Obscuring The Heart(Part 14)


Gothi scratched in the dirt what to get, I nodded and retrieved the bottled she requested. The old woman forced the blonde man to drink it. After a second Tuffnut snapped out of whatever trance he was in and cried.

“My teeth are itchy! My teeth are itchy!”

“That means it’s working.” I told him, leaning against the wall of the hut.

“So, what was all that about anyway?” I asked my brother who was still fidgeting with that thing he got on the boat.

“No, idea. We can’t open it.” He said turning it over in his hands.

“Maybe it doesn’t open.” I shrugged.

“It has to.” He said looking at it more closely.

Gothi turned away from the strange object in fear.

“Gothi are you okay?” I asked the old woman.

“What’s wrong?” Hiccup asked looking up.

“No idea.” I told him, “I’ve never seen her like this before.”

Gothi pointed to an indented point on the object in Hiccup’s hands, and then to a scar on her forearm before hurrying back into her hut.

“I think the thing that gave her that scar is the same thing we need to open this.” Hiccup said coming up next to me.

I shook my head, “I’ve tried to ask her about it before.” I told them, “She doesn’t like talking about it.”

“She doesn’t like talking about anything.” Gobber corrected, “That’s why she writes in the dirt.”

“I thought that was just her thing, you know.” Tuff said still scratching his teeth.

“Yeah, like Snotlout being a woman repellant.” Ruff added.

I had to laugh at that, she was right.

“Don’t you worry lad,” Gobber said patting Hiccup on the back, “I know how to make the old bat talk.”

Gothi had just downed a giant pot of Gobber’s homemade yak noodle soup and had begun writing in the dirt to tell her story.

“I was a turkey neck.” Gobber started before being bashed on the head.

“Teenager! Sorry.” They continued, “I had a yearning to climb glacier island in search of pure glacier water. So, I went with two vegetables… Vegetables?”

He got smacked again.

“Ow! Oh, come on. Your drawings aren’t what they used to be old woman. But your swings! strong as ever!”

“I’ll take over Gobber.” I offered.

“Good luck, lass.” He muttered to me and hurried away from the old woman.

“We had just reached the summit,” I started as Gothi started to write again, “Just then a horrible blizzard hit, and when it did we were attacked. We never saw it coming. It took out my party. It grabbed me and tossed aside into a deep snow bank I wasn’t sure I could have gotten out of. It wandered over to me and took a loud sniff before turning and flying off into the storm.”

Gothi had to take a pause before continuing.

“I don’t know why it didn’t finish me off that day, but I do know one thing for certain; I never want to see that dragon again for as long as I live.”

“But we need to go see it!” Hiccup exclaimed, “Whatever that dragon was, however dangerous it is, its tooth is the key to this thing. And I can’t get that without with your help!”

Gothi kicked away some of the characters she had drawn and written something else.

“I’m not going to say that to him!” I all but yelled at the old woman, “He’s my brother!”

She huffed at me before rewording what she’d written.

“She says there is no way I’m going back to that island. Besides that, I’m needed here.”

“Not necessarily there Gothi.” Gobber interjected, “You have been training Sigrid here for a good while in medicine.”

“As you have said, I’m almost ready to do all this myself.” I assured.

She didn’t look amused at all.

“Alright, look Gothi,” Hiccup started, “I know you don’t want to go back there, and I completely understand that. But you also know what it’s like to be my age. To have the need to know about what’s out there, to find questions to answers you haven’t even asked yet! But I need your help to do that.”

Gothi thought for a moment before nodding.

“They’ll be fine, lass.” Gobber assured me as he leaned against the wall of Gothi’s hut.

“I’m not worried about them, Gobber.” I told him as I pulled a thorn out of Magnus’ foot, “And I’m not worried about messing this up either.”

“You aren’t?” He asked in such disbelief that would only be replicated if it was proven that the earth wasn’t flat.

