Obscuring the Heart(Part 3)

I gathered up some stew and bread and carried it over to the forge where I knew Hiccup would be working on something, if he were still here at all. He had the ability to fly, and given the situation I would have left if I were him.

I stepped through the cloth to see Hiccup rolling his pencil up his desk, he did that often when he was thinking.

He looked up and grumbled a greeting at me.

“I brought you some dinner.” I said and set it down on the ledge of his desk.

Hiccup sat up right and stared at the bowl, I sat down on a crate across of from him.

“What would you do in my situation, Si?” He asked me desperately.

I sighed lightly before replying, “Given the situation of what I’ve seen and what I understand, I would have packed up food and supplies and maybe a couple important items and gotten the heck out of here before anyone noticed I wasn’t around.”

“I don’t want to leave you.” He said softly as he picked up his spoon.

“I’m a big girl, Hic.” I assured him softly, “I can take care of myself. Heck, I was taking care of you and dad on top of me.”

“You’re good at it.” He said his mouth full of food.

I smiled and looked down. Ever since I was able to hold my ax, I taught myself how to cook. I thought anything could be batter than what our father had cooked for us. And after a little trial and error, a lot of error, I became such a good cook non of us could complain.

“I have an idea for tomorrow.” He admitted after he finished his stew, “But it’s stupid and dangerous.”

“We’re vikings, Hiccup.” I assured him with a smile, “That’s the kind of stuff we do.”

I stood at the entry of the arena, Hiccup all but having a panic attack at my side.

“It’s not too late.” I told him, “I could create a diversion.”

Hiccup shook his head.

“Are you sure you can do this?”

I looked over to see Astrid Hofferson advancing towards us. I raised an eyebrow. It was only twenty four hours ago she was ready to take his head off. Why the sudden change of heart?

“Yeah.” Hiccup said and took a deep breath, “Thanks. Both of you.”

“Be careful.” Astrid and I said at the same time.

She sent me a sideways glare and left when Gobber came over. Dad wanted me to watch with him.

I watched anxiously as Hiccup entered the arena and chose a knife out of the weapons available to him.

I took a deep breath as he stood there in the middle of the arena, staring at the doors the monstrous nightmare would appear out of in a matter of moments. He didn’t look scared, that’s what worried me most. I knew what he was going to do as he looked up and for a brief moment his green eyes met my blue ones.

I held my ax close to my side, knowing it wasn’t going to go well. But I would support him until the end.

The doors flew open and the dragon rampaged through the arena and blew out fire, before setting its attention on the viking in the middle of the arena.

Hiccup slowly backed up as the dragon advanced. He pulled his shield and knife away from himself and dropped them on the floor of the arena as he was still walking backwards.

“What’s he doing?” Dad asked.

“Showing us we were wrong.” I told him as I stared down at my brother. He had the guts to do this. I would fight off the entire village to get him out of there if it came to it.

Hiccup threw his helmet down on the ground too. Dad ordered the match to be stopped.

“No!” Hiccup called to all of us, “You all need to see this.”

“Stop the fight!” Dad yelled and bashed his hammer along the edge of arena before I could even react.

The dragon became alarmed at that moment and went after Hiccup.

I was about to lung forward and get him out of the situation, but dad pulled me back by my pony tail. I hissed in pain as he yelled at me and the other vikings.

I saw Astrid hurry into the arena and throw a hammer at the face of the nightmare to get its attention away from, Hiccup. I would have to thank her later.

Suddenly a bright light shot into the arena, and a black blur sped past in a hurry. It forced the nightmare off Hiccup.

The night fury! Toothless!

Toothless started fighting the nightmare while Astrid pulled Hiccup to take cover.

Adult vikings soon filled the arena, sending the nightmare off and subduing the nightfury. I watched in shock from the ground outside the arena as the dust settled and Hiccup was concerned for the safety of Toothless.

“I can explain!” Hiccup yelled at dad as the three of us entered the great hall.

“Not another word!” Dad said as he tossed Hiccup to the ground of the hall, “You have disgraced the village, your sister, and me!”

“Speak for yourself!” I snarled at our father, I knew I wasn’t helping the situation at all. But not only had he felt the need to speak for me with every little thing in my life, but he was so close minded about everything to not even realized exactly what it was Hiccup had done, “Maybe if you took a few minutes to actually evaluate the situation before diving in because your son wasn’t doing what you-

“He is not my son!” Dad snapped at me turning around his attention off Hiccup and now fully focused on me, “Just like you’ve never been my daughter. Outcast!”

I felt my throat close as he pushed past me and slammed the door behind him. He closed that door, he cut every tie we ever had.

I felt a strange sting at the back of my eyes and my knees get weak, unable to support my body weight. I collapsed to my knees, unable to fully register the situation.

I sniffed. It was true. My nightmare was the last tidbit I had of what family I had out there. My father had black hair, I knew that yesterday when my memories flashed. My mother had blonde hair and blue eyes, that’s where I got them from. I knew that from my nightmare. And I was born an outcast. I had a feeling with the necklace I found that night, and he just confirmed that for me.

I felt an arm on my shoulders bringing me into a hug.

