Obscuring The Heart(Part 11)


Hiccup, Astrid and I all entered the great hall to be met with a load of screaming and yelling in concern and anger over the fact that Stoik was no longer here. It wasn’t much of a surprise to me that the twins where there just trying to cause more havoc in the chaos.

“There you are.” Gobber said as he pushed through the crowd to the back and grabbed Hiccup and me, “You two are the acting chiefs,” He told us, “Your people need you.”

“Um..” Hiccup trailed off trying to find words, but was downed out by the crowd.

“Enough!” I boomed, my voice reverberating off the high walls, “I understand all of your concerns, but I assure you everything is fine. There is no need to panic. Stoik will return to us safely, and we will not be under threat of the Berzerkers.”

“How can we trust and Outcast!” Someone in the crowd shouted.

“That’s right! She could be working with Alvin or Dagur to get us to lower our guards!” Another shouted.

They all let out a cry of anger, aimed at me this time. I wanted to yell at them that I wasn’t, I wanted to point out the amount of times I had saved this village, I wanted to set my case. But I knew that whatever I said was going to fall on deaf ears, they didn’t want me leading them. They might never want me leading them again.

“That’s enough!” Astrid called gaining everyone’s attention, “Sigrid the Siren Haddock would be the last person on this island to form and alliance with Dagur the Deranged who is currently in control of the Outcasts! I don’t think I need to remind everyone of how they fought and nearly killed each other each and every year the treaty needed to be signed. It doesn’t matter if she was born an Outcast, she was raised here on Berk with us. This is where her loyalties lay. And if all of you are too pigheaded to see that, you have no right to be concerned for Stoik. Go back to your huts and wait until we get him back, that’s all your entitled to.”

Everyone was silent and staring at Astrid, especially myself.

“What?” She asked with a shrug as she met my eye, “I might not like you as a person, Sigrid, but at the very least, and if nothing more, I respect you as a warrior. And just because you found out the truth of who you are changed, doesn’t change what you’ve done for us and the village.”

I felt my mouth close and a small smile spread across my lips, “Thank you.” I said to her softly.

“My sister is correct with what she says.” Hiccup called, gaining everyone’s attention, “Whether you want to believe in her not is not my concern, but we will bring our father back. So you have nothing to worry about, please just remain calm until he returns.”

As I looked around the room I saw no one in the crowd could meet my eye. Astrid’s words had hit home. They were ashamed, and they were remembering some of the acts I had done to save the village and its people along with the wild and violent fights Dagur and I have had.

Hiccup pulled me by my hand and we left the great hall, heading straight for home. We had to figure out what to do.

I sighed as I sat in my chair at the table as Hiccup looked over dad’s ax.

“They were friends you know.” Gobber said coming through the door.

Both Hiccup and I looked up at the blonde man.

“Who?” We asked at the same time.

“Stoik and Alvin.” He told us as he pulled a fish out of the pot over the fire and threw it at Toothless, “They were inseparable since they were born. Grew up together, almost like brothers.”

“What happened to them?” Hiccup asked.

“They grew up,” He started, “Stoik became chief and it seemed to be all down hill from there.”

“Gobber?” I asked, my voice hardly more than a squeak, “Where you there the night I washed up on shore?”

“Aye, that I was lass.” He told me.

“Did Stoik know I was Alvin’s daughter and that’s why he took me in?” I almost whispered the last part, but I needed to know.

“He didn’t know right away who’s you were.” He told me, “After a once over of that necklace you had with you, he knew. To be honest with you lass, some of us wanted to put you back in the boat and send you right off again, but Stoik wasn’t having any of it. I think the reason he kept you was because he felt bad for banishing Alvin. But don’t think for a second that he didn’t love you. He raised you like his own because he wanted you to be his own. He was hard on you because he wanted you to be the best you could be.”

I ran a hand over my hair, running my fingers through the braids that weren’t tied back. This made things so much harder.

“Hiccup!” I heard Fishlegs scream and I got to my feet, “Sigrid!” He burst through the door huffing and puffing, “Island! Screaming! Coming!”

“Slow down, Fishlegs.” Hiccup assured the blonde, “What happened?”

After taking a deep breath, Fishlegs replied, “Meatlug and I were on patrol, we saw the Screaming Death eating some rocks. It was just past Dragon Island when we saw it, and it’s making its way here.”

We all rushed outside to make sure it wasn’t already upon us.

“How much longer to you think we have?” I asked him.

“Not long.” The husky boy replied.

“Hiccup!” Astrid yelled and ran up to us with a piece of parchment wrapped around an arrow in her hand, “This is from Dagur.”

She handed it to him and Hiccup read it.

“What does it say?” I asked my brother.

“It says we have until tonight to deliver Toothless or, our father will be…” He crumpled up the paper and tossed it to the side. He didn’t have to continue for us to know what he meant.

“What are you thinking?” I asked him, knowing that look.

“Astrid, you and Fishlegs round up Snotlout and twins. Prepare for the Screaming Death. Sigrid, I need you with me for a bit, once we’re done you’re with them preparing.” he told me.

We all nodded. The blondes took off to round up the others. Hiccup and I mounted our dragons and I followed him to the arena where Alvin was being held.

We got off and Hiccup opened the door keeping Alvin in.

“Well this is a dilemma.” The taller man said as he stepped out, “Should I stay, should I go?”

“Both.” Hiccup told him, “You are going to help me get our father back.” He told him, “You are going to show Toothless and I a way into Outcast Island where we can then save him.”

“You finally did come around.” He smirked, “But what if I’ll only show my daughter.”

“I’ll never see you again.” I warned, the smirk from his face dropped, “If you don’t show Hiccup in and help him save Stoik, you will never see me again,” I paused before adding, “Alvin.”

His face looked utterly defeated as I refered to him by his name, rather than calling him my father.

“Fine.” He relented bitterly before adding, “But when this is all over, you and I need to sit down for a heart to heart missy.”

“When everything is said and done.” I told him.

“Alright.” He said and nodded at Hiccup, “I’ll take you in.”

“You two be safe.” I told them, glancing between them, “We don’t know what Dagur has up his sleeve.”

“You be safe here too.” Hiccup told me and rested a hand on my shoulder, “You might just be facing something scarier than Dagur.”

I smirked at him, “Dagur isn’t scary, he’s an overgrown toddler that explodes when he doesn’t get his way.”

“Yeah,” Hiccup said sarcastically, “The only difference is that this toddler can hold his own with you in a life or death fight.”

“That’s why I’m telling you to be safe!” I told him as I mounted Shadowsplinter and flew out of the arena heading for the forge.


Obscuring The Heart(Part 10)


Hiccup and I both landed next to the arena on our dragons. Those that were stuck in there were trying to kill the others. The culprit for it was the dragon root that was sitting in the middle of the arena.

I growled to myself. Dagur had gotten smarter.

“What do we do?” Astrid asked my brother as she gazed on in horror of what was occurring in the enclosure.

Snotlout came running up saying he needed to tell Hiccup something very important, my brother just brushed him off to take care of the main issue we were facing.

“Fishlegs,” Hiccup started, “You and Meatlug need to go in there and get the root while the others distract their dragons. Toothless and I, and Sigrid and Shadowsplinter can’t go in because we would be affected by the root. It’s all on you two.”

“You hear that girl?” Fishlegs asked his Gronkle, “It’s up to us.”

The others rushed in to do as planned. Fishlegs was almost at the exit when it slammed down right in front of him.

Berzerkers had closed it, and Dagur had several men with crossbows all aimed at Hiccup and toothless. I wasn’t near enough to Shadowsplinter to get them to drop their weapons or miss fire with the force of his wings. But I readied my ax, if I could get one clean hit on Dagur all his men’s attention would be on me. That would allow Toothless to knock the guards down and the others to get out. It was worth a shot.

“So, Hiccup,” Dagur said leering down at my brother, “What’s your answer?”

“The answer is, we’ll run you through and open the gate ourselves!” The voice of my father, Stoik the Vast echoed into the night. Dagur looked over to see my dad with several well respected vikings all armed and ready to fight. I used this as my opportunity.

