What If It Were Real?(Part 21)


I stretched my arms as I awaited the ship to come closer. It had been a couple of days since the last slaughter that we had. I was excited and confident, after all the training that I had put myself through these past couple months I knew there was nothing on that ship that I couldn’t handle.

As it drew closer it started to fire at us with cannon balls, all of which were instantly deflected and sent right back at them thanks to our captain.

As much as I hated that guys right now because of what he’d done, there was no denying that his ability was handy.

The other crew borded us first, with their swords and axes raised, ready to take blood. With a throwing knife in each hand I was going to take as many as I could.

“Mykitty has finished making the sandwiches!” I heard Mykhayla shout as she threw the door open, smacking the pirate who was reaching for the door in the face causing him to fall backwards, “Lunch is ready!”

“Give us ten minutes, Mykhayla.” I called to her, “We’re a little busy at the moment.”

“Okay!” She yelled at me and turned, narrowly missing the knife that was thrown at her head. The pirate who she had hit with the door was now back up on his feet and reaching for the door, but it was closed to fast and his fingers were pinched in between the door and the frame. He let out a girlish yelp.

“Mykhayla!” I called to the blonde again.

The door was thrown open again, hitting the pirate in the face again. But his fingers were freed from their torture.

“Make sure you lock the door behind you!” I warned.

“Mykitty will!” She called to me and closed the door again. The poor pirate didn’t have time to recover and take his fingers out of the doorway, they were jammed between the frame and the door again.

He let out a wail of pain as I stalked forward.

“Don’t worry.” I told him as I approached, “I’ll help you get those out.”

He looked relieved for a second before he felt the sharp pain of my knife cut through each of his fingers, leaving them all embedded in the small space.

He cried out in pain and terror again as he realized who I was. I saw the look of horror over take him as I slit his throat.

He fell to the ground in a crumpled heap. I was satisfied with my kill, and looking over it seemed like most of the other pirates were dealt with. I thought this was great because all of my scabbards in my holster were empty.

Just as I thought that I felt a large, strange presence behind me. I barely had enough time to move before a large black and white scythe blade came crashing down on the spot I had been standing. I followed the long white handle down towards the pirate using it. He was a huge, ten foot tall half giant. He sported large, muscular arms and a pot belly. His face was covered in scars and a gruff, black beard and bushy eyes brows that mostly covered his black eyes.

He smirked at me, revealing black and yellow teeth.

“Now you die.” He snarled.

Without thinking I ducked low and ran towards him. Closest to the body is where a person like this would be vulnerable. I elbowed his knee and brought him down to my level more, I then sent a kick towards his side which made him drop his huge scythe. I then sent a heavy punch to the back of his neck, hoping to break it. It unfortunately wound up hurting my hand more than it hurt him.

He turned around fast and punched me in the side sending me flying a bit. I knew that if I was going to kill this guy I had to make him bleed. And with no blade I didn’t have many options. All of the crew was on the other ship looting it. And I couldn’t call Mykhayla and put her in danger either. I was alone.

I looked around me quickly, assessing my options and what was around as the mountain of a man got up to finish me off. The closest thing to me was that scythe of his. It was huge and probably heavy. But it was my life or his.

As he took one giant step towards me I reached with my left hand and gripped the handle of the scythe and pulled it towards me. I gripped it with both hands and swung at the giant with all my might. He had seen what I was doing and took a step back, narrowly avoiding my swing. But he couldn’t avoid it all, a large gash appeared on his chest and blood spurted out of it.

I hurried to my feet, scythe still in my hand. It wasn’t as heavy as I thought I would have been. I spun the scythe over my head a couple of times as I advanced towards the pirate to build up momentum. I then brought the scythe down at an angle, it took his head off in one clean blow.

I looked over the scythe in my hands, this was a great weapon. The handle was about three meters long and very thick, and the blade was about two meters long a couple of inches at its thickest point and carefully narrowed out.

It was an amazing weapon. I allowed myself to think, but it was far too large for me to be able to wield properly, but I liked it. Maybe I could even convince Kidd to alter it for me.

