What If It Were Real(Part 15)

Mykhayla jumped off of the ship and started kicking up sand, happy to be on dry land after about 2 weeks.

I jumped off after her, though I didn’t kick up sand. I hated sand in my boots.

“Come on.” I told the blonde, gaining her attention, “We need to get supplies.”

“Okay!” She cheered and jumped, before skipping after me.

We took a round about way through the forest. We had to port on the other side of the island to avoid marines and not alert the villagers to our presence.

The walk through the market place was always my favorite part about shopping. Picking up the best pieces of meat, the colours of the produce, and the smells of the spices and herbs always attacked all of my senses.

It was easy to load up the cart with food stuffs for the next few weeks, it was easy to heckle down the prices when buying so much food, it was easy to get lost in the world of new food and seasonings I have never come in contact with before, it was easy to lose Mykhayla in the crowd of people.

Wait… Mykhayla!

I looked around to try to find my blonde.

“Mykhayla!” I called out trying to find her.

“Excuse me, sir, can you please point me towards the person calling out that name?”

I was filled with relief as I heard her voice.

“So, you’re name is Mykhayla. What a lovely name.” I heard a random male’s voice say to her.

I pushed past a couple people to find her standing in front of a shop and an averaged height, decently built man in his late twenties, with dark hair and eyes standing next to her. He had a stern face and tanned skin. He was dressed rather sharply in a dark grey pin stripped suit.

“Mykhayla.” I said again to gain her attention.

“You called!” She exclaimed sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes, “Come on princess, captain’s not going to like it if we stay out past curfew again.”

“Who says he has to know?” She teased.

“Get your ass moving already, I’m gonna suffocate with all these people around.” I grinned.

“You wouldn’t dare!” She accused.

“Or would I?” I retorted.

“Rock, paper, scissors match. Here we go.” She challenged.

“What? Why?” I questioned.

“Because it’s the easiest way to settle matters.” She told me.

I rolled my eyes again, “Move your ass or I’ll kick it back to the ship.”

“Fine.” She groaned but turned back to the man next to her for a moment and said, “Thank you sir, for your gallant service.” And she gave a short curtsy.

“It was my pleasure your Highness.” He said to her and bowed, “If you don’t mind me asking, where is it you and your servant are off too?”

“Back to my dungeon of solitude.” She said sarcastically.

“Yeah, now get your ass moving.” I said and grabbed her hand, only to be forced to stop a few feet after that fact.

“Unhand your princess!” The man ordered me.

“Excuse me?” I demanded, turning around to face the man.

“I said, unhand her servant girl.” He snarled at me before turning his attention back to Mykhayla, “I will steal you away from your captures and this vile wench, we will wed and you will be free.”

“I already have a free soul, kind sir. but thank you anyway.” Mykhayla told him.

“All the more reason to free your body as well.” He urged, “Now unhand her!”

“Shove all your princess bullshit up your ass, you prick.” I snarled at the man, he seemed taken aback by my outburst, “Take your hands off of her now, or I’ll remove your hands from your body. I’m not her servant, and I’m certainly not going to let you take my friend, now fuck off!”

I then ripped Mykhayla out of his hands and shoved my way through the crowd of people back to our cart and basically ran all the way back to the ship, never letting her go.

“Well he was an interesting character.” Mykhayla smiled when we got back to the ship.

“Yeah, and another half second and I would have killed him.” I hissed.

“I’m sure he was kidding.” She assured.

“He seemed pretty serious to me.” I told her.

“Naw!” She told me.

“Just be careful.” I warned.

“Okay.” She then skipped down the beach a bit, but not out of sight of the ship.

I brought everything onto the ship and started stalking the kitchen again.

“Need any help?” I heard Killer call to me from the door way.

“I think I just about got it all.” I told him.

“Sorry.” He said and entered the kitchen behind me, “I’d have been up here sooner, but Kid needed my help with some stupid gadget of his.”

I shook my head, “Don’t worry about it.” I looked up at him and then down and then up again, “Can I ask you something serious?”

“Of course.” He told me.

“Do you think I’m attractive?”

“What the hell kind of question is that?” He demanded, “Of course I think you’re attractive, if I didn’t, at least to some extent, we wouldn’t be together.”

I shrugged, “Good point.”

“Where’s all this coming from?” He inquired.

I sighed and told him the truth, “When Mykhayla and I were in town today there was this guy who thought she was a princess, and he thought I was her servant. And I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, but I just kinda thought that maybe I’m not as pretty as I would like to think.”

He pulled me into a kiss before I could say anything else, and pulled away before I could fully register what was going on. His mask was back in place.

“Don’t ever think you aren’t pretty.” He told me, “To me you are the most beautiful thing in the world, and more precious than all the treasure man could imagine. So don’t ever think that again.”

I couldn’t even look him in the eye after he said that. It was so sweet, and so much more than I needed to hear.

“You just want me to make more spaghetti, don’t you?”

“That would just be a nice side thing.” He admitted, not meeting my eye.

