Teddy Bear(A Hisagi Shuuhei Love Part 7)

I cracked my knuckles after almost two hours of sitting at this desk doing paperwork. I was just half way through and getting really hungry, but I needed to finish up the one stack first.

My stomach growled as I reached for the next paper and started reading before dropping the stamp on the page and moving on.

Before too long there was a knock at the door as I was in the single digits of the pile.

“Come in.” I said with a sigh, trying to hold in the growl in my stomach.

“Hey.” Shuuhei said with a warm smile as he came in with Izuru, Omaeda and Iba, “Are you busy?”

I raised and eyebrow and leaned back in my chair, letting him see the various piles of paper of my desk.

“Oh…” His face dropped.

“What do you need?” I asked teasingly, leaning forward.

“We need a favor.” Iba said awkwardly.

“I’m listening.”

“The woman’s society has been severely encroaching on the men’s society’s boundaries.” Iba said finally, “Taking away our budget, our meeting room and even our reputations just because they feel like it.”

“That sounds horrible.” I said dully, “What do you want from me?”

“You have connections with the women in the society.” Izuru started, “We were wondering, if, maybe…”

“You wouldn’t mind talking to them and maybe see if we could get recognition as a society here?” Shuuhei finished.

“And let me guess, you came to me because I’m with Shuuhei?” I accused looking at Iba, Izuru and Omaeda.

“Isn’t this the kind of stuff a good girlfriend is supposed to do for her boyfriend?” Omaeda growled at me.

I smirked and leaned back into my chair again, “Yeah, if Shuuhei had come to me himself, asking as a favor for him. But since this is for the men’s society, what’s in it for me?”

“What do you mean what’s in it for you!?” Omaeda all but yelled, “We’re asking you for help!”

“And I’m very busy.” I smirked.

“What do you want, Shiai?” Shuuhei asked me, knowingly.

I opened my mouth, about to mess with the raven haired man in front of me, but I was cut off by my stomach growling, loudly.

I felt my face heat up as I looked away.

Shuuhei, like the good boyfriend he was, laughed at my little outburst, “How about we get you some lunch?”

“That’ll work.” I said quietly still not looking up.

“Any particular requests?” Shuuhei teased as he turned to leave.

“Beef.” I said shortly, picking up my pen and getting back to work.

“Don’t starve to death before we come back.” He teased and shut the door.

“Shi-chan came to join us for snacks! Yay!” Yachiru cheered as I entered the women’s society’s meeting room.

“Hi.” I said as I closed the door behind me.

“What brings you here, Shiai-san?” Isane asked.

“I wanted to talk to you guys if you had a minute.” I said clasping my hands behind my back.

“Of course we want to talk with you, Shi-chan!” Yachiru exclaimed, “Come sit!”

I walked forward and sat next to my adopted sister.

“So, what’s going on?” Yachiru asked happily as she grabbed a mochi cake and stuffed it in her mouth.

“What’s the deal with you guys and the men’s society?” I asked, cutting to the chase, “Seems like there’s some bad tension.”

“There is.” Nano all but growled, “That damn Iba thinks just because he’s a man he can get away with murder if he wants to, and try to intimidate women just because he can. Now he thinks that because he has an unofficial club he’s on the same scale as me, in all of his stupid pride.”

“Sounds like you and Iba go back a ways, Nano.” I said non nonchalantly.

“He’s a moron, nothing more.” She snarled.

“Okay, but why are they unofficial?” I asked.

“They require the authorization of a captain to be official.” Nano growled down at me, “They do not have that.”

“What counts as captain authorization?” I asked.

“1 captain is to be a member of the society, and to be present for every meeting at least.”

“Like you have Soi-Fon-tiacho and Unohana-taicho?”

She nodded.

“They have Joshiro-taicho.” I stated.

Nano seemed to be amazed by that fact.

“Ukitake-taicho is a member of the men’s society?” Kiyone exclaimed.

I nodded, “And as far as I’m aware he attends every meeting and outing that they partake on. Does that not make them official?”

Nano let out a growl, “Why are you on their side, Shiai!?” She demanded, “You are a woman of standards just like us! Is it because you and Lieutenant Hisagi are together now!?”

My red eyed glare caused her to shut up immediately.

“No.” I said coldly, holding her stare, “I’m here because the men’s society asked me to come here just to find out why they end up with the short end of the stick. Now I understand why that is, and what has to be done to get them out from your self imposed shadow. Now,” I said standing up, keeping my right hand on Arekuruu Arashi just to show I meant business. “Unless you have something else you would like to scream at me, Nano, I will take my leave.”

