What If It Were Real?(Part 7)

I collected my knives from the target on the mast, I was preparing to throw them again when Mykhayla came running up.

“You won’t guess what just happened!” She exclaimed jumping up and down on the deck like an excited child.

“What?” I asked unamused.

“You have a bounty!” She shouted and forced a newspaper into my face.

I took it from her and got a good look at it. It was a picture of me against one of the walls at the marine base we were at yesterday while I was looking for the room Mykhayla was in. I was wanted dead or alive for seventeen million bellis.

“Nice picture.” I commented.

“What the hell’s going on here?” Kidd hissed as he approached us.

“Celebrate good time, come on!” She sang as she took the paper from me and handed it to Kidd before she continued to dance around humming the tune.

Kidd just stared at her blankly for a moment before turning his attention to the newspaper in his hands.

“Congratulations.” He said to me, “You can now officially consider yourself a member of this crew.”

I shrugged at his words and turned to the target again.

“Any dreams I should be aware of?” He asked before he turned to leave.

“Nothing you should really be aware of at the moment.” I assured him and threw a knife at the target.

“Keep me informed.” He told me.

I nodded, he left.

“Wait what?” Mykhayla asked as she paused from her dance.

I shook my head and told her dismiss it before turning back to the target.

Cold grey eyes scanned over the news paper in dark, tattooed hands. The eyes held no interest what so ever in the content of the pages, until they came across one article with a picture.

A young girl, with short brown hair, and brown eyes that held danger and anger, she was in a military base. Her bounty was seventeen million, she was awarded this for not only aiding in the enialation of an infamous pirate crew and the murder of about a dozen well known marine officers. It said she was involved with the Kidd pirates.

The cold grey eyes lite up and grew increasingly curious with every word he read.

Eustass Kidd, of all pirate captains, allowing a woman, even with such a first bounty, to join him and his crew. He couldn’t believe it.

The man called to one of his crew members who came running in. He gave orders to set course to the last place the Kidd pirates were seen. They followed their orders.

He had to know who she was.

“So where are we even going?” Mykhayla whined from next to me.

I looked up from my book to look at her sprawled out on the deck. We where on the back of the ship, the place I liked the most out of it all.

“We have to get to the end of the Grandline to the island where the pirate King Gol D. Roger left his treasure for other pirates sharing his dream to find.” I told her turning my attention back to my book, only to need to look back up because she was complaining again.

“But where is that!?” She whined.

“On the other side of the word.” I told her calmly.

“That’s specific.” She scoffed.

“We just made it through fishman’s island.” I told her, “The pirate king’s treasure is on the other side of the world to that.”

“How long is it gonna take?”

I shrugged, “Depends on how long we need to stay on an island for the log to set, who we encounter, rest needed from battles, wind, and marines.”

“Sooooo, not tomorrow?” She asked, “Not a week from now?”

“At least a year I would think.” I told her.

“I get so tired of just watching water, rocks, seagulls, and rocks!” She exclaimed.

“Go bug some of the crew then.” I told her.

“They’re not amusing, enough.” She told me, “They’re boring, and have poor senses of style.”

“It’s punk and metal style.” I told her, “They probably think your casual style is just as strange.”

“Good point.” She said, “But I do love me some jeans.”

“I actually wounder where Killer got his jeans.” I wondered out loud, “Who has tassles on their jeans anymore?”

“So right, it’s such a seventy’s thing!” Mykhayla giggled.

“And Heat, who wears that much leather all the time? It’s got to get unbearably hot and sweaty.”

“You would think it.”

“And Kidd! He goes around shirtless all the time! You think he would get cold.”

“What you really should be asking is why he’s always wearing a fur coat.” Mykhayla corrected, “It’s not functional for the sea, for fighting, for the weather here, and it doesn’t do much for his intimidation factor. Plus, who only uses one sleeve of a coat?”

“Would you rather he go completely topless?” I inquired.

“No!” Mykhayla exclaimed, “It’s not a good sight!”

“How do you know it’s not a good sight if you ‘haven’t’ see it?” I teased.

“My innocent mind cannot contain this image!” She exclaimed and threw her hands over her face.

I laughed openly for a moment before I saw her looking at me deviously.

“What about Killer without his button down?” She asked in a dangerous tone.