“What the hell do you have?!” Kidd demanded as he, along with the rest of the crew came back over.

“A scythe.” I said calmly.

“I can see that.” He snarled, “Where the hell did you get it?”

“Him.” I pointed to the now headless giant, “And I like it, so I want to keep it.”

“Torri that thing is like three times the size it should be for you.” Killer tried to reason.

“I know.” I told him, “That’s why I was hoping captain would be able to alter it for me.”

Kidd came closer to me to inspect the scythe that I had. He reached out to grab it to get a real good look at it, but he stopped a couple of inches from its surface.

“I can’t do anything with that.” He said and retracted his hand.

“Why not?” I asked him.

“That is made entirely out of sea prism stone.” He said and moved past me, “It’s best you let that thing fall into the ocean.”

I spun the scythe over my head again with ease and brought it down close to my captain, who almost didn’t dodge it.

“I’m keeping it.” I snarled at the red head, “And you can’t stop me.”

Kidd growled in annoyance, “Don’t touch me with that thing.”

“Alright.” I agreed and smiled, sometimes he was too easy.

“So are you seriously going to wield that thing even though its way too big?” Heat asked as we sat down for lunch.

“If I have to.” I told him, “It’s too good a weapon to pass up.”

“What ever happened to your throwing knives?” Kidd growed in between bites.

“I used them all up in the fight before that half giant made his way to me.” I told him, “I used the scythe to kill him.”

“You can barely use it properly.” Kidd pointed out.

“But I can use it good enough.” I told him, “Besides, I’m sure we’ll eventually get to an island where there’s a black smith who can fix that for me.”

“You’re going to need a special blacksmith to fix that.” Killer told me, “Not everyone is going to be skilled enough for that.”

“Great,” I moaned, “Where am I going to find that?”

“Mykitty knows! Mykitty knows!” Mykhayla said as she jumped out of the kitchen, “Ask Mykitty!”

“Okay,” I sighed, “Mykhayla, do you know where an island is that has a blacksmith skilled enough to alter my scythe?”

“Mykitty knows blacksmith, Elies lives on Blackboulder island!” She told me.

“When did you meet a blacksmith?” I asked her.

“Mykitty knows many people!” She told me with a smile before thrusting her wrist out to show me, “And Mykitty got a cute bracelet from him. Oh, did Mykitty tell you about the philosopher she met?”

“Yes.” I told her dryly, “Four times. Where is Blackboulder island?”

“A few hours away,” The navigator said looking over a map, “If I’m right. Of course that’ll blow us off our course right now.”

“No.” Kidd growled.

“As long as we’re gone before the post sets we’re fine.” I told him.

“Mykitty wants to see Elies again!” Mykhayla cried.

“Fine!” Kidd snapped, “But only until before the log sets, then we’re leaving you behind!”

“Fine by me.” I smirked.

“Yay!” Mykhayla cried as she jumped for joy.

“Mykitty says we should go down this way!” Mykhayla said pointing down a smaller side street off the main road we were on, “It has amazing doughnuts. Mykitty would suggest the jelly, but be careful of the dip in the road.”

“Mykhayla.” I call out to her, rubbing my temple, “We already lost Kidd to the countless kinds and types and shapes of metal both raw and refined, I would really just like to get to Elies’ and soon!”

“Mykitty will get you there as promised,” She told me, “But!”

“Here it comes.” I muttered under my breath.

“Mykitty needs to go see someone first!”

“And whom, preytell, might that be?” I asked her.

“Mykitty has to pay back a debt.” She said solemnly.

“Who do you owe? And what do you owe?” I asked in disbelief.

“Mykitty owes Craig two cookies.” She said with a sigh, “Mykitty lost a bet to a six year old.”

“When were you on this island to have gained all this knowledge and know all these people?” Killer inquired.

“Mykitty has many secrets.” Mykhayla said in a low voice while moving her arms around in a ‘mystical’ way, “Mykitty keeps in contact with people!” She said pulled out a bundle of letters.