“No.” I told him applying a bandage so it wouldn’t get infected, “That should do it for you, Magnus. Try not to go around everywhere bare foot again.”

“I’ll try.” He said sheepishly and made his way down.

“I think you’re more worried than I am.” I smirked at the blonde man.

“I am not!” He yelled at me.

I nodded, not at all believing him, “Alright, well, it looks like you have a line up at the forge. You might want to take care of that.”

He grumbled before leaving me to my own devises.

“Next!” I called.

Gobber handed Hiccup the tooth they had managed to get from the Snow Wraith.

Hiccup put it in the hole on the Dragon Eye.

“What now?” I asked examining it closely.

“Is that it?!” Snotlout demanded.

“No, that can’t be it!” Hiccup cried, “It doesn’t make sense.”

“Welcome to my world, sister.” Tuff droned, “Nothing in it makes sense, and your teeth are itchy.”

“You’ll figure it out.” I encouraged my brother, “You’re smart.”

He could barely smile at me when I said this as he went about trying to figure out the Dragon Eye.


Lazy Mornings(A Samon Gokuu One-Shot)


The early morning sunlight filtered in through the blinds landing on the closed apple green eyes of a red head. He stirred lightly before opening his eyes and squinting at the bright light.

He glanced over to his bedside table where his alarm clock sat. He still had 30 minutes before he had to get up and get ready for work. He glared at the clock and then back at the blinds for being open. He could still be sleeping if not for it. He wanted to get up and close them, but a soft sigh of content stopped him in his tracks.

Samon looked down at his right side. Curled up, nestled into him was his beautiful fox.

Her face was mostly covered by the blanket that was keeping them warm, leaving her undisturbed by the light leaking in. Her orange hair was a mess of curls, to the point Samon couldn’t see the distinctive black pieces of hair that usually sat on top of her head. Her ruby eyes were shut lightly and her mouth slightly agape.

While Samon usually liked to sleep on his side, knowing he would wake up to her nestled into him like this, he forced himself to sleep on his back. When he does sleep on his side the two usually end up spooning. Still a nice experience, but Samon would never get tired of the sight or feel of having the fox curled up next to him like this.

He wanted to reach over and stroke her face, or kiss her forehead, or nestle deeper into the covers with her. But the monkey knew better. The fox was an incredibly light sleeper. While she was able to curl up anywhere and sleep if she felt the need, anything would wake her up.

Samon knew she was under stress at work and didn’t want her to get any less rest than she could. Still, he couldn’t help himself.

With his right hand he petted her hair lightly before leaning down and placing a gentile kiss on the top of her head.

As a response he felt the girl reach her right arm across his chest, wrap one of her legs around his right leg and pull herself closer to him, partially onto his chest, as she let out a content sigh.

“Good morning, Foxy.” Samon whispered.

Kitsuna’s ruby eyes fluttered open, making Samon’s heart melt as he watched.

“Good morning, Saru-chan.” She smiled tiredly.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” He told the girl, wrapping his right arm around her shoulders.

“You never do.” She yawned, “I’m too light of a sleeper. Shouldn’t we be getting up?” She glanced at the clock, “We seriously still have 25 minutes?” She groaned.

“Sun woke me up.” Samon muttered.

Kitsuna pulled away from Samon and sat up, much to both of their dismay, and turned to the window to close the blinds fully so the room was enveloped in gloom.

“Still got time.” She smiled at the red head.

Samon then pulled her down so they were both on their sides and wrapped his arms around her torso while hers wrapped around his shoulders. Kitsuna’s head was on the pillow this time, Samon’s head was resting peacefully on Kitsuna’s chest.

Kitsuna didn’t give any indication to the Monkey that she was blushing. She still wasn’t sure with all this affection he gave her, but she never told him off for the things he did. She liked them after all.


Kitsuna reached over to the table and turned the alarm off. Samon groaned into her chest knowing they had to get up.

