The Meaning Of This Ayame(A Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei Two-Shot Part 1)

I walked down the halls of the office in spirit world lead by one of Koenma’s ogres. I had a bottle of root beer in one hand, sipping it idly as I followed behind him.

“Remind me again why, Koenma wanted to see me on such short notice?” I asked the ogre.

“All he said was that it was important.” He told me wincing a little as if I’d kill him. And with my record in both the spirit and human world, I didn’t blame him.

“Ah, there you two are.” Koenma said as we entered his office. I walked straight up to his desk, making note about the four boys on the side.

“I trust you were shown great hospitality.” He said to me.

I took a final sip from my soda and placed it on one side of his desk, then placed my hands in front of him and leaned forward slightly.

“Alright, shorty, why the hell’d you bring me all the way up here instead of the usual call or video tape?” I snarled at him.

He did his best not to flinch but it was obvious he was sweating.

“I would like you to meet the four boys that you’ll be working with from now on.” He said and motioned to the boys.

“Not a chance in hell.” I pushing off the desk and crossing my arms, “You know I work better alone, and I don’t need four weak, idiots slowing me down.”

“Who are you calling weak?!”

“I’m not stupid!”

“Come here and say that to my face!!”

“I’ll make you eat those words!”

All of them yelled.

“You know why I’m saying no, Koenma.” I told him ignoring their antics, “Why would you even gamble something like this?”

“It was father’s choice.” He admitted, “If it were up to me you’d still be alone, that’s how we both like it. But he wanted to see how the two strongest spirit detectives we have work together. You did just move to a new town after all, right?”

I nodded, and stared cooly under the brim of my baseball cap at them, before turning back to Koenma.

“So the idiot in the green uniform is second strongest to me?” I asked, I heard the one with the orange hair burst out laughing, “Or is it the one with the ugly mug, stupid hair cut, and dorky blue uniform?”

The one in the green burst out laughing.

“How about we settle this another way?” The short one in black suggested.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked knowing this’d be good.

“If you’re so cocky, then the four of us will take you on. I’m sure that’ll show you, that you greatly underestimated us.” He smirked.

I raised my right hand and pointed to the one with orange hair wearing blue,”First to fall.”, I pointed to the one with long red hair, “Your head will nearly come off.” Pointed to the short one, “Your attacks will be turned against you.” And finally pointed to one in green, “You’re going to have internal bleeding.”

“Is that supposed to be a threat?” The orange haired one growled.

I smirked under the brim of my hat, “No, those are promises.”

“G-guys!” Koenma gasped, “Rethink this! It’s not what you really think, fighting-

“Relax, Koenma.” The one in green said, “We got this. Besides it’s about time we made this guy eat his words.”


“Let’s go.” I sneered.

Koenma sighed, “Ogre, lead them all to the fighting arena. I’ll let my father know what’s going on.”

“Yes sir.” He said and Koenma left.

We followed the ogre to the out door arena. All the while the four of them were glaring holes into my back. We came to it and there was a lot of room. The ogre suddenly bowed deeply. Looking up I saw why.

The lord and Koenma were there.

“So a fight will determine if you go with the team or not?” He asked me.

I nodded, “If I were you I’d keep medics standing by.” I warned.

“It’s true,” The short one said, “I’d hate to go to go to jail for killing you.”

I rolled my eyes and hopped up onto the arena. They followed.

“Go easy on them.” The lord told me, “You know what happened last time.”

I shrugged, “Wouldn’t be the first few I’ve killed.”

“Let’s try to avoid that, please.” Koenma begged as he pouted.

“Yeah,” The orange haired one said, “We’re just gonna make you eat your words!”

All of a sudden his spirit power materialized and became and orange sword. He started swinging it around wildly, I dodged easily. But he kept swinging. I jumped and back flipped narrowly avoiding the short one’s blow.

‘They’re working together.’ I thought.

I flipped again avoiding the red heads rose whip.

“So the idiot in the stupid green uniform is the leader.” I smirked, and flipped out of the way as a fast round ball of spirit power came towards me.

“I just figured this team out.” I said, they all stopped to hear what I had to say.

“The guy in the green is the spirit detective, he’s the leader. The red-head, he’s the brain in the group. He plans things out and keeps his head better than the rest of you and that’s why you need him. The short one is the true muscle. While I’ll admit all of you are stronger than I had first thought, he’s the one who loves the battles. And the guy with the stupid hair cut,”

“Hey! it’s not stupid!” He defended.

“Only reason why he’s here is because he may be of some use to you down the road, that’s what you tell everyone. But the truth is; he’s a friend you don’t want to exclude from your missions. Now, tell me I’m wrong.” I said.

