Saints and Solitude(Part 1)

“You want me to do what?” I snarled at the man sitting in front of me. He should be thankful that there was not only bullet proof glass, but two layers of heavy metal mesh separating us.

“You heard what I said.” The older blond man said staring at me, “And I know you can do it.”

“Give me one reason why I should.” I snarled and tried my best to readjust myself in my hard metal chair against the tight straight jacket and many hard metal cuffs that crisscrossed on my body, keeping me restrained.

He leaned forward in his chair looking me dead in the eyes.

“Because they’ve been doing the same thing you have before you got in here.” He told me, “And I think the four of you, together, could rid the world of all the scum, evil and organized crime this world has to offer.”

If it wasn’t for the mask that was currently covering the lover half of my face I would have spit at him. But then again, I guess there was a reason they kept me in these things. So I settled on boring my death glare into the man in the other side of the glass.

He leaned back into his chair and reached for his wallet he opened it and took out a card and placed it on the table.

“I’m going to leave this with the guards. And tell them that if you want to talk to me, you can.” He told me, “If you agree, I will get you out of here.”

I still did nothing but stared at him as he got up and walked out of the room. Six officers came into the room and unchained me from the chair and chained me to a transporting stand, all the while at least two of them had guns pointed at my head the entire time.

I did nothing but co-operate with them as they hauled me back to my cell. After a good five minutes of unchaining and releasing me, I was at the far corner of my cell facing the corner as the officers left and locked the door.

The second I heard the click of the cell door I sat on my bed. The past six¬†years of my life had been spent behind these bars. And out of no where this former F.B.I. fucker decides I’m just going to drop to my knees and bow to him in order to get out of this hell hole.

I had known Smecker before getting here. I had been and independent private investigator specializing in organized crime. He, along with a lot of other F.B.I. fuckers, came to me a handful of times to try to recruit me. I always said no.

Five years ago, I snapped. Went on an organized killing spree, almost finished my list before I was caught. Spent the last six years in here. And at twenty-eight, I wanted my freedom, but I wanted it of my own accord.

I was a P.I. at sixteen. I was street smart, had no one looking out for me but me, and detectives always described me as being able to talk to the walls of a room. I didn’t have any formal education, but I was good enough to not need it. Prior to being a P.I., I was a nobody, and I had nothing, and I was angry. And I guess I just snapped.

I fell back against the mattress and sighed to myself.

Helping break out the Saints and their Mexican sidekick to go on a supported killing spree of all the low life scum of the earth. In all honesty it was tempting, and I had heard about the Saints and their return. But I wasn’t going to do it on someone else’s accord.

There was a bang on my cell door, followed by a gruff voice yelling.


I stood up from doing push ups and made my way to the door taking the tray that was offered through the slot.

As I was eating the mashed potatoes I noticed something off, something sticking out wrapped in plastic.

I grabbed the exposed corner carefully and pulled it out. Tucked into a sealed plastic baggie was a note, I opened the baggie and pulled out the paper. It was a typed out note directed at me.

“You can choose your targets, but we need the brothers first. ~S”

I sighed and flushed the baggie and the Note before finishing my meal and sending it through the slot at the bottom of the door.

I then layed on my bed and contemplated everything.

I stared at the line of lawyers who were trying to get me out of this hell hole, and the line of lawyers who were trying to get me to stay here. The fact I was doing this was amazing to myself more than anything. But, a girl’s gotta live.

Almost two hours later I was back in my cell getting ready to leave. I was allowed civilian cloths, but what I was brought in with was blood covered six years ago and consequently thrown out. But I was granted a white cotton t-shirt and blue jeans along with black high tops.

I was still chained up, without the straight jacket this time, as I was wheeled out. And unchained just before the front lobby, but there was someone who was waiting for me out there.

I was escorted out to the lobby and was greeted by Smecker. He held not only a black duffel bag, but an all too familiar black leather jacket.

“Good to have you back.” He teased as he handed me my jacket. I pulled it on and followed him out to the car that was waiting outside for us.

He held open the back seat door for me and followed me in. Once inside he closed the door and the car began to move. The duffel bag was put in my lap. My jeans, long sleeve shirt, combat boots, guns with silencers and knife were all in there. I put it at my feet once I knew everything was there.

Then a very thick file was placed in my hands.

“I know you like knowing everything you can.” Smecker recollected as he pulled out a cigaret, offered me one, which I declined, and lit it, “There’s as much detail as we could get on the brothers in there.” He told me as I opened it up and began speed reading, “A little on their new sidekick, Romeo. And everything we could get on Hoag, the prison they’re being held in. I’ve taken the liberty of including a blueprint of the prison for you too.”

“Why not just pay the bail, or get the lawyers to get the three of them out?” I asked, finishing up with the brothers and moving on to their sidekick.

“A public disturbance might be heard if we released all three of them at the same time.” He began puffing his smoke out the window, “Besides that, it’s much cheaper to get one out legally than three. And, on top of that, would you have gone if I tried to break you out?”