I turned to the door.

“Aw, but you didn’t even eat with us!” Yachiru wined, “And all you did was talk about the boys.”

“I don’t like mochi outside of soup.” I smiled back at the pink haired girl, “And I’ll see you at dinner, Yachi.”

“Glad to see you all could make it.” I said before yawning. The entire men’s society was sitting along tables in front of me.

“Why did you call us all here, Shiai?” Akon asked me unamused, “Kurotsuchi-taicho won’t be happy about me being late.”

“Tell him it was my fault.” I yawned again, “Anyway, according to the official handbook of Soul Society Clubs -”

“There’s a book about that?” Omaeda asked amazed.

“I know, who’d of thought.” I replied, “One club can only a maximum of 1 room plus 2 additional storage closets if the proper paperwork has been filled out for the additional room. Meaning, with the woman’s society’s use of three rooms they are over the max limit. This room has now been reserved for the men’s society.”

“What?!” They all exclaimed and stood up staring at me.

I nodded, “The room’s yours. But,” I handed a clip board to Iba, “It’s still your responsibility as president to keep reserving this room every year. On top of that-”

“You did more than this?” Shuuhei asked almost in shock.

“I read a book, not broke my back.” I smirked at him, “Anyway, because of the over use of space from the women’s society their budget has been cut for the rest of the year as compensation. It’s only about 100, 000 for the rest of the year, but again. Iba has to apply for the funds every year. I-”

I was cut off by a dog pile of people on top of me.

“Thank you!” Were the only cries I heard.

I could barely breathe underneath all of that.

“Shō.” I wheezed out, instead of using my hand like I normally would I focused the energy on my back sending all the men flying.

I sat up with a huff and cracked my back.

“You’re welcome.” I snarled, “The one thing I wasn’t able to do it make the women’s society see you as equals. But what’cha gonna do?”

I was swiftly picked up from my sitting position on the floor and brought into a tight hug by my dark haired boy.

“I don’t deserve you.” He mumbled into my hair.

“You saved me from starving to death.” I muttered, wrapping my arms around his torso and burying my face in his neck, “I owed you.”

“Other way now ain’t it, red?” He asked before kissing my forehead.

I blushed as he pulled away. He had such a big grin on his face.

“We really owe you.”

I shrugged off his hands from my shoulders and the comment, “No.” I said and turned to leave, “It’s what a girlfriend does, just promise me one thing.” I directed my attention to Izuru, Iba and the rest.

“Name it!” Iba all but cried from joy.

“Don’t turn into paparazzi and try to snap a picture of me and Shuuhei together. Or a picture of me at all.” I grinned.

Izuru snapped his fingers, “Darn, there goes my weekend activities.”

I giggled at his response, “Glad we’re on the same page. Now, I’m going for a nap. You guys get to work.”

I closed the door behind me as I left, only to over hear:

“You lucked out, Hisagi.”

“She’s something alright.”

I smiled to myself as I walked away. I was glad they were happy, that’s all that mattered.




What If It Were Real?(Part 12)

I turned the corner to find the exact person I was looking for. He was sitting against the wall at the back of the ship. He was humming to himself and writing something down. I couldn’t help but pause for a moment and admire him in the sunlight.

His long hair looked like gold and his hands worked tirelessly on the notebook. I wanted to see his facial features bathed in the sunlight too. But I knew he and I were just friends and that he wouldn’t show me.

I took a breath and walked forward to the first mate.

“Hey.” I called out softly to him.

He seemed to jump a little, “Hi.” He said after looking up and seeing it was me, “What brings you to this end of the ship? I thought you would still be inside working on dinner.”

I nodded, “I just finished, we’re having stew tonight.” I informed, “But I realized it had been a while since we hung out.”

“It really has.” He said closing his note book and motioning for me to sit next to him.

I did as he asked.

“I saw you’ve been hanging out a lot with Mykhayla.” I said looking at him, “You must really have been bored the past little while.”

Killer tensed for a moment, but it didn’t go unnoticed, “Yeah, well. You’ve been busy.” He informed.

“Anything you’ve been up to?” I asked turning my gaze to the wide open ocean before me.

“Not overly no.” He admitted scratching the back of his head, “Just the usual, you know.”

I nodded, “Tell me something.” I asked him, “And be honest.”

Killer nodded for me to continue.