I shrugged, “What about it?”

She just face palmed.

“What do you think about it?” She demanded, “What are your thoughts on the subject?”

I shrugged again, “I don’t really have an oppionon.”

“Something like, you know, ‘attractive’, ‘sexy’, maybe your eyes wander?”

I stared at her for a moment before I closed my book and stood up.

“I think you’ve over heard way too much from the rest of the crew, and with that, I’ll take my leave.”

I turned and left to go into the sitting area inside.

“Torri!” She called after me, “I need you to keep me entertained! And to answer my question!”

I rolled my eyes and continued forward. Why did she think I liked Killer, and that he liked me? I would never be able to understand her reasoning, we were friends. I paused on my way to the door. Killer and a couple of the lower crew men were sparing on deck. It was a warmer day and Killer did have his shirt off. I stared at him momentarily, but nothing like she was insinuating came to mind. He was powerful and strong and his body was still lean, I could understand how it would be considered desirable, but I didn’t understand why she said it the way she did.

I was just about to turn and continue into the sitting area, I saw Killer wave I put up a hand back. We were friends, I was glad for it.

Just as I was about to take a step forward something rammed into the side of the ship causing me to fall face first onto the deck.

I hurry to my feet, only to feel a sharp pain in my neck before an aching, dull throb. My eyes began to darken, and before I was knocked out completely I heard both Killer and Mykhayla yelling for me.

I heard the faintest of giggling as my vision began to clear. I was the smiling face and blue eyes of Mykhayla sitting across from me. She was waving and sitting tied in a chair.

“What?” I managed out groggily.

“Torri!” She exclaimed, “You’re awake! It’s okay now, I’m here with you. All I had to do was grab onto the leg of the guy that was trying to take you and they grabbed me too.”

A million things started flooding through my brain. Who was it that took us? What did they want? Why? Where were they? Was the crew okay? Were they even alive? How long until we came under the same fate?

“You’re awake now I see.”

My eyes shot to the man in the door way. He was tall and dark, he had a black and yellow hoodie on, jeans with spots on them, a fuzzy looking hat with spots of a similar type, he had tattoos on his arms and hands from what I could see, and he carried a long katana.

“Trafalgar Law.” I hissed at him.

He smirked at me as he entered the room, two me with hats entered after him.

They moved Mykhayla next to me.

Law pulled up a chair across from us and sat down.

“I’ll be nice to you, if you tell me what I want to know.” He told us, “You are, Torri.” He said to me, “What is it about you that Eustass-ya wants to keep?”

“Because she’s fabulous!” Mykhayla exclaimed in a sing song voice, “I mean who wouldn’t want to be her friend?”

I saw his eye brow twitch slightly before he spoke again, “How did you join the Kidd pirates?” He asked directing his attention to me.

I bit my tongue to stop from cursing him out and glared.

“Well, you know we kinda met them during a weird fight thing with weird people and they grabbed her and I grabbed them and because they realized that I wasn’t go let them go they took me too, and here we are!” Mykhayla answered for me.

“How long have you been a part of the Kidd pirates?” He asked holding back a growl.

“37 days, 12 hours, 13 minutes, and 56 seconds exactly.” Mykhayla said happily.

This time Law turned his attention directly to Mykhayla, “What is it about Torri-ya that makes Eustass-ya want to keep her around?”

“It’s her insight, and the facts she can kick butt pretty good.” She told him nodding continuously with a straight face.

Law smirked lightly, “What kind of insight does Torri-ya give to Eustass-ya?” He asked Mykhayla again.

“Pretty much whatever she chooses to share with him.” She told him with a smile before continuing, “By the way, I like your hat. It’s fuzzy and adorable. I think it’s really cute. I know a pirate probably doesn’t want to hear that, but I find it cute.”

I can see his eye brow twitch slightly again before his face relaxes and he asks her something else.

“What does Torri-ya choose to share with Eustass-ya and what are some of the things that she keeps to herself, do you know?”

“Nope!” She exclaimed and popped the ‘p’ sound, “She’s very selective with what she tells and what she doesn’t tell, she doesn’t tell. She doesn’t even have a diary for this kind of stuff. It’s annoying! I have to ask her things, which she doesn’t tell anyway. And I can’t follow her around because I always get caught because I always trip on fall flat on my face, and when she’s telling Kidd something I’m not paying attention.”