The red eyed girl pried the monkey’s arms off of her and rolled them over so she was straddling him and kissed him on the nose.

“It’s time to get up, Saru-chan.” She smiled down at him, her long hair partially trapping the two of them into a world of their own, “I’m going to make breakfast, so hurry up.”

And without another word she jumped up strutted out of the bedroom into the kitchen.

Samon layed on the bed and watched her go. He admired how his boxers showed off her smooth and strong legs, and how she never fixed a tank top when she wore one. She always let it ride up or down in any way it sees fit. Usually it gave him a good view of her tummy, back, hips and cleavage.

He sighed in content before sitting up and turning to the bed side table. He opened the drawer and pulled out a little, black velvet box. He opened it up to show a golden band with tiny red and green gems embedded in it.

One day, he thought as he closed the box and put it back. The two of you would be able to wake up like that every morning. And he wouldn’t have to worry about someone else stealing the most important thing from him, so he wouldn’t be as protective.

“Saru-chan! It’s getting cold!” Kitsuna called.

God, did Samon love these lazy mornings you two had.

Break the Rules(Draco Malfoy One-Shot)


“Let me see.” The platinum blonde cooed softly to the brunette who was sitting on the other side of the bench to him.

“Why, are you going to tell Umbridge I’m hiding it?” She all but snarled at the blue eyed boy.

“I want to make sure you’re alright.” He defended. While most would flinch under the fierce brown eyes of the girl when she spoke like that, Draco had become so accustomed to it, it no longer bothered him.

“Should have thought about that before you rudely interrupted class.” She bit at him, turning back to her book.

“What did you want me to do, T?” He pleaded as he reached out to tuck some of her medium length, dark brown hair behind her ear so he could see her face better. Torri swatted his hand away before he could touch her.

“Everyone in Slytherin joined, do you understand what I would have gone through if I didn’t?”

“I thought appearances didn’t matter to you anymore.” She finally turned to look at him fully. Her brown eyes were dark in annoyance, her thin lips pressed tightly together to form a thin line, her dark eyebrows furrowed at the blonde, not understanding his reasoning. She was studying him, the blonde knew that, and he also knew what he said next, she would hold against him forever.

“I shouldn’t.” Draco finally admitted to the Ravenclaw, “I know I shouldn’t. But fear of rejection drives me, fear that someone would hurt you, Torri, drives me. I offered you to join the patrol as well, we would have loved to have you.”

“I would rather be prepared for what will come, then get some extra credit, thank you.” Torri snapped and closed her book, preparing to leave the Slytherin.

Her olive hand was caught just as she rose. She looked over at the boy who had pleading eyes.

“It’s only going to get worse, Draco.” She told him gently, her dark eyes lightening in colour to meet her tone, “You don’t have much to worry about because you’re a pure blood, and your parents are very influential. I do have things to worry about, even if you are there to protect me. I need to be able to take care of myself.”

She shook off his hand as she looked away, “Besides, boys and girls aren’t allowed within 6 inches of each other.”

Her chin was suddenly pulled to the left and she was forced to look deep into the icy blue eyes of the Slytherin next to her.

“For you,” He said slowly as he leaned in slightly, “I would break every rule, that pink toad could come up with.”

They met in the middle, sharing a gentile kiss sharing how much they cared for the other in it. Short and sweet, that’s how they liked to keep it while in the open.

“Maybe break a few more, and stand on my side next time.” Torri whispered before kissing his cheek before the two of them were thrown apart.

“Mr. Malfoy, Miss. Stephenson, I know you are both aware that boys and girls are not allowed within six inches of one another.” Professor Umbridge croaked as she glared at the two of them, “That will be detention again, Miss. Stephenson. Mr. Malfoy, I expected much more of you. Your disciplinary membership will be revoked, and if I hear you’ve broken another rule, I will not hesitate to give you detention as well, am I understood?”