I shrugged a little knowing that he was probably right. I finished the last of the file and closed it.

“What are you gonna need?” Smecker asked cutting to the chase as he pulled out a note book and a pen.

“You must be the new nurse.” A large, muscular African-American officer, clad in a dark blue and grey uniform said to me.

I nodded, feeling odd that my head was so light now that I had gotten a hair cut.

“And the new order of medicine.” He said picking up the clip board on the cart I was pushing and giving it a once over.

“Dr. Dan sent you to put it all away?” He asked me peering over the clip board.

I nodded, “I was a pharmacist for four years before getting my PhD in medicine to become a nurse.” I explained, “I’m hoping to become a doctor myself one day.”

“Why would someone like you chose to work here of all places?” He asked with a smile on his face as he placed the clip board back on the cart.

I shrugged a little, “Person’s gotta start somewhere.”

He smiled more and opened the locked door for me to go down the hall to the infirmary.

I took the key off of my belt and used it to unlock the door. Two armed officers turned to look at me as I came in, the one closest to the door held it open for me as I pushed the cart in.

“Thank you.” I said to him with a smile and parked the cart next to medicine cabinet.

“Never seen you before.” The guard furthest from me said, “You new?”

I nodded picking up the clip board from the cabinet of bottles and looked at it as I grabbed something from the cart.

“And you won’t be seeing me again.” I said, taking the gun in my hand and landing a single shot in both the officers’ necks.

I walked up to them, grabbed the keys from the one’s belt and put the ring between my teeth as I turned the both of them over onto their backs and pulled the tranquilizer darts out of their necks.

I then straightened up and walked over to the three men who were staring at me like I was crazy. I went to the brother with the shortest hair and unlocked his cuffs before handing him the keys and pointing at the other two while holding my finger to my lips motioning them to stay quiet.

I then made my way back to the cart and pulled out four black backpacks. I pulled my light blue scrubs off, revealing the black long sleeved shirt and dark jeans I had underneath. I opened up one of the back packs and pulled out a screw driver, flashlight and a pair of grip gloves before picking up the other three and throwing one at each of the men.

“Change.” I ordered before turning my attention to the vent on the far wall of the room.

I heard nothing behind me, so I turned and looked to see the three of them staring at me.

“What did I just say?” I snarled.


“Shhhh!” I insisted in a whisper, “There’s a lot of explaining that needs to get done on everyone’s part, right now the only things I know are; I have to get the three of you morons out of here without a body count and to a safe house about a hundred and fifty miles away and wait for further instructions from a former F.B.I. agent who I was more than certain was dead the past eight years only to be surprised he wasn’t and he got me out of jail too. So, if you thick skulled, idiotic, fucktards can’t understand the current situation, you are dead weight to me and I need to adjust the body count clause.”

“But’cha killed ’em!” The twin with the longer hair whisper-yelled at me.

“It was a tranquilizer.” I assured, “I don’t kill innocents. Now change, and get ready to go.” I growled.

I then turned my attention fully back to the vent, hearing the changing of cloths behind me. I got the two screws off the vent and swung it open. I went back to my back pack, got my knife out, threw the screwdriver in the pack and pulled out a bundle of rope. I pulled my pack on the put the rope over one arm and my neck. I used the flash light to look down to see how far it would be and I couldn’t see the bottom.

I looked behind me to see the three of them standing these staring at me waiting for further instructions. All of them had their packs.

“I’m going to go down first.” I told them pulling my gloves on, “We’re gonna have to climb down, use the groves in the side to guide you. Last one to go though, pull this thing shut.” I said motioning to the swinging door of the vent.

“Why?” I heard the mexican ask me as I was about half way in.

I turned and gave him a dull look before sneering, “It’s polite.”

I got all the way in, faintly hearing the stifled snickers of the Irish twins as I put the flash light in my mouth and began to climb down. When reaching the bottom I went to the left and waited for the three of them.

“This way.” I whispered, army crawling forward with them right behind me.

I found the grate I was looking for and managed to pry it off. I pulled the cover into the vent on the side of me where the boys weren’t. I looked down to make sure the coast was clear and as carefully as I could, took off the rope and my pack before throwing them down and out of the vent, myself following close after. The opening wasn’t too small, but I wasn’t going to risk getting caught on something after all this.

I landed on the ground and pulled my pack and rope back on, digging in my pocket for the blueprint I had taken with me. I looked around the dark room to find what I needed, the three of them, surprisingly, never fell too far behind me.

I turned to the twin directly behind me, the one with the longer hair.

“Go into my backpack.” I told him in a whisper, “There’s a crowbar. Grab it.”

He did as I asked and handed it to me after zipping my pack back up.

I put the flashlight back in my mouth and used it to open the man hole cover that in the floor of the boiler room. I motioned for the three of them to go down, they looked at me skeptically. I gave one of the twins the flash light and they went down slowly. I was the last, and I used the crowbar to pull the cover back in place.

I got down the short ladder and took the flashlight back as one of the twins put the crowbar back in my pack for me. I took out the blueprint and started to asses where we were. There were three directions to go. I went south-east. The boys hot at my heels.