I put my arms on either side of Dagur’s neck and grabbed the handle of my ax with both hands before throwing him back and jumping on him. I had caught him by surprise. I used it to my advantage to swing at him, but he dodged. I had managed to knock him off balance when he got back up, and hit his head pretty hard to the point he all but doubled over in pain. I was about to finish this finally when a large pair of hand pulled me back.

I had to fight one of his underlings. I got him down pretty easily once I had surprised him with my flexibility. I turned towards the gate, wanting to make sure Everyone got out, just in time to see Fishlegs speed out and knock my father and the man he was fighting down in the process.

Good. I thought, that’s one pain taken care of.

I hit the other guard that was coming up behind me in the stomach with the butt of my ax and he fell over too. But more reinforcements just kept coming. I got a few more down as they retreated.

I couldn’t see Dagur anywhere either, so I had assumed he and the rest of his men had retreated.

“Hiccup! Sigrid!” Gobber called, pulling my attention from the heap of bodies. I ran over to them and saw Dagur and Savage both had a blade to my father’s neck.

“Nobody make a move!” Dagur growled.

“Dagur.” I heard my dad, Alvin, growl out behind me at the red head.

“We’ll be leaving now.” Dagur said as he waved his sword around wildly, “And if I see one dragon following us, rider or not, you’ll be looking for a new chief.” He then began to cackle for a moment as Savage turned my father around, “We’ll be in touch!” Dagur called before leaving also.

Hiccup turned around to face everyone, “Okay here’s the plan; we’ll circle around, cut them off at the beach and then hit them with everything we’ve got so they won’t know what hit them.”

“I wouldn’t do that boy.” Alvin warned, “Back that rat up into a corner and you might not like the outcome.”

“Especially when that boy travels with a hundred ship armada.” Gobber added.

“But I have to save my father!” Hiccup exclaimed, “We,” He gestured to me, “Have to save our father.”

“Dagur is not going to hurt your father, yet.” Alvin told my brother, “Stoik is not what he wants.”

“He’s right.” Gobber chimed in.

“You want me to trust him!?” Hiccup asked Gobber like he had gone crazy.

“You can trust him.” I jumped in and assured the brunette.

Hiccup looked at me like I had sprouted another head and it was singing.

I touched his shoulder, “We can trust him.”

“How do you know!?” He demanded.

I chewed my tongue for a second thinking of what to say, before I settled on the truth.

“Because he’s my dad, Hiccup.” His expression changed from one of accusation to one of complete and utter shock, “Alvin is my birth father.” I reiterated, everyone’s face was the same as Hiccup’s, pure shock. Everyone, except for Alvin, he looked so full of pride because I called him that, “I trust my dad, Hiccup. Just like I trust my brother. You can trust him too. I give you my word he won’t lead you wrong.”

“How do you know!?” Hiccup all but yelled at me, “You just found out today that Berk’s greatest enemy was your father and because of that you want to trust him with your life? With our father’s life?”

“Don’t you dare take up that tone with me.” I snarled at my brother causing him to flinch, “Would Stoik leave you out to dry in a life or death situation?”

Hiccup glanced around for a moment before meeting my eyes, “No.” He said softly.

“Just because my circumstances are different from yours in terms of family, Hiccup, doesn’t mean that I’m going to turn a blind eye. After all, you don’t get a name like that if treachery isn’t in your blood.” I told him, calming down. That was one of the few times in my entire life I had snapped at my brother. I still wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

“Sorry, Si.” Hiccup started, “It’s just-”

“I know.” I cut him off, “I don’t want his head on my concious either. But you know almost as well as I do how unpredictable Dagur can be, especially when he wants something. At this moment we need all the leverage we can get. And you have no idea about any of the nooks and passages that lay in Outcast Island.”

I watched the look on my brother’s face shift, from careful consideration, to rage, to shame, to inquisitive. After a moment he looked up at Alvin.

“Would you lead my sister astray?” He hissed at the much taller man.

“Of course not, Meja was my daughter before she was your sister boy. And if teaming with you will keep her safe, and get me island back then why not?” He said.

“Daughter or not,”I cut in, “I go by Sigrid.”

“We’ll wait for Dagur to make the first move.” Hiccup decided, “Eventually he’s going to send a negotiation, isn’t he?”

I nodded, that Berzerker would not settle for anything less than what he wanted and would stop at nothing to get it. That being said, he wasn’t all axes blazing and fires lit. He could be quite diplomatic when the right situation occurred, and hostage negotiation just so happened to be one of them.

“We’ll wait until then.” Hiccup said to everyone, “Until then,” He looked at Alvin, “You will be locked up so we can keep an eye on you. I don’t care if you’re my sister’s father or not, I don’t fully trust you Alvin.”

“Fair enough.” Alvin said and allowed some of the villagers to lock him up in the arena for the next little bit.

“What just happened?” Tuffnut asked as with his mouth wide open in shock.

“Yeah,” Ruffnut added, “Did, Sigrid actually find her actual family?”

“What’s left of it.” I said awkwardly and shifted, hoping I could climb up onto Shadowsplinter fast enough to leave before anyone said anything else. But of course, I was never so lucky.

“Oh, my, Thor.” Tuffnut started, “You actually found your family!” He exclaimed and ran to tackle me in a hug, Ruffnut not too far behind him.

“This is great, Sigrid!” She exclaimed, “You finally found your home!”

“That means we need a home coming party!” Tuffnut yelled and let me go, “Oh, and you need a pretty new dress to look good for it.”

“And we need a feast to welcome you to your home.” Ruff added.

“Oh and decorations.”

“And music.”

“And, you know what, Si, you leave this to us. All you have to worry about is taking over the Outcast prison when we’re done.” Tuffnut said getting close to my face.

“And straightening out your posture.” Ruff added, “It’s not very lady like to stand hunched over like that. Or sit slouched, or make faces like that. Or keep your hair in such knots.”

“How about you two go and destroy something of little value before I decide to use your marrow for dinner.” I threatened through clenched teeth.

“Okay!” They both ran off to do something of the sort.

I sighed deeply and went to mount Shadowsplinter when I felt a lot of eyes on me. I looked over my shoulder to see Snotlout, Fishlegs, Astrid, Hiccup and Gobber staring at me.

“What?” I barked, turning around to face them fully.

“You actually did find where you came from.” Hiccup started.

“I found out who my father is.” I corrected, “Hold off on the parade for now.”

“Holding off on parade! Got it!” Ruff yelled back.

“Doesn’t that mean that when we get rid of Dagur and Alvin gets the island back, you’ll be there with him.” Fishlegs said carefully, “You know with your dad, away from us.”

I shrugged, “I never really thought about it.”

“What’s there not to think about?” Astrid asked, her voice cutting through the night air like a knife, “You wanted a family and to know where you came from. You got it. So what’s keeping you?”

“Astrid.” Hiccup warned.

“What?” She snapped at him, “That is what she wanted, isn’t it?”

“It’s not that easy.” He told her, before turning his attention to me, “I hope.”

“I never thought this far ahead.” I told them, “I just wanted to know who my parents actually were. I wanted to know if they were still alive today, and if they were wondering if I was alive.” I looked away from them for a moment before mounting Shadowsplinter, “Anyway, we have bigger fish to fry. Everyone stay on guard, we still have the screaming death to worry about.”

Without another word Shadow and I took to the sky, we went on patrol to protect the island and those we cared about.

Obscuring The Heart(Part 9)


I pushed past vikings to get closer to the front to see what was going on. Alvin the Treacherous was chained up in the great hall with Gobber reading his charges.

“Alvin the Treacherous,” He started, “You are here by charged with the following crimes; treachery, attempted treachery, premeditated treachery, conspiracy to commit treachery, and, well, you get the idea.”

Everyone was yelling in disgust at the man. But I looked on with wonder. There was just something that wasn’t sitting right in my gut when I looked at him, I had to find out what it was.

My father soon hushed the crowd, ordering Alvin be sent to a jail on Berk until the proper sentencing could be handed down.

Alvin tried to make a proposition to my father, but he was having non of it. Alvin was soon hauled off to the jail. I looked as he walked away.

“Sigrid!” Hiccup said urgently as he came up to me with Astrid and Fishlegs in toe, “We need all our heads together.”

I looked at him, telling him to go on.

“The screaming death is closing in on Berk.” Fishlegs said nervously.

“We all need to come up with a way to stop it.” Hiccup told me.

