Winning Incentive(A Samon Gokuu One-Shot)

“These are the buildings that will be moving on to the second round!” Mitsuru yelled into his microphone with enthusiasm as the scores were shown on the screen.

“Too loud.” Kitsuna muttered to herself as she sat down next to her supervisor.

“You can say that again.” Hajime sighed.

“What’s the matter, you two throwing in the towel already?” Samon growled as he approached, the inmates that would be participating with him following closely behind.

“Hi, Saru-chan.” Kitsuna yawned.

“Screw off you damned monkey!” Hajime hissed back at the shorter man, “Lack of enthusiasm does not mean we’re going to lose, right Kitsuna!?”

“Now you’re being too loud, Hajime.” The girl recoiled and sighed, “What is with everyone here and this tournament? You didn’t even want to participate in this to begin with.”

“Maybe so,” Hajime growled while glaring daggers into the supervisor over her head, “But whether I win this or not, I’m not losing to you.”

“Well, I hope you’re ready for disappointment.” Samon snarled, glaring back, “But I’m not about to lose to you either. And I’ll win this thing.”

“Like hell.” Hajime roared.

“What’s the matter foxy, staying out of this because you’re afraid?” Inori laughed at the red head who was done with everything.

“No, I’m not you.” She shot back, causing the much taller man to wince slightly.

“You got some big balls to say that to a superior officer.” Inori snarled at her when he regained composer.

“Rank means shit when you don’t have respect to back it up.” Kitsuna muttered.

“What was that?” Inori demanded.

“Back off, boar.” Hajime snarled, defending the girl, “Respect your superiors.”

The deputy supervisor fell silent, knowing he couldn’t take on the supervisor.

“May the best man win, I guess.” Kitsuna said dismissively, letting the others know the conversation was over.

“Damn it, 3rd again! I’m only above that stupid pheasant!” Samon growled and punched a wall in anger.

“Disappointed you’re losing?” Kitsuna teased from behind him.

“What do you want?” Samon asked, turning around. There was no heat in his words as he spoke to the girl, but he was annoyed.

“To check on my Saru-chan.” She smiled, still leaning against the wall.

“At the very least don’t call me that in front of Hajime and the other supervisors.” Samon pouted, “They’ll never let me live it down.”

“But it’s cute.” Kitsuna said pushing off the wall and strutting towards the shorter male.

“Not a compliment to pay to a man.” Samon huffed.

Kitsuna rolled her eyes before leaning down slightly and kissing his nose. She was only 2 inches taller than him, but she was happy about it because she could lean down and kiss him any time she wanted.

“Yeah, but you’re mine, so…” She said with a smile.

“Whatever.” Samon sighed and crossed his arms.

“You can win against, Hajime.” The red eyed girl said, gaining the monkey’s attention, “He’s tired because he’s been working all last night. You can take him, just, don’t hold back this time, okay?”

“You really think I can win?” Samon asked, looking up at her. At moments like this he wished he was taller than her.

She nodded, “And if you do win,” A devilish smirk spread across her face as she leaned down to whisper into his ear.

Samon’s face became as red as his girlfriend’s eyes as a smirk that matched her own grew on his face.

“Only if you win of course.” Kitsuna uttered as she pulled away from him, staring him dead in the eye.

“I’m going to win!” Samon yelled and took off towards the arena.

Kitsuna giggled to herself and turned to follower the man back outside.

The matchup for the spinning tops were building 5 vs. building 3, and building 4 vs. building 13.

As expected it was buildings 5 and 13 that moved on to the final round.

Hajime and Inmate 15 stood in the arena, preparing to participate for their own building. It was Samon and number 2 who were representing building 5.

The last event was sake opening. It seemed like the perfect way to bring in the new year.

“Ready?” Mitsuru shouted, “GO!”

Both teams took off. Samon and Liang pulled ahead of Hajime, Jyugo was all the way in the back as he had always been slow.

Liang and Hajime were neck and neck, Samon was way in the front though. He was the most athletic after all, and given the fact he was smaller than Hajime gave him a bit of an edge.