“Yes, professor.” Draco nodded, glancing at Torri to make sure she was alright.

“Yes, ma’am.” Torri said, not looking up. Her eyes getting darker by the moment.

“Good.” The pink witch croaked, then turned on her heel and sashayed away.

Once she was well out of ear shot, the brunette turned her attention back to the blonde.

“Want to break a lot of rules?” She asked with a devilish smirk pulling on her lips.

“What do you have in mind?” Draco asked, a smirk mirroring her own on his face.


Obscuring The Heart(Part 13)


The wind flowed through my long hair as Shadowsplinter and I approached Berk. I had left a few days earlier to go and see my father on Outcast Island before heading to Healer’s Island to pick up some ingredients for medicines for Gothi.

For the past 3 years, give or take, I had been apprenticed under Gothi to become a healer like her. I figured since I was always getting sick, and there wasn’t much war going on anymore since Dagur got imprisoned, I could look at a different path for myself other than a warrior.

Shadow and I landed on the ledge of Gothi’s house and I dismounted before pulling the bags of things off my saddle I was supposed to get. The short woman came out to greet me.

“Hi, Gothi.” I smiled, as she smiled and waved at me.

She then scratched something into the dirt that was on the boards we stood on.

“Yes, I did bath in the hot water on the island.” I told her and stepped around the woman to carry everything inside, “And I washed with that e-euka oil you told me told me to.”

She scratched the actual name of the oil in the dirt.

“Eucalyptus oil.” I corrected myself, “I don’t know if that’s done anything for my breathing.” I admitted as I put everything down in her hut, “But it does make my skin feel really smooth.”

She pointed at me with a knowing look before tapping her nose.

“It’s clear.” I told her.

“Sigrid! Gothi! We have an issue!” Hiccup called as he and Toothless landed next to Shadowsplinter.

Gothi and I hurried out and I saw Johan layed out on the back of the saddle. I rushed forward to get a look at him to see if he was okay before hurrying him into the hut to lay down.

“What happened?” I asked as I layed him down and grabbed a damp cloth to wipe away sweat as it came, “Johan.” I cooed softly.

He opened his eyes weakly and tried to talk but only coughed.

I quickly grabbed a cup of fresh spring water that Gothi handed me, as I held it to Johan’s lips I could smell the small amount of peppermint in the water.

“Dagur.” He moaned as I took the cup away and layed him back, throwing a blanket over top of him, “He, escaped.”

“How’s that possible?” I asked myself more than anything else, “I was there only the other day. Alvin would never let him out.”

“He took my ship.” Johan gulped, “Threw me over board a half day outside of Outcast Island, heading west.”

He coughed again.

“It’s okay.” I told him reassuringly, “Rest.”

I looked at Gothi, she gave me a knowing look, closed her eyes and nodded before gesturing to the door.

I smiled and hurried out, past Hiccup and Toothless to mount Shadowsplinter.

“Gather everyone up.” I told him, “Ge them to meet up in the arena.”

Hiccup nodded and took off on Toothless. Shadow and I hurried to the great hall and I grabbed a map of the archipelago before hurrying over to the arena. I pinned up the map on the wall and took it in.

Dagur was there, then he was there, and he may be heading there. If I were that insane idiot, where would I go?

I growled lightly as I picked at the stitches on the hem of my skirt and scratched at the braids on the right side of my skull. The braids went from my face back to just behind my right ear, up till my temple, and then were pulled back into my pony tail.

“He needs gold.” I muttered to myself as I started pacing around waiting for the others to arrive, “He’ll need it to build up his armada. That boy would never try to go against us without some serious fire power.”

I continued to pick at the stitches on my skirt as I paced, trying to pinpoint at least a general location.

“He wouldn’t.” I wondered aloud as I stopped pacing and gazed at the map. I approached it and considered his options again.