I glanced back to Alvin a moment before he disappeared.

I nodded, “Okay.” I went with them to the training grounds to figure it out.

Hiccup and I landed just outside of Berk’s jail.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Dad called to us as we were about to reach the door.

“Alvin wanted to speak with me.” Hiccup told him.

“Sigrid.” The mountain of a man I called my father softly warned, “Are you sure you should be going in there?”

I looked over my shoulder at him and smile, “I’m not gonna let Hiccup go in there alone with one of Berk’s greatest threats, and there’s something I need to know too. I think I’m ready for some answers dad. Let me do this.”

The red head looked skeptical.

“I’ll be with her dad.” Hiccup assured, “We’ll be fine.”

Dad sighed, “Alright, but be careful. He can be unpredictable.”

We nodded before entering.

“Astrid said you wanted to see me.” Hiccup said when we came to Alvin’s cell.

“I did. But it seems you don’t go anywhere without your sister, do ya?” Alvin asked as he came to the door and looked down at us.

I leaned against the wall next to the door, well out of reach of him just in case.

“Say it in front of her or don’t say it at all, Alvin.” Hiccup warned, “This is the only chance you get.”

Alvin chuckled, “Very well. That Dagur kid is a bit of a loose cannon.”

“One way to put it.” Hiccup muttered.

“You clearly don’t know him that well if you’re using that much of an understatement.” I told him, bored of the topic already.

“I want my island back.” Alvin told us, cutting to the chase.

“So you can go back to planning to destroy our island?” Hiccup accused, “No way.”

“You misunderstand Hiccup.” Alvin said.

“Then what’s in it for us?” Hiccup snarled.

“The berzerkers out of your hair.” Hiccup turned to Toothless getting ready to leave.

“And the outcasts as an ally.”

Hiccup paused for moment and glanced at me. I then directed my attention back to the outcast.

“How do we know we can trust you?” I demanded.

“I never go back on my word, girl. And you have it, that is if you help me to get back my island, there will never be war between the two lands again.”

I looked back at Hiccup, and shrugged, “Something to think about.”

He nodded. He was too lost in his own thoughts to notice I hadn’t moved from my position next to the cell and exited the jail without me.

“I was hoping you would stay here alone.” Alvin growled at me.

I stepped right in front of the cell and stared at him.

“I’ll shoot straight with you,” I told him with a glare, “One way or another, Hiccup will accept your proposition, on his terms of course. In exchange I need you to tell me something about some of the people of your land.”

He let out a hiss like sound, “And what would that be.” He growled, towering over me.

I held his dark gaze, “14 or 15 years ago, there was a huge dragon attack on Outcast island. This one couple had a new born daughter-

“The wife died tragically to the claws of a dragon while the husband stayed and tried to buy the two some time. The daughter was never seen again on the island. Did trader Johan tell you that and you decided to rub it in?” He roared.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, I was confused. There was no way he knew what I was talking about.

“Don’t play stupid!” He snarled, “You were wearing my wife’s necklace on dragon island like it was a prize! Did one of your villagers kill my daughter too!?”

My glare was completely gone and I was hit with the sudden realization.

“Do you think their deaths are a joke?”

“Your wife’s name was Rane and your daughter’s was Meja.” I said swallowing.

He was seething at this point, “Why do you care?”

“You would throw your daughter up in the air and catch her to make her smile.

“Enough.” He growled.

“Your wife was frail and that carried on to your daughter.”


“But because of your blood she was still strong.”

“Get out!” He roared, “You know nothing of my family and what happened that night! You have no right to even speak their names, you useless Berkean!”

I sniffed hard for a second and stared at the ground.

“I’m not a Berkean.” I said to him quietly.

“What!?” He demanded.

“I wasn’t born on Berk.” I started, “I was born on outcast island to a woman with Blonde hair and blue eyes, whose name was Rane. My father was a powerful fighter and he had black hair with a full, thick beard. I was born frail. My only memory of the island was one night, during a dragon raid. My father held some off as my mother took me to a boat to get to safety. She left me in the boat in furs, and gave me her necklace. Her last words were ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Please be strong’ before she jumped out of the boat to be with my father, but she was ambushed on shore.” I felt a tear fall down my cheek as I looked up at Alvin and saw his face. He knew who I was, “I then floated until I landed on Berk. And for some reason Stoik the Vast took me in as one of his own. But for my own safety he kept it from me, until my brother trained the nightfury when I found it myself.”

Alvin’s mouth hung open a small amount. After a moment he managed to say something.

“Meja.” His voice broke a little.

“I think that’s my name.” I said as another tear fell, “I remember my mom saying that to me.”

“Meja!” Alvin then broke down onto his knees and began cry, “You’re alive! You’re alive. You’re alive. My beautiful Meja. I thought you were dead. And then I got the necklace, I thought they killed you. Meja.”

I walked closer to the cell door and knelt down in front of him and placed my hand on top of his giant one.

“I’m here.” I told him and sniffed again, “I’m here.”


“I’m here, dad.”



Obscuring The Heart(Part 8)


“Hiccup!” I cried to my brother as I grabbed him and pulled him behind a near by wagon full of straw.

“Sigrid, what is it-”

I threw my hand over his mouth and hushed him before peering around the corner to see a large, black reptile with piercing green eyes staring at me. I threw myself back against the cart.

“That’s a night fury.” I whispered to my brother.

He moved my hand from his mouth and said in a normal speaking voice.

“Yeah, you know Toothless.”

I shushed him again.

“The village is in danger, Hiccup.” I whispered again.

“What are you talking a-”

I pulled him close to me and put my hand over his mouth again.

“Shush.” I whispered again, “Do you wanna die? I don’t even have a weapon to defend us. And that night fury is walking around the village like he owns the place. We gotta get to Gobber.”

“What about dad?” He then whispered to me.

“I got up this morning and he wouldn’t let me have my weapons. Saying I wasn’t in my right enough min-”

I cut myself off, looking across the plaza to see Ruffnut and Tuffnut walking casually and talking while a giant green reptile with red spots followed them; stalking them.

“Stay here.” I whispered to Hiccup, who didn’t say anything. I peered around the corner to see the large dragon had lost interest for the moment and was sniffing around at the ground. I used it as an oppertunity to sprint across the plaza silently, and tacked both the twins out of the line of fire from the zipple back.

“Stay down.” I whispered to the two of them.

“Why?” Tuff asked me adjusting his helmet.

“Yeah, why?” Ruff asked with an equally loud voice.

“Shh!” I told them, pulling them under a wagon as I saw the dragon round the corner.

“You two should be careful, there’s dragon’s walking around the village like they own the place right now. And dad’s being stupid again and not letting me have my ax.”

“Uh, Si.” Tuff started.

“You do remember that we ride dragons, right?” Ruff asked.

“Yeah,” Tuff added, “Your own brother, Hiccup, even trained them.”

“You two are being ridiculous.” I snarled as I saw the night fury from before move closer to the wagon where Hiccup still sat. Only instead of being alone, he was looking up at one Astrid Hofferson and one Fishlegs Ingerman talking to them.

“Dragons and vikings living together. Impossible.” I stared in horror as Hiccup stood up as the night fury made its way over to them, “They’re going to get him killed.”

I hurriedly crawled out from under the wagon and grabbed a broom from the side of a house and ran over to save him. Or that was my intention before my face hit the dirt of the plaza floor.

“What are you two doing!?” I screamed at the twins as they pinned me down, “Hiccup’s gonna get killed!”

“Has she finally lost her marbles?” Astrid asked as the three of them and the dragon approached us.

“Shut up Hofferson!” I snarled, trying desperately trying to get the twins off, “I hope that zipple back burns you!”

“Do you want to tell me what’s going on with you, Sigird?” Hiccup asked.

“I’m trying to save your life.” I told him.

“I think she’s got eel pox again.” Ruff said.

“That would explain her lack of realization about the dragons.” Tuff added.

“That’s why dad took your weapons.” Hiccup sighed, “Sigrid you’d be a danger to everyone with them.”

“I would not!” I told him, “Dragons shouldn’t be here!”

“Dragons and vikings now live together in harmony.” Hiccup told me kneeling in front of me, “Why don’t you take all that energy and put it into something useful?”

“Useful?” I asked, “What would that be?”