“Let’s shut this guy up.” The one in green growled.

I jumped again avoiding the rose whip. Hit the orange haired on and sent him back into the wall knocking him unconscious. I headed towards the red-head, he flicked his whip in my direction. I grabbed it having it wrap around my right fore arm and pulled him forward, I had the thorns scrap deep against his neck. Gave a bad wound. The short one jumped towards me. I untangled the whip from my arm and deflected his ‘Dragon of the Darkness Flame’ with my left hand. He then came at me with his sword, he swung for where I was. But before he knew it he was staring at the ground, I had his sword through his stomach, I let him drop.

While the one in green was still in shock I ran for him. He tried to use that spirit gun thing again, but I got to him before that. I pressed my right palm up against his stomach and watched as blood came from his mouth and him fall to the ground.

I cracked my knuckles and headed over to the lord and Koenma.

“You killed them!” He screamed.

“They aren’t dead.” I hissed, and he stopped instantly, “They will be if they don’t have medical attention soon. I avoided any and all vitals that they had. They may bleed out soon, but when that happens it’s not my responsibility.”

I turned on my heels and started to walk away, “I’m not teaming up with them.”

“I can make it so you never dance anywhere again.” Koenma tested.

I froze, “You, wouldn’t, dare.” I hissed.

“I would.” He countered.

“You know what’d happen if you did that, right Koenma?” I asked.

“Being killed will be smallest price to pay.” He said, “I can make sure you’ll never dance in this life or the next or any others that follow.”

I growled, “One mission!” I yelled, “That’s it!”

“That’s all I ask.” Lord told me as medics came out, “The ogre will bring you to room, get yourself cleaned up and then we’ll have dinner and discuss this mission the five of you will embark on.”

I rolled my eyes but followed the ogre anyway. He led me to a room and closed the door behind me.

It wasn’t small, but it wasn’t large. It had a large curtain, a vanity with a large mirror, and many boxes. in the middle of the room was a mannequin dressed in a beautiful, purple, sleeveless yukata. There was a note on top of it with my name on it.

This yukata had been cut just for you. Please wear it and feel free to use any and all of the jewelry in the room as you like. And please take your time. -Koenma.

I sighed and put in on the nearest box.

The yukata was beautiful, and looking closer, the mannequin didn’t have much of a chest, or hips for that matter.

I sighed again before pulling my cap off my head and messing up my hair.

No mistaking me for a guy once I put that on. No mistaking me for anything else when I didn’t have my hat on.

My long, light green hair cascaded over my shoulders and down my back, stopping only when it ran out of length where my hips were. I tucked some behind my ears and examined them in the vanity mirror. Six piercings on my right ear, seven on my left.

I assumed that they were enough of a give away that I was a girl. But I guess not. It wasn’t even that I was unattractive or anything.

I had pretty, long hair that was soft to the touch, deep blue eyes that sparkled, almost invisible freckles on my cheeks because they’re so light, and slightly tanned skin.

The only thing was, I had no figure. I was a dancer, I was a fighter, and I was more flexible than the average gymnast. Not to mention my mom never had anything really either. No boobs, no butt, no hips.

And with hand me downs from my older brothers, I never blamed anyone who has mistaken me for a boy.

I sighed again and ran a hand through my hair. A soon as those idiots see me it’s going to be awkward. It was going to be a long supper.

I once again followed the ogre to where ever it was I was going. I looked down at the pretty purple yukata, slits on either side showing my smooth, muscular legs, there was nothing on my left, but my right had intricate purple chains on my thigh a black skull and cross bones at the top of each resting on my hip. Two more skulls with cross-bones on my chest keeping the yukata closed.

My hair was half up with a black ribbon and skull and cross bones comb holding it up.

Other than that, and some black slippers I was told to put on, all I was wearing. And I knew I was unrecognisable.

He led me to a large arch, and motioned for me to go through.

I did and there they sat. Koenma, the lord, and the four idiots from earlier. All of which dressed better than earlier.

Four out of six jaws dropped when I entered.

“I never thought you’d wear it!” Koenma cheered, “And I must say, it looks very good on you.”

I cracked a nervous smiled. I never liked dresses or anything like this, and being around four strange guys, made it all the more awkward.

“Hello there.” The orange haired one said handing me a flower, “I’m Kuwrabara Kazuma, but you can call me husband.”

I sweat dropped.

“So I kick you and your friends asses and you propose.” I said out loud and sighed, “I think your mom should send you in for counseling.”

“B-b-b-but you’re a girl!” He yelled backing up scared.