At least, that’s what everyone thought until Hajime shot forward and pulled Samon back by his tail to try to get ahead of him.

“I will not lose to you!” Samon yelled, fire burning off of him. He then doubled up his fist and punched Hajime off to the side and went flying up the stairs to the platform the sake barrel was on, leaving a trail of fair in his wake.

As Hajime pulled himself out of the rubble of a crumbled wall, Samon punched open the barrel with all his might, sending sake and wooden splinters everywhere.

“Oh Yeah!” Mitsuru yelled again, “Samon takes the win! Building 5 wins this year’s tournament!”

The red haired girl leaned forward onto the railing she was standing behind and rested her head on he hand that was supported by the railing as she smiled at the monkey man.

Liang was soon up on the platform with Samon they were congratulating each other. Cell 8 was going to get anything they wanted, and Samon was going to get exactly what he was promised.

“Well, it was a good try!” Yamato laughed as Hajime and Jyugo climbed back up to where everyone was standing.

“I just don’t get what got him fired up like that.” Hajime grumbled as he glared at Samon. Cell 13 was disappointed because they weren’t going to get what they wanted, despite having won already.

Kitsuna had to stifle a giggle that wanted to escape her chest.

“What’s so funny!” Hajime yelled at the red haired girl.

“Nothing, Hajime.” She giggled again, “I’m just happy for him.”

“Yeah, your boyfriend’s probably ecstatic about his win.” He grumbled again.

“I, at least, hope he’ll use that bonus to take you someplace nice.” Kiji droned as he approached the scene, “After all, what good would he be otherwise?”

Kitsuna could only laugh again. Partially because of the stupidity of what the bird man had said, partially because building 5’s supervisor had looked up at her in victory only to turn bright red remembering exactly what he won.

“Okay, be honest.” Hajime ordered the girl, “What the hell did you do to make him win?”

Kitsuna just smirked to herself.

“Oh you know, I just gave him a little winning incentive is all.”


Teddy Bear(A Hisagi Shuuhei Love Story Part 9)

Warm hands ran up and down and back under my shirt, slightly pulling me closer to the man whose lap I was in. One soft, wet kiss ended as I let out a light sigh and another one quickly followed. My hands were running through his dark hair, messing it up more than it already was.

When this kiss ended I bit his lower lip gently, pulling him more towards me, teasing him, before letting go and dipping my head down to mess around with his neck.

“Shi-Shiai!” He gasped in surprise as I started running my tongue along his neck.

“What?” I asked, as I ran my tongue over his jugular and pushing his shirt open more so I could have access to his collar bone.

“What if someone walks in?” He said urgently, moving his hands from my back to my arms, half attempting to push me off.

“In my room?” I all but scoffed as I moved back from his neck to look at him. He looked scared, and he was flushing heavily.

I smirked and leaned in close to his face again, “No one’s going to disturb us.” I assured him, “Not unless there’s another hallow invasion, and we’d have a lot of warning about that because everyone would be yelling.”

“But…” He trailed off.

“Are you not comfortable going this far yet?” I asked, realizing it might be me coming on too strong, “We can stop if you don’t want to. I didn’t mean to push you this far.”

“It’s not that.” He said looking away.

“Then what is it?” I asked lifting his chin so he could look at me, “We can’t work through it if you don’t talk to me, Shuuhei.”

“I’m afraid of your dad.” He muttered.

I let out a little giggle, “Everyone is.”

“With good reason!” He all but yelled, “He’s Zaraki Kenpatchi! The ruthless, blood thirsty, battle crazed captain of squad 11. On top of that, I’m kinda feeling up his daughter, in her room. I’m not in a good position.”

“I’d say you’re in a pretty good position if you ask me.” I smirked, linking my hands behind his head, “Believe it or not, my dad actually likes you.”

“What?” He asked.

I nodded, “He likes you. Thinks you’re a good guy. Has no problem with you dating me. He’s not going to kill you, unless you somehow hurt me so bad that I can’t kill you and have to go crying to him.”

“You really think I would hurt you?” He all but snarled.