“I don’t know, what would we do as kids together?” He asked.

“Make a fort!” I yelled and managed to throw the twins off as I threw my arms up in glee.

Hiccup laughed openly at me.

“Yeah, how about you go home and make a fort in our room.” Hiccup told me, “I gotta go do something for dad, but I’ll be back later and we can play in the fort together. Okay?”

I nodded furiously, mind filled ideas to make the best fort in Berk. I then lunged forward  and wrapped my arms around Hiccup’s neck, hugging him tightly. Hiccup sighed and returned the hug. After a moment, he said something.

“Si, I gotta go.”

“You have to promise me, we’ll play together when you get back first.” I giggled.

Hiccup sighed, “I promise.”

“Okay.” I said and instantly released him, “Hurry back.” I then jumped up and skipped my way back home.

I threw open the door and b-lined for the closet where we kept the spare blankets.

“Why are you home?” I looked over to see dad standing there with Gobber.

I smiled, “Hiccup said I should do something productive today because I’m full of energy. So I’m going to make a blanket fort in our room and when he gets back from an errand you sent him on we’re gonna play in it together.”

“You aren’t mad I took away your weapons this morning?” He asked as I inspected a spear leaning against the wall.

“No.” I said as I gathered the spear up with some of the blankets, “I’m going to make a fort!” I then giggled and bounded up stairs, eager to get started, “By the way dad, do you know if we have any rope?”

“Under the stairs.” He yelled up at me, “Sigrid, I’m going out. There’s a village issue I need to attend to. I’ll be at the great hall if you need anything.”

I poked my head downstairs to see the two men starting to leave.

“Is it serious?” I asked, causing them to pause, “Do you need my help?”

Dad and Gobber exchanged looks for a second before he replied, “Oh no, it’s just a little diplomatic dispute. You have no need to worry about it, Sigrid. Why don’t you go work on that fort of yours.”

“Okay.” I giggled and turned to start work.

Moving around our beds, desks and other miscellaneous furniture we had in our room I got the basic idea of the fort layed out. I then ran down stairs and grabbed all the rope, blankets and pillows I could find. Once all of that was up there I began working tirelessly to assemble the best fort I could possibly make.

“Sigrid?” I heard the familiar voice of my brother enter the house.

“Up here!” I yelled down to him. I heard him start up the stairs and stop a couple of steps from the top.

“Wow.” was all he said as he gazed in awe at what I had accomplished.

“Pretty nice, huh?” I said as I crawled half way out of the door way I had made to get in and out.

“You used the entire room!” He exclaimed.

I grinned and nodded, “I even included our furniture. But don’t worry, your desk is still usable. I made sure of that.”

“How, when, uh, what?” Hiccup struggled for words.

“Wanna come inside?” I asked hopeful.

“Uh, sure, why not?” He said and moved towards the entrance. I backed up, all the way in, making sure he had enough room.

“Wow.” He said again once he sat down and looked around a little.

It was a master piece. Rope was the center beam holding up most of the blankets that cascaded down and were neatly tucked behind boxes, our beds, chairs and desks. In the center was a spear, it kept the ceiling up and made it feel roomy. There was one single candle next to the spear that illuminated the entire room.

“Can’t believe you did that in the time I was gone.” Hiccup said.

I grinned, “I’m glad you like it.”

“I’ll like it a lot better once you take this.”

I opened my eyes and looked to see Hiccup holding out a bowl with a greenish coloured liquid in it.

“What is it?” I asked as I took the bowl and inspected it.

“Just drink it,” Hiccup told me, “It’ll help you feel better.”

I shrugged and chugged the thick liquid without a second thought. I put the bowl down on the ground and wiped my mouth.

“Well?” Hiccup asked after a moment.

I turned and pulled a shallow box over and in between us.

“You promised me we would play together in here once you got back.” I told him.

“Sigrid, you aren’t feeling well.”

“Don’t tell me what I feel, Hiccup.” I warned him, “You know how long it takes for that medicine to kick in, we’ve been through it enough.”

“So you aren’t going to try to save me from Toothless, or hunt Shadowsplinter, or something?” He asked.

I shook my head, “I’m in my right mind again. Don’t worry.”

“Great!” Hiccup exclaimed, “Then why don’t we see how the twins are doing? Last I checked they had some crazy invention about frozen yak milk.”

“That actually doesn’t sound too bad.” I told him and grabbed his sleeve and he was about to get up.

“You promised when you got back we would play together, Hiccup.” I repeated.

“What do you want to play then?” He asked with a sigh and sat back down.

I pushed the wooden box a little closer to him.

“Maces and Talons?” He asked looking at the game.

I nodded, “In here, at least, no will have to know what we’re doing. And we wont be judged on who will be the next chief.”

“Alright.” He smiled, “One game.”

I giggled a little to myself as we started, it would never be just 1 game.

Obscuring the Heart(Part 7)


I sang softly to myself an old viking war song as I scrubbed myself clean in a mountain lake. Shadowsplinter was along the edge of the lake keeping watch and enjoying the song I was singing.

I moved to grab my lavender soap again to scrub my hair out, while continuing to sing.

I paused only to dunk my head under the water and scrub my scalp with my fingers before pulling myself back up above the water’s surface and shook my head for the excess water and suds off. I pushed my dark hair back out of my face and turned to look at Shadowsplinter.

“What do you think I should do for Hiccup’s and my birthday, Splint?” I asked the large brown dragon on the edge of the lake.

Shadowsplinter just looked at me and gave me a shrug short of gesture.

I sighed thinking to myself as I clambered out of the water and to the awaiting fire Shadowspinter had prepared. As I dressed myself in summer cloths, consisting of black pants with leather straps along the thighs, a dark blue shirt without sleeves with a leather string holding the neck closed. I still had my leather arm bands going from the backs of my hands to my elbows but with little leather strings on my upper arms. My belt holding my ax and knife and my fur boots with leather straps on the ankles were still the same.

I pulled out my comb and started to pull it through my dark hair, which was far longer than I had thought it was.

“What should I do?” I asked just myself this time as I continued to comb my hair.

Hiccup’s and my birthday was coming up next week, and I wanted to do something extra special for him this year. Every year I would make Hiccup a special dinner and two cakes, one sweet one for him and an apple cake for me. But this year I wanted to do something special, I almost lost him twice this year and I wanted to make sure he knew how much I actually cared for him.

As I was pulling my hair back into a high pony tail to keep it out of my face, it dawned on me what I could do.

I picked up my winter cloths and threw them the sack I brought and swung it over my shoulder before picking up my ax to put it back in my belt.

“Come on, Shadow.” I said dumping a bucket of water on the fire, “We gotta get back to town.”

I hauled myself up onto the saddle. Shadowsplinter spread his wings and took off.

I carefully looked over the wears that were out on the boat for me to see, trying not to make it obvious what I was doing. Hiccup was just purchasing more ink.

After a few more minutes there was only me and Johan left on the ship.

“Why Sigrid! It’s so good to see you! I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to you earlier.” He said sincerely.

I looked him in the eye, “It’s okay.” I told him, “I wanted to wait to get you alone anyway.”

“What is it I can do for you?” He asked bowing to me.

I explained what I needed, Johan thought for a moment before going below deck and getting the exact item I wanted.

I got up early that day and snuck downstairs to prepare Hiccups favorite dinner. I only made it once a year because it actually took three days to prep before I could actually cook it.

After wrapping the main part of the dish up in a cloth and setting it down in the pot with some fresh water and herbs I set out to making oatmeal for breakfast. Shortly before it was done, Hiccup and dad both came grumbling out to the kitchen table and sat down.

“Happy Birthday, Hiccup.” I told the brunette with a soft smile as I set cups of water in front of the two men, “Morning dad.”

“Good morning to you too, Sigrid.” Dad greeted.

“You know, Sigrid, we don’t have to pretend it’s our birthday anymore.” Hiccup said scratching the back of his head.

I just stared at him like he was crazy, “What are you talking about, Hiccup?” I asked as I turned back to the pot that had breakfast in it, “We’ve always had our birthday together.”

“But we aren’t twins.” He argued.

“But we’re family.” I told him pouring oatmeal into bowls for them, “And as far as I’m concerned, as long as you don’t mind sharing your birthday with me, I don’t care.”