“And you’re a boy, and the sky is blue, and fish swim, and cows go moo.” I told him, “Tell me something I don’t know.”

“I like strong women.” He said sounding confused.

He was pushed out of the way by the guy who was formally in green.

“You’ll have to excuse this idiot, he thinks any cute girl he sees would want him.” He apologised.

I giggled a little.

“What’s so funny?” He demanded.

“Well,” I said, “If memory serves you wanted me to eat my words, but now you’re calling me cute.”

I started giggling again and he turned red and started stuttering for an answer.

“I’m playing with you.” I smirked as soon as I got bored.

“O-Oh.” He said.

“I’m Kashaykiki Ayame.” I told them, “I’ve already met your friend. Who are the rest of you?”

“Uromeshi Yusuke.” The one in front of me said.

“Call me Kurama.” He red-head told me.

“Hn. Hiei.” The short one told me.

“Hey?” Yusuke and Kuwrabara said leaning over towards me.

“What?” I asked feeling uncomfortable under their gazes.

“Are you sure you’re the guy from earlier?” Yusuke asked.

I nodded, “I’m girl, but yeah.”

“You seem a little flat chested to be a girl.” He said pointing to my chest, “You sure you aren’t a cross dresser or something?”

I irked and kicked him straight through a wall.

I covered my chest with my arms and sat down like I usually do.

“Hey, Kurama you didn’t seem all that surprised when she walked in, how come?” Kuwrabara asked.

“I already knew Ayame-chan was a girl.” He said, then turned to me, “Is chan alright with you?”

I blinked unsure of the question.

“You seem like one of those girls who wouldn’t prefer something like that, so I had to ask.” He justified.

I shrugged, “Just Ayame’s fine.”

“That’s defiantly the guy.” Yusuke said coming back in, “Er, a, girl.”

“Shut up and sit down so we can tell you about the mission!” Koenma yelled, “And Ayame, sit like a lady! You’re dad will kill me if they find out!”

I shrugged, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” I told him.

“It’s not them I’m afraid of being hurt.” He mumbled.

We all sat down and the food came in.

“We’ll eat before we talk about your next assignment.” The lord told us.

Without hesitation we piled food high on our plates and dug in. It was noisy, and Yusuke and Kuwrabara continuously fought over who got the last of what.

It was nice though, it reminded me of home.

“Would anyone like dessert?” The lord asked us.

“Screw the hospitality.” I told him, “Tell us why we’re all here, why you want all of us on this mission, and why the hell you wanted me in this dress.”

“The dress is easy.” Koenma told me, “We wanted the spirit detective team to see that they will be teaming up with a girl instead of that extremely rough and tough boy with a record.”

I sighed, “Fine now the other questions.” I nearly hissed.

“It’s simple.” The lord told us, “What we’re about to put all seven of you through-

“Wait seven?” Yusuke asked.

He and Koenma laughed lightly.

“I suppose we should bring them in, shouldn’t we father?” Koenma said.

“I suppose so, son.” He replied.

The lord motioned for someone to come in, and a girl with blue hair and pink eyes wearing a pink kimono walked in, she seemed bubbly.

“Hey, Botan you’re coming on this mission to.” Yusuke said.

She nodded, “Our lord here thought it would be best if I went so that there wasn’t only one girl.”

“You said seven, I count six.” Hiei nearly hissed.

“Nice observations there shorty!” A familiar voice shot behind me, “But I figured instead of observing numbers we’d all be too wrapped up in the lady with the pretty dress. She’s grown up quite a bit since I last saw her. Haven’t you, Ayame-chan?”

“Nice too see you too, Kyotu.” I told him not turning to look.

He sighed, “No regular greetings for your favorite grim reaper?” He asked sitting on the table in front of me to my right.”

“Do you really want me to kick you out of spirit world, through demon world, and have you land somewhere in the human world?” I asked.

“Now there’s the Ayame I remember.” He teased, “You might have grown up, but you haven’t filled out.”

I irked as he laughed, “I’m warning you, Kyotu.” I told him, “One more and it’ll only be six.”

He froze and sat down next to me.

“That’s the Ayame I know.” He said, “So, you gonna explain this mission now, Sir?”

“I was about to, but you decided to play one of our spirit detectives like you usually do.” He told him.

“I’m so sorry sir, but who wouldn’t mess with her when she’s in a dress?” He asked.

“Anyone who doesn’t have a death wish.” Koenma told him.

“All of you will be heading down to the pits of demon world.” He said, “There is a cave there that I have been told will bring Ayame’s power to what they should truly be.”

“You mean,” Kuwrabara swallowed, “She wasn’t before hand?”