I gripped the material of Hiccup’s shirt, but refused to cry over something so stupid.

“We’re all we have now, Si.” Hiccup said and rubbed my back.

“You still see me as your sister after knowing?” I asked, my voice breaking.

Hiccup pulled back and looked more than confused, “You were my sister before, why would it change knowing the truth?”

At his words my eyes did water, and I pulled him into a hug and sobbed for the first time in a long, long time. I cried for knowing the truth, I cried for the mother I lost all those years ago, I cried for the father I never knew who has lived the past fifteen for so years thinking his daughter was dead, I cried for Hiccup losing his family, for Toothless being used to find dragon island, and I cried out of frustration for crying.

Hiccup and I stood on top of the cliffs overlooking the docks. All the able body vikings were going back out. Toothless was loaded onto the ship. I felt my heart ache for him, but I couldn’t do anything. I had lost so much motivation and drive after learning the truth about who I am.

I had the one question answered, but now I had about a million more swirling in my head, craving an answer.

I saw out of the corner of my eye, Astrid Hofferson come up to the two of us.

“Must suck to be you.” She started, “I mean, you lost the support of the village, your family.”

“Anymore insult you want to add to injury, Hofferson?” I snarled at her.

“Wasn’t talking to you!” She spat back at me.

I suppressed my growl and bit my tongue.

“Is there any other uplifting sayings you would like to give us, Astrid?” Hiccup asked the blonde. I never thought he would have spoken to her like that in my life.

“I just want to know your thinking.” Astrid told him, “Why didn’t you kill the night fury?”

“I couldn’t!” Hiccup told her.

“Why couldn’t you?” She pressed.

“Why does it matter?” Hiccup almost shouted, “I wouldn’t kill him.”

“You said wouldn’t that time.” Astrid told him.

“What does it matter?” Hiccup questioned.

“Because I want to know what you say, right now.”

“I wouldn’t because he had the same look in his eye as I did. He was as scared as I was.” Hiccup admitted, “Four hundred years and I’m the first viking who wouldn’t kill a dragon.”

There was a small pause in the air.

“First to ride one.” Astrid and I said at the same time. Our blue eyes met and we only half glared at each other.

“You got a plan?” I asked Hiccup knowing the look on his face.

“Yeah.” He said a smile starting to form.

“Is it stupid and reckless?” I asked a smirk pulling at my lips.

“Maybe even a little bit crazy.” He said before taking off.

Astrid and I looked at each other sideways for a moment before going after him.

We all stood side by side as Hiccup guided out the monstrous nightmare. Snotlout tried to pick up part of a broken spear incase the situation went to shit.

Astrid knocked his shoulder and he dropped it. Hiccup carefully took his hand and placed it on the snout on the nightmare.

The brunette swelled with pride as he looked over all of us.

I didn’t know why exactly, but Astrid was behind Hiccup the entire way. I would be too. We managed to get Fishlegs, Snotlout, and the twins here with us.

“So what’s the plan?” Astrid asked.

Hiccup smirked as he began to explain.

“Alright, Fighlegs. Give us a break down!” Hiccup called as we came to dragon island. A giant dragon was having a rampage. The adults were on the ground in awe of what we were doing.

“Okay!” Fishlegs called back, “Thickly armored head and tail, good for swinging and crushing, stay away from both. Small eyes, large nostrils and ears. My guess is that it relies on hearing and smell instead of sight.”

“Got it!” Hiccup said in response, a plan forming in his head, “Lout, Legs, find the dragon’s blind spot and stay in it, try and disorient it. Ruff, Tuff, you two try to figure out if this thing has a shot limit. Si, find this things’ weak spot. You’re good at it.”

We all nodded and headed off to do our assigned tasks.

The twins on the zipple back were making irritating noises and getting the dragon’s main attention. Fishlegs on the groncle was on the dragon’s left, Snotlout on the nightmare was on its right, both were banging on shields. I was on the timberjack.

The two of us were gliding around the dragon. I was trying to pin point a place where it was deliberately protecting, or an open sore on it somewhere. Something we could use.

I even went under the beast, against my better judgment, low to the ground under its stomach looking up. But the thing was armored better Spitelout for winter.

The timberjack and I got out from under the dragon the second I realized there wasn’t a weak point there.

“Bad news!” I heard Fishlegs yell, I looked over and saw Hiccup coming over on Toothless.

“This thing doesn’t have a blind spot!”

“It doesn’t seem to have a weak point either!” I called to them, “This thing is heavily armored to the teeth!”

“That’s it!” Hiccup said in a urika tone, “I have it! you guys fall back we got this!”

Everyone else was already on the ground. The timberjack and I circled around and the second it landed I dismounted.

I watched in awe with the rest of the village as Hiccup took on the dragon with Toothless. They were climbing high up in the sky. Then I saw Hiccup drastically change direction and start heading down to the island at record speed.

I clutched my necklace as my heart raced in watching him.

He and toothless turned a little before hitting the ground and firing a shot into the dragons mouth.

My eyes lit up. There was not external weak point, so he used that to his advantage.