“I guess we’re stuck celebrating together then.” He told me as he dug into his breakfast.

“I should have told you sooner.” Dad said staring at his breakfast.

I shook my head, “You did what you could to protect Hiccup, the village and me, dad.” I assured him as I sat down with my own breakfast, “I’m sure if you told me earlier, before I was ready to hear it dad, I would have jeopardized everything for answers.”

There was a thick silence between the tree of us as we all stared into the soggy oats.

“But let’s not focus on this.” I suggested flashing them both a crooked, genuine smile, “It’s our birthday after all.”

“So…” Ruff and Tuff said in usion as the seven of us sat on a hill overlooking the village, our dragons either sleeping or playing around us.

“So..” I mimicked the two of them, encouraging them to move on.

“What are we celebrating today?” Ruff asked not sure how else to ask it.

“Yeah,” Tuff continued, “Under normal circumstances I would cheer for both of you, but, uh, our normal has kinda been turned on its head. Which let me assure you is much harder to do than you would think.”

“It’s my and Sigrid’s birthday today.” Hiccup answered for me, “We grew up as twins, so why not keep that. Besides, we don’t actually know when Sigrid was born, and it seems just a little redundant to change it now of all times.”

I nodded in agreement, “And Hiccup doesn’t mind sharing his birthday with me anyway, so everything works out.” I said shooting a smile at the brunette.

“Alright then,” Tuff said before jumping up with Ruff and dancing around us screaming ‘happy birthday!’ to the both of us.

Hiccup laughed as I smiled and layed back on the hill.

Even when things got turned upside down, inside out, backwards and then faces south, there were still these moments where nothing else mattered but what we had here with us.

I set the yak leg out to roast next to the fire and used the water it was soaking in to make the bread for the night. It was a fast rise bread, what would take the most time would be the baking, which would take about as much time as the yak to roast will.

I left the dough on the counter with a damp cloth over it to rise as I went outside to get Shadowsplinter and grab some more firewood before night came.

On the way back, I saw a black shadow go under Shadowsplinter’s wing.

“Hiccup, you know that’s dangerous.” I called down to the brunette underneath the massive wingspan of my dragon.

But it was true, getting caught directly underneath the wings of the flying timberjack could be lethal. Winds from the ground could carry up and stay underneath the wings allowing the dragon to glide. If a dragon got caught underneath their wings over, say the ocean, the air coming up and getting trapped underneath the timberjack wings and the air coming up from the ocean can cause the dragon’s wings to collapse and the dragon to crash or drown.

“What can I say?” Hiccup laughed as he and Toothless fell back behind us before speeding up and flying in sync with Shadowspinter and I, but a little higher up, “I learned from the master herself.”

I rolled my eyes at his comment, “Just cause I’m stupid and reckless doesn’t mean we both have to be.”

Hiccup laughed openly, “But it’s actually fun to do things you know might kill you.” He grinned at me, “Like constantly anger Dagur.”

I rolled my eyes at him again, “That’s not dangerous.” I told him and we both landed next to the house, “That’s just fun.”

Hiccup laughed again as he dismounted Toothless.

“Help me with this.” I said as I grabbed part of the sack of firewood.

He said nothing but smiled and grabbed the other side as we dragged it into the house.

“Delicious as usual.” Hiccup said with a satisfied sigh while patting his stomach as I cleared the table.

I smiled as I put the dishes in the sink.

“I guess its present time now, isn’t it?” Dad asked as we wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

I shrugged, “Not unless you two want dessert now.”

“No.” They both said together.

“I’ll explode.” Hiccup moaned before laughing.

“Then I guess its present time.” I said before climbing the stairs to Hiccup’s and my room, with my brother just behind me.

I knelt down and reached under my bed to grab the box I had been hiding.

I stood up and looked at Hiccup who also had a box in his hands. We both smiled at each other before going back down stairs to the table. Dad was already sitting there with his gifts for us. There was a small box in front of Hiccup’s chair and something wrapped in cloth in front of my chair.

“Open mine first.” Dad encouraged.

Keeping our gifts for each other at our sides Hiccup and I simultaneously opened our gifts. As the last of the cloth fell, I saw completely what it was.

Dad had gotten Gobber, and apparently Fishlegs, to work on this. It was a gronkle iron bow with intricate designs along it, much like the one I had as a child. I ran my hands over the craftmanship.

“It’s beautiful.” Was all I could say looking at the light grey metal in my hands.

“I thought it would be a good replacement to the one you lost as a wee one.” Dad told me.

“Thanks dad.” I said with a smile on my face as I remembered the wooden bow I had growing up. I was probably the best shot out of everyone in the village, but I lost it at twelve when Dagur came for another visit. We got in a fight over target practice and he ended up breaking my bow saying I was cheating and there was no way I was better with a bow than he was with throwing knives. I ended up breaking one of his arms and dislocating the other, if his father hadn’t pulled me off and thrown me to my dad I would have killed him.

I looked up to see an unbelievably fine leather in Hiccup’s hands.

“That, I thought would make a nice tail for Toothless.” Dad explained to Hiccup.

“I think it’s perfect for his new tail.” Hiccup said with a smile on his face, “Thanks dad.”

Hiccup and I looked at each other and slid our gifts for each other across the table.

We both opened them together. I was looking down at a steel short hand syth on a long chain with a small weight on the other end. It was amazing.

“Wow.” I looked up to see the look on Hiccup’s face as he stared down at the small crystal figurine of an unknown dragon.

“Where did you get this?” Hiccup asked in awe not looking up.

“Johan.” I told him, “He said it was called a Bewilderbeast. It’s supposed to be the king of all dragons.”

“I love it.” He said in amazement.

” I think I should be saying that.” I said pulling out the chain syth, “The work you must have put into this.”

We both got up and we met in the middle for a hug.

“Can I try, please?” Tuff begged as I spun the chain syth around in the air above my head.

“Hey! I asked first!” Ruff yelled at her twin.

I brought the syth down on my target of wood efficiently slicing it in two.

The power that could be behind this thing at times was amazing.

“How rusty have you gotten?” Astrid challenged coming into the arena with a bow and quiver full of arrows herself as I was pulling in the chain.

“Not rusty enough to lose to you.” I growled.

She smirked looking at the targets on the other side of arena.

We both said nothing as we pulled an arrow out and set it in our bows, pulling the string back and lining them up.

We both let go at the same time. I was less than a half inch off of the dead center. Astrid not too far behind.

I glared at the arrow I had just let fly. I knew I could have gotten that bullseye easy. But I was off for some reason.

“But you are rusty.” Astrid smirked at me.

I turned my glare from the arrow to the bow in my hand, wondering if I was really that out of touch.

“You used to wear your hair down a lot more.” I heard Hiccup say behind me.

It dawned on me. Dagur cut my hair almost every time I saw him growing up, to the point I could never grow it long enough to braid or put in a pony tail. I was forced to wear it down all the time. Because of that whenever the wind blew my hair was always dancing in the wind around me, it let me feel all the wind’s directions and feel how to aim. My hair now reached just below my shoulder blades, because the last couple of visits we got from Dagur he insisted he was far too mature to do anything so childish anymore. But all of it was kept up and back, out of my face. There wasn’t a stray hair that escaped my hair tie, so I couldn’t feel it like I used to.

“How’s the new tail coming?” I asked Hiccup turning my attention from my bow to him.

All he did was smile and hold it up for me to see, “With lighter and more flexible boning.” He said.

“You gonna get to go faster?” I asked.

He nodded, “Gonna give it a test right now, you wanna join us?”

I shook my head, “There’s something I gotta do. But I’ll race you later.”

“I’ll see you later, then.” Hiccup smiled and went to saddle Toothless up.

I left the arena and headed back home.

I sat at my desk with a small mirror that had belonged to my mother sitting on the top of it. My hair was down, out of its tight pony tail, I was running my comb through my hair. Something I rarely did unless I had just had a bath.

I pulled a few small sections of my hair at the front and began to braid them. My hair was far too long now to be left down all the time, but I could leave a couple of braids down in the front.

I had five small braids framing my face, three on the right two on the left. I pulled the rest of my hair back into a pony tail. I was finally satisfied with my work and got up from my desk grabbing my new bow and a quiver of arrows before heading out again.

