I Did It ‘Cause You’re Pretty(An Ichigo Kurosaki One-Shot)

I still clung to my father’s arm as he set me down on the floor. I was told by my mother that I would have a play date today. It was with one of their friends’ children. I was just hoping for it to be a boy. I didn’t like girls very much.

Even for being barely a year old, I had a pretty good grasp of everything. Listening, processing, and realizing what’s going on around me.

My father laughed lightly at me still hanging onto him and picked me up again. I was a daddy’s girl. I knew it too.

“Kenpachi! Put her down, they’re here!” My mother ordered coming into the room with a beautiful woman next to her. Behind them was a man who had almost a goat beard, and he was acting crazy.

“Mashi, it’s my little girl I can do what I want.” Daddy snarled back.

Mama just glared at him. He started to sweat and gently set me back down next to all the toys that were out in the play room.

The woman walked up about three feet in front of me and set down a boy with orange hair.

“Play nicely with Shiai, Ichigo.” She told him. So his name was Ichigo. Ichigo, with orange hair. He looked like he needed to toughen up.

He clung to his mother like I did my father a minute ago. He wouldn’t let go. His mother and father did the best they could to pry him off but it wasn’t any good.

I rolled my eyes and started playing with the toy cars I had on the floor. I was so into my game I didn’t realize someone come up behind me.

It wasn’t until I felt the pig tails I had on either side of my head get pulled back hard did I notice anything. I whined and threw the closest thing near me behind me to stop it. I did, the truck hit something, someone cried, and my pig tails fell back to either side of my face like they usually would.

I turned around to see Ichigo sitting behind me crying. I hit him, and he pulled my pig tails. It was even in my eyes.

Our mothers and Fathers came rushing into room to see what was wrong. Ichigo was crying and I was pretty sure I had a look on my face of pain as well. I still felt the pull on my hair. That was dirty! No hair pulling in anything, it’s against the rules! Daddy taught me that.

After Ichigo finally calmed down, our parents got what happened. I hurt Ichigo, only because I wanted him to stop pulling my hair. It was understood on both sides, but now our parents sat in the room with us watching us.

I think Ichigo was playing with building block, and I was still playing with my cars. I got tired of playing, and well just plain tired. I crawled over to my daddy and curled up in his lap. I fell asleep like that, still wondering why he did that.

Fast Forward Time Skip—->>>>

We were running away from the guys that picked some beef with us. Ichigo and I were walking home from school. We were in middle school now. We’re both twelve and really good friends. On the way some high schoolers from somewhere I didn’t care about came up to us and started picking a fight because we were different.

They started teasing Ichigo about his orange hair. And making sexual comments about my silver hair, and saying things like I was albino because I had red eyes as well.

We both stopped this when someone said that they should shave off the orange hair, and see if this was my real silver hair(If you’ve ever watched the outsiders when Dally was talking to Cherry you get where I’m coming from). We beat them up just enough to run.

There were about six of them and neither of us were well enough to fight completely right now. A few days back we got in a fight and got kinda hurt, we still weren’t at our best yet.

Ichigo pulled me into an alley. But instead of by my arm it was by my loose hair. I haven’t worn it up at all since our first encounter.

He pulled me and pushed me against the wall. I was about to yell at him when he covered my mouth with his hand. The guys that were chasing us ran right past us. We waited a couple of minutes before we moved.

He removed his and I glared at him.

“What?” He spat as we walked home.

“Why the hell did you pull my hair back there?” I almost yelled. I was pretty calm but this was starting to make my blood rise.

“Well excuse me for saving you from another sexual assault.” He warned.

I shivered. He knew about that. When I was a little girl walking home because my grandfather didn’t care, and my parents disappeared after I was about two. I was raped. He knew I didn’t like to talk or think about it.

“Sorry.” He mumbled as we were coming to my street.

I shook my head, “It’s okay. Thanks.” I told him.

He nodded, “See ya’ tomorrow.”

I walked back up to my Grandfather’s shrine as Ichigo walked towards his family’s clinic.

Fast Forward Time Skip—->>>>

Ichigo¬†and I were sixteen now. He was a substitute shinigami and he knew that I was sorta like him. I had soul reaper powers, but I’ve had them my entire life. But my soulreaper form was turning my human body inside out. I know that sounds weird. But my soul reaper form is the same vestle as my body.

Like when Ichigo takes a soul candy and his soul is pushed out of his body and then his body is an empty shell. My soul takes over my body, so that form is my reaper form.

I’m pretty much the same as I was in human form, however I have silver wolf ears and a wolf tail, also silver. I have two zompakto, both of the wind.

We both know all that about each other, and why we didn’t come clean about it sooner. He would have thought I had lost it. And he thought I wouldn’t believe him. Both were probably true enough.

Right now we were fighting off a couple different hallows. They were strong, and we had to be careful. Again, more hallows from the other day.

There was only one left. Unfortuanlly we were both exhausted.

He was coming at me. Ichigo pulled me away from the blow and flashed stepped away with me. Unfortuanlly he was pulling me away by my hair.

When he stopped I almost exploded.

“Why the hell do you keep doing that?” I almost yelled. I was pissed and he knew it.

“Doing what?” He asked like he hand no idea.

“You keep pulling my hair, why?” I hissed.

He looked at me for a minute, then laughed lightly shaking his head.

“Do you really wanna know why I keep pulling your hair, Shiai?” He asked stepping closer to me to we were practically pressed against each other.

I nodded and crossed my arms.

He smirked then pushed me aside. I didn’t even realize that the hallow found us. I looked up in a daze as Ichigo finished him off in one blow. He landed back on the round and turned to me. For once in my life, I blushed as he gazed over me.

“I did it ’cause your pretty, Shiai.” He told me.

I couldn’t say anything. He chuckled and walked over to me, helping me up.

“I only ever pulled your hair because I thought it was pretty. I thought you were pretty. But I know I’m wrong now.” I looked down, “You, your hair, your eyes, your everything, Shiai, is beautiful.”

I looked up at him straight into the eye. He was telling the truth.

“I love you, Shiai.” He said, “I just never knew how to tell you.”

“I-I, I love you too Ichigo.” I told him smiling.

He smiled too. We leaned in and met in the middle in an electrifying, mind-blowing, passionate, loving kiss. It was perfect.

The Next Day—>>>

I was sitting in my desk reading. I always got here early. I was just waiting for class to start, or Ichigo to get here. Whatever came first.

Down the hall I heard the faint yell of Kegio coming this way, “Sh~i~ai~!” He exclaimed throwing himself through the door right at me.

I sighed and moved swiftly from my chair to sit on my desk. He crashed into my chair and pushed it, along with all the other chairs and desks in the row, towards the window.

“Morning, Kegio.” I told him board.

“Shiai! You and Ichigo are so mean!” He exclaimed.

I simply grabbed a chair and sat back down.

I felt my long silver hair being lifted from my shoulders and back. I turned a little to see Ichigo tying my hair up in an orange ribbon.

“Morning, Ichi. What are you doing?” I asked.

“Morning, Shi.” He said, “I’m putting your hair up.”

“Why did you put it up?” I asked.

He leaned in and kissed my cheek, then whispered in my ear and said, “I did it because your always more beautiful with your hair up.”

I blushed a little, and throughout the day his words echoed in my head.

“I did it ’cause you’re pretty.”

No, no that’s not it.

“I did it because you’re beautiful.”