“Where did you get-

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to Killer.” I warned the other blonde, “Something are better left unknown.”

I sighed and turned my attention back to the girl, “So what are we supposed to do in the mean time?”

“Mykitty will be quick.” She said to us, eyes bright, “Mykitty also suggest meeting Craig. He’s a smart cookie. Or you can check out the weapon smith to your right.”

“Go pay off your debt.” I snapped, “And if you’re longer than ten minutes you aren’t getting dinner.”

“Mykitty is on the way!” She yelled and took off in a random direction to see this Craig person, or child, thing.

I sighed and turned to Killer.

“At least it’s quiet for right now.” He said.

“For now.” I echoed, “Let’s go check out that smithy.”

I followed Killer and adjusted the scythe resting on my shoulder as we walked, it wasn’t heavy, it was just awkward.

We waited about seven minutes and then Mykhayla came running up to us.

“Alright, let’s go!” She sang, “Be careful of the pit fall on the path to there.”

“Why is there-

“Killer.” I warned, “Do you want the answer?”

“Good point.”

We followed the blonde along the cobblestone path leading towards a dense forest. Along the way we passed by many smithies, I looked at each one and thought that they were going to Elies.

Eventually we found ourselves walking along a hard packed gravel path, leaving most of the town behind. There were a few smithies here that I thought would have been Elies. But I was soon proven wrong as we made our way into the thick pine forest.

The ground was covered in ferns, pine saplings, and little yellow flowers. The path that we walked soon turned from gravel to dirt and we started up a steeper incline heading into the mountain.

Thinking it over, this was probably the best place for a blacksmith to step up shop, right next to the mine. That way they always had a good supply of metal and coal, and all the wood they need to be able to keep it going.

Eventually we came to a small clearing and in was a small house attached to a smithy. This shop was larger than the ones that were in town, it seemed like Elies had all the room they needed here to make any and everything they want.

Mykhayla started up towards the front door before turning instantly just before the door and heading towards the smithy. We almost toppled over her by running into her back because of how suddenly she stopped.

After a half second of regaining ourselves we followed after her fast.

“Elies!” Mykhayla called out in a sing song voice, “I’m home!”

“She broke her-

“Yes.” I cut Killer off, “Yes she did, Kidd’s not here for her to annoy anymore.”

Out of the back of the shop, who I assumed was Elies came out.

He was basically a walking toothpick, but with a small amount of defined muscle. A mop of dark, brown hair sat atop his head almost obscuring a pair of goggles he was wearing. He was adorned in a dark blue button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows, dark brown pants, black boots, leather chaps over his pants, a leather apron over his shirt and thick leather gloves.

“Mykhayla!” He exclaimed and strided forward towards the blonde to give her a hug, which she quickly returned, “What brings you here?” He asked as they pulled away.

“Mykitty needs to ask a huge favor for a friend.” She said sheepishly.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Mykitty’s friend Torri, found this really cool weapon that she’d like to utilise for herself, but it’s awkward.” She told him.

“Are you Torri?” He asked as he turned to Killer and me.

I nodded, “This is the weapon I found.” I told him, holding the weapon out to him.

He took it from me and gave it a good hard look over.

“It’s a little big for me.” I told him.

“A little?” He asked with a scoff, “How tall are you?”

“5’10”.” I told him and crossed my arms.

“This scythe it a little more than twice the size it should be for you.” He told me.

“Can you reform it so it will work for me?” I asked him.

“Ordinarily, I would say you’re better off starting from scratch.” He told me, “Or picking out a different weapon. But seeing as how you’re Mykhayla’s friend, come back in three days. I’ll have it ready for you.”

I smiled at him, “Thank you.”

“No problem.” He told me and returned my smile.



Teddy Bear(A Hisagi Shuuhei Love Story Part 8)

I was slashing everything that stood in my way. The Soul Society was under attack again from various levels of Hollows. The 11th squad was tasked with the front lines, taking out every and all hollows we could. I laughed as I released my shikai. I whipped the chain around with ease, causing the fan to smash into various hollow’s masks, killing them instantly.