The braids on either side of my face danced lightly as I pulled the arrow back in my bow. I took this into account and let my body move on its own. I let the string go, and watched the arrow hit the target, smashing the acorn in half and splattering the nut all over the forest floor.

I ran over to the arrow that was now lodged into a tree quite a bit back in the woods.

“Is this what you were up to?”

I turned around to see Hiccup on Toothless landing not too far from me.

“Yeah.” I said pushing one of the braids behind my ear.

“I like it.” He told me, “And it gives you better aim.”

I smiled, “You wanna race now?”

“Yeah.” He said as I mounted Shadowsplinter, “But let’s not get under Shadowsplinter’s wings this time, Bud.”

Obscuring The Heart Part 6


The wind was flowing fast through my hair as I plummeted to the sea below. The bright sun rays gave an odd contrast to the cold air I was rushing through. I was a few meters from the surface of the water when I turned over to my stomach and grab onto the wooden handles on either side of the back of the saddle Gobber had made for Shadowsplinter as he flew under me.

I let out a cry of glee as he went straight up towards the clouds again. I loved going straight up in ways like this. Hanging onto the leg guards or standing on them and feel like I’m the one flying.

We leveled out above the cloud line and I sat back in the seat properly.

“I love doing this.” I told Shadowsplinter.

He roared in agreement.

I giggled a little and patted his head in between his horns and said;

“Okay, Splint. I think we’ve had enough of a breather, let’s get back down so I can start making dinner for the boys.”

He roared again in compliance, he wasn’t happy about having to leave so soon, when the sun wasn’t even close to setting, but he complied.

We touched down and I stretched out before heading inside and starting dinner.

“Welcome back.” I said to Hiccup as he entered with Toothless at his heels.

He smiled at me as I threw the rest of the ingredients in the pot.

“Feeling up for an overnight training exercise?” he asked as he took a whiff of what was in the pot.

“What’s the criteria?” I asked as I threw in some spices.

“We have to get from one end of Dragon Island to the other at night, without our dragons.” He replied.

“That it?” I asked as I stirred the pot.

He nodded as he opened and closed his palm repeatedly, silently asking me for an early taste.

I looked at him sideways and tasted it quickly myself before throwing a few more spices in and tasting it again before I was finally satisfied. I then handed him the spoon and he tasted eagerly.

“Delicious.” He said as he moved the spoon away.

I smiled widely at his response.

“I’d be okay with it.” I told him as I took the spoon back and started stirring the pot again, “One weapon deal?”

He shrugged, “A lantern and whatever else you can carry.”

I nodded and grabbed some bowls as I heard the porch creaking under the familiar weight of my father.

We all touched down on the island and dismounted. I patted Shadowsplinter on the side of his head.

All of s had a lantern. I had my ax and a hunting knife on me.

“Who’s going to take the dragons to the cave?” Hiccup asked as he patted Toothless on his head.

“I’ll do it.” Fishlegs offered much too quickly.

“Fishlegs,” Astrid started, “The entire point of this exercise is to not rely on our dragons.”

“I’ll take ’em.” Tuff offered.

“Alright.” I said with a shrug.

Everyone else nodded in agreement.

“Alright.” Tuff exclaimed, “Now, where’s the cave again?”

Tuff laughed as he walked off saying he was joking, or was he.

With him they would never know.

“Alright,” I said waving off Shadowsplinter, “Let’s go.”

A short way into the forest I actually put out the lantern. It inhibited my night vision. I still carried it with me so not to leave a trail that I was there.

Usually I wouldn’t be this paranoid about dragon island, but it was too quiet for my liking. Dragons, whether they were awake or sleeping made noise. They snored, they growled, they yawned, roared. At least I would hear their wings flapping or feel the vibrations of there foot steps on the ground.

But there was nothing.

I proceeded carefully, making sure not to touch a twig or stone, and make sure I didn’t leave a footprint trail.

I saw a small amount of light coming up on my left. I squatted down and started to proceed towards it while remaining close to the ground. It was at this time I cursed myself silently. The chain mail that fell from my belt as armor over my skirt created a small amount of noise.

But it was covered by the familiar voice of my brother.

“Snotlout!” He called.

But he was almost instantly tackled to the ground by something.

Without thinking I flipped over the bushes in front of me shoulder checked the thing off of him as I readied my ax in my hand. It landed on the ground with a heavy thud. I raised my ax above my head ready to bring it down.


“Sigrid, don’t!”

Two voices called to me, causing me to snapped out of my rage.

I finally got a good look the thing that had tackled my brother.

“Dagur!” I shouted in accusation as the hand that held my ax fell from above my head to against my side.

“What in the name of Thor are you doing here?” I demanded as he quickly pulled himself up and backed away a little bit.

“The same thing as you two.” He said with a sinister smile, “Dragon hunting.”

Hiccup and I gave each other a sideways look.

“That is what you two are doing, right?” He asked getting uncomfortably close.

“Yeah.” I said shoving him back to give me some space, “Hiccup insisted, so I’m giving him some field training.”

“That’s so like you two.” Dagur said with a manacle cackle.

“So what about you?” I challenged, “I thought by now you’d be back on Berzerk taking care of your people.”

Dagur stopped laughing instantly and just glared at me.

“Why would I do that when there are so many dragons to hunt?” He asked approaching me slowly again.

“I remember you saying a long time ago, you’d be the best chief the Berzerkers ever had when you get the title,” I recollected, “That always starts with your people.”

“First way to take care of your own,” Dagur enlightened, “To make sure there is no threat for them.”

“All the way out here,” I said with a snarl, “The dragons on this island wouldn’t bother your people.”

“If I didn’t know any better, Sigrid.” Dagur started, “I’d say you didn’t like me.”

All I did was continue my scowl at him.

Dagur just smiled more at me.

“I said I was going to keep my ear out for rumors, did I not?”

“What’s your point?” I asked and crossed my arms

“I’ve heard there was a night fury spotted around here.” Dagur started, “I figured at one point or another I’d come across it if I keep killing its friends. And then I could take it down, and wear its head as a helmet!” He started to cackle.

Hiccup looked at me concerned, I shot him a reassuring look.

“Do you seriously think that you could take that dragon down?” I scoffed at Dagur.

He stopped instantly.

“What makes you think I can’t?”

“The fact you lost to me.” I said matter-o-factly, “And the fact you can’t be honest with yourself.”

He just glared at me for a moment before he opened his mouth in order to retort. Suddenly there was the roar of a very distinct dragon in the distance. Dagur’s mouth flew shut and he grabbed his cross bow.

“I could use you two if you wanted to join me in hunting this dragon.” Dagur offered politely.

“Sure.” I said without a moment of hesitation.

“Sigrid?” Hiccup asked, very concerned about what was going to happen.

“You need the tracking practice.” I told him over my shoulder, “So put out your lantern.”

Hiccup paused for a moment out of hesitation before doing what I asked of him.

“Should probably scout out the south-east first.” I said to the boys.

“Idiot!” Dagur called to me, “That roar was coming from the north.”

“The trees and mountains can make noises carry.” I told him, “We don’t know where it is, but the south seems to be the best place to start to me.”

“Your gut telling you to go there?” Hiccup asked stepping closer to me.

I nodded.

“Fine!” Dagur said in exasperation, “We’ll start in the south.”

“Shh.” I called back to Dagur and Hiccup before motioning for them to crouch down.

I peered through the bushes I was hiding behind. There was a small herd of nadders on the other side. I didn’t want to take any chances with Dagur with us. All I had to do was keep Hiccup and myself alive until dawn, then I could finally kill the idiot and we could leave.

I motioned for them to follow me as I ghosted along the edge of the clearing that the nadders were sleeping in.

“Sigrid!” Dagur whisper-yelled to me as were halfway around.

“What?” I mouthed.

“Why don’t we kill them?” He asked.

“We’re tracking moron.” I hissed in a hush tone, “There are easily ten nadders there, we startle them high chance we’re gonna die. And not only that but it’ll scare off the night fury you’re trying so desperately to find.”

He looked like he wanted to yell at me, but before he could I turned around and continued forward to lead them around.

I continued to sneak until I knew I was good enough distance away from the herd that our normal talking voices wouldn’t disturb them.

