No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 21)

“I will be riding with you on the plane and boat to Berk.” Marshal, the man who had been assigned to protect Carstella told the group, “I hope you don’t mind.”

The dark haired girl shook her head before saying.

“Thank you.”

The ten of them got through the ticket line and customs, waiting in the designated sitting area for our plane to be called.

“Scared to relocate?” Tuff teased.

The red eyes girl looked up at the blonde and smiled before nuzzling up to him.

“No, you’re here with me.”

Tuff laughed lightly and wrapped his arm around her shoulders bringing her closer.

“Do you know who the agents might be?” Carstella asked quietly not wanting to draw the attention of the others who were a little too occupied with Ruff and Snotlout messing around with Astrid joining in every now and again.

“Non I can think of.” He told her, “The only person I could maybe think of would be Spitelout and maybe Sven. He was a real tough guy, a farmer too.”

Carstella nodded and leaned more into him. She knew deep down it was going to be okay, but she couldn’t stop herself from thinking that something was going to go wrong in some way.

Their plan was called and they boarded soon after.

Fishlegs switched seats with Carstella so she could speak with Spitelout and Snotlout about what was going to be happening when they got back to Berk.

“Will I have to start calling you father when we get there?” Carstella asked Spitelout.

He shook his head, “No. I think for now as a woman of nineteen you can get away without it.”

They spoke more about their family, and Spitelout told them both that the rest of the Jorgonson family had been made aware of the situation, and how she was actually the daughter of Flemingtine and the situation that made all the files say that she was Spitelout’s because she was dead.

When Spitelout had finished explaining everything Snotlout got up and went over to Stoik, woke him up and switched seats with him.

Stoik told her that the community on Berk was very close knit and someone’s business was everyone’s business. The entirety of the island was aware in some way or another what was going on. At the very least that she was the niece of Stoik and Spitelout and the daughter of Spitelout’s kidnapped sister Flemingtine. And that after years of finally being reunited they were moving back to Berk to be together, and where aware that she was working for the government in some way.

“Uncle Stoik.” Carstella finally spoke up after he had finished telling her everything, “Do you know who it might be that are the agents on the island? I mean you know just about everyone there.”

He shook his head, “I can only consider Sven to maybe be an agent. But it’s hard to say. There are certain things that people do not share and are kept hidden for a long, long time. So I’m afraid I don’t know.”

Carstella nodded, she was getting a little more nervous after that. Even the former mayor didn’t know.

“I figured we’d been going more North.” Carstella said more to herself than anyone else.

“Nope, it’s more West than anything.” Tuff told her.

She nodded as they boarded the boat.

“How long is the boat ride going to be?” She asked.

“About two days.” Stoik told her.

Carstella nodded again.

“Hope you got your sea legs.” I heard Snotlout moan to me.

“Stoik, it’s good to see you again!” A large man, shorter than Stoik, with a brown beard greeted everyone, “My have you kids grown!” He exclaimed and laughed.

“I hardly recognised you.” He said again as everyone got off the boat.

“It’s good to see you again, Mulch.” Stoik said to the man and shook hands.

“And you must be Carstella.” He said and turned his attention to the dark haired girl.

She nodded.

“It’s good to see you well, Mulch.” Marshal said and shook his hand.

“You too.” Mulch told him, “You aren’t as much of a cry baby as I remember you being.”

Marshal laughed lightly at his comment and told him he had grown up.

“I’ll leave her in your and Bucket’s capable hands.” Marshal told him.

He then turned his attention to the red eyed girl, “I don’t think I need to tell you be careful and good.”

Carstella nodded and smiled at him.

“Thank you.” She told him.

“Take care, all of you.” Marshal said and boarded a new boat which quickly took off in the direction of the main land.

“You Mulch?” Stoik asked in shock.

“And Bucket?” Gobber asked in a similar tone.

Mulch smiled at them and nodded.

“Not everything here is everyone’s business.” He told them, “Besides, we are technically retired. Bucket and I only come out when it comes to special cases. And you, miss Carstella are in fact one special case. On top of being family.”

Carstella could smile and hide behind Tuff. They had all realized after everything, Carstella was shy and very sensitive. She just wasn’t allowed to show it because of her up bringing.

Carstella was dragged all over the island by her friends with Mulch hanging back. They were giving her the grand tour.

She was shown a small apartment building which they would be staying in for the time being. The main market place. The small hospital. City hall. A tiny library. The beach. Farms on the outskirts of the town. The area surrounding the main market place had alleys leading up to an Auto shop that was closed up, a hard wear store, a lumber yard a bit further down from a scrap yard, and a few restaurants. The police station and Fire house were all a part of the city hall.

On the far end of the village there was a large, three story house that was run down and all but falling apart. This was the house that Tuff had told Carstella about and what they were going to pour their money into and make their own.

The entirety of the architecture on the island was old fashioned, it was something between Scandinavian and Victorian. And exceedingly strange combination.

The rest of the island was densely wooded forest.

“Alright, what is it?” Tuff asked the red eyed girl.

“It’s just,” She started.

“Stell.” Tuff said in an authoritative tone.

She smiled and spoke with a Russian accent playing out in every word she pronounced, “It feels much like home.”

“You like it?” He asked and wrapped his arms around her.

“I feel we raise family here.” She told him.

“Have to fix it up first, Stell.” He told her and started rocking back and forth with her against his chest.

“Easy.” She told him, “I’m good with my hands.”

Every shop on the island also doubled as a house to the owners.

The farms were situated on the far west side of the island near a fresh water river and surrounded by the forest. Most of the northern part of the island was all forest. Just before that were houses following the same theme as the others, between Scandinavian and Victorian. It was along the forests edge that the most of the population lived.