He was not welcome at Berk.
He just escaped from Outcast Island where a lot of his men were imprisoned.
He might try to get back to Berzerker Island and rally some troops. But we’ve been at a tense peace since Dagur got locked up.

“Maybe.” I reasoned with myself.

It was the only logical place he could go. Inside the archipelago, he had nothing but enemies and would constantly be hunted by us and the Outcasts.

“We’re all here.” Hiccup said as he, along with the others landed in the arena.

“You really shouldn’t be picking at your skirt like that, Si.”  Tuffnut warned as he saw me picking at the hem of my skirt, “With those stitches it could fall apart.”

“What’s going on?” Astrid asked, slinging her ax over her shoulder and glaring at me sideways.

We were on some good standing, but then the two of us had a falling out, I think. Basically I told her she was a terrible cook and if she kept serving her yaknog at Snoggletog she was going to wind up killing someone with it. I offered to teach how to cook better, but she wouldn’t hear of it.

“Dagur, somehow, escaped Outcast Island.” I informed the group, “He took over Johan’s ship and threw him overboard about here.” I pointed to about a half day past Outcast Island in the western direction, “Johan said he was still heading west after he was tossed overbored. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to stay that way.”

“So, that basically means he could be, oh, let me see, anywhere in the entire archipelago!” Snotlout shouted.

“Not necessarily.” I told them, “I’ve been thinking about it. Dagur doesn’t have any allies really in the archipelago. He knows this. He’s not so stupid as to think that he could take us on by himself. When I saw him in the prison he had a list on his left arm of names, I’m assuming the people he’s going after now that’s out. He wouldn’t stay here. He needs to build up an armada. He’s going to do it outside the arcapellago.”

“You really think so?” Hiccup asked.

“It’s the only option he has.” I told him, “If he wants any chance at taking us down, he needs power. And you know as well as I do he’s not about to find it here.”

I looked around at everyone to see the looks on their faces.

Astrid was still angry with me, but she looked determined. Fishlegs looked scared. Snotlout looked like he was ready for anything. The twins both looked like they up for it. I looked at hiccup, not only was he concerned but he also looked angry.

Looking past them I saw Johan enter the arena.

“Johan.” I called when he approached, “Are you feeling better?”

“Much, lady Sigrid. Thank you very much for taking care of me in my less than desirable state.”

“Healer’s job.” I told him plainly, “Do you have any idea where Dagur could be heading right about now?”

“Well,” He started.

“Short version if its possible please.” I told him.

“Outside the archipelago to a ship graveyard where I keep the treasure I trade on my excursions. There’s a map on board he would be following.” Johan said.

Everyone gasped.

“Who would have though, Johan could be concise and straight to the point!” Tuffnut said flabbergasted by what has transpired.

“Which reminds me of the first time I was ever called concise!” Johan exclaimed about to go into one of his stories.

“Anything else we need to be made aware of while in the graveyard?” I asked Johan, cutting him off again.

His smile dropped at my lack of interest in his story, “There is one ship you must avoid at all costs.” He told us, “It’s called the reaper. It’s booby trapped from stem to stern. When I went exploring I barely made it out with my life.”

“Leave reaper alone, got it.” I noted, “Shadow.” I called for him to follow me as I made my way out of the arena with the map in my hands. I knew exactly where the graveyard was, there were maps outlining it on Outcast Island that I had studies.

I mounted Shadow and we took off towards home, I ran in and grabbed my bow, quiver of arrows, chain scythe and a few provisions in a bag because I knew it was going to be a bit of a trip.

“Sigrid!” Hiccup called as he and the rest landed next to the house, “What do you think you’re doing.”

“Getting ready to head out.” I told them, “I know exactly where the graveyard is and it’s Dagur we need to take care of. Gothi will understand.”

“Do you honestly think we’ll let you go alone!?” Hiccup demanded.

“No.” I told him, “That’s why I’m feeding and watering Splint now, we just got back from a long flight. You guys get some stuff together. It’s not going to be an easy journey.”