“You’re an idiot sometimes.” I growled to Dagur.

“And you’re a coward!” He all but yelled.

I threw my hand over his mouth and hissed, “Keep your damn voice down, we don’t know what’s around right now.”

He moved my hand from his mouth letting me know he’ll be quiet.

“I’m not a coward, stupid.” I told him, “Oden knows I’m one of the bravest. That being said, while I am more than willing to die in battle to get my ass in Valhalla I’m not going at the expense of brother’s life too. Besides that, running into that herd would just have been suicide. There’s a time for action and a time for thought. Now is the time for thought, once we find the night fury it will be action. Until then, you listen to me. These are my woods.”

“I thought you weren’t going to be the chief?” Dagur asked leaning into my face.

“I don’t want to be.” I hissed, “But at the end of the day, it’s our father’s decision, not mine. Now let’s move.”

I trudged on thinking it might be best for Hiccup to run to the other side of the island get help from the dragons and who ever else might be there while I stayed and held Dagur off.

I knew of Hiccup’s unease the second we ran into Dagur. It was now my job to do everything I could to stop this idiot from killing my brother’s dragon and waging war against the Hooligan tribe.

“There!” Dagur whispered pulling my and Hiccup down behind a near by rock.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” He asked pulling me towards him so I could see the dark creature glisten in the moonlight. It’s large wings were up in a half take off position, and it was letting out a throaty cry.

I shook my head looking at Toothless, he wasn’t in the cave with Tuffnut and the other dragons, that means all the others are most likely out and about too.

I had to come up with something and fast. Dagur was about to kill Toothless, and if Shadowsplinter heard the distress of any other dragon, especially Toothless, he would be there in a second, then Dagur would pick off my dragon.

I saw Dagur load an arrow into his cross bow. I did the only thing I could think of.

I opened my mouth and let out a Dragon distress call at the top of my lungs.

That gained Toothless’ attention to the rock we were hiding behind, and knocked Dagur off balance sending him to the ground as I essentially roared in his ear.

Toothless saw Dagur fall to the ground and Hiccup motioned for him to run. He did, one thing taken care of.

“What was that about?” Dagur stood up and screamed at me.

“It would have gone according to plan if you had kept your balance.” I growled back, “I was going to try to call him in by faking a distressed dragon and then, if you weren’t such a stupid, unskilled moron like you are you could have gotten him at a point black range and stared him in the eye as you shot! It’s not my fault you’re suck a wimp you can’t take a roar imitation.”

“I’m not a wimp!” He yelled at me seething in anger, “Maybe you should have said something first!”

“If I did the dragon would have run off!” I yelled back.

“No he wouldn’t have.”

“Yes, actually, Dagur. He would have.” Hiccup chimed in. Dagur and I tore our glares off each other to look at the brunette.

“What Sigrid did was intelligent.” Hiccup started, “The dragons on this island aren’t accustom to human voices, hearing one so close only would have scared it off the island. By faking as a distressed dragon it would have prompted the night fury to check it out. A dragon in distress will make it known by a large margin in order to maybe gain help.”

“Warning would have been nice.” Dagur hissed.

“Like I said, stop being a wimp.” I snarled.

“We’re going to want to get out of here.” Hiccup said, “Other dragons defiantly would have heard it, we don’t want to hang around.”

“Or do we?” Dagur asked himself looking at his cross bow.

“Herd of dragons you’ll take on by yourself, or night fury?” I asked crossing my arms.

“Fine.” He hissed and trudged forward in the direction Toothless took off in.

I grabbed Hiccup and whispered to him, “Go and find the others.” I told him, “Find them, find the dragons. You can ride Shadowsplinter for now. But you need to get somewhere safe. I promise I won’t let Dagur even touch Toothless with a ten foot pole, but I need you out of the way first.”

Hiccup nodded and took off in the direction of the cave, it was a start.

I took my ax out of my belt and strode towards Dagur. He was sneaking along trying to gain some idea of where Toothless went.

“This is long over due.” I said as I raised my ax above my head, both hands on the handle, I brought it down on Dagur’s head on, only to feel resistance. He blocked my attack with his cross bow.

“Are you really going to use this time to kill me?” He asked, the most deranged smile I had ever seen crossed his face.

“I should have a long time ago.” I growled and kicked him.

Dagur rolled and hopped up shooting the arrow at me, I turned my body dodging it easily. I went to charge him, he threw his cross bow to the side and pulled out throwing knives. I did a front flip to avoid the knife that was aimed at my knee.

I had never revealed my flexibility to him before. Needless to say he was stunned for a moment. That gave me enough time to get in close. He did react in time to slash my right hand, causing me to drop my ax. I did a back flip and kicked him in the face sending him back a few feet. I also used the time to pull out my hunting knife from my belt.

Dagur had one knife in his hand he threw it at me and I dodged. He went to throw more and more at me and I kept dodging. I got scraped on my right thigh, my left side, my stomach, my left upper arm, and my right cheek.

But now, he was out of knives. I would say this was good, but I had lost my hunting knife a bit ago too.

Now it was a hand on hand kind of fight, where one wrong move would kill you.

I went to punch him in the nose, he dodged and grabbed my arm turning me around so my back was to his chest.

“Does Stoik detest me this much?” He teased in my ear.

“Dad only doesn’t like you because you’ve tried to kill his kids one too many times.” I told him, “I hate you.”

Before he could say anything, I used him holding onto my arms as my advantage. I swung my body up, bringing myself up and around and crashing my left knee onto the back of his head.

He let go and stumbled forward in pain. I used this too, I charged forward and sent my right knee into his back.

He turned around way to fast for me to react and reached out and grabbed my knee. I was screwed. He had broken my right knee before, there was nothing to stop him from doing it again. I had no plan, no one to back me up, no one to run for help, and very little I could do to get him to let go or do after he broke my knee.

“Stormfly, spine shot!” I head to my right.

Dagur let got of me instantly, jumping back a few feet. I almost fell over as that razor sharp spine went whizzing past me from the sudden release of my knee.

I looked up and saw Hiccup and Toothless, Ruff and Tuff on Barf and Belch, Snotlout on Hookfang, Fishlegs on Meatlug and Shadowsplinter.

“Sigrid, come on!” Astrid yelled at me. She was flying closer to the ground on my right, while everyone else was on my left. Stormfly’s tail spikes were all out, like a ladder.

I ran and jumped up, grabbing hold of the spikes. She and Stormfly then flew over to Shadow and hovered above the saddle for me. I let go and dropped on the saddle perfectly.

“Thanks.” I called to the blonde, “I owe you one.”

“What is this!?” Dagur demanded, “You two choose dragons over me!”

“These dragons actually have our backs.” I yelled down to the red head.

“And have saved our lives.” Hiccup yelled down too.

“What have you done for us?” Ruff yelled down to him.

“You will not live to regret this.” Dagur threatened.

“Dagur, from where I sit you’re just an insane idiot with a cross bow and an armada.” I told me, “We have dragons, we’ll always have dragons.”

“And we aren’t afraid to use them if you want to come play either.” Hiccup taunted.

Dagur let out a yell in frustration as we all turned and started the flight back to Berk as the sun was just coming up.

“You’re getting better at taunting the enemy.” I commented to Hiccup, “Ruff and Tuff must be rubbing off.”

Hiccup laughed.

As the time passed I found myself flying next to Astrid. I couldn’t really find what to say.

“Thanks, Sigird.” Astrid said not looking at me, “Hiccup told us what you were doing. If it wasn’t for you and all of your quick thinking, we may not have our dragons right now.”

I half smiled, “I thought I was supposed to be thanking you.” I said looking at her, the blonde turned and looked at me, “If it wasn’t for your quick thinking with the spin shot, Dagur would have broken my knee. And I wouldn’t have been able to move, let alone mount Shadowsplinter. And There was no room anywhere for Shadow there to land, and we’d have been way too slow on take off there to actually leave. You and Stormfly got me out of a predicament. So, I owe you. Both of you.”

Astrid looked down to the sea and smiled to herself.

“Helhiem just froze over!” Snotlout yelled flaying behind us, “Astrid and Sigrid are actually getting along and smiling at one another! What’s going on?”

I rolled my eyes and looked down at Shadowsplinter. He looked up at me and we both nodded, taking off towards home as fast as his wings could carry us.

