Mind(Revy Lemon)

I felt all the eyes upon me as I stood next to the woman who told me to call her Nee-san despite the fact we looked nothing alike. She was tall and curvy with blonde hair and blue eyes. While I stood next to her lanky, very little figure, black hair and dark eyes. How were we related?

Standing opposite to us were four people. A tall black man whose name I recalled was Dutch. A tall blonde man, I believe was called Benny. A japanese man with black hair, Rock was his name. And then there was a girl brown eyes and plum hair, I haven’t caught her name yet.

“Why do we have to look after her!?” The girl demanded.

“I want her safe.” Nee-san said shortly, “She won’t be with me, and I wont risk putting her in harms way.”

“If you aren’t strong, you shouldn’t be here in Roanapur!” She hissed back, “So why the hell is she here!?”

An icy tension filled the room as everyone waited for Nee-san’s response. Why was I here?

“She is very dear to me, Revy.” Nee-san began, “Due to an accident, she has lost her memory. But let me assure you, once her memory has returned, you will not be disappointed with who she is.”

“Nee-san.” I called to the blonde woman, claiming her attention in an instant, “Who am I?”

“She doesn’t even remember that!?” Revy yelled.

“Revy,” Rock tried to reason with, “These things occur when a person suffers from amnesia, it’s not odd.”

“I’m not going to baby sit her!”

“You are a very special person, Eliza.” She smiled down at me, “Until you have regained your memories, don’t worry about it.”

I looked down and nodded. I was still unsure about it all. I had so many questions.

“I’ll pay you each ten million american dollars.” Nee-san said, turning her attention back to the four, “Half now, half later.”

“What’s later?” Revy grumbled.

“When she regains her memories.”

“Um, Balalaika?” Rock probed tentatively, “How are you sure that she’ll regain her memory? Some people never recover from it.”

A larger smile grew on Nee-san’s face as she replied, “Because I believe she will.”

Needless to say I was currently living with Dutch, Benny, Rock and Revy. I was still very confused. Benny and Rock seemed very opened and welcoming to me. Dutch was rather neutral towards me. Revy was completely against me being there, even after the fact.

I did my best to stay out of their way in their day to day lives.

Presently I was sitting on the couch in the office reading the daily paper. I knew Dutch was out conducting business, Benny was down on the ship working on his computers, Rock was out getting supplies, and Revy was sleeping.

Revy. I thought about her a lot. There was just something about her that interested me, but I had no idea why that was. Until I regained my memories there was going to be no way for me to tell the reason behind it.

A door slamming open drew me from my thoughts. Revy stormed out of her room and into the office area towards the fridge pulling out a beer.

“What are you staring at?” She demanded from me as she whipped around, a can of beer in her hands. She had a blush on her face, she hadn’t been sleeping before like I thought she had. She was drinking.

“Umm.” I couldn’t think of anything. I had been watching her after all.

She let out a tsk sound, “Thinking you’re all high and mighty just because Balalaika is taking care of you!”


“You piss me off!” She growled as he leaned down and got right in my face.

I whimpered and tried to back myself up as far back into the couch as I could but it wasn’t any use.

“And yet you turn me on.” She hissed again.

I almost couldn’t comprehend what she had just said as her lips roughly attacked mine. The can of beer in her one hand fell to he floor as she used one hand to grip my hair tightly and the other was sent to pull me up and grope at my ass.

My eyes were wide at her actions as our teeth roughly met in the middle. That being said, I wasn’t against the actions she was performing.┬áNow I knew why I had been interested in her.

Her one hand that was on my ass crawled up under my shirt and groped at my chest, her one hand stayed in my hair keeping me in the kiss.

“Eliza. Revy. I’m-

Rock was cut off as he entered the office and saw us together in a tangle of saliva and limbs.

Revy just growled at the japanese man as she untangled her hand from my hair.

“I-I, uh, I didn’t mean to-

“Shut it!” She hissed at him and grabbed my arm, pulling me behind her back into her room.

Once the door was slammed shut and locked she pressed me against it and started the onslaught of a tongue war again. This time, feeling brave I moved my hands up to tangle in her loose hair. She pulled away after I did this and stared at me.

“There are better things to hold on to, Elisa.” She growled lustfully to me before literally tearing my t-shirt off, leaving my small chest exposed.

