What If It Were Real?(Part 11)

“And I believe that takes the cake.” Killer said throwing down his cards onto the barrel.

“Aw man, again.” I wined.

“You’re still beginning.” Heat encouraged, “Besides, I’m sure Killer cheats.”

“I do not!” Killer yelled at the blue haired man.

“Do too!” Wire double teamed, “Do you think we’re stupid or something!?”

“You’re all just sore losers.” Killer said and crossed his arms, “How about we try again and I’ll prove it.”

“You’re on.” I told him gathering the cards and shuffling the deck.

“Guys! Guys! Guys! Guess what!” Mykhayla all but screamed as she came running up to us and started shaking wire as best as she could to emphasise her point.

“What, Mykhayla?” I asked as I continued to shuffle.

“The bounties rose! The bounties rose!” She exclaimed waving the paper in our faces.

Killer snatched it and took a look.

“Huh, what do you know?” Killer said looking it over.

“What?” I asked him.

He said nothing but handed it to me. On the front page were pictures of my, Kidd and Killer’s wanted posters. Kidd’s has raised from 315,000,000 to 350,000,000. Killer’s went from 162,000,000 to 175,000,000. And my bounty went from 17,000,000 to 25,000,000.

“Wow.” Was all I could say as I looked over the article. It was all because we took down that small convoy of marine ships the other day. It paid off, in more ways than one.

I opened up the paper to see if the story continued only to be met with the all too familiar face of Mykhayla. The paper said that she was a valuable hostage to the Kidd pirates.

I scoffed at the article saying such stupid things.

“Huh, that’s funny.” I heard the said blonde say from over my shoulder, “Since when was I a hostage? And since when am I valuable?”

I sighed and continued to read the current news, so far nothing interesting.

“Huh?” I was taken aback.

“What’s going on now?” Mykhayla asked over my shoulder again.

“Trafalgar Law, has just become a Warlord.” I said in amazement.

“I take it that’s important.” She said standing up.

“Very.” I told her and continued to read.

“Mykhayla do you even know what a Warlord is?” Killer asked.

“Obviously not.” She said dully, “I fell from the sky a couple of months ago.”

I heard Killer sigh and begin to explain to her what it is as I continued to read.

He brought 200 pirate hearts to the world government base in order to become one.

He must have been busy since the last time we saw him. I thought. 200 hearts is no easy task.

“Oh! So that’s what they are!” I heard Mykhayla say as Killer finished.

“What are what?” Kidd asked approaching the group.

I said nothing but held out the paper to him. He took it and looked at the page for a moment before crumpling up the entire paper and tossing it to the side.

“That damn Trafalgar!” He snarled, “Not only has he pissed me off, but now he’s gone and made himself a government dog!”

“Hey you missed the good part on the front page!” Mykhayla whined at the much larger man.

“Shut up!” He snarled at the blonde.

“Fine, I won’t tell you the good news.” She chuckled.

“When I get my hands on him.” Kidd growled.

“Captain!” I called to him, he paused and looked at me, “Don’t get upset over him. We are planning on going after the government once we’ve gotten the one piece. I’m sure we’ll take down Trafalgar Law when that happens. Until then don’t lose any screws over him.”

Kidd did nothing but sighed before walking away.

“I guess he didn’t want the good news.” Mykhayla called.

“You’re hung up on that today, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Of course.” She said smiling at me, “I’m on a pirate ship surrounded by guys who are all grumpy and malicious all the time. Good news is great! I’m not saying that it’s you guys, I just want to point that out. I mean, well, we all know who I mean.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Then why don’t you go share some with him.” I suggested.

“He didn’t want it.” She scoffed.

I shrugged, “Fine. Go back to whatever you were doing.”

“Alright, Mykhayla.” I started, meeting her at the back of the ship with Heat and Wire, “Let’s see if we can get three for three here. What’s next?”

“Plan H.” She said proudly, “Hand holding!”

“Hell no!” I snarled, “Not yet. If I try something like that now I’ll either scare her off or make her think I’m a freak! What else?”

“Plan I. Ice cream.” She said, “It’s cute.”

I thought about it for a second.

“Did you or Torri get any ice cream while we were at the last island?” I asked.

“No…” She said quietly.

“Next plan.” I suggested.

“Plan J. Jewelry.”

“Done.” I told her.

“What, when?” She asked.

“During plan G.” I told her crossing my arms.