“Save some for us!” I didn’t have to turn to know it was Ikkaku and Yumichika coming running up to me.

“Then hurry your asses up!” I called to them and back flipped to avoid an attack from a hollow before swiping at the large, veiny, blue arm that destroyed the ground where I once stood.

I wrapped the chain around the arm and pulled to remove it, momentarily distracting it as Ikkaku broke its mask. We then turned our attention to the next Hallow that was coming up on Yunichika. Even before I could get close enough for my shikai to be effective the Hallow was cut down. As its body disintegrated, we saw who was responsible for it. Our captain, and my father.

“You guys are slow.” He smirked at us.

“Did you take them all out already?” I asked my father, matching his smirk with my own.

“Yeah, you guys were playing, so I thought I should too.” He shot back at me.

“All in a day’s work I suppose.” I laughed and changed my shikai back and sheathed my zanpakuto, “What’s next?”

“I have to report to the old man.” My father groaned, “But after that, play time and training for the rest of the day.”

I hummed as I spun the short hairs on my boyfriends head around and then braided certain areas.

“Sh-Shiai,” Shuuhei stuttered.

I hummed letting him know I was listening.

“I know you said you wouldn’t bother me while I’m working as long as you could stay here, but…” He trailed off.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” I asked, knowing that I was.

“Only a little.” He sighed, “Why don’t you find Mashiro? Or go train until I’m done?”

“Oto-san dismissed us for the day after the Hallow attack.” I informed, “He said we were free to train and play as we wished. I don’t wish to train, I wish to play. And my favorite play mate is currently busy, so I’m biding my time until he’s done.”

“You can’t just come back later?” He asked me.

“No.” I said simply, “Someone else might claim you before I can get back here.”

He sighed again, knowing I wasn’t going anywhere.

“You know if you take a break I wouldn’t be back for a while so you can get your work done in peace.” I told him.

“Maybe take the braids out and I’ll think about it.” He countered.

I started pulling the small elastics out of his hair and running my hands through his soft locks until all the remnants of the braids were long gone.

I sighed and rested my cheek against the top of his head and wrapped my arms around his neck as I watched his strong arms work.

After a few moments Shuuhei set down his pen and sighed before turning his head to face me.

“1 hour.” He told me sternly, “Then I have to get back to work.”

I felt my eyes light up and I giggled before grabbing his hand and leading him out of the ninth division barracks and down the streets of the seireitei. Our pace wasn’t fast, but I held his left hand in my right hand as we walked. Neither of us said anything for a while. The silence didn’t bother us, it was welcoming as long as we were in each other’s presence.

I sighed lightly enjoying the sunshine on my pale skin and leaned onto his arm.

I felt Shuuhei look at me before asking, “You don’t have a place in mind you want to go, do you?”

“No.” I told him, “I just wanted to get you out of that office before you suffocated.”

He half laughed, “Well it’s nice of you to do that.” He told me, “I will admit I should probably drag myself out of the office a little more often to be with you. It isn’t right to have you seek me out all the time.”

I made us both pause in the middle of our walk and I reached up to pull the raven haired man down to my level so I could place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Shuuhei, I’m a hunter.” I told him a devilish smirk pulling at my lips, “I like seeking for you and dragging out against your will. That’s the kind of person I am. You, on the other hand, are not a hunter.”

“Does that make me prey for you?” He questioned, almost offended.

I shook my head, “You aren’t prey. You just aren’t that kind of dominant personality.”

“So I’m the submissive one in the relationship?” He seemed appalled with himself.

I laughed lightly, “No.” I assured him, “How do I put this. If I’m fire, you’re…” I trailed off for a second and thought, “You’re wind.”

“Wind?” He asked.

I nodded, “If you were water you would be my complete opposite. If you were earth you would be easily drowned out by me. If you were something like lightning you would always piss me off. But, you’re wind. You’re air. You feed me when I need you, you can put me out if you’re cold or spread me if you’re strong and warm. But without you I couldn’t be.”