“Do you like, Mykhayla? As anything more than a friend I mean?” I asked. They had been spending a lot of time together. More time together than Killer and I would usually spend together. I wouldn’t say it bothered me, per say, but I wanted to know what my best friend was getting herself into.

“No.” Killer said honestly, “I’m not particularly fond of her to be perfectly honest with you.”

“Then why do you hang out with her so much?” I asked almost baffled by what he had said.

“Because you’re always busy now.” He said looking away from me.

I smiled, “Well, jerk face.” I teased, “I’m not busy now, am I?”

I could feel his smirk under his mask.

“True.” He said, “But how long do we have?”

“Until I say dinner’s ready.” I told him.

He laughed at that, “Good.”

“Mykhalya.” I called to the blonde, “Below deck.”

“Rodger that!” She smiled and saluted before going off and doing as I asked.

I turned my attention to the rapidly approaching pirate ship on the port side. I unsheathed a couple of knives and readied myself for boarding.

As the planks went down the opposing crew scrambled on. I slashed tendons and arteries, and sliced stomachs open. The enemies blood stained the wooden floor of the ship.

Before too long I had managed to make my way through and over to the opposition’s ship. Still killing along the way.

“Hold it right there!” I turned and saw a large, overweight and ugly man holding a gun to my head, “Are you the captain of this crew?” He demanded.

I glared at him as I assessed my options. He was heavy, he wasn’t going anywhere fast. That being said I don’t know how good his aim is.

It’s my best option. I thought. I can’t fuck it up.

With the knife I had in my right hand I used it to knock the guy’s gun out of my face causing him to shoot at nothing, missing everything. While that was occurring my left had went to my holster and pulled out another knife I used it to stab him right in the heart a couple of times until he was laying in a pool of his own blood.

I then hurried to take on the rest of the crew who were still in shock from what I had done.

Shortly after we were pulling everything of value off of their ship and taking it onto ours.

“Quite a haul, don’t you think?” I asked the men around me as I opened one of the chests.

“Indeed.” A lower crewman said looking over it.

“Let’s get this down to the treasury.” I said closing the chest and picking it up.

The men behind me nodded and picked up chests, sacks and boxes before following me.

“How much you want to bet she isn’t going to get it even after Killer sings this song?” One lower ranking crew member said holding out a top hat.

“100 bellies says she’ll know.” Another said putting money in.

“200 says she’ll stay oblivious.” Said a third.

“12 for she’ll know!” I said jumping into the pot, “If Torri doesn’t get it now I don’t know.”

“Really?” Said the guy with the top hat, “Only 12?”

“I’m broke, what more do you want from me?” I asked and crossed my arms.

He chuckled, “Fair enough I guess. Why don’t you hurry up and see how that stage is coming.”

“Right! I’m on it!” I said and took off to do exactly that.

I was taking a walk having just finishing cleaning up after lunch. I walked out to see Mykhayla and several other lower ranking crew members setting something up on the main deck.

I strolled over to them. They were blissfully unaware of my presence.

“What are you doing?” I asked from behind them.

“Oh, hi. Torri. We’re preparing for music night.” Mykhayla said nervously to me.

“Kidd agreed to this?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes?” She said looking around.

“Mykhayla.” I warned.

“Yes?” She asked me.

“Kidd agreed to this, right?”

“Mhmm.” She said still not looking at me.

“And if I go and talk to him, he’ll say it’s okay and you already asked him. Right?”

“I’ll just inform him you’re coming!” She said jumping up and starting to walk towards the door leading down to the quarters, “He’s a very busy man you know.”

I sighed and watched as she ran full pelt to her destination. I just hoped Kidd wouldn’t blow a fuse.

I knocked twice on the door in front of me before opening the door and strolling right in.

“What are you doing?” Kidd boomed at me.

“Well, I have this idea.” I started.

“No.” He growled and turned back to whatever he was doing.

“But it involves Torri and Killer!” I moaned.

Kidd’s ears perked up at the mention of those two names.

“I’m listening.” Kidd growled.

“Well, to make it not so point blank for Killer, I’m putting on a concert. Where he is going to sing a love song for Torri. And then you can change it around and do whatever.” I told him.

“You think it’s gonna work?” He asked dumbfounded.

“About 50% sure.” I said wincing a little, but being fair. She’s dense.

Kidd sighed, “It’s tonight, right? Can you get it set up before night time?”

“Of course, we’re almost done!” I smiled.

I heard a head hit a desk.