“Oh!” She said nodding, “Plan K. Here we have two options.” She paused and cleared her throat, “You can use knowledge to impress her, or, hear me out about this one. Just hear me out. You could kiss her…”

“Hell to the fucking no.” I snarled, “Besides that she’s plenty smart. I think she might think of me as a know it all.”

“Okay, okay.” Mykhayla said thinking, “Plan M. Music.”

I thought about it for a second. I could totally do that.

“What’s her favorite music genre?” I asked.

“More than anything else, metal.” She said.

“You guys think you can help me out with the instrumentals?” I asked directing my attention to Heat and Wire.

They both nodded. I knew I could do this now. First thing’s first, what am I going to write?



Teddy Bear(A Hisagi Shuuhei Love Story Part 6)

There was a distinctive spring in my step as I made my way to the 6th division with paperwork. Shuuhei and I had just gotten together after all, and he was so sweet too.

I knocked on the door before hearing Renji’s voice calling for me to come in.

“Hi, Renji.” I said with a smile as I enter the room.

“Oh. Hi, Shiai!” The red head said looking over a giant stack of papers at me.

“Where’s Byakuya-taicho?” I asked noting the empty desk.

“Captain’s meeting.” Renji said with a sigh, “You can leave those papers on his desk.”

“That time already?” I asked myself, “Thanks.” I directed that at Renji before doing as he suggested.

“So…” Renji started with an evident smirk on his face.

“What?” I asked shooting him a smirk aswell, with my hand on my hips.

“I’ve noticed you and Lieutenant Hisagi have been spending a lot of time together recently.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me, “There a particular reason for that?”

I rolled my eyes. I should have known that’s what he was going to ask.

“I’ll answer if you answer.” I countered, crossing my arms over my chest and leaning against the captain’s desk behind me.

“Shoot.” He told me.

“Why do you think we’ve been spending a lot of time together?”

His smirk just grew, “I think, Hisagi finally grew a pair and told you.”

“Nope.” I told him popping the ‘p’ sound in it. Renji’s face fell, “He kissed me instead.”

The red head instantly broke into laughter, “When the hell did that happen?” He managed out.

“After we defeated a couple of hollows during that invasion about a week ago when he came looking for me.” I answered.

“And you and Hisagi?” He asked amazed.

I raised my right arm and showed him the charm bracelet that adorned my wrist.

“That make you his?” He teased.

“At least I have a partner.” I smirked before pushing off the desk and taking my leave, “Have a good day, Renji.”

I was doing pull ups in the weight room when Ikkaku and Yumichika came up to me.

“What?” I groaned out pulling myself up again.

“So, you and Hisagi?” Yumichika started, “I like how you get a boyfriend right after Rangi-san and I stop trying to help you.”

I sighed and dropped myself from the pole to be eye level with them.

“Yeah, Shuuhei and me.” I told them, huffing slightly, “And of course right after you two are done meddling with my love life. You practically went around posting flyers that you were trying to find me a boyfriend making some people think I wasn’t available. And once you stopped that, it became apparent I wasn’t taken, allowing those who were actually interested in me to express it.”

“Alright, but how’s he treating you?” Ikkaku asked.

I turned and glared up at him, “How’s that any of your business?”

“Captain asked us to find out.” Ikkaku said, still smirking down at me.

“He thought you wouldn’t tell him if he asked.” Yumichika added.

I looked between the two of them for a moment before stepping forward, out from between them, and walking out of the weight room and down the hall to his room where I knew he would be taking a nap about now. Ikkaku and Yumichika at my heels wondering where the hell I was going.

I pushed open the door of his room and saw him laying there snoring, with Yachiru laying on the floor colouring.

“Oto-san!” I called waking him up.

“Huh?” He asked groggily looking up at the three of us.

“Hi, Shi-chan!” Yachiru sang from the floor.

“You know Shuuhei and I are together, right?” I already knew the answer to that question, but I was more focused on catching these guys red handed than anything else.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” He all but growled, “He’s a good kid.”

“Do you feel that if you have any questions about our relationship you couldn’t just out right ask me?”

“Course not.” He said almost dumbfounded, “You’d tell me anything as long as I asked.”

“Would you get one of the other officers to ask me for you?”

“Hell no!” He growled, “That should be kept between us!”

“So why did you guys want to know how Shuuhei treats me if it wasn’t captain’s orders and it’s non of your business?” I asked, directing my question, not at my father, but at the men on either side of me.

