Size(A Charlotte Katakuri Lemon)

Damn. I thought to myself as I squinted at the numbers again. I was just barely over one fourth of his height. No wonder people talked and disapproved of us. I sighed again and threw the piece of paper and pencil I had been using down. It was ridiculous. I was just barely five foot one and half inches, and he stood almost seventeen feet tall. I was small compared to most people on Totto Land, but this was something else.

I had never really noticed the difference in our heights too much. At least that was until one of his little sister, Flampe, pointed out how odd we looked together and how I wasn’t good enough for her favourite older brother. Katakuri and I had been dating for about two years now. He was very nervous when he brought me to meet his family because he felt they would make fun of me. Some of them did. Big Mom had been passive about our relationship as long as Katakuri still maintained order and was loyal to her and their family.

I was brought out of my pitiful thoughts by large hands on my hips that pulled me upwards and then back down, no longer onto the couch I had been sitting on, but rather onto a lap I had grown accustom to.

“Welcome back.” I smiled up at my boyfriend who in turn pulled down his scarf to show me his captivating mouth pulled into a genuine smile. Before he leaned down and placed a kiss atop my head.

“How was the mission you were on?” I asked, turning around in his lap to face him. I straddled him like I usually do. His legs were crossed, so my thighs were spread wide apart in order for my feet to hit the couch on either side of him. My entire torso was pressed against his stomach as I stared straight up at him.

“Successful.” He said shortly and leaned down again to capture my mouth in a short but sweet kiss, “Those worst generation bastards didn’t know what hit them once Smoothie and I got there. But enough about that. I don’t want to think about those things anymore.”

I smiled and nodded, leaning more into him to hear his heart beat. He wrapped one arm around me to hold me against him. And in this one simple action, the thought once again struck me.

“Katakuri?” I asked quietly, looking up at the much larger man.

He hummed down at me, the smile still on his face.

“Am I too small?” I asked finally, not sure how else to phrase it.

“What are you talking about?” He almost demanded, the smile on his face gone. He was dead serious now.

I let a sigh out before speaking, deciding now would be the best time to let all of my worries, doubts and concerns loose.

“I’m barely just more a quarter your height.” I started, “People have been talking in whispers about us being together with our height differences. Your siblings aren’t too gung-ho about us either. Some of your sisters have even stated that you can do better than me. I don’t doubt it because you are you, but it. All these things just make me feel even more insignificant next to you. I know I’m small. It’s been apparent to me ever since I was a kid. But now I just feel miniscule. And I don’t want your reputation tarnished because of me.”

Only a short moment passed before the arm the was at my back moved down towards my butt and lifted me up towards the larger man.

“I like your size.” He told me softly with a smile that make all my worries and doubts disappear, “People talk, let them. My family can be rather fickle at times too so don’t let them bother you. If I thought I could do better, sugar, I wouldn’t be with you. You’re the only one I’m not afraid of showing my face to. You accept me. And don’t ever feel insignificant, after all that saying goes: behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.”

I looked away from him, a smile on my face. I felt so silly for all those thoughts. He would always accept me, despite my size.

I let out a squeal in surprise and his arm had moved without me realizing and was replaced my both his hands on my rear.

“Do I need to show you how much I actually do care about you again, Sky?” He asked, his hot breath tickling my face, “You know I have no problem doing that.”

“A-aren’t you tired after your mission?” I asked flustered as he then started massaging my butt.

“I always have energy for you.” He teased, leaning down to capture my mouth in a long, heated kiss. It was hard and there was a lot of passion in it, but like usual his teeth never once drew any blood from my lips. He was always careful.

He started to slowly slide himself down on the couch so he was laying on it, me sprawled out on his build chest. While he was doing that, his hands moved from my ass to my tights where he massaged and rubbed them. He was so good at it, I couldn’t stop the moan coming out as he layed all the way down.  That gave him the best access to my mouth. We both explored each other’s mouths like we had countless times before. It was only when I felt his hands go from my thighs to my lower back, pushing my shirt up to start rubbing my back did the kissing stop momentarily.

