Tutoring(A Draco Malfoy Short)

A brown eyed girl with long, dark brown hair in a Ravenclaw uniform blew a raspberry as she exited the classroom. History of Magic was one of those subjects that the brunette found interesting enough to pay attention, but not interesting enough for her grades to be farther up from just a passing grade.

She was just told that if she was unable to pull her grades up she may not be able to move on to next year, despite her grades in all her other classes being fairly or very high.

“You’re stressing about this more than you should.” Draco Malfoy caught up with the girl and walked in step with her.

“Easy for you to say!” She snapped at the blonde, “You have the second highest score in the class. I just don’t absorb all the information like you do.”

“So, what, you’re just going to let yourself be held back for something stupid like this?” The blonde demanded.

“Hell no!” Torri snarled at him, before calming her tone, “I’m just going to have to study harder for it I guess.” She paused to sigh, “I just wish it wasn’t so boring.”

“What if I helped you study?” Draco offered.

Torri looked at the blonde he was crazy, “Why would you, of all people, offer to help a ‘Mudblood’ like myself with magical studies? You hate people like me.”

“You aren’t bossy. You aren’t entitled. You don’t care what others think about you. And you force me to look at you like an equal not a lesser.” Draco told the brunette, “If nothing else, I respect you.”

Torri paused in the hallway and bit her lip, thinking for a moment.

It was not like Draco to offer his help, especially to someone like her. It was especially not like Draco to admit he respected people outright like that. Needless to say, the Ravenclaw was on her guard.

Her bright, brown eyes stared into his grey ones, though they didn’t seem as cold as they usually did.

“This better not be another one of your tricks, Malfoy.” Torri warned.

“You have my word.” He assured her, “It’s not.”

“Alright.” She relented, “Thank you. Do you want to meet in the library today after school?”

Draco nodded, “I’ll see you there then, Mudblood.” He teased.

The brunette grew red and merely walked away, not wanting her anger to seep out at him after he was nice to her.

The Slytherin just stood there and watched at the brunette took off away from him. He was surprised with himself that he had offered to help her like he had. Despite the difference in their blood status, Torri had intrigued him since day one. Yet he kept his distance not wanting his father to know about his fascination with a Mudblood, lest the both of them deal with the repercussions.

The day went on and when the last class of the day was dismissed a dark haired Ravenclaw and a bleach blonde Slytherin both made their way to the library.

Torri got there first and started unloading her bag of notebooks,  textbooks, and her writing utensils. She had always used pens and pencils instead of quills and ink. She sat down and started taking notes out of the textbook.

Draco arrived as the brunette was halfway through reading the first paragraph. He sat down across from her.

“Is that how you study?” He asked her, “By taking notes?”

Torri looked up from her notebook and nodded.

“How do you study?” She then countered the blonde.

“I read, have someone question me about the material, read what I don’t know and then repeat.” He informed her, “Do you want to try that?”

Torri nodded. Draco then pulled the textbook away from Torri and said a question. Torri replied with what she thought the answer was. Draco then said another question, Torri replied with what she thought the answer was.

This went on for a little while before the Slytherin slid the textbook back across the table to the Ravenclaw and told her the paragraphs that she got wrong. The brunette then just nodded and read thoroughly the paragraphs she messed up on, taking notes along the way.

Draco watched Torri as she did this. He found himself staring at her, noticing things he never noticed before. Like the way her nostrils flared when she came across a large word or name she didn’t know how to pronounce. Or the way she would nibble on her bottom lip as she was thinking who to shorten a sentence down into notes. How she would twirl her long, dark hair around her finger as she was trying to spell awkward words. He also noticed the light scar that she had on her right cheek, it wasn’t that noticeable. Draco really had to stare at her to see it. He noticed so much about her that he hadn’t before. The small mole on the one side of her nose, the beautifully long lashes that curtained her bright brown eyes. Draco also noticed that she had almost speckles of honey in her eyes today.

He knew that they would change shades often, going from dark brown, almost black, to a shade or two darker from hazel. They were eyes that always intrigued him, ones that left him curious, ones that left him wanting to know more about her.

Torri straightened up in her chair and looking into Draco’s piercing grey eyes, she nodded, thinking she was ready to continue again.

The blonde picked up the book and started asking questions again. The brunette answered the best she could to all of them. The questions just seemed to get harder and harder.

Torri rubbed her eyes and sighed, “How many did I get wrong?” She moaned.

Draco chuckled, “If this was all on the test, I’d say you’d get at least 60%.”

Torri’s hands fell onto the wooden surface of the table, “That’s not much better than I already do.” She told him.

Draco chuckled again.

“What’s so funny?” Torri demanded.

“You have nothing to lose while doing it like this.” Draco told the brown eyed girl with a glint in his eye.

“What are you suggesting?” She questioned the blonde.

“A bet.” Draco offered.

“I’m listening.”

“I’ll ask you twenty questions, and I won’t make them impossible, they’ll be reworded from the last test that we had. The amount of questions you get wrong will determine the punishment I give you after this. If you get seventeen or more right, you win.” He told her.

“And what do I get out of it?” She asked.

“I’ll buy you something you want.” Draco offered.

Torri sat there with her arms folded before relenting, “Fine.”

Draco smirked and pulled a piece of parchment out of his bag and began asking the questions. Torri answered to the best of her abilities.

At the end of it, Torri’s head hit the table and she muttered, “How bad did I do?”

“Sixteen out of twenty.” Draco told her after a second of anticipation.

Torri’s head shot up, “Really?” She asked in amazement.

Draco nodded.

“This did help, thank you.” The brunette said with a heart warming smile. After a second her face dropped and she looked at the blonde in accusation, “What do I owe you?”

Draco only smirked and slid the textbook across the table to her.

“How about a kiss for every wrong answer you gave.”

Torri’s face did not get red. Her eye did not twitch. She did not frown deeper. Nor did her mouth fall agape. She kept a perfect poker face as she stared down the Slytherin on the other end of the table.

“If you’re shy about it, then-”

Draco was cut off as a loud whack echoed through the library.

Torri pushed herself up and gathered up her supplies before turning to leave. The spine of her History of Magic textbook had collided with Draco’s face. The said blonde held the heavy textbook in his hands as he saw some blood drip from his nose.

“Leave it to a Malfoy to act nice and then turn into a complete and utter jerk at the moment he’s about to be trusted.” The Ravenclaw hissed as she stormed out of the library, swearing to herself that she was an idiot for trusting him like she had.

Draco wiped some of the blood from underneath his nose as he watched the brunette leave. He very well may have crossed a line with her, but when she was angry she was cute. And he allowed himself a moment to admire the long, dark hair that flowed out behind her in gentle ringlets as she walked away.