“Huh?” Oto-san growled at Yumichika and Ikkaku.

“We just wanted to make sure he was treating you right.” Ikkaku was the first to defend their antics.

“Hisagi was not our first choice for you.” Yumichika added.

At that point I had enough and pushed past the raven haired man to leave.

“You don’t have a choice, or a say, or a decision, or anything in my relationship unless I come to you and ask for advice.” I snarled as I made my way down the hall, “And that will be a cold day in hell when that happens.”

“Ouch.” I heard Yumichika say to my words as I rounded the corner.

They had crossed the line.

I watched the clouds go by in the crystal blue sky as a soft, warm breeze passed over me. I was laying on my back in an open field of grass. I was still a little pissed off from earlier. Not only was it Renji, Ikkaku and Yumichika, but Rangiku, Izuru, Rukia, Mashiro, Iba, even Shunsui! They were all pestering me about my new found love too.

I sighed thinking about it again, I wanted nothing more than to beat one of their faces in. That was until, a shadow fell upon my form and I sensed a familiar reiatsu. I opened my blood red eyes and saw those soft slate orbs staring down at me with nothing but warmth.

“I’m not late am I?” Shuuhei asked as he sat down next to me.

I shook my head, “I got here early.”

“Don’t tell me, everyone was bugging you about being with me?” He asked flashing me a million dollar smile.

I couldn’t help but smile back too, “Even Shunsui-tiacho was curious.”

“Really?” He asked amazed.

I nodded, “It’s stupid.” I said staring back up at the sky, “Everyone who has no business butting into our relationship is, and the one, maybe two, who do have the right to butt in, aren’t.”

“Your dad really hasn’t asked about us yet?” Shuuhei asked laying down next to me.

I nodded, “I think he trusts us. Or at the very least, trusts that I’ll kill you if you try something I don’t like.”

He just chuckled at that, “Like I would ever.”

And without another word Shuuhei turned over onto his side and tangled his arms around my torso bringing me so close to him that my side was touching his torso and my hip was pressed against his thigh, but I was still on my back. I brought my hands up to hold onto his arm as he nuzzled his face into the nape of my neck.

“I like being close to you.” I said softly, not caring how stupid it sounded, “You calm me down a lot.”

“I like being close to you too.” He said. I could feel the grin appear on his face, but he hid it from the view of the world by burying it in my neck, “You take away my stress.”

I felt my face heat up, but I kept my gaze up at the sky.

He was always so sweet.

“Was it one of those kind of days?” I asked after a moment and turned onto my side to look at him. Now we were chest to chest.

He sighed, indicating his exhaustion.

I reached up a little bit and kissed his forehead, encouraging him to continue.

“Mashiro spent the entire day goofing around and not doing her work. Muguruma-taicho spent almost the entire day chasing her down to try to get her to do it. At the end of all his work it ended with her spilling coffee all over the lay out for this week’s magazine, so I’m going to have to pull an all nighter in order to get it done for Friday.” Shuuhei sighed again after taking a deep breath, “And then to top it off the entire day I was getting pestered about being with you.”

“Long ass day.” I summarized hearing him finish.

“Yeah.” He mumbled before kissing my forehead and bringing my head down to be in his neck.

I heard him take some slow, deep breaths and relax almost completely in my embrace. Hearing his heart beat fast, but steadily. I knew my heart beat mirrored his own. It was the kind of thing we did to each other.

“Byakurai.” I said pointing my left pointer finger towards the bushes where I sensed something.

“Kya!” Rangiku shrieked and jumped out of the way of my blast and into the open.

Shuuhei and I were both sitting up at this point.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I all but snarled at her.

She laughed nervously scratching the back of her head, “Nothing.”

“Then explain the camera.” I ordered.

“Fourth seat Zaraki, you have no right to give me an order like that.” She frowned, and put a hand on her hip.

“I’m not asking you as an officer, Rangiku.” I held back a hiss, “I’m asking you as one person to another.”

I saw sweat starting to form on her brow as I bore my gaze into her.

“Is that the camera from the magazine!?” Shuuhei accused and jumped up, pointing a finger at her.

“Oh, well, you see.” She started unsure of where she was going.

I sighed before rising from the grass and placing my left hand on Soyokaze.

“Rangiku,” I began, “It has been a very long day for me. A very long and very stressful day at that. So, if you value your life I suggest you answer these questions and then return the camera you took from the magazine office.”