“I at least thought I should inform you before it happened.” I told him, “Don’t say I don’t give you notice.”

“You only came down here because Torri made you didn’t she?” He growled.

“Maybe.” I said looking away, “And if she asks I asked you before.”

Kidd just sighed again, “Just go.” He told me, “Do whatever, but it better work.”

“Trying!” I said and slipped out of his room.

“Torri!” Mykhayla said coming into our room where I was currently reading, “I need help serving refreshments.”

I sighed and closed my book, “Do I have any choice in the matter?”

“Nope.” She said with a smile and pulled me out of our room and up stairs. She shoved a tray of drinks in my hands and pushed me out the door to the main deck where everyone else was.

The sun was just beginning to set, and the entire front deck was decorated with lanterns that gave a light glow so the slowly darkening sky, with oranges and purples streaks across it, only made the scene before me even better.

I walked forward into the parted crowd of people only to come to the edge of the stage and look up.

Heat was at the back sitting behind the drum set, in front of him to the left was wire standing there with a base in his hands. Standing front row center was Killer, he held in his hands an electric guitar and stood behind a microphone.

“What the hell did you get yourself into?” I asked the blonde.

“Nothing I didn’t want to.” He told me nervously, “I wrote a song for you Torri, and I want you to hear it.”

I cocked my head to the side unsure of how to react. After a moment I shrugged and nodded.

“If you want to.” I told him.

Although I couldn’t see it I felt as though his face had lit up at my words.

He turned to look at Heat and Wire, giving them the signal.

“Alright.” Killer said looking at me, “I call it ‘Rebel Love Song’.”

“Please tell me that’s a working title.” I asked while grinning at him.

Killer said nothing as the music kicked up.

The song faded out and I felt all the attention on me right then and there.

“What do you think?” Killer asked before swallowing hard.

“I liked it.” I told him honestly, “Were on earth did you learn to play guitar like that?”

“You know, around.” Killer said scratching the back of his neck, “What did you think?” He asked again, almost desperate.

“I liked the amount of base you used to get the music heavy. And the guitar solo in the middle there really made my heart thump, which is awesome. But I loved the heavy kick of the drums the most, it really drove it home.”

“What about the lyrics?” Mykhayla asked popping up behind me.

“What lyrics?” I asked the blondes.

Killer said nothing as he just sulked off the stage and staggered inside.

“What’s up with him?” I asked, “He tired?”

“Very.” Mykhayla told me, “Mentally exhausted.”

I shrugged, “So what are the other line ups?”

“I forgot to ask for others.” Mykhayla said with a sigh.

“Well that’s some crappy music night then, don’t you think?” I asked her.

“I only thought of it two days ago, okay. I didn’t have time.” She admitted.

I shrugged, “Alright then.” I handed the tray of drinks to Mykhayla and headed back inside, “It’s been a long day for me too, so I say it’s up to the event planner to take it all down.”

As I closed the door to the gallery. I thought I heard Kidd say to Mykhayla something along the lines of;

“I told you so. Now cough it up.”

Saints and Solitude(Part 3)

“I get it now.” Connor all but barked, “But why da hell’d we need ‘er?” He asked gesturing to me.

“I thought you were the smart one.” Smecker said blowing the smoke of his cigaret at him, “Perhaps it’s because she’s been behind the imprisonment of just about every thug, drug dealer, gangster, rapist, murderer, organized crime member, human trafficker, arms dealer, pedophile and street scum that Manhattan has seen she was 16. But then again, Connor, what do I know? I’m only a rogue F.B.I. agent who has worked hand in hand with her for about 5 years before she admitted to the flaws in our government’s justice system and took it into her own hands on a much larger, more advanced and professional level than you two ever could have.”

Connor looked at me for a second and sat back down, crossing his arms like an upset toddler.

“Why’d ya snap, like ya did?” Murphy asked me before staring down at the table.

I threw down the other half of my chocolate chip cookie onto my plate and swallowed what was in my mouth, “I don’t think I have to tell you guys what’s wrong with our justice system.”

“Yeah, guys who work for gangs and stuff get out the same day, what about the others?” Romeo asked.