“No.” I told him, smirk still pulling at my lips, “But that’s also part of the reason he’s not worried. You won’t hurt me. And if you do, I’m more than capable of taking care of it by myself.”

He let out a half scoff, half sigh at my words.

“The fact you’re still concerned about him trying to kill you is what amazes me.” I told him, kissing his forehead lightly.

“I can’t help it.” He told me, “You’re his daughter. You’re his most prized possession and he’ll do anything to keep you safe.”

“I’m a big girl Shuuhei.” I told him, “He doesn’t worry too much about me anymore.”

“God, are you beautiful.” He sighed, pressing our foreheads together.

“What are you talking about, sexy?” I teased.

“If I could show you what I see when I look at you.”

“A blob of white?” I asked pulling back to look at him seriously.

His smirk fell for a second as he lunged forward and tackled me down below him kissing all over my face as I laughed and squealed lightly when he started tickling my sides.

“Shuuhei!” I squealed louder than I wanted to when he started tickling my stomach.

“I’m not stopping!” He laughed down at me.

“Please no!” I laughed almost to the point of crying as I tried to cover my stomach from his assault.

“You have to say something if you want me to stop, Shiai-chan.” He sang.

“I love you!” I sputtered out.

His hands recoiled instantly and he was laying on his stomach next to me as I calmed down.

I wiped some tears that appeared at the corners of my eyes away before looking at him, still with my stomach quivering and a smile on my lips.

“I love you too.” He smiled and kissed my nose.

I scrunched up my nose when he did that and grinned like and idiot.


Obscuring The Heart(Part 11)

Hiccup, Astrid and I all entered the great hall to be met with a load of screaming and yelling in concern and anger over the fact that Stoik was no longer here. It wasn’t much of a surprise to me that the twins where there just trying to cause more havoc in the chaos.

“There you are.” Gobber said as he pushed through the crowd to the back and grabbed Hiccup and me, “You two are the acting chiefs,” He told us, “Your people need you.”

“Um..” Hiccup trailed off trying to find words, but was downed out by the crowd.

“Enough!” I boomed, my voice reverberating off the high walls, “I understand all of your concerns, but I assure you everything is fine. There is no need to panic. Stoik will return to us safely, and we will not be under threat of the Berzerkers.”

“How can we trust and Outcast!” Someone in the crowd shouted.

“That’s right! She could be working with Alvin or Dagur to get us to lower our guards!” Another shouted.

They all let out a cry of anger, aimed at me this time. I wanted to yell at them that I wasn’t, I wanted to point out the amount of times I had saved this village, I wanted to set my case. But I knew that whatever I said was going to fall on deaf ears, they didn’t want me leading them. They might never want me leading them again.

“That’s enough!” Astrid called gaining everyone’s attention, “Sigrid the Siren Haddock would be the last person on this island to form and alliance with Dagur the Deranged who is currently in control of the Outcasts! I don’t think I need to remind everyone of how they fought and nearly killed each other each and every year the treaty needed to be signed. It doesn’t matter if she was born an Outcast, she was raised here on Berk with us. This is where her loyalties lay. And if all of you are too pigheaded to see that, you have no right to be concerned for Stoik. Go back to your huts and wait until we get him back, that’s all your entitled to.”

Everyone was silent and staring at Astrid, especially myself.

“What?” She asked with a shrug as she met my eye, “I might not like you as a person, Sigrid, but at the very least, and if nothing more, I respect you as a warrior. And just because you found out the truth of who you are changed, doesn’t change what you’ve done for us and the village.”

I felt my mouth close and a small smile spread across my lips, “Thank you.” I said to her softly.

“My sister is correct with what she says.” Hiccup called, gaining everyone’s attention, “Whether you want to believe in her not is not my concern, but we will bring our father back. So you have nothing to worry about, please just remain calm until he returns.”

As I looked around the room I saw no one in the crowd could meet my eye. Astrid’s words had hit home. They were ashamed, and they were remembering some of the acts I had done to save the village and its people along with the wild and violent fights Dagur and I have had.

Hiccup pulled me by my hand and we left the great hall, heading straight for home. We had to figure out what to do.