I sat up, breaking the kiss, I was now seated on his chest staring down at him, into his beautiful crimson eyes.

“Gloves.” Was all I could breath as I groped the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head, tossing it carelessly around the room. I then reached between my modest chest and unclasped my bra, tossing that haphazardly aswell.

Katakuri had removed his gloves and scarf at this point, reaching up to massage my chest. I let out another moan, and reddened more than I normally would have. Everything about me was small compared to other humans, yet he never seemed to mind.

His hands then moved to my back and pushed me forward a little. It was only now that his sharp teeth would ever graze skin. As he kissed, sucked, and gently nipped at my chest and torso, causing me immense pleasure and leaving his own marks. I let out more moans as he kissed his way down my stomach to my belly button. At which point I lifted up my skirt with a reddened face to reveal to him my lacy panties. A seductive smirk spread across his face as he hooked a finger under the waistband and pulled them off in one movement. My seating position had changed aswell.

I moaned loudly as he licked at his already wet folds. I turned even redder. I was sitting on his face now. His strong arms holding me in place by my calves, that he  massaged as he reeked havoc on my clit. His large teeth grazed against my lower lips, causing me to shudder. I looked down at him, and he held my brown eyes in a lust filled gaze.

It was just like him. I thought. Making direct eye contact while eating me out to make me even hotter.

I let out another loud moan as he changed tactics from licking at my clit to sucking on it. There was already a tightness building up in my stomach, this only made it tighter. I knew I was close. And so did Katakuri.

I wanted to reach down and play with myself as well, just to hurry this along. But I had learned from experience that this was the quickest road to release. Any attempt to interrupt Katakuri now would result in teasing, and a possible lack of release until he was ready.

I hunched over him, moaning and panting just wishing I could find a release now. I felt my eyes roll back into my head as he gave it to me.

“Katakuri.” I moaned as I came down from my high.

He tucked some on my black hair behind my ear before he kissed my lips passionately as he slowly started to raise himself up into a lounging position.

“Do you understand how special you are to me now, Sky?” He asked as he pulled away and licked his lips.

I nodded, closing me eyes. He always made it clear how much he cared for me. That’s why I was the only person who could see him on his back, who could get him to be on his back.

“I don’t think you do.” He grinned, bordering sadism at the moment as he slid me down his strong chest again until I was actually on his lap. One of his hands was on my thigh, the other cradling his head.

The hand on my thigh left there and appeared before my mouth, all but forcing two fingers in there.

“How often do I need to tell you how beautiful you are?” He asked me as I began to suck his fingers.

“I guess it’s not nearly often enough if you’re doubting what we have.” He said more to himself, even though his crimson eyes were fixed on my brown ones. Making me feel even hotter because I was sucking on his fingers, knowing what was going to come next.

“Don’t worry though, sugar. I’ll make sure there’s never going to be anymore doubt in your mind about how I feel about you.” He smiled gently at me this time and removed his fingers from my mouth.

I shuttered in anticipation as his hand moved down to my still wet and sensitive clit. I didn’t break eye contact this time as he slowly inserted one long, skilled didget into me. I moaned again as he twirled it around inside me.

Before I knew it I was a mess of moans and mews, and that was even before he added in a second and then eventual third fingers into me. Despite the haze of pure pleasure, I knew he was just doing this to prepare me. And that thought only made my arousal grow with the coil building up inside me.

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and moaned his name as I came hard on his hand.

Despite my heavy breathing, I still made out the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Something then sprung out of his pants, sitting hard and flush against my back side. I reached between my legs to try to stroke it, but was stopped by the man himself and raised up slightly.

“Relax, Sky.” He said to me sweetly.

I was still in a bit of a haze due to my previous orgasms so I could really only do as he told me.

Painfully slowly did he lower me down onto his shaft. If I had to guess at the times I had seen it, I would say we was average size but considering he was more than three times my size there was no way he would ever be able fit all the way to hilt inside me.