“Is there anything about Torri-ya’s insight for Eustass-ya that you do know?”

She shrugged, “Something about the future or his next move or something.”She told him, “I don’t really-

She stopped dead looking over at me I was glaring daggers into her telling her with every fiber of my being to shut the fuck up.

“I don’t really know.” She repeated, “My attention span is really small!”

Law’s smirk grew exponentially as he turned his attention to me.

“So that must be it.” He said as he stood up and began to circle me where I sat, “I’ve heard of prophets, people who have the ability to see the future. I wonder if it’s you, Torri-ya? That would more than explain why Eustass-ya would want you on his crew. I remember you from Saboy, I think I now regret letting Eustass-ya grab you first.” He continued to circle me, eyeing me up and down, “But I always thought that these people had a third eye in the middle of their foreheads? I guess you’re the exception to the rule.” He stopped right in front of me and bent down to look me in the eye, I still had my glare fixated on him.

“If you tell me everything you know, I’ll let you and your blonde friend here join my crew and we can take down Eustass-ya together.” He offered holding out his hand to me.

“If I join you,” I said lowly in a growl, “Then that would make me a traitor my captain. Meaning the second I outlive my usefulness you’ll kill me.”

“That depends on how useful to me you actually are.” He assured.

I had my gaze fixated downwards after he made me the offer, I raised my head to look him dead in the eye and spat in his face.

“You can go fuck yourself back in whatever hole you decided to crawl out of!” I hissed at him and struggled upwards against my chains that bound me to the chair, “I swore to Eustass Kidd that I would make him King of the pirates even if it kills me! You will not take that!”

Law wiped the spit off face and smirked at me.

“Have it your way, Torri-ya.” He growled, “I’ll get what I want out of you, one way or another.”

“Get it ready.” He hissed again, this time to the subordinates in the room with us. The three of them left and Mykhayla and I were left in the room on our own.

“That a girl Torri!” Mykhayla cheered as the door started to close, “I don’t know  what I’m cheering for, but I’m glad you finally spoke up! I was beginning to miss your voice.”

In the midst of chaos one blonde was pacing up and down the deck trying to find answers.

“Shut up!” He finally shouted to the rest of the crew who were silenced by that.

The blonde quickly resumed his pacing.

“Do you think we can get away with leaving the blonde with Trafalgar?” Kidd asked from his seat on the deck.

“No,” Killer told him as he continued to pace, “Torri would never go for it. She would leave or force us to go back.”

“What if she dies in the cross fire?” Kidd asked again.

“I’m pretty sure Torri would put either herself or another crew member between Mykhayla and what’s being fired.”

“And if I throw her over board when the blonde gets back on deck under suspicions of mutiny?” Kidd asked desperately.

Killer stopped in his tracks and looked at his captain, one could feel the blonde thinking his captain was an idiot for what he’d just said.

“No, it wouldn’t work.” Killer told him, “Torri would throw a life line to Mykhayla and toss you in the ocean creating a mutiny and then take over as captain. And if it were the case, I wouldn’t blame her and maybe even follow her.”

“You would follow her over me?” Kidd snarled at his first mate from where he sat.

“If you threw Mykhayla overboard for no reason other than you didn’t want her here and Torri did toss you off I would follow her because it was you who was in the wrong.” Killer confirmed, “And if it ever came to a point where you died or were killed or executed I would vote her to be the captain because she has the know how, planning ability, and can keep her head better than you can. And I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this.”

Kidd just stared at the blonde for a moment, “Is it because you like her?” He asked.

“Nani?” Killer asked almost shocked.

“Is it because you like her?” Kidd repeated, “Come on, Killer. Even if I wasn’t your best friend you’d have to blind or a complete idiot not to know.”

Killer sighed.

“Have our radars picked up anything yet?” He asked.

“Nothing yet.” Wire told him.

Killer nodded and went back to pacing.

Few minutes later Sachi and Pengune came back into the room, Sachi was carrying a tray that had two cups of tea on it. He handed the first one to Mykhayla who took a whiff of it and smiled to herself as she tried to guess what was in it. Over the time they had left she had broken the sting, literally the kind used to tie up a roast, so she had full movement of her limbs again.