She swallowed, knowing her options of escape were getting slimmer. I was known to be just as cruel and blood thirsty as my father, but with much more sword skill.

“It is the camera from the magazine office.” She sighed in defeat, “And I was trying to get a picture of the two of you together as a special for the woman’s association.”

“Why were you trying to get that picture?” I asked, having a fairly good idea why.

“We’ve spent our budget for this month already, and we need more funds. We thought being like paparazzi from the world of the living would work. And what better thing to photograph than Soul Society’s new power couple!” She said with a smile.

I sighed, “Rangiku, paparazzi are despised because they invade in people’s private lives. Which is what you are doing.”


“No.” I snarled, I couldn’t hold much more in anymore, “Now return Shuuhei’s camera.”

Rangiku looked like she wanted to argue, but stopped seeing the glare in my eyes and the grip on my hilt.

“Fine.” She sighed handing the camera back to its rightful owner and walking away sadly.

“That damn girl.” Shuuhei growled to himself as he inspected the camera, “At least she didn’t break it this time.”

He looked over at me and grabbed my left hand from its almost death grip on the hilt. My anger disappeared with his touch. I found my glare turn into a longing look as I stared up at him.

Shuuhei reached forward and gently tucked a stray piece of hair that was in front of my eye behind my ear, before coming closer and placing a ginger kiss on my lips before he straightened up and kissed my forehead too.

I was smiling at this point completely forgetting about what had just transpired.

“You hungry?” He asked grinning down at me.

I nodded and tangled the fingers of my left hand in with his on his right hand.

“A new noodle shop just opened up on the edge of Soul Society.” I grinned, “Wanna check it out?”

“Sounds perfect.” Shuuhei grinned.


What If It Were Real?(Part 10)

A very loud and horribly played trumpet noise filled the air surrounding the Kidd’s pirate ship, causing all members to run out onto the deck and see what was going on.

“Alright men!” Mykhayla exclaimed as she put down the trumpet that was previously at her lips and addressed the crew, “It is officially after Christmas! We have had our rest day! Now, in order for us to move on with our journey on the grand line we all must come together and get to cleaning up the left over mess! That way we can be ready to sail by tomorrow!”

“Any why should we listen to you?!” A lower ranking crew member sneered back at the blonde.

“If you ever want to eat again while on this ship you lend a hand in cleaning up.” I growled at the man.

He growled to himself but said nothing.

“Alright!” Mykhayla said gaining our attention, “Everyone to their cleaning stations!”

All the men grumbled but complied, wanting their lunch and dinner today, the shuffled off and began tearing down all the banners, garlands, wreaths and other various and miscellaneous decorations Mykhayla had made and put up.

On my way back inside to start scrubbing out the oven and giving the fridge a thoro cleaning I passed by some men who wondered aloud:

“Where did that blonde learn to play trumpet?” One asked.

“Were did she even get it?” Another asked.

“Were does she get half the things she finds?” The third asked.

“Well, gentlemen.” Mykhayla said popping out of no where, scaring them, “First off, I don’t actually know how to play the trumpet. Secondly, wouldn’t you like to know!” Before she skipped away laughing maniacally to herself.

I shook my head and walked away. So it was going to be one of those days.

I stretched out in the air of the early morning. Everyone was up now getting ready to shove off. All our preparations were done, and the last thing we had to do was fire up the ship and head off to where ever the hell the log post was pointing.

I heard the familiar whir of the engine as it was fired up and the unfamiliar puttering of the engine dying out. This repeated a couple more times before Kidd lost his temper and started yelling for the Shipwright, Killer and myself to get our asses down to the engine room.

I sighed but turned and walked back inside and down the stairs towards the back of the ship.

“What’s going on?” I moaned staring at the three men before me, “And why the hell am I here?”

“The engine won’t start!” Kidd said getting red in the face.

“No shit Sherlock.” I told him and crossed my arms, “Why am I here?”

“To use your witch powers to see what’s wrong because this guy’s worthless!” Kidd screamed getting louder.

“Would you stop yelling at me!” I screamed back, “I told you I can’t control when I get visions or be able to say where something is because of it! Now stop using that as an excuse to scream out all of your frustrations at me because of something I can’t control!”

“Are you yelling at your captain, witch!” Kidd snarled back at me.

“No, I’m yelling at a moron who can’t tell his ass from a hole in the ground!” I roared, “I don’t know shit about engines so me being down here is pointless!”

“Torri can you please pass me that wrench that’s on the work bench beside you?” I heard Mykhayla ask.