I leaned forward so my hands were supported by his muscular abdomen and lowered myself down so the head of the member was completely lost inside me.

I heard a breathy moan escape his lips. I took that as my que to lift myself up slightly more and fall down slightly on his cock again. Shallow and slow, with moans escaping both of us the friction was amazing. And when he gripped my hips and helped to roll them in a circular motion it was only mere minutes before I came again, harder than the times before this. Katakuri wasn’t too far behind me, blowing his load inside of me before I fell forward onto his chest completely spent.

He pulled me up his body a little further and cradled me against his chest so I could feel his heart beat again.

“You’re a pervert.” I huffed out and looked up at him.

“And why’s that?” He smirked down at me.

“You like how small I am.”

He could only laugh at that while I curled up a little better on his chest.

“Maybe that’s one of the reasons.” He teased back, “Same as why you like me this much.”



Day off(A Samon Gokuu One-Shot)

Sunlight filtered into the room as the sound of a car alarm echoed in the air.

Blood red eyes shot open in alarm for a moment, before the owner of the eyes relaxed knowing what was going on.

She squinted at the early morning light, and glared at the unseen car that had stirred her from her slumber. She had always been way too light of a sleeper for her own good.

She glanced to her side when she heard a soft snore come from there. Samon was still asleep, curled up on his side next to her.

Kitsuna couldn’t help but smile at the red haired man sleeping next to her. He looked so peaceful when he slept. She always liked seeing him this way rather than stressed out and perturbed like he usually was at work.

His snores, mutters, movements, and various other sounds he made in his sleep never did seem to disturb the fox despite her light sleeping. And for that reason she always felt as though she could sleep peacefully next to the monkey, and she always did.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep she pulled herself out of the bed and grabbed some cloths before heading out of the bedroom.

The two had, had fun last night, the mess of cloths on the floor and the bruises and bite marks that littered the red eyed girl’s body were what remained of that night’s memories. However, it wouldn’t be the last time the two did something like that.

Samon woke up slowly and stretched out in his bed. His back hurt a little bit, and he couldn’t help but smirk because he knew why that was. With a gentile hum of content he reached out with a hand to find his fox and pull her close so he could cuddle her.

He groped around for a few moments and when he reached the other edge of the bed his apple green eyes shot open searching furiously for the red eyed girl he was certain would still be beside him.

She wasn’t there! Samon began to reason with himself where she could be. His snoring or thrashing could have woken her up and she went to sleep on the couch. Though his snoring never bothered her and he never seemed to hit her in his sleep. She wouldn’t have been taken. And she wouldn’t have just left, especially without letting him know.

A faint hum came into the bedroom from the kitchen along with light rustling. He got out of bed and went into the kitchen.

The red head he was searching for was standing in his kitchen, her haired was pulled back into a french braid, she was wearing very short athletic shorts and a t-shirt that was his. Her back was to him as she set things out on the counter.

Samon used it as a oppertunity to walk up and wrap his arms around her waist, burying his face in her neck. As he did this he found her hair to be wet, she had gone for a shower not too long ago.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” Kitsuna asked looking over her shoulder at the man behind her.

“No.” He mumbled, “But I don’t like waking up in a bed all alone, you know.”

“Sorry, but I couldn’t go back to sleep after I woke up.” She smiled.

“Then you wake me up and I’ll entertain you.” Samon all but growled as he tightened his grip around her waist.

“But then you’d lose out on sleep you need.” Kitsuna complained, “And at least this way you can wake up to hot food.”

“I don’t care about the food being hot.” He muttered and kissed the side of her neck gently, “I care about spending as much time as I can with you. How often do we get a day off together like this?”

“Not often.” Kitsuna said with a sigh.

“Exactly!” The monkey grinned, tightening his grip of her waist and pulling her up to carry her back into the bedroom.

Despite Kitsuna being very strong in her own right, she didn’t fight Samon as he carried her like that. Though she would admit to it being a little awkward because she was 2 inches taller than him.

