see him gasping for breath. She jumped up and took off.

“Jowey!” Martain, Zuren, and Alec yelled after her.

“Oh, no.” Misty said and picked up a piece of cloth, “She left her cloak.”

“And it’s the beginning of winter.” Alec said.