He came over to me and held the cup up to my lips. I refused to drink it and kicked him in the knee. He stumbled back in pain dropping the cup of tea and having the content spill all over the floor and my lap.

“You’re supposed to do this the nice way.” He growled at me as he clutched his injured leg.

“Who said I was nice.” I growled.

He made a face at me and left with Penguine. They came back a few moments later with three other of their crew members and another cup of that tea. I was not going to drink it.

One of the men went behind me and held my mouth open, I struggled a little and bit him hard on the hand. He cried out and tried to pry his hand out of my mouth, but I had a firm grip. He gripped my hair to try to get me to release. But I would have much rather had his blood filling my mouth than whatever that tea was.

I finally let go of his hand and spit the blood that was in my mouth out at the one holding the cup of tea. He dropped it again, it spilt all over the floor.

“Captain gave us permission to use force if she wouldn’t take it this time.” One said.

They nodded as the one who had been holding the cup went over to the cabinets behind us and pulled something out. The others tried to hold me down. I struggled too much for them though. Eventually my chair fell backwards, breaking the wood causing it to break and splinter against my back. It didn’t stop my struggle though. When one of them came too close to holding me down firmly enough my leg shot up and the bottom of my boot connected with his face. He stumbled back and slumped against the wall when his back hit it.

“Can you not take care of one little girl?”

They all stopped and looked over to the door where Law was standing.

“She’s been struggling too much for-

I used part of the broken chair a weapon to hit one of them over the head with. My arms had been behind my back, but Killer had taught me how to dislocate and relocate them in an emergency, this was an emergency.

“What type of tea is this anyway?” Mykhayla asked the room despite the atmosphere, “Is it orange pico? Rose? Earl grey? It’s been driving me crazy!”

Using the moment of distraction I threw the piece of chair at Law, before it even hit him he wasn’t in the door way anymore he was behind me.

“You just can’t play nice, can you Torri-ya?” He asked, his breath hitting my neck as he spoke.

“Who said I was nice?” I repeated as I scanned over the room, there had to be a way out there just had to be.

Before he could say anything else, deja vu all over again, something rammed against the side of the ship/submarine.

“Captain! Captain!” I heard another voice coming down the hall, “The Kidd pirates are here!”

Law growled as he seized me by my hair and called back for one of his subordinate to grab Mykhayla. We were pulled through the submarine up to the deck.

“Long time no see, huh, Trafalgar?” Kidd asked as he looked down to the other man from the railing of our ship.

“Eustass-ya.” Law hissed, “What are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Kidd cackled, “To get my crew member back.”

“Thanks Kidd!” I hear Mykhayla yell behind me.

Law started to chuckle, “This proves it!” He called, and then pulled me closer to him, “You may not be a prophet or something like that, but you have purpose to Eustass-ya. I have to have you.”

I looked over at Kidd, noticed my chains were just regular metal, Mykhayla was wearing a metal studded belt.

“What’s the matter Torri?” Kidd questioned me, “Don’t you trust your captain?”

“I trust you!” I called to him and kicked Law as hard as I could in his knee, I heard him cry out in pain and a sickening crack echo in the air. I broke his knee. He let go of my hair and Mykhayla came running up to me. Kidd used his magnetic powers to pull us over back onto his ship, then Killer, who was at the helm, pushed forward causing the submarine to crash into a sea rock as the ship moved forward.

We left the heart pirates behind us, stuck on that rock. I watched from the railing as they were running around on the deck screaming for orders, and I could feel Law’s eyes boring into my soul.

I knew this wasn’t going to be the last time that we came across one another.

I was taken out of my daze by Kidd smacking me upside the head.

“What did he want?” He demanded leaning against the railing to look at me.

“He wanted to know who I was, and why you wanted me.”

“And you didn’t see this coming?” He hissed.

“I told you before Kidd,” I said to him as I pushed off the railing, “I can’t control what I find out, and how long in the future. You accepted it and took me on knowing this, there is always going to be things that are unexpected coming up, with life you just have to accept it.”

I turned and headed inside, I wanted a hot shower. It was only now that I was safe again did I realize just how bad I had hit my back and now that the adrenaline had faded it was all pain. Mykhayla could make us sandwiches for dinner, I was out for the night.