“Don’t try to flatter yourself.” I told him, “I only used about ten percent of all my power to take all of you down.”

I knew that struck a nerve with all of them.

“What else?” I asked.

“Then all of you will head down to the last floor of demon world.” He said, “There, there is a demon that goes by the name Nagitie. Find him, and it will be Ayame’s job to kill him.”

“Wait!” Yusuke interrupted, “All of this is about her, so why don’t you send just her and leave us alone?”

“Because of what’s going to happen when she enters that cave, baka!” Koenma yelled, “Oops.”

“What’s going to happen?” I asked calmly.

“What we think is going to happen, is you’re going to get your full power.” The lord told me, “And when that happens we understand that you’ll go through large amounts of pain to get it. We don’t know how long it will go on for, nor do we know what to expect from it. But what we do know is that when you get it, Ayame, you will be at least ten times more powerful than you are now. And that’s what we need you to be at.”

“Now why do I need them?” I asked motioning to the boys.

“We have the understanding that when you come out you will most likely need to sleep to recover for a few days.” He told us, “And we also figured that since Hiei and Kurama know the demon forests so well they could navigate.”

“And all of this goes back to, Ayame.” Yusuke spat again, “What’s in it for us?”

“The well-being of your world.” Koenma said, “Unless Nagitie can be stopped, all of the human and spirit world will cease to exist as we know it.”

“Also meaning everyone we know too.” He said.

It was quiet for a moment, all of us thinking about who it would be if I can’t stop Nagitie.
For Yusuke; his mom, Keiko, Koenma, Botan, Kwrabara, the rest of his friends.
For Kurama; his mother, his father, his brother, his school, all his friends.
For Kuwrabara; his mom, his sister, Yukina, his friends.
I was thinking about; my dad, my brothers, zooroo.

A hand slamming down on the table brought us out of our thoughts.

“What are we waiting for then?!” Yusuke yelled, “Let’s get going!”

“It’s not your mission idiot!” Koenma told him, “All of this is up to Ayame. If she doesn’t want to go through with this then no one can blame her. Besides she’s a hell of a lot more powerful than you’ll ever be! Plus she’s been doing this since she was eleven! Now she’s fourteen! If she doesn’t want to do this no one can force her! It’s going to be dangerous after all, and maybe she just doesn’t want to do it!”

“How many times have you known me to back down from a mission, Koenma?” I asked him.

He froze, not saying a word.

“The only thing I’d want to vanish in any world is my record.” I told him, “I have just as much at stake as anyone else and I’m the only one who can do this. I accept. But there’s one condition.”

“What’s that?” The lord asked.

“Zooroo comes with us.” I told him.

Everyone looked completely clueless.

He smiled, “Would like me to contact your family as well?”

“After we leave.” I told him, “Just tell them that if I don’t come back I love them all, and no one touches my closet or I’m coming back to haunt them.”

“That was touching ’til the closet part.” Kyotu laughed.

“Keep it up, Kyotu.” I told, “Just keep it up and I’ll send you to tell it to them personally.”

He laughed nervously and moved away slightly.

“Alright.” The lord said, “I want all of you to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll be off in the morning.”

“And Zooroo?” I asked.

“I’ll send for him.” He said.

Ogres came in and cleared the table, others lead us to our rooms for the night.

I had my own because I was a girl and Botan shared with other female grim reapers.

When I stepped in the closet door was wide open and full of cloths that not only fit me but were also to my taste.

I showered and slipped on a large t-shirt and yoga pants. I was sitting at the vanity that was there brushing my hair out, when there was a knock at my door.

I opened it and something purple mauled my face and chest. When I pulled it off there was Zooroo.

“Arigotto.” I said to the ogre that delivered him to me.

“Don’t mention it.” He said and walked away. I closed the door and held him close.

Zooroo was my spirit demon that lead me back to my body when I died. He was light purple with mouse like ears, had a rabbit shaped body, kangaroo like tail, black eyes, and tiger like paws.

“I missed you Zooroo.” I said as I placed him down on the bed and sat on the floor looking at him.

“Roo!” Was his reply as he licked my face lightly. I giggled.

“Come on, Zooroo.” I told him, “Help me pack we’ll have a big day a head of us tomorrow.”

“Zoo zoo roozoo!”

I giggled again as I headed to the closet.

Hiei’s pov.

I sat on the window looking out to the night. I was heading back to the demon world with an onna that could kill me easy. But she doesn’t seem like the type. And what did she mean when she said her ‘record’ to disappear?

I’ll never understand humans and their ways, especially not human onnas.

