Crimson Love(A Renji Yomo Lemon)

My back roughly hit the hard wall as a skilled tongue forced its way into my mouth. My fingers tangled their way into silky blonde hair. Our teeth clashed together as I wrapped my legs around his slim hips, trying desperately to get closer to him.

His hands pulled my shirt open, forcing buttons to fly. We both took a reluctant moment to catch our breaths and stared into each others black and red eyes. We both had our kagune activated from earlier.

A fight, a small injury, and I was covered in blood. It had soaked through my cloths and smeared onto my skin, creating an… interesting contrast to the heat and lust we were both feeling at the moment.

I pushed his jacket off and all but ripped his shirt up over his head. Renji lifted his arms to aid me, I tossed it to the side before running my tongue over his collar bone.  He pulled at and tore the wrappings I wore around my chest while in costume, allowing my modest chest to spring free. He palmed one of my breasts while his other hand was on my ass, massaging that.

I moaned against his pale skin before I bit down, drawing a small amount of blood. It was his turn to moan as I licked it all up. His one hand left my chest and instead tangled into my dark hair, pulling me away from him. He flashed me a shit eating grin before tugging my head back further and attacking my chest with millions of love bites.

I moaned quietly as his sinful mouth worked its magic, and let out a louder one as he actually broke skin on the top of my left breast, drawing blood. Which he happily lapped up before sucking on my nipple.

I panted, getting even hotter and more bothered by the second. If things didn’t proceed soon, I’d go crazy. Without thinking I removed my hands from his hair and reached down to undo his belt and pants, sticking my hands down and rubbing his half hard cock in his pants.

“Amaya.” He growled in my ear.

“Renji.” I matched, “I can’t wait much longer.”

“For someone so patient in everyday life, you certainly are pushy during sex.” He nipped as my neck.

I ground my hips against his as I replied, “Only because you tease me so much.”

“I give you what you want eventually.” He gasped.

“Not soon enough if you ask me.”

Before I knew it my bare chest was pressed against the cold, brick side of the building I had once been pressed against. My back was arched with my ass sticking out towards Renji, who firmly had one hand in between my shoulder blades keeping me pinned against the wall while his other worked on my belt. Then the button on my pants. And then the zipper. Before slowly pulling down my pants and panties halfway down my thighs.

His hand that was on my back moved towards my face.

“Suck.” He commanded.

I grinned as I took two of his didgets in my mouth without question and began suckling for dear, sweet life. All the while I could feel him get harder and harder as his member was partially resting on my ass, waiting patiently for the proper lubricant. The man never wanted to hurt me.

I slowly took in a third and watched the reaction on his face as I turned my head to look at him. The hunger in his red eyes could not be  more evident. And I returned ever last drop.

He finally couldn’t take it anymore and removed his fingers from my mouth, wasting no time he thrust one into me.

I moaned and braced myself against the wall with my arms as he began to finger fuck me. He added another and scissored me to stretch me in order to take his size. He wasn’t unbelievably giant, on the other hand, I was quite small down there. As he added the third finger I felt stretched the point of tearing and whimpered slightly in pain. Soft lips touched my lips as his fingers were removed. I whined at the loss but knew it was only temporary and was about to be replaced by something better.

He lined himself up at my entrance before ramming into me. I moaned in surprise and pleasure, but he was able to fit. Renji stayed like that for a few moments, allowing the time to adjust myself around him.

I nodded and braced myself better against the wall when I was used to his feel. The blonde planted his feet and gripped my hips before starting a killer pace. I moaned out again, the melody of skin slapping on skin and the occasional squelch of sex echoed out in the night air. My core was alight with fire only Renji was capable of bringing out in me, and my chest was ice cold pressed against the building. It was almost too much.

I felt Renji started to pulse inside me, knowing he was close. I had plans to milk him for all he was worth. One of his hands was removed from my hip as he reached around to play with my clit. That sent me over the edge. I was a convulsing, moaning mess as I pushed myself off the wall and into the chest and loving arms of Renji. He came inside me and held me close as I came down from my high.

His right hand drawing little designs along my abdomen. When I looked down, I saw he was actually drawing along my tummy with the still wet blood from my closed wound. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder and smiled at him. He smiled at me.

“I love you.” We both said at the same time, before leaning in and meeting for a passionate kiss.