I handed it to her without turning around as Kidd let me have it.

“I can’t tell my ass form a hole in the ground! You stupid, ungrateful little-

“What Kidd?” Seethed back, “Witch, bitch, wench, idiot? Get some new material about what you want to call me or any insults that you want to throw my way. Because I’ll be honest with you, it’s getting really old! Now why don’t you stop your bullshitting and actually do some captaining! Blaming others for your shortcomings is no way to run a ship!”

“Okay, go give her a try.” I heard Mykhayla say proudly behind me.

I turned to look at her. She stood up and wiped some grease off her cheek, smiling wide as she did so.

“What?” She asked realizing we were all staring at her dumbfounded.

“You repaired the engine?” Kidd asked amazed.

She shrugged, “I don’t know just yet. Why don’t you go back up to the helm and try it out. Then I can tell you.”

Kidd did nothing for a moment but blink, then he turned and left, as the four of us followed him back out onto the deck.

Kidd stood in front of the helm and pressed the button that made the engine come on. It went on like a dream.

“There ya’ go it works now!” Mykhayla said happily.

“How did you do that?” Killer asked her amazed.

“Well, you see.” Mykhayla started before going into great detail about the cold and with the engine staying stationary for so long it affected some of the parts and all she had to do was loosen some bolts change a couple of gears and use some water and cleaning solution to make it work like new. But to me, and judging by the looks on Kidd and shipwright’s faces along with Killer’s posture they felt the same, it was an alien language.

“Okay.” I said after a few minutes of silence and us staring at one another, “Where are we headed next captain?”

“No idea.” Kidd said as he took his seat at his ‘throne’, “Let’s just get there.”

“Shove off men!” Killer called to the rest of the crew. And within minutes we were back on the open ocean heading to our next destination.

I cracked open a walnut and popped the tasty center into my mouth.

“I like walnuts.” I said reaching for another.

“Personally, I enjoy pistachios better.” Mykhayla told me, “You can never only eat one of them.”

“I find that the same with peanuts.” I told her.

“I agree. Hazelnuts are also addicting when covered in chocolate.” She said.

I nodded in agreement, “Almonds are best when covered in candy.”

“And coconuts go with anything sweet.” She said popping another pistachio in her mouth.

“I think coconuts are like pine nuts too though, because you can put them in savory dishes and they come out really well.” I added.

“Have you heard of a candle nut?” She asked me as I opened a peanut.

I nodded, “It’s used a lot in South-East Asian cooking. Why?”

“I was reading about nuts the other day and got curious.” She said innocently, “Did you know that cola get’s its flavor from a Kola nut?”

“I didn’t but, good to know.” I said opening another walnut, “Did you know an apricot pit can be used as a culinary substitute for almonds?”

“No I didn’t. Makes me wonder through.” She said before grabbing an almond and chewing on it, “What’s the difference between a chestnut and a water chestnut.”

“Water chestnuts aren’t actually nuts, but an aquatic vegetable used in Chinese cooking.” I answered picking up an almond.

“How am I supposed to open this?” Mykhayla asked holding an acorn in the palm of her hand.

“You take the top off, and you cook the body.” I told her grabbing another peanut.

“Too much work!” She said throwing it back into the bowl, “I’m just gonna enjoy this cashew.”

I rolled my eyes and popped the peanut into my mouth.

“You know, another thing I read about was that soy bean are considered nuts.”

“Really?” I almost exclaimed, “But they’re beans. It even says it in its name!” I sighed and dug around in the bowl again, “Oh hey, it’s a pecan.”

“A pecan?”

I nodded and broke it open before giving her half to try.

“They make a good pie.” I told her eating my half.

“You know what I want right now?” Mykhayla asked me tossing the pecan in her mouth, “A macadamia nut cookie.”

I smiled, “I got some white chocolate on the island.” I told her, “How about a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie?”

“I’m all in!” She cheered.

“We have a convoy approaching!” The look out called.

I shot up from the shadow of Kidd’s ‘throne’ and cheered, we finally had something to do!

“To your battle stations men!” Kidd yelled out through gritted teeth. I was surprised he didn’t tell us to fuck off with us being right behind him the entire time.

“Hazza!” Mykhayla shouted holding a mop she got, from seemingly nowhere, above her head.

“You are to go below deck!” Kidd snarled at her.

“Aw, nuts!” Mykhayla whined before following his orders.