I gasped as she started to play with my nipples and suck on them. It wasn’t fair that she was doing this kind of torture to me and I couldn’t feel her. After her growl I had thrown my hands up and decided it was best not to touch her, but now.

I tentatively reached down and forward to fondle her chest, and possibly coax her out of her top. Before I could do any of that she sent me flying to the other end of the room onto her bed. My head hit the window sill and before I knew it she was before me pulling off my jeans and panties in one swift motion, sending there somewhere in the room.

She then forced my knees apart and knelt down before me, flashing a seductive smirk at me before she lowered her head and began her work. I let out a moan as her tongue came into contact with my pussy. She worked me over well, licking and sucking at my dripping heat before she started to finger fuck me as well.

I cried out in pleasure as she added her first finger and sucked on my sensitive bud. I turned into a mess of moans as she added her second finger and began a scissoring motion. At this point the heat was almost unbearable, the coil in my stomach was ever so present and very tight. I needed to come, and Revy knew that.

She gave me my desire when she inserted her third finger and drove me over the edge.

I gave out another cry as white pleasure washed over me, and along with it everything I had been missing.

When my vision cleared enough to see Revy kneeling before me with a self satisfied smirk on her face, I used it to my advantage.

I lunged forward, taking her by surprise and hauling her up off the floor and onto the bed with me, stripping her of her belt and using it to tie her hands to the headboard. Her face was that of absolute shock as I did this.

I could only smirk to myself as I pulled her crop top off her busty frame and toss it haphazardly somewhere in the room. I then watched her intently, never breaking eye contact as I kissed, licked, sucked and bit on her round breasts and perky nipples. Her brown eyes held my gaze as I did this. She didn’t even flinch as I worked my way down her body to the hem of her shorts.

She was red in the face and completely shocked at what I was doing. In a swift movement I had her shorts and panties off thrown somewhere I didn’t care about.

I licked my lips as I pushed her tights apart and leaned down to claim her like she did me.

“What the hell happened to yo-ooh!” Revy cut herself off with a moan of her own and threw her head back in pleasure as I eased in a finger to tease her a little bit.

“Between that hit from the window sill and the orgasm I just had,” I explained to her in a low growl as I swirled my finger around inside of her slowly, causing her to writhe in pleasure, “Everything came flooding back to me. Now I want to return the favour, and say thank you.”

Before she could retort I lowered my head back to her soaking pussy and added another finger, which I then proceeded to pump in and out of her before I started to lick and suck at her moist folds. I took all the encouragement I needed from the grunts and little whines she let out. I knew she wouldn’t give me satisfaction of another moan springing forth from her lips like before, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was loving every second of this.

I was proved even more right when I added my tongue into her pussy to fuck her that way as well. Everything tightened and she came undone in the matter of seconds.

After her orgasm ended, I lingered down there a moment to lap up the cum that spilled out before straightening out onto my haunches and licking my fingers clean. The scene before me was priceless.

Revy was on her back, face red, panting like a dog. Her voluptuous chest rose and fell with every intake of breath, and it still dawned the marks I had made there mere moments earlier. Her hands were bound above her head giving her no way of covering herself from me.

I could only smirk as I crawled forward on her body and carefully untied her hands before I placed a gentile kiss on her wrists and placed them on either side of her head. I then slid from above her and onto my side next to her, my back facing the wall. I moved some her hair from her face so I could see her brown eyes better.

“Who the hell are you?” She panted out.

I pressed a sweet kiss to her temple before I replied.

“My name is Eliza Wart.” I began as I drapped an arm over her stomach in some attempt to cuddle with the mercenary, “People who hire me will generally call me ‘Clearless’.”

Her eyes widened registering my code name.

“I’m an assassin. I generally work for Balalaika, but I’ll accept work from almost anyone.” I yawned, “Rest assured, I won’t hurt you or your team.”

“Shouldn’t we get you back to Nee-san now?” Revy asked as she rolled over to face me.

“She won’t mind.” I assured the purplette as I pulled her closer, “After all, I’m back in the right mind set again. She can wait a little longer.”

“I guess you’re right.” She relented with a sigh and threw an arm over my shoulder, burying her head in my chest, “I don’t mind this too much either.”