But then my heart almost froze. The larger dragon ended up in a flaming mess. Hiccup fell off of Toothless, and the black dragon raced downward against gravity to get him.

I didn’t even think as the flames began to die down. I ran over to it.

I found, in the well charred bones, Toothless lying on the ground covering himself in his wings.

He didn’t open his eyes when I approached.

The thickest feeling of dread came over me, I felt like I was going to be sick. I fell to my knees and gasped for breath. They couldn’t be.

Toothless finally opened his eyes to look at me.

“Toothless.” I whispered, tears threatening to fall all over again. But not for stupid reasons. Hiccup was my brother, my best friend, my hero.

Toothless opened his wings to reveal an unconscious Hiccup.

I scrambled over and all but grabbed him from the dragon’s claws. I put my head to his chest and heard a heart beat.

I let a half sob, half laugh out as I hugged the unconscious brunette.

“Thank you, Toothless.” I said to the dragon. I felt hot tears stream down my cheeks as the dragon’s face became blurrier and blurrier. He was alive. They both were alive.

“Sigrid,” I heard a gruff voice behind me said softly.

I carefully laid my brother back in the safety of the dragon’s wings before wiping my eyes and turning to see Stoik the Vast standing behind me, half the village behind him.

“I-” He started but stopped himself trying to think of the right words to say.

“Are sorry?” I asked him, “After putting Hiccup down for years because he was different, dictating my life and what I should say, think, and feel, disowning him, and keeping such a secret from me and then not giving a single explanation about why, not to mention the lies. After all that and more, you’re sorry?”

“What do you want me to say?” He asked in defeat.

“You were wrong would be a nice start.” I snapped and stood up, all of my emotion was coming out now and there was nothing that would ever stop it, “Wrong for dictating my life, wrong for not giving Hiccup a chance to show you what dragons are actually like, wrong for lying to me about who I am, wrong for putting your entire village in danger, wrong for being so damn pig headed and stubborn to realized what it was your children actually needed! That would be a start. Then maybe you could apologise for the damage you’d done, not only to us but to everyone else. And maybe when you accept times are changing and want to change with them, then you can come back to us ask for the forgiveness you think you deserve!”

Stoik just stood there staring at me, his mouth ajar. He wasn’t able to say anything. What could he say? What was left to say?

“Why did you even want to keep me?” I finally asked, “I washed up on shore one night and you found me, and you knew I wasn’t good. But you kept me, you took me in and kept me as one of your own. You could have used me as leverage against them, and you didn’t. Why’d you keep me?”

“Because I lot my wife not long before you washed up.” Stoik told me, “I knew what it was like to have your heart ripped out and smashed. And for someone else to have their child ripped away from them and then die, that pain would have been worse. I wouldn’t let anyone go through that. And, I saw a lot of my wife in you Sigrid.”

I sniffed and nodded, I wanted to yell at him more and tell him that it wasn’t my name. But I couldn’t do anything but stand there dumbly.

Stoik came up to me and carefully pulled me into a hug. I didn’t resist, but I didn’t continue it.

“Let’s go home.” Stoik suggested.

“You want an outcast in your house?” I asked through the tears.

“You aren’t an outcast, Sigrid.” Stoik told me as he stroked my hair, “You’re my daughter.”

My body moved before I could do anything. I returned the hug, but didn’t say a word.

I sat on the roof of the house looking over the village. Everyone had come to accept dragons, well almost. But the dragons moved in, no more major problems by them happened, as of yet.

Hiccup needed a prosthetic because he lost his left leg in the explosion. I hadn’t noticed when I’d first seen him, I was just so happy he was alive. He was in the house resting now.

I looked over at the timberjack nudging my arm. I scratched behind his horns and he purred. Over the past couple days, Shadowsplinter and I have become very close.

We both enjoyed peace and quiet, the stars, and the smell of grass. He was basically me in a dragon form. I was happy to be with him, Shadowsplinter was the friend I lacked most of my life.

I heard the door to the house open below me. I looked down to see Hiccup hobble out and down the path.

My eyes lit up and I jumped down from the roof to the ground. I ran towards him, he was surrounded by some of the adults who were congratulating him.

Gobber was just telling him about his new leg. I saw Astrid run up and punch him on the arm.

“That’s for scaring me!” She exclaimed.

I was about to give her a piece of my mind.

“What is it with you and-”

Hiccup was cut off by the blonde pulling him in for a kiss.

“And that’s for everything else.” She said softly.

“I could get used to that.” Hiccup said with a shrug.

I shoved his back sending him forward two steps.

“Sigrid!” He called back in annoyance.

“Gonna forget about your little sister now that you have a girlfriend?” I teased and crossed my arms.

Hiccup just smiled at me, before he realized something.

“You and dad smoothed things over?”

I nodded, “Amazing what can happen when a person you care for almost dies.”

“You aren’t going to let me live that down, are you?” He asked and slumped over.

I shook my head.

Our attention quickly turned to Toothless scurrying over to see his friend.

The two of them looked perfect together.

I stumbled forward a step and turned around to see Shadowsplinter nuzzling up against me.

I think the two of us made just as good of a team too.