The entire island was involved with everyone else. Everyone was either a doctor or nurse at the hospital, farmer along the west coast, shop or restaurant owner, school teacher, or worked for the human resources.

And Stoik was right, someone’s business was everyone’s business.

The entire town threw a welcome home party for Stoik and the others. They all introduced themselves to Carstella who greeted them all meekly and all but buried herself in Tuff’s back.

She was even introduced to Astrid’s, Fishleg’s, and Ruff and Tuff’s parents. Snotlout and Hiccup’s moms had both passed away when they were young.

“So you’re PG’s girl friend?” A tall, burly man with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes asked as he approached the two.

“Dad!” Tuff whined, “Don’t tease her like that, she’s shy.”

The large man chuckled hard and then leaned down to inspect the red eyed girl. For once when coming face to face with a new person, Carstella didn’t flinch or try to hide behind Tuff.

“It’s nice to meet you, Carstella.” He said, “My name is Alvar. I hope little Tuffy has been good to you, he can be quite a handful at times. Especially when you pair him up with his sister and their friends.”

Carstella shrugged, “He’s not that bad, just gotta get past his crap.”

Alvar laughed openly, whole heartedly. He was indeed amused by the girl’s statement.

“Al!” A short woman with sandy blonde hair and grey eyes scolded the much taller man, “You’ll scare her off, and I haven’t even fully met her.”

“Sorry, Van.” He apologised half heartedly.

“It’s nice to meet you, Carstella.” She said softly and extended her hand, “I’m Vanya, Patty Garett’s mother. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t mentioned anything about me.”

Carstella shook her head and then took her hand.

“He’s told me much about you both. Nothing but good things.” She told them.

“Russian?” Vanya asked after the girl had finished her sentence.

Carstella nodded, “I’ve been told you’ve all been informed.”

She nodded, “You must have gone through hell.”

Carstella shrugged, before she stiffened up in the embrace of the woman who was in front of her.

“I’m sorry for that. But I know Patty will take good care of you, in the letters he’s sent to me the way he described you, he cares for you deeply. And I’m happy to know you are the one who can put him back in line.” She said.

“Thank you, Miss Thorston.” Carstella said and returned the hug, “It means a lot.”

Vanya pulled away and looked her dead in the eye.

“It’s either Vanya or mom.” She told the dark haired girl.

“Mom!” Tuff all but shouted at the woman.

Carstella grew red and shy again, but nodded anyway.

Vanya then laughed whole heartedly like her husband before, but it was much lighter.

“She’s a keeper!” Alvar told his son, “Has your sister not found anyone yet?”

“Not yet.” Tuff said a small amount of pink dusting on his cheeks.

“It’s all ours.” Tuff said as the entered the giant house. This one took more of a Victorian sense than the others.

“How do you think we should remodel it?” He asked and turned to the red eyed girl behind him.

Carstella suggested starting in the basement and making it into a work and storage area for Tuff, turning the first floor into the retail space with fitting rooms along the back wall, with a spiral staircase connecting the basement and the first floor and another connecting the first, retail, floor to the second. An external stair case leading up to the second floor which would be the door leading to their living area. They would move the kitchen up to the second floor with an open concept kitchen living room, along with a dinning room, laundry room, bathroom, and office for Carstella. A regular stair case leading up to the third floor which would have six rooms and three bathrooms.

Tuff loved the ideas as she drew them out in a note book with a black ink pen she had brought with her.

“Where should we start?” He asked her.

“Foundation.” She told him, “Start basement, move up.”

They made a list of everything they would need and started for the hard wear store and lumber yard to place some orders to be delivered.

Everyone on the island did any repairs or expansions themselves, so everyone was handy.

At the hard wear store people could also place orders for major appliances for their homes.

The two had placed orders for electrical wires, outlets, plugs, door knobs, windows, buckets, cement mix, screws, a screw driver, staples, insolation, dry wall, and a stud detector. Being unsure of what they wanted for their kitchen, Tuff and Carstella put off ordering the items.

The man behind the counter, named Magnus took their order and said that it would be at the house day after tomorrow because he was getting a shipment tomorrow with much of what they would need.

Carstella payed in cash and they said their good buys.

“It’s happening.” Tuff said to himself in a happy tone. He was actually starting his new life with the girl of his dreams.

They entered the lumbar yard and were greeted by a young man who was at the order station.

“Tuff, long time no see.” He said.

“Hey Gustov.” He said boredly.

“Who’s your friend?” He asked looking Carstella up and down.

“My girlfriend.” He said shortly, “We’re fixing up the old founders house. What are you doing here anyway?”

Gustov smiled a little and took a pencil from behind his ear before saying, “Helping out the family with the business, what do you need?”

Carstella gave the order they needed for the basement and to reinforce the floor of the first floor.

“We’ll be coming back for more eventually.” She added.

“I know you will.” Gustov said as he finished taking down the order, “That place is more run down than anything. You’re order will be delivered the day after tomorrow.” He told them, “And good luck.”

Carstella and Tuff left the yard and headed up towards the apartments.

“It’s real.” Tuff said again as he unlocked the door.

He swung it open and then turned around look at the girl behind him. He then bent down and threw her over his shoulder before hauling her inside.

Carstella laughed really hard as this happened. Tuff turned again to close and lock the door before continuing into the living room.

He threw her down on the couch and then climbed on top of her as he started kissing the red eye girl’s lips.

“I love you.” He said when he broke contact.

Carstella went red and said meekly, “I love you too.”