“We’re doing this?” Fishlegs asked nervously.

“If we aren’t I am.” I told him, “Go get ready. Those waters are dangerous, so be prepared.”

I stopped Hiccup as he mounted Toothless, the others heading off to find whatever treasure they could after our dragons flew off.

“You’re going to the reaper, aren’t you?” I accused.

“I have to know what’s on there.” He told me.

“At least take me with you.” I told him, “If it’s really booby trapped like Johan said, you’ll need eyes on the back of your head.”

He half glared at me sideways for a moment before huffing and nodding.

I got on Toothless behind him and we headed over.

“I’ve never seen anything like these before.” I said as I inspected one of the cages that was sitting on deck.

“Neither have I.” Hiccup said coming next to me.

Toothless let out what sounded like a whimper.

“I got an uneasy feeling here too, don’t worry Toothless.” I assured the nightfury and put a hand on his head.

“Let’s see what’s below deck.” Hiccup said and approached the hatch leading down.

“Hiccup, don’t!” I cried, but it was too late. The rope was tangled around his ankle and he was being pulled over the edge.

Without thinking I grabbed and threw my ax at the fast moving rope, severing it and ceasing my brother’s fall.

“Uh, thanks, Si.” He said and awkwardly stood up and dusted himself off.

“And you were concerned about me coming with you.” I teased as I walked forward and grabbed the ax that was embedded in the floor, “I should have taken Toothless and come over here by myself.”

“I get it.” He told me annoyed, “I’ll be more careful. I promise.”

He carefully opened up the hatch and pulled out a lantern for Toothless to light. He motioned forward as if asking me if I wanted to go down first. I grabbed the lantern from him and carefully made my decent, scanning furiously for any traps that I could trigger.

I looked at the floor I was about to step on and jumped away from the ladder on the last step just to make sure.

“Watch your-”


“Step.” I muttered the last part, looking over my shoulder to see I was right for jumping forward. Hiccup’s prosthetic leg was caught in a toothed trap.

“Really?” I asked.

“Benefits of a metal leg I guess.” He said with a laugh as he pulled his leg out.

“Hic, you suck at these kinds of things.” I told him plainly.

“I-I know.” He admitted.

“You can wait here with Toothless and I’ll search this place myself,” I started.

“You are not searching this place by yourself.” Hiccup snapped.

“Then step where I step.” I told him.

He sighed, but nodded following my footsteps exactly as we shimmied down the corridor.

I held the lantern up high to see what was in the cages.

My jaw fell open as the light fell upon at least a dozen cages full of dragon bones.

“Who would do this?” I asked, Toothless whimpered again agreeing with me.

“I don’t know, but these people definitely weren’t friends of dragons.” Hiccup said.

I nodded and we continued down the hall.

At the end of it we came to a very well decorated door.

“Here’s the plan,” Hiccup said as I motioned Toothless to blast it open, “I like yours better.”

We entered cautiously, Hiccup was drawn to something on the table directly in front of us. The walls were decorated with skulls of several different dragons and various weapons and shields.

“Changewing?” I asked myself as I saw a highly decorated shield next to the door.

“What is this?” Hiccup asked.

“Be careful.” I told Hiccup, “We don’t know what else is booby trapped.”

“This looks important though.” Hiccup told me, “And if it’s on this ship we can’t just leave it here and wait for Dagur to get it.”

I sighed knowing he was right.

“Fine.” I relented, “But let-”

“Oh no!” Hiccup screamed as an ax came flying from the opposite wall and landed right where the thing he was looking at was.

“Really!?” I huffed in annoyance and threw down the lantern.

“Time to go.” I growled and grabbed Hiccup before running down the corridor towards the ladder, arrows flying at us left and right. Toothless was doing his best to shield us from the ones I couldn’t make us dodge.