“So, neither of us are cooking today!” Samon told the red eyed girl as they entered the bedroom, “If we get hungry, we’ll order food! But for right now,” He changed his grip on his girlfriend and tossed her gently on the bed, “I say we should stay here and cuddle for a bit.” He grinned.

Kitsuna could only smile at the look on her monkey’s face. He was genuinely happy, and as such, she was happy.

She raised her arms up to him, signalling him to come to her.

Samon didn’t need anymore of an invitation. He jumped into her arms, wrapping his around her waist, resting his head on her modest chest, and nestling in closely to her body.

“You shouldn’t have gotten dressed.” Samon mumbled as he made himself more comfortable.

“If I didn’t we wouldn’t be having this sweet moment right now, would we?” She asked the green eyed man in her arms.

“I could make it sweeter.” Samon uttered, slyly.

“Could your back handle any more?” Kitsuna asked, “Because from where I lay, I might have scratched down to the bone almost.”

“It’s called encouragement, Foxie-chan.” Samon sang.

Kitsuna rolled her eyes and bit her bottom lip.

Samon knew Kitsuna hated it when Inori or Mitsuru or any of the inmates called her a fox, it flashed bad memories from the military in her head. But he couldn’t stop himself from teasing her in the same manner she does him all the time.

The red haired girl normally would have smacked or glared at any person who called her that. But it was HER monkey teasing her this time. It was the man she loved. And she couldn’t stop the rush of warmth that flooded through her after he said that.

It was rare for the 2 to get a day like this. Inmates, paperwork, unexpected situations all kept them both busy at work. Sometimes it was days before either could see the other again. But when they got days like this it was special. They had nothing to worry about. The only thing either of them cared about was that the other was close by, because the 2 of them were in love.

“Samon, what are you doing?” Kitsuna asked the monkey, feeling his hand travel up and down her thigh getting closer and closer to poking underneath her shorts.

“You’re teasing me in these shorts.” Samon purred, “Can I take you out of them?”

“We just woke up.” Kitsuna pointed out.

“It’s called making good use of time.” Samon smirked as his hand slipped under her shorts and he reached up to capture her mouth.

“Fine.” Kitsuna relented when Samon pulled away from the kiss and repositioned himself over her.

“I knew you’d come around.” He smirked again and he worked his hands under the girl’s t-shirt.

“But I’m not dragging you to the hospital if you pass out from blood loss because of this.”


It’s For Protection(A Draco Malfoy One-Shot)

Stepping onto the train I felt the breath leave me. So much had happened over the summer, so much I still could barely comprehend. My first instinct was to find Torri’s compartment and talk to her about it. But I knew better.

If what father had said was true; it would be best to keep my distance from her. For her sake.

I walked, found an unoccupied cabin and ducked in, hoping to get a little alone time to clear my thoughts before being bombarded by my mindless lackies that followed me everywhere. I wasn’t fond of them, but they were pure bloods. People I should associate with.

I cursed myself more than anything. If I had been a bit meaner to her. If I had never broken down that night. If she had never cut her hair and make herself look even better, I didn’t know how it was possible for her to do that until it was done, but I digress. If I had exchanged less kind words with her. If I had bullied her more.

My mind was swimming with ‘what if’ scenarios. Yet all of them were in vain. One way or another, regardless of what I could have, should have or might have done I would have broken eventually. Her eyes always did that to me. They’re colour. They’re heat. They’re depth. The way they could see so far through me.

Eventually I would have caved, I would have told her how I felt. And had I acted any colder to her than I had she would have laughed in my face or punched me out. I created the best scenario for my feelings. And now it was spiralling out of control because Voldamort was going to eradicate all those who are not pure. Including her.

I resolved to break up with her. Keeping her as far away from the death eaters would be the best thing I could do for her.

Yet even though I resolved that, I couldn’t follow through with it.

That night at the great hall, when the first years were walking in a paper crane landed on my plate. I knew instantly who it was from and my heart sank.