“Gangs are part of it.” I started and took a sip of coconut milk before continuing, “Presently prisons are over crowded and under staffed. Meaning that sometimes, in the case of, let’s say, a junkie who attacks an unsuspecting person in order to get money so that they can get their fix and almost kills them. Either, they’ll be let off with the requirement they meet with a parole officer because the crime was not attempt to commit murder, but petty theft. Or, they’ll go to prison, and instead of having something like a minimum of 7 years for the assault, burglary and possession of drugs, they get off with something like 2 years or 9 months if they’re lucky. And then they’re back on the streets rinsing and repeating. The government is way too focused on the guys who aren’t part of gangs and are like serial killers, people who will spread unrest throughout the country and will, without a doubt, commit the same heinous crimes again. Even then, because of an over look in the system or because of good behaviour, criminals like pedophiles, serial rapists, drug dealers. All of them can get out of a life sentence or an extended stay because of it. Because they don’t want to keep them in there, because they have higher security prisoners that need to be kept in.” I paused a moment and took a deep breath to compose myself so I didn’t end up putting a hole in the wall, “Yet a lot of the time, it’s those criminals who are let back out onto the streets that do far more damage than those who are currently being kept inside. And it’s disgusting.”

I growled out the last of it, feeling my stomach turn remembering some of the scum I had encountered. They were not people, not with what they could do and sleep with. Not with what I’ve seen them do.

“You were a P.I. at 16, how fuckin’ old are ya now?” Connor asked dumbfounded.

“28.” I replied shortly pushing my plate of cookies away from me. I wasn’t hungry anymore.

“And you’ve been in jail, how long?” Murphy asked slowly.

“6 years.” I sighed.

Connor leaned over to Murphy and Romeo and whispered in Spanish, “I think this girl is a lot more bad ass than we gave her credit for.”

Romeo nodded, “We need to watch ourselves around her.”

“I am, and you should.” I replied in Spanish also.

They all looked at me dumbfounded.

“How do you think she learned that?” Murphy asked Connor in Italian.

“I pick up things.” I told them in Italian.

“Is there a language ya don’t know!?” Connor snapped.

I smirked, “I’ve had trouble with mandarin just because of the pitches used in it, and I unfortunately don’t know a word of Welsh.”

“Show off.” Romeo hissed.

I rolled my eyes before turning to the door.

“Long time no see, Eunice, how’ve you been?” I asked the woman entering the room. Her hair was now short and black, rather than long and blonde like it had been before. She was still walking around in a tight little pencil skirt and frilly blouse like I remembered though.

She stood in the door way in shock, “I never thought I would see you here.” She said slowly in her southern drawl.

“Who were you expecting then?” I teased, “Santa Clause?”

She frowned deeply at me as she strutted forward, “When Smecker told me he had the best on this job, I did not expect you is all.”

“You think I got out of shape on the inside?” I smirked.

“I didn’t think you would ever take the offer.” She said looking away, “I know it’s always your way or no way. So, I think I have every right to be surprised.”

“I almost didn’t take the offer.” I told her, gesturing to the brothers and Romeo, “But I have a list I need to finish off. And the scum never stops coming.”

All she did was smile, before turning her attention to the boys next to me.

“Long time no see, huh?” She said.

“Ya look different.” Murphy blurted out.

“After getting the information on the Roman out of the F.B.I. data base I was America’s most wanted number 1. I had to change and get out.” She told them.

“What is all this?” Romeo asked looking back and forth between Smecker and Eunice and me.

“To put it simply,” Smecker started lighting another cigaret, “Consisting of you, the MacManus brothers, and The Fallen Angel of Manhattan, we have a an almost supercharged team fit, capable and crazy enough to take on the bad guys of the world, eliminating crime entirely.”

I stared at the man like he had just grown a second head, “And you think sending me in with a team of untrained morons like them, that the four of us can take on, let me think, 100,000,000 maybe more scum?! Smecker have you lost your mind along the way!?”

He stood up and stared me down, “Over the course of 1 year, I have seen you take down over 400 criminals!” He all but shouted, “Consisting of organized crime members, pedophiles, murderers, arsonists, thieves, corrupt politicians, drug dealers, arms dealers, human trafficking rings! And a whole God damn Gang family! The fact you say you can’t with help, is what amazes me-”

“I don’t know what these morons are capable of!” I shouted over him and stood up too, “I don’t know where their skills lay, I don’t know if they just got lucky, I don’t know if they’ll slow me down, or expose me, or get me killed. And the only reason why I got that many, Smecker, is because I knew exactly who and what I was dealing with! I did my homework, I did my research, I devolved into a stalker into to get the information I needed to make the hits as clean and smooth as I could. And it would have ended up paying off if you hadn’t stopped me when you did!”