I sighed as I sat in my chair at the table as Hiccup looked over dad’s ax.

“They were friends you know.” Gobber said coming through the door.

Both Hiccup and I looked up at the blonde man.

“Who?” We asked at the same time.

“Stoik and Alvin.” He told us as he pulled a fish out of the pot over the fire and threw it at Toothless, “They were inseparable since they were born. Grew up together, almost like brothers.”

“What happened to them?” Hiccup asked.

“They grew up,” He started, “Stoik became chief and it seemed to be all down hill from there.”

“Gobber?” I asked, my voice hardly more than a squeak, “Where you there the night I washed up on shore?”

“Aye, that I was lass.” He told me.

“Did Stoik know I was Alvin’s daughter and that’s why he took me in?” I almost whispered the last part, but I needed to know.

“He didn’t know right away who’s you were.” He told me, “After a once over of that necklace you had with you, he knew. To be honest with you lass, some of us wanted to put you back in the boat and send you right off again, but Stoik wasn’t having any of it. I think the reason he kept you was because he felt bad for banishing Alvin. But don’t think for a second that he didn’t love you. He raised you like his own because he wanted you to be his own. He was hard on you because he wanted you to be the best you could be.”

I ran a hand over my hair, running my fingers through the braids that weren’t tied back. This made things so much harder.

“Hiccup!” I heard Fishlegs scream and I got to my feet, “Sigrid!” He burst through the door huffing and puffing, “Island! Screaming! Coming!”

“Slow down, Fishlegs.” Hiccup assured the blonde, “What happened?”

After taking a deep breath, Fishlegs replied, “Meatlug and I were on patrol, we saw the Screaming Death eating some rocks. It was just past Dragon Island when we saw it, and it’s making its way here.”

We all rushed outside to make sure it wasn’t already upon us.

“How much longer to you think we have?” I asked him.

“Not long.” The husky boy replied.

“Hiccup!” Astrid yelled and ran up to us with a piece of parchment wrapped around an arrow in her hand, “This is from Dagur.”

She handed it to him and Hiccup read it.

“What does it say?” I asked my brother.

“It says we have until tonight to deliver Toothless or, our father will be…” He crumpled up the paper and tossed it to the side. He didn’t have to continue for us to know what he meant.

“What are you thinking?” I asked him, knowing that look.

“Astrid, you and Fishlegs round up Snotlout and twins. Prepare for the Screaming Death. Sigrid, I need you with me for a bit, once we’re done you’re with them preparing.” he told me.

We all nodded. The blondes took off to round up the others. Hiccup and I mounted our dragons and I followed him to the arena where Alvin was being held.

We got off and Hiccup opened the door keeping Alvin in.

“Well this is a dilemma.” The taller man said as he stepped out, “Should I stay, should I go?”

“Both.” Hiccup told him, “You are going to help me get our father back.” He told him, “You are going to show Toothless and I a way into Outcast Island where we can then save him.”

“You finally did come around.” He smirked, “But what if I’ll only show my daughter.”

“I’ll never see you again.” I warned, the smirk from his face dropped, “If you don’t show Hiccup in and help him save Stoik, you will never see me again,” I paused before adding, “Alvin.”

His face looked utterly defeated as I refered to him by his name, rather than calling him my father.

“Fine.” He relented bitterly before adding, “But when this is all over, you and I need to sit down for a heart to heart missy.”

“When everything is said and done.” I told him.

“Alright.” He said and nodded at Hiccup, “I’ll take you in.”

“You two be safe.” I told them, glancing between them, “We don’t know what Dagur has up his sleeve.”

“You be safe here too.” Hiccup told me and rested a hand on my shoulder, “You might just be facing something scarier than Dagur.”

I smirked at him, “Dagur isn’t scary, he’s an overgrown toddler that explodes when he doesn’t get his way.”

“Yeah,” Hiccup said sarcastically, “The only difference is that this toddler can hold his own with you in a life or death fight.”

“That’s why I’m telling you to be safe!” I told him as I mounted Shadowsplinter and flew out of the arena heading for the forge.