I blushed after realizing the full extend of what I had just said. Shuuhei’s face probably mirrored my own. I had inadvertently said that I needed him to survive. Wasn’t that the equivalent of saying ‘I love you’?

I opened my mouth to try to fix what I had just said but I was cut off by Shuuhei placing a short kiss on my nose.

On instinct I scrunched up my nose before looking up into the steely orbs of the man before me.

“Then let me feed your fire.” He told me with a large smile.

I couldn’t help but mirror him.

What If It Were Real(Part 20)

Killer’s pov.

I came out of the kitchen with a plate in my hand and placed it in front of my recovering captain.

He picked up his spoon and poked at it a couple of times.

“Kidd, it’s fine.” I told him, “I said it was for me.”

“If your positive.” He muttered and took a spoonful.

I rolled my eyes and walked back into the kitchen. My brunette was plating another helping of tonight’s curry.

“Hey.” I said sheepishly, gaining her attention, “Sorry to ask this, but I dropped my plate.”

She gave me a heart warming smile and handed me the one she just dished out.

“Just for you.” She told me.

“Thank you, beautiful.” I told her and blew her a kiss, receiving a million dollar smile from her.

I walked back out to take my seat at the table and dug in.

“How did you get a second one?” Kidd asked me as I sat down.

“I told her I dropped it, now shut up and eat.” I told the red head. I was not at all amused with him. It was one thing to throw Mykhayla in the God awful dress, it was another to drop Torri’s soup everywhere AND make her cry because of it.

Mykhayla was sitting across from me, lost in her own world of thoughts as she ate her dinner. I knew she was not at all happy with the captain because of his previous actions, more so than Torri.

“Incoming ship!” A crewman said, throwing open the door to alert us all.

I put down my spoon and picked up my sythes. Kidd cautiously got up and made his way onto the deck. Torri hurried out of the kitchen to get onto deck with us all. I followed my brunette out into the cool night air and prepared to fight alongside her.

“Kidd.” I said to the red head, gaining his attention, “We found this devil fruit in the haul that we got. It goes to you.”

“Thanks.” he said with a sigh, “You’re a good man, Killer.”

Torri’s pov.

“No.” I said for the tenth time,not looking up from the vegetables I was chopping.

“Why not?” Kidd demanded.

“Give me 1 good reason why I should listen to you after what you did to my soup.” I told him, “Aside from that, I don’t even know what that thing is, so there is no way in hell that I’m going to be cooking with it.”

“As captain, I order you-”

“As cook, you’re not eating tonight.” I snarled back at him, “If that’s the way you’re going to play.”

He shut up and left the kitchen, huffing with himself. I sighed, thankful to finally get some time for peace and quiet.

I chopped up the remainder of my vegetables and started to move onto herbs.


I looked up and smiled at my blonde.

“Hi.” I said back as he entered the kitchen, “What’s up?”

“I have a bit of a formal request for you.” He said and handed me a melon like fruit with dark green swirls on it, “I’ve looked this up and it’s apparently a particular kind of melon. It’s supposed to be really good in salads. Would you mind making one up for me?”

I smiled, “Not at all.” I then turned back to the cutting board and fixed the best salad I could with a raspberry vinaigrette.

“There we go.” I said and handed him a perfect plate, “I hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

“Thank you very much.” He said and swiftly lifted his mask to plant a kiss on my forehead. He then fixed his mask and turned around leaving me alone to finish my task.

Killer’s pov.

“I’ve done your dirty work, captain.” I said begrudgingly as I handed him the plate.

“How the hell did you manage to get her to do that?” The red head asked me in amazement.

“I said it was for me, what I thought it was, and I asked nicely.” I told him, “Now go do whatever it is that you need to do quick before I get too caught up in this stupid scheme of yours and lose every privilege that I have with, Torri.”

“Fine.” he hissed, “Mykhayla!” Kidd shouted.

“What do you want?” She snapped as she approached.

“Torri asked me to give you this special lunch that she made for you.” He told her, offering the plate.

“Well, if it’s Torri’s cooking.” She said and took the plate, beginning to eat.