“How many more would you have killed!?” He screamed.

“1516!” I screamed back. Smecked took a half a step back, processing what I had just said.

I huffed having let out that much anger, “2,000 criminals were on my hit list, Smecker.” I said calming down, “That 484, that was just the beginning. Every single person who had committed a crime worthy of extended jail time was on my list, with the highest reoffence rate taking my priority. If you hadn’t come in, no one would have known it was me. You could have lied, you could have shifted the blame onto some nobody scum. But instead you come in, to my house, and you couldn’t even look me in the eye as you read me my rights. So tell me, why should I go with this suicide plan of yours when all I have to do is kill all of you to take my freedom?”

Smecker was sitting at this point, “Because it’s not your style.” He said looking me in the eye for the first time, in a long, long time. “I know, I was an over confident ass, a moron and I certainly was not a friend to you then, like I wanted to be for you. At the time I didn’t see what you did, and I was stupid because of it. I let what you taught me blind me from your search for justice, actual justice. And I know it doesn’t mean shit to you now, but I want you to know I see it. I see it now, I see the shit, I see the truth, I see that you were right all along. And I’m sorry. I know it doesn’t mean much, but I am truly and honestly sorry for not talking to you about it first and taking away the one thing you had.”

I crossed my arms over my chest staring down at him. He meant every word he said, and now he was serious about taking this on. He was asking me for my help in taking it on. He was the closest thing I ever had to someone in my corner, let a lone a friend.

I let out a silent sigh as I closed my eyes. He was willing to go as far as needed to get this done. I knew the boys were too. The question, was I willing to let them go with me?

“I’m allowed to pick my targets right?” I asked opening my eyes and staring into Smecker’s blue eyes.

He nodded, not breaking eye contact.

I took a deep breath before turning my attention to the boys beside me.

“Now or never.” I told them popping out a hip and placing my hand on it, “All in or get out, we’re working together.”

“Were all in from da start.” Connor smirked at me.

“We’re kinda like Seven eleven,” Murphy added, “We’re not always doin’ business, but we’re always open.”

My gaze then turned to Romeo. He glared up at me.

“Much as I don’t want to,” He started, “I was with these guys of my own accord, and I’ll be with them until the end. Whether you’re part of the deal or not, I’m outta jail and I’m not gonna stop.”

I nodded, “Then we’re all in til the end.” I turned to Smecker, “Sergio Vendetti.”

Smecker stubbed out his cigaret quickly and grabbed a pen and paper.

“Rolando Bellucci. Benito Trevisan. And Vicencio Marcello.” I said, “Find out everything you can about these men. I want to know when they eat, when they sleep, when they take a piss. What food gets stuck in their teeth, and what gets them off. Skip no detail.”

Smecker nodded, “Eunice, would you please be a dear and bring this to the data bank, see what they can dig up.”

She nodded before taking the paper and leaving.

“Who are those guys?” Romeo asked me as I sat back down and picked up my half eaten cookie.

“Drug smugglers, child pornography distributors, firearms smugglers, and a hitman.” I said shortly before taking another bite.

“They on yer list?” Murphy asked.

“I was gonna hit ’em all the same day this bastard came and arrested me.” I said through crumbs, motioning to the blonde across the table at me.

“Oh.” I said after swallowing as I reached for my milk again, “And I want a copy of the newest world’s most wanted. Along as one from every country. I want death certificates from all the major gang families too, I want to know who’s kicked the bucket and who I-we have to worry about now. And any new illegal imports companies that have popped up too.”

Smecker nodded, “I’ll get on that. What are you guys going to do in the mean time?”

“After that prison riot we staged,” I started looking the three of them over for a second, “I’ll let these guys rest for a bit. Then we’ll start seeing what they’re made of.”

“A shit ton of balls.” Romeo sneered.

“Makes it all the more painful when I hit you then, doesn’t it.” I growled back.

“If the flirting is done.” Smecker said, standing up from his chair, “I’ll show you guys to your hut. I hope you don’t mind sharing. But you’re a team after all.”

“Only if she makes breakfast again.” Murphy said pointing at me.

“Ask nicely.” I chuckled before chugging down my milk and standing up too, “You guys need to rest.” I assured them, “It’s safe to do so now.”

“And you aren’t going to kill us?” Romeo asked just to make sure.

I nodded, “You guys are my team, not my target.”

I felt relief wash over the three of them as I said that.

“Let’s go then.” Smecker said leading the way out of the room and out into the bright moonlit night.