Before I knew it I had shoved Hiccup up the ladder, Toothless following shortly after, and I jumped up hardly a second later than that. Hiccup then slammed the door down, keeping whatever dangers where down there, down there.

Instantly I stood up and pulled at my chained scythe and readied it in my hands. I found after years that it was best moved in my right hand, with my left holding up all the chain I wasn’t using so I could make the most of it and swing it around at various intervals of length, speed and damage.

“Dagur.” I growled again, this one much more animatistic than before.

“Hiccup! Sigrid!” Dagur exclaimed, the warriors next to him both held cross bows aimed directly at us, “Did you miss me? Because I sure missed you two! Everyday, for 3 years, I thought about you!”

“You should still be rotting in that cell.” I snarled as Dagur stepped away from the cage he was in front of to reveal everyone.

“Hiccup!” Astrid called, holding on to the bars.

“Sigrid!” Tuff called, doing the same. Only to be shoved out of the way by Astrid again.

“Quiet!” Dagur yelled at them, “Can’t you see we’re having a moment!”

“We are not having a moment.” Hiccup growled next to me.

“Well I was.” Dagur shrugged, “Look at you two! All grown up! Hiccup, I bet you’re quite the lady’s man now. And Sigrid, you actually look kinda like a girl now. You shouldn’t have braided your hair like that though, makes you seem meaner than you are. How many offers has old Stoik got because of you now, huh? Or have they all been going to Alvin? It’s hard to say, since you have 2 dads and all.”

“You’re over stepping a boundary here, Dagur.” I warned, “Besides, when I visited you I told you about my lack of suitors.”

“I didn’t think you were being honest.” He smirked and approached us. I then pushed Hiccup down and started swinging the chain above our heads to keep Dagur at bay.

“Oh, Sigrid,” Dagur chuckled, “You seriously want to play when I have you and your friends tied up like this?”

“From where I’m standing Dagur,” I told the red head, “It’s you, 2 goons I can take in a heartbeat, and the only leverage that you have over me at all at the moment is a cage full of people, only 2 of which I like. That’s going against Hiccup, Toothless and myself. Odds aren’t in your favor. You have no room to negotiate.”

“And where are your other dragons?” Dagur teased, “I know you’re close to that timberjack of yours.”

“Getting into position.” I smirked.

He laughed openly, “I’m sure!” before turning deathly serious, “Are you seriously underestimating me, Sigrid? You have no idea of what I’m capable of anymore.”

“And you have no idea what I’ve been doing these 3 years either. At least I could monitor you.” I bit back.

“Please,” Dagur snarled, “I know as well as anyone you’ve been studying under your village’s healer. How’s that been going? You feel any better come sick season?”

“Yes actually, but that doesn’t mean I’ve weakened any of my fighting skills.”

“Enough.” Hiccup cut in, placing a hand on my shoulder telling me to lower my chain, I did as he asked.

“What do you want, Dagur?” He asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Dagur asked.

“He’s not getting my family jewels!” Tuffnut cried, “I’ll defend them till the end!”

“I’ll be taking the jewels, his too.” Dagur said as on of the guards smacked Ruff in the stomach causing her to spew out all the jewels she had in her mouth. The guard laughed and she spat another into his mouth causing him to choke.

“Oh, I thought that was the guy. Never can tell with those 2.” He then turned back to Hiccup and I before extending his hand, “And I’ll take whatever you’re hiding behind your back too, Hiccup.”

I growled as he took another step forward and analyzed the situation we were in. I could take Dagur, and I could keep the guards’ arrows at bay while I did it. But if one of them turned their attention to everyone in the cage I didn’t know if they could defend themselves. I didn’t have to worry about Hiccup because I knew Toothless would not let anything happen to him.

“Come on.” Dagur said, “Hand it over, brothers share after all.”

Hiccup begrudgingly handed it over.

“You know you aren’t going to get very far with that, right?” Hiccup told him.