All of a sudden, ears sprung up from the top of her head. And not too far behind them, a tail sprouted out of her lower back.

“Uh, captain?” I asked the red head, wondering if he knew the full effects of the fruit we just fed the unsuspecting girl.

“Shh.” he urged as he watched her finish the plate.

“Man, what was in there, my stomach hurts.” She said and then reached up to scratch her new cat ear.

“Maybe you should go see the doctor,” I suggested taking the plate from her, “I’ll bring this back to the kitchen for you.”

“Oh no, it’ll be fine.” She assured, “Kidd, are you sure Torri made it? It has a weird after taste.”

“Yes, I’m sure.” he told her.

“It’s kinda, eww, though.” She said, her face was one of disgust as she described the salad.

“Go get some water to wash it down then.” I suggested.

“Whatever, you say man. I’m going to launch a formal complaint to the cook.” She said and began to leave.

“You can’t do that.” I stopped her.

“Why not?” She asked.

“She just suffered from a traumatic event thanks to captain, do you really want to hurt her feelings with saying the lunch she made just for you was bad?” I asked.

“Sigh of dismay.” She sighed, “Okay.” And she walked off anyway.

“What the hell was that about?” Kidd asked me.

“I’m the one who asked her to make the food for her, I’m the one who took the fruit from you, I’m the one who gave the food back to you so you could give it to her. I’m stuck in the middle of this because of you. And because of that, I’m about to get chewed out by my girlfriend because you gave her cat ears and a tail! I think I have every right to be concerned for my own skin.” I hissed at the red head.

“I never thought of it that way.” Kidd said to himself.

“You never do.” I growled.

“What the actual fuck!”

“Oh no.” I groaned.

Torri’s pov.

“Torri, may I please have a cup of water?” Mykhayla asked from behind me.

“Of course.” I said and turned around to get one for her. Only to stand in shock for a second as I realized what was sitting atop her head, and what was flowing behind her.

“What the actual fuck!” I screamed.

“What? What’s wrong?” She asked.

“What the hell are these?” I demanded pulling at the ears on the top of her head.

“Ow! That hurts!”

“Why are they fucking attached!?” I screamed, “What happened!?”

“Uh, wait, there’s ears on my head?” She asked.

“What happened!” I demanded, I looked over to see Killer and Kidd standing there, along with a few other crew members trying to see what’s going on.

“You!” I shouted and stormed over to Kidd, “You did this!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He said smugly.

I doubled up my fist and clocked him in the jaw, sending him back a few feet.

“That’s what you were trying to get me to feed to Mykhayla!” I exclaimed figuring out his plan, “And you!” I turned to Killer who had back up at this point, “You made me go through with it because you knew I wouldn’t say no to you! You fucking gave Mykhayla a cat devil fruit!”

“Wait!” Mykhayla exclaimed, “What’s a devil fruit?” She asked.

“A devil fruit is a fruit that gives the eater incredible powers at the price that the ocean, and water in general are mad at them. You ate the neko-neko no mi, or the cat-cat fruit, Mykhayla, you now have the ability to turn into a cat.” Killer explained to her, “But you can’t swim.”

“Good thing I never liked water anyway.” She said with a chuckle, after a short moment of silence went by she clued in, “Wait, I’m a cat”

“You can turn into a cat.” I corrected, “And you can turn into a hybrid form, like what you are now.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention, can you please go over that again.” She asked.

“You ate a fruit that gives you the ability to turn into a cat,” I told her, “But because of that new ability you can no longer swim.”

“Okay, okay. I get it now.” She told me, “I hate water more, and I can be cute and fluffy as a cat.”

“Basically, yeah.” I told her.

“Well,” She started, “Mykitty’s going to have some fun!” She exclaimed.

“What have you done?” I asked Kidd.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it would turn out like this.” He told me.

I nodded before turning my attention to Killer. I clocked him upside the head too.

“What the hell was that for?” He demanded.

“You were in cahoots with Kidd on this plan, so you’re just as guilty as he is for this.” I told him, “And that was for sneaking food to a traitor!”