I looked over at the beautiful brunette the next table over. She was staring at me with those large, bright brown eyes smiling excitedly at me.

I swallowed hard as I opened the crane carefully to see what was present on it. A carefully made doodle of her and me, in a style she called chibi, were both riding a broom in the night sky, full moon behind us. The chibi that was supposed to represent her was holding a flower that was covering her mouth. The chibi that was supposed to be me was driving the broom and had what looked like a lipstick mark from where, I presumed, her chibi kissed mine. Mine was blushing heavily and pouting while looking away.

She had sent me many of these by owl over the summers we had spent apart. When things were okay I had them all up on my walls in my room so I had a piece of her to think about when she wasn’t with me.

Now I just felt disgusted. I crumpled the paper up, refusing to allow myself to admit how good the picture was, and held it over a near by candle. I watched through the flames Torri’s excited expression devolve into one of sadness and confusion.

I knew exactly how long it would have taken her to make this. I had watched her go through the entire process from start to finish on more than one occasion. Even the ones that didn’t end up the way she wanted, she was still proud of how mush she improved. I knew watching what I just did hurt her. But I did it to protect her.

I strode forward and grabbed the platinum blonde by the arm forcing him to turn around and look at me.

“What’s up with you?” I finally snapped at him. My patience was tested to its far limits and I was close to breaking at this point.

Not only had Draco been avoiding me this whole first week, he burned the drawing I had sent him the first day, given me the cold shoulder when I had tried to talk to him, he didn’t even try to find me on the train.

“Nothing, Mudblood.” He hissed, staring at me coolly.

“Who pissed in your porridge this morning?” I scoffed.

He just rolled his eyes and turned to leave me, but I grabbed his arm and forced him to stay.

“Draco.” I warned, “Tell me what’s wrong.”

He exhaled sharply through his nose before looked around carefully.

“Not here.” He whispered cautiously, “Meet me tonight, by the kitchens around midnight.”

“Will you actually show up?” I accused.

“I promise.” He told me earnestly, all the ice melting from his blue pools and showing me his true intent. He was finally honest with me, he was letting me know this.

“Alright.” I relented, “Don’t be late or you will rue this day, I have so many muggle gadgets up my sleeve this year it isn’t funny.”

And with that I let him go. Allowing myself a few moments to watch him walk off. Something was seriously wrong with him. I had the strangest feeling in my gut about it.

I stood completely still against the wall, listening and waiting. Everything was dark, there were no paintings of people here, there was no one to listen in. I had debated waiting in the kitchen itself, but decided against it not knowing if Draco would look in there.

I heard sounds to my left approach, I didn’t have my wand. It was far better to venture out in the middle of the night without one, your eyes would adjust so much better to the dark without one. Draco agreed with that, so he never brought his either.

“Torri?” Draco called softly into the darkness.

“Right here, Prince.” I said in the same hushed tone, extending my hand out for him. He grasped my hand and stepped forward towards me.

We both stood there a few inches from touching the other, letting our eye adjust to the darkness so we could see each other a little bit better.

“What’s wrong, Draco?” I finally asked, “You’ve been so different since we got back from summer break. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Death eaters.” Was the first thing he uttered as he reached forward and stoked my cheek as he pressed his fore head to mine, “He who must not be named. He’s back. The death eaters, they serve him. My father’s one of them. The dark lord wants nothing more than to eradicate all non pure bloods. That includes half breeds, muggle borns, even plain muggles when he gains enough power. Torri, they’re going to hurt you. Especially if I keep you close like this. And I can’t bear that thought.”

He began to shake and felt him begin to cry. I wrapped my arms around him and smoothed his hair a bit.

“It’s okay.” I promised and kissed the side of his head.

“How can you say that!” He demanded between sobs, “You’re gonna die!”

“No.” I said plainly, “I’m too smart to be killed by someone who only sees blood status.”

“Are you insane!?” He asked pulling away from me and holding me by my shoulders.

“Yes.” I smirked, “That’s why I love you.” I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair to calm him down. I paused a few minutes as he took a few deep breaths to steady himself.