I was surprised that they hadn’t said anything at all.

After a few minutes we came to another cross in the roads, as I was looking, no longer at the blueprints to the prison, but rather an intricate workings of the sewer systems. I was a little lost. I put my right pointer finger in my mouth before popping it back out feeling the slight breeze coming from my right I followed it until we got to the gated end of the sewer system.

I put the flashlight and blueprints back in my backpack and pulled out a blow torch and a pair of protective goggles.

I turned to tell the guys to look away, but their backs were already turned.

I put the goggles on and ignited the blowtorch. It took a little while but I went full circle around it. I then turned the torch off and put that and my goggles back in my pack. I then gave the gate a good, hard shove loosening it from the metal it was once attached to and set it down against the side of the tunnel before grabbing my pack and stepping out into the fading sunlight.

The boys followed close behind me. We made our way quickly away from the sewer and to the underneath of a bridge, where the car was. I knelt down by the trunk and pulled the key out of my boot. I popped the trunk and pulled out four Duffel bags. I tossed one to each of them.

“Cloths you’re wearing now, go in those packs. Put on what’s in these. And then get your asses in the car.” I snarled.

I left them at the trunk and went around to the hood. Pulling my soaked jeans off and shoving on dry ones before replacing my shirt with an almost identical white one and my black leather jacket. I then threw everything with the back pack. The threw that in the trunk. The boys followed suit and got in the car with me.

I turned on the car, put it in first and tore out of there.

The car was silent, the air was so thick with tension that it could be cut with a knife.

About thirty minutes into the drive I pulled into a deserted alley and pulled over. I got out of the car and opened the trunk taking out all the backpacks and a can of gasoline. I threw the backpacks into a dumpster and poured the gas on them before lighting a match and throwing it in the dumpster.

I felt the warmth of the fire as I made my way back to the driver’s seat.

I got in and closed the door to find the three boys staring at me.

“Who t’fuck ‘er you?” The twins asked me together.

“Piss me off,” I said turning the car on again and pulling out of the alley, “I’m your worst fucking nightmare.”

The rest of the two hour or so drive was silent. The boys were sizing me up, and I was focusing on the road. Finally we came to the address. I pulled in to the drive way and turned off the car, getting out.

The boys followed cautiously behind me. I took the key out and turned it in the lock. I walked in, leaving the door open and turned on some lights. It was a small, three bedroom, one bathroom house in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

I opened the door to the bathroom and stepped in, closing it behind me. After that trip I really needed to pee.

I could hear the boys in the poor excuse of a kitchen talking.

“That crazy bitch has to go.” I heard Romeo tell the brothers.

“Yer jumpin’ ta conclusions, Romeo.” One of the brothers said.

“Aye, we don’t even know who she works fer, or what they want.” The other said.

“I tink da best ting ta do is ‘ear ‘er out. Sh’might know someting important.”

“Fine.” Romeo agreed, “But if shit goes sideways, I’m shooting first asking questions later.”

I finished up washing my hands before leaving the bathroom. On my way into the kitchen, through the living room, I grabbed a duffel that was on the coffee table and dropped it on the kitchen table.

“If you want to get the drop on me.” I said unzipping the bag and starting to pull guns out, “You might want to make sure yours are loaded.”

I grabbed my two forty fives with silencers and put them in the gun holsters in my jacket before clipping my knife into my belt.

“You’re Romeo.” I said wanting confirmation, he nodded, “Conner.” I said looking at the longer haired twin, “And Murphy.” I said looking at the shorter haired twin, “The orders now are to wait. But the house is completely stocked. I wasn’t told what to do from here on in. So we’re on par now.”

“Well, s’long as we’re gettin’ everyting out in’ta da open, lass,” Murphy told me, “How bout we straighten up some tings. I’m Connor, dis shite fer brains is Murphy.” He said motioning to the longer haired twin, “And just who da fuck er you?”

“They call me the fallen angel of Manhattan.” I told him, “And I’m sorry for messing you two up, but you kinda look alike.”

“We’re kinda brothers.” Murphy told me with his arms open in a no duh gesture.

“No shit, dumb ass.” I snarled.

“What do you want us to call you, miss ‘Fallen Angel of Manhattan’?” Romeo asked, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“For right now, nothing.” I told him, “We’re to wait here until we are contacted. I don’t know how long that’s going to take, but until then, I don’t care what you guys do. Just don’t leave the house.”

“Why were you in jail!” Murphy called after me as I left into the living room to find a room to lay down in.

“Doesn’t matter.” I called back.

“What were ya ‘fore all dis?” Connor called after me this time.

“Unimportant.” I said picking the one opposed to the other two rooms and right next to the bathroom.

“Are you going to answer any of these questions or are you going to give us the cold shoulder like a bitch!” Romeo yelled after me as I stepped into the room.

“We’ll see.” I said and shut the door, making sure to lock it before falling backwards onto the bed.

It was going to be a long night.