“Dinner!” I called out, the crew came rushing into the dinning hall for food. I served all of them and got back to the kitchen to eat mine. There were 2 plates of food left on the counter. I walked back out to the dinning room.

“Has anyone not eaten yet?” I asked the crew.

All of them replied with mouths full of food. I went out onto the deck and started calling out.

“Mykhayla! Mykhayla, dinner’s done!” There was no answer, no reply, no cheer, no noise, no anything. Just silence.

I stormed back inside.

“Has anyone seen, Mykhayla!?” I demanded above all the noise.

Everyone got silent, no one said anything. No one even wanted to move.

I sighed, “Where’s, Mykhayla?” I asked again, this time slower.

“I haven’t seen her since she got back from town with you.” Wire chimed in.

“Did anyone see where she went?” I asked and crossed my arms over my chest.

Again the room was quiet.

“I bet she drowned in the ocean.” Kidd spat, “At least she wont be coming back.”

I stalked up to the red head, placed my hand on his shoulder and threw him back so hard a small amount of blood from the back of his head came out when he connected with the floor.

“Where, is, she.” I growled inhumanly.

“I saw this guy in a suit grab her and flee, a few hours ago.” The captain said as a small amount of red started making its way into his right eye.

I growled and grabbed my belt of knives before running out the door. The sound of footsteps followed. Killer, Heat and Wire were all on my heels.

“I’m not letting you go in there alone.” Killer told me as we made our way through the forest.

“What about captain?” I asked.

“He deserved it.”

Mykhayla’s pov.

What the hell am I doing in this ballgown? Why the hell is my hair up like this? Why the hell am I wearing a tiara? Why the hell am I carrying flowers? Who is this person next to me?

One second I was on the beach looking at seashells the next i’m in this giant room, walking down this deep purple carpet towards this white archway decorated with bright, yellow magnolias. The man from before was standing in front of it in a black suit, he was standing with this other guy in white robes. The room had pews like a church, and there were people sitting in them watching me walk down the carpet towards the men.

The dress I was wearing was in a ballgown shape that had a sequence belt and a lace top with medium length sleeves. My bouquet had magnolia and baby breath in it.

“Um, what are we doing here?” I whispered to the guy walking with me.

“You’re getting married, princess.” He whispered back.

“Oh.” I’m getting married? I hope these people aren’t looking forward to this? Since when am I a princess?

“Is there something that displeases you, princess?” He whispers to me.

“No, I’m just a little lost. This is very well planned.” I told him.

“Captain Sarcastic is a very detail oriented man.” He whispered to me, “So something like this is no trouble for him.”

“You don’t say.”

“Do you, princess, take Barry Sarcastic to be your lawfully wedded husband?” The guy in white asked me.

“Wait, you weren’t kidding, your name actually is Sarcastic? Excuse me, but I would like a formal introduction before continuing this ceremony.”

“She says yes.” the Sarcastic guy said in my place.

“Well then,” The guy in white said, “If anyone here has a reason why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

All of a sudden there was a large explosion heard outside of the doors before they were thrown open. The people sitting and standing nearest to the doors were quickly killed.

Heat, Wire, Killer and Torri were all standing in the room with us attacking and killing every marine that came close to them.

“Aw, you made it to my reception!”

Torri looked confused for a second, “You mean your ceremony?”

“Yes.” I told her, “My ceremony.”

“Mykhayla, do you even want to get married to this dude?” She asked.

“Quite frankly, I don’t even know who he is.” I told her.

“So do you want to come back for dinner, or are you okay here?” She asked.

“Well, I can’t go through with anything without dinner.” I debated.

“Okay, we’re getting you out of here then.” She told me.

“You will never touch my princess again!”

Torri’s pov.

“You will never touch my princess again!” That idiot who was trying to marry Mykhayla yelled.

“She’s not a princess.” I snarled, “We were being stupid and sarcastic earlier when you heard that.”

“Sarcastic?” He asked, “What’s that.”

I just face palmed, he had no idea. And I was not about to try to explain this to him.

“You, you don’t know was sarcasm is?” I asked him.

“I’ve never heard of it.” He told me.

“I don’t have time to explain this to him.” I sighed, “Kill who you can. We’re getting Mykhayla and leaving.”

The men did as I asked as I stalked forward to get my blonde from that marine.

He pulled a gun out of his jacket, “Don’t come any closer.” He said and pointed it at me.

I pulled a knife from my holster and ran at the guy, taking the bullet in my right forearm so it wouldn’t hit any of my allies behind me. I slashed at his throat, blood squirted everywhere and he fell back gasping for breath.

I turned around to check on the boys. They were finishing up there too.

I turned to Mykhayla and extended my hand to her.

“Let’s go back.” I said.

“You just killed my husband on my wedding day.” She accused.

“And the reason I killed him was because he wasn’t good enough for you.” I assured her.

“I can live with that.” She said, “Can we have dinner now?”

“Yes.” I said as she took my hand, “Yes we can.”