“Shouldn’t you pack somethings, Hiei?” Kurama asked me.

“Hn, why should I?” I asked, “I have everything I need.”

“A small bag can come in handy.” He told me, “Koenma told us too do it as it was.”

“And you’re going to follow that insufferable child’s orders?” I asked.

“I’m packing what will come in handy.” He told me, “If you we smart you’d do that too.”

“I haven’t the need for such things.” I told him.

He nodded, “Suit yourself.”

“You know human terms better than I do, correct?” I asked.

“What do you need to know?” He asked.

“What is a ‘record’?” I asked.

He thought for a moment.

“Depending on how you look at it.” He said, “A record could be a way of playing music in your house with a certain system to play it. They sound quite wonderful, actually.”

“And the way that onna was using it in?” I asked.

He smiled, “It appears to me, Ayame-chan has a criminal record in the human world. A record in that case would be a list of this and that a person has done against the law. She has a criminal record, and she wants it gone.”

I nodded, “Now, what’s a ‘zooroo’?” I asked. That was one I could never understand.

“I’m afraid you have me there.” Kurama admitted, “Perhaps you should ask her about it in the morning.”

“Hn.” I replied.

So she’s a criminal. I thought, she’s strong, and she isn’t have bad with looks. But she’s a human.

–The Next Morning– Ayame’s pov.

I stood outside where the portal to demon world was going to be opened tying my boot. Zooroo was next to me along with a small backpack.

“So you have some kind of criminal record?” Hiei asked from behind me.

I stood up straight.

“Yeah, so what?” I asked him.

“And you want it disappear?” He asked.

I sighed, “All the charges I got we dropped, but for some reason whenever someone gets beat up I get hauled down to the police station and questioned.”

“Acused for crimes you didn’t comite?” He asked.

“Most of them were charges of assault and battery.” I told him, “All of those I did, a few guys walk up to me. Start teasing and picking a fight underestimating me, thinking I’m an average girl. They get beaten black and blue go and cry home to their moms who want to take it to court. Day before the trial begins the guys don’t want to press charges anymore, but it still goes on my record.”

“Now what the hell’s a ‘zooroo’?” I heard Yusuke ask coming out with everyone else.

I adjusted my hat and picked up my back pack. Zooroo jumped into my arms, I turned around and showed them smiling.

“This is Zooroo.” I told them.

They sweat dropped.

“No way is that purple puff ball going with us.” Hiei commented.

Zooroo jumped out of my arms and I took half a step back. He grew into a large demon half the size of the lord. He rawred and bared his razor sharp teeth at all of them. The wind coming from Zooroo as he rwared nearly sent them all flaying backwards.

He then instantly shrunk back to his cute portable sized Zooroo shape.

“I stand corrected.” Hiei said.

“They always are.” I told him picking Zooroo up again.

“What is this guy anyway?” Kwrabara asked taking a closer look at him.

“He’s my spirit demon.” I told him, “He guided me back to my body when I died. Like Yusuke’s did him.”

I paused for a second, “Where is your spirit demon anyway?” I asked.

“I gave up the egg to save a friend of mine.” He said, “So Koenma gave me another chance.”

I nodded, “That shining kiss thing, right?” I asked.

He nodded, “How’d you know?”

“Over the past three years, in my free time I came up here to learn more about demons, and ways people become spirit detectives and all that stuff.”

“You’ve been at this three years?” He asked.

I nodded, “It’s been fun.”

“I hardly count killing demons, saving the world, and having teachers yell at you fun.” He groaned.

I shrugged, “I have a bit of a different life then you.” I told him.

“Are we all ready for this new mission?” Koenma asked walking out with the spirit defence force.

We all just kinda shrugged.

“I want all of you to take a communicator.” He said and an oger held out a tray of them.

“They’ve been upgraded, and the shape changed, not to mention now they come in a variety of colours.” He said, “These will help you keep in contact in case you split up or get lost. Honing chips so you can tell where each other is, and a multi way video chat.”

“Impressive.” I told him.

Yusuke grabbed the blue one, Kuwrabara the orange one, Hiei chose black, Kurama red, Botan pink, Kyotu yellow, and I had green.

“Please be careful.” He said to us, “I don’t want to lose two spirit detectives at once.”

“Quite whinning.” I told him, “We’ll save the world, keep each other safe, and you’ll be able to rest easy.”

“Some how your words don’t comfort me anymore, Ayame.” He said.

“We’ll be back later junior, take a nap in the mean time.” Yusuke told him.

“Sir, the portals ready.” One of the officers told him.

He nodded, “Thank you. Be careful.”

We all waved and jumped through the portal to the demon world.