“Oh here we go!” Dagur all but sang, “Must we always do the same dance, you and I, Hiccup? Not that you aren’t a fabulous dancer.”

Toothless growled, Hiccup put a hand on his head to calm him.

“Not yet, Bud.” Hiccup told him.

“That right, Mr. Nightfury!” Dagur exclaimed, “Today is not the day! But it’s coming! Now, if you’ll excuse me I have; people to see, and army to build, revenge to plot. Oh, so much to do and so little time! Isn’t this fun? You guys must have been so board without me!”

“Fair well for now.” Dagur said sternly getting closer to us, but not too close, “Until we meet again, on the field of battle.”

Dagur and his goons then jumped off the ship and onto the boat they had used to ride in on.

I let out a call for Shadowsplinter, hoping he was on his way as Hiccup ran to the edge to see them sail off before b lining for the cage.

“Go after Dagur.” I told him pushing him out of the way of the cage and pulling a pin out from behind my ear to pick the lock with, “I got them.”

“Are you sure?” Hiccup asked.

“Go.” I told him, he and Toothless took off.

“You know you guys could use this time to call for your dragons, right?” I spat at everyone.

“Who asked you?” Astrid snarled but did it anyway.

I was close to getting the lock opened when something hit the deck, making everything shake and the pin drop from my hand onto the deck.

“Damn it.” I cursed and groped for it as the ship began to tip.

“Oh no.” I heard Fishlegs whimper.

I tried again with the pin and finally got it opened. The door flew opened and everyone fell out. I grabbed onto the door and took the hand of the first person I could.

I had Snotlout, who had Fishlegs, who had Astrid, who had Ruff, who had Tuff. We were on a steep incline that was rapidly becoming vertical as we sank.

“There you guys are!” I called as I saw some all too familiar dragons gracing the sky, working their way over here.

Barf and Belch quickly scooped up the twins. Astrid let go of Fishleg’s hand to jump onto the back of Stormfly. Fishlegs then was grabbed by Meatlug as she flew by. Hookfang grabbed Snotlout out of my hand and took to the sky to help get the eels off of me.

We all knew Shadowsplinter could not fly that close to the water, and there was no way he could come that close to the ship to pull me off. I scrambled up the cage and climbed up the ship to get away from the eels and the dark water. When I was near the top, I reached my hand up as far as I could and felt the familiar feel of the leg guard at the back of the saddle pressing against my palm. I closed my hand and let go of the ship.

Shadowsplinter and I flew up high, and when he stopped I pulled myself upright onto the saddle properly.

“Well, that was an adventure.” I said looking over to the others.

“Thanks for getting us out.” Fishlegs said to me with a smile.

I shrugged and looked at Hiccup who was staring off in the direction Dagur had gone.

“Go after him.” I called to the brunette.

“What?” He asked, turning around on toothless to look at me.

“Go after Dagur.” I repeated, “It’s not any good in his hands, no one’s disagreeing there. I know you want that thing back. Go. We’ll head home.”

Hiccup nodded, “I’ll catch up.”

He took off in one direction and we took off in the other.

“What was that thing anyway?” Fishlegs asked as we flew.

“No idea.” I told him, “We found it in the commander’s quarters of the ship. Hiccup took it. I haven’t even seen the thing up close yet.”

“So why is he going back for it?” Astrid asked me, there was surprisingly no heat in her words.

“It looks important.” I told her, “I’m sure Hiccup feels like there’s something about it he needs to figure out.”

We soon got past the fog line back into the archipelago.

“Hey, guys!” I called to everyone, gaining their attention.

“What now!?” Snotlout snapped, “Are we being trailed by Dagur? Are there more eels!?”

“I’m going to Outcast Island, let Alvin know what went on. I know he’ll be curious about Dagur’s position right now.” I told them, “Let Hiccup and Stoik know for me, please.”

Before they could reply I took off in a different direction towards my destination. Perhaps I could gain insight on how he escaped too.