“I understand your pain, stress and anxieties, Draco.” I started resting my hands on his shoulders, “But I’m a big girl. I’m capable of wandless magic. And I’m far too stubborn to let you go through this alone.”

“So, what are we gonna do, genius?” He asked, finally regaining his composure.

“Nothing.” I said dropping my hands from his shoulders and letting my arms fall back to my sides, “At least not yet. I want you to keep and eye and ear out about what’s going on with you-know-who and the death eaters. I can’t do that, but you can. Let me know everything you do, even if it isn’t significant, I can use that information.”

“You want me to gather information?” He muttered not understanding.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?” I smirked.

He let out a half laugh.

“Then what?” He shrugged.

“We’ll figure that out when he get there.” I assured, “Until then,” I grabbed his shoulders again and leaned up to place a soft kiss on his lips, “Good night, Draco. I love you.”

I turned to go down the corridor back to my room.

“I love you too, Torri.” Draco let out shakily.

“If you raise that want at me to make me forget you and everything we’ve been through together I will never forgive you, and when school is done I’ll go back to Canada and never look back.” I warned knowing what he was about to do.

“How did you…” He trailed off.

“Felt your wand in your pocket.” I told him, “It might be the easiest way for you to protect me, though.”

“Then why-”

“Because when has anything we’ve done ever been easy?” I cut him off.

Draco didn’t say anything. I could only imagine he was staring at me, wondering what to do next.

“Good night, Draco.” I said again, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night, Torri.” He said quietly behind me, I heard him turn and take his leave.

Things were not about to be easy. I knew there was a very good chance of death, regardless of what we did. But he wasn’t about to go through this alone, not so long as I had a breath in my body.

I walked down the steps to the dungeon feeling like crap. I only wanted to protect her. Yet here I am. Being sent to bed by the girl I love who insists she’ll make everything work. I only see death in the future. Then again, I never had been too good with divination, something she excelled in.

I sighed to myself and stuffed my hands into the pockets of my robe, only to feel something that wasn’t there before. I grasped it in one hand and hurried back to the common room. There, under the dim lights did I pull it out and look at it.

It was a necklace, with various tiny rocks woven into the leather band. In the center was a circular piece of metal with an odd engraving in it. It must have come from Torri. But when?

Something to ask in the morning.

“What’s what?” She asked as she put another spoonful of the morning’s porridge in her mouth.

“This.” I held back a snap as I pulled out the necklace she had given me.

She swallowed her mouth full and adjusted her seating so she was straddling the bench and facing me, she held her hand out for me to give her the band, and I did.

She grabbed my hand as well and draped the leather strap over my wrist.

“Once for a wish.” She smiled as she tied a knot and brought the straps back around to the other side of my wrist, “Twice for love.” Her eyes were shinning brightly this morning as she did this, it was one of those exceedingly rare days where her eyes could almost be mistaken for hazel if you weren’t close enough, “Thrice for protection.” She said after she brought the straps back down and tied them over top of where the first knot was made.

She looked up from my hand, smile still completely evident on her lips.

“Keep this on.” She told me, “It will protect you.”

“And what will protect you?” I demanded.

She pulled another of those leather straps with the stones and the oddly engraved metal out of her pocket.

“I got another one, but if you think it’s stupid you don’t have to.” She told me.

I had to stop myself from ripping the band out of her hands and yanking her left hand too hard towards me so I could tie it.

“Once for…” I forgot how it went.

“A wish.” She encouraged.

“Once for a wish.” I said and tied it, wrapping it around her wrist carefully, “Twice for love.” She nodded for me to continue. I wrapped it around again after I made another knot, “Thrice for protection.” And with that I tied the final knot, kissing her wrist once I was done.


“For insurance.” I cut her off, “I don’t know how effective this muggle thing is, if nothing else actual magic can be instilled in it.”

“For protection?” She teased.

I coughed before straightening out and standing up, getting ready to take my leave, “For protection.”