Obscuring the Heart(Part 5)


“Alright Shadowsplinter, sky!” I exclaimed and threw my arm straight up, palm flat to the sun.

My timberjack took a single flap of his wings and blocked out the rays of light in the arena. Everyone was practicing hand signals with their dragons.

“Land.” I told him and brought my arm all the way down, palm flat to the ground. Shadowsplinter landed.

“Good boy.” I encouraged, “Now, roar.” I said and brought my hand to my mouth and opening it up in a talking motion to him.

Shadawsplinter did it without hesitation.

“Blast ’em.” I said and brought my hand into a first before releasing it in a manner of bouncing a ball in the air.

Shadowsplinter did exactly as I asked of him.

“Good boy, Shadowsplinter!” I encouraged and brought my hand out to pet him, he instantly same forward and nuzzled my hand and side.

“As usual, you two work well together.” I heard Hiccup tell us.

I smiled at him and returned it.

“Alright, Ruffnut, Tuffnut. You two are up.”

They both gave opposite orders to their dragon, causing confusion and the poor dragon to fall to the ground.

“Guys,” Hiccup called to them, “Barf and Belch is one dragon, you have to use one signal at a time.”

Ruff ordered for Barf to attack Tuff. And then Tuff ordered Belch to eat Ruff.

Then they got in an argument over who’s dragon it really was, trying to pull the poor thing apart.

“Ruff! Tuff!” I yelled at them, “That’s enough!”

They both stopped instantly knowing I would hurt them if they didn’t.

“You need to stop arguing with one another and start working together with each other and your dragon.” I hissed, “At the end of the day it isn’t either of you who get’s hurt from the other, it’s your dragon. Now cool it!”

Neither said anything as they stormed out of the arena.

“Think they’ll come to their senses?” Hiccup asked coming over to me.

I nodded, “Give them a couple days, they’ll be back to headbutting and creating mischief together.”


Hiccup and I walked home that evening hoping for some peace and quiet, which was smashed when we opened the door to reveal dad and Gobber with the ceremonial belt out.

“That time of year again huh?” I asked with a groaned.

Dad nodded, “The annual treaty signing between us and the bezerker tribe. Oswald the Agreeable will be here tomorrow for it.”

“He’s not going to bring his psycho kid, Dagur is he?” Hiccup groaned.

Couldn’t blame him, half the things Dagur has done to him, to me, the retaliation I’d done to him creating more havoc towards me. We both had something against him.

“Most likely.” Gobber called from behind our father.

“And we have to play host to him again, right?” I asked begrudgingly.

“Ha! After what happened last year!?” My father exclaimed, “Not on your life, Sigrid.”

I let out a sigh of relief. Ever since we had met at ages six and three, we pretty much tried to kill each other at every opportunity. It started with me standing up to him for what he wanted to do to my brother, I think it was something like throw him down the well or go to the nearest terrible terror nest we knew of and leave him there. What ever the plan was, it ended with Dagur and I going for each other’s throats and at the end of it our father’s had to intervene, thank you Fishlegs, separate us and then yell at us together and separately about how we would one day in agreement as the chiefs of our villages. Ever since then we would always fight whenever we had the chance, it got to the point where we were keeping score and every visit was a chance to show the other how we’ve grown and how we can best them.

On the last visit they posed it turned particularly brutal. My left arm was broken in multiple places, many cracked and broken ribs, I had a fractured pelvis and a twisted ankle. Dagur’s right leg was broken at the knee, his jaw dislocated, a sprained wrist, and most likely internal bleeding from how hard I’d hit him. He ended up with poison ivy all over his back, and I came down with pneumonia because we some how fell into an ice cold river during our fight. Neither of our fathers were impressed. Hiccup alerted them to the blood battle that was taking place, and they needed to send out a search party to look for us. Gothi actually said, wrote, if we had kept going there was little doubt that we would have ended up killing one another. If I’d won, the damage done to my torso would have caused me to collapse and die from internal injury before I could reach the village. And if Dagur won, his broken leg would have prevented him from getting very far.

“I have a more important job for the both of you.” Dad said as he let out a wheeze, “I need you to hide all the dragons from Oswald.”

“But he’s so agreeable.” I said without thinking, “You think he’d accept them.”

“Even if he does,” Dad started, “I don’t want to risk it, not another Berzerker war.”

“Then you just let Dagur and me go at it until one of us dies and whoever is still breathing is the winner and the other tribe has to submit.” I suggested, “We can kill two terrors with one stone.”

“Sigrid.” Dad said sternly, “I will not have you interacting with Dagur on your childish war level, I would rather you two not interact after last time. Am I clear?!”

“As crystal, sir.” I told him, “But if he starts something, I’m not going to hesitate to protect my two point lead over him.”

Dad rolled his eyes at my statement, but I was determined to keep my score comfortably above his.

“I think that’s about all of them.” Fishlegs called to the rest of us.

“Not quite.” I called, “Incoming zippleback!”

We all moved out of the way as it came barreling past us.

“That’s Barf and Belch!” I called.

“I got it!” Snotlout declared as he turned Hookfang around to go after the dragon. He jumped down onto the one of the heads.

“You need two people ridding it!” Hiccup told him, “Fishlegs, help him out.”

The blonde hesitated a moment before jumping down. His weight caused the other head to spew out gas, which Snotlout then lit. Long story short they went flying.

“We’ll get these dragons to the cove!” I told Hiccup, “You hurry along and then rush back to tell dad, maybe he can stall them for a little bit while we get Barf and Belch back or better yet the twins!”

“Right!” Hiccup took off.

I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach as I watched him disappear. Something was off.

Astrid and I hurried back to the village in hopes to find Barf and Belch nowhere to be seen. Instead we ran into Hiccup.

“We haven’t seen the twins all day, and we have no idea where Barf and Belch are.” I reported.

“This day just keeps getting better.” Hiccup moaned, “Dagur is the Berzerker chief.”

“What?” Astrid and I asked in usion.

“You’re kidding!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, cause this it totally the time for jokes, Si.” He snapped.

My eyes went wide seeing the zippleback eating from a basket of fish and the previously mentioned chief heading this way.

I pulled Astrid without even thinking and we hurried to lift the basket and take it behind one of the houses so they could continue to eat without being seen. Hiccup met us behind the house.

“What do we do now?” Astrid asked as she stared at the dragon eating without a care in the world.

“Lend me your ax.” I told her. She was taken aback by my statement.

“I’m going to do something bold, which will hopefully buy you guys enough time.” I told her, “But if I’m gonna do it I want as much of an edge as I can get.”

“You aren’t thinking of actually fighting Dagur are you?” Hiccup demanded, “Last time-

“Last time an all out war, and our dragons weren’t on the line.” I cut him off, “You tell dad what’s really going on while I’m distracting Dagur, when we’re fighting his attention can’t be on anything but me without him getting hurt so it’ll be fine. Then run like hell and find the twins, they’re the only ones who can take care of their dragon.”

Astrid and Hiccup both looked at each other for a second before they both nodded. Astrid handed me her ax. I accepted it with both hands. Astrid took off to get a head start on finding the twins.

I took a deep breath and advanced to do what had to be done.

They were about to enter the armoury, the perfect oppertunity. I tossed the ax Astrid gave me right at his head, and, as calculated, it landed just to the right of his head.

He turned around ready to yell at whoever it was, but his face instantly broke into a devilish smirk that mirrored my own.

“You still haven’t learned, have you Sigrid?” He asked with a chuckle as he drew his sword.

“That battle was indecisive, Dagur.” I snarled as I pulled out my own ax.

“We both know I would have won.” He boasted as we started to circle waiting for an opening to strike, “Your body would have been too frail to withstand my blows for much longer.”

“That’s funny coming from the one who had the broken leg and dislocated jaw.” I shot back, “That’s why it was indecisive, because we couldn’t finish it.”

“I do hope you know you’re now dealing with the chief of the berzerkers.” Dagur told me bearing his teeth, “Maybe if you bow down now, I’ll forgive you.”

I let out a bitter laugh in his face, “I will one day be the right hand to the chief of the Hooligan tribe.” I told him, “I will not bow to the likes of you.”

“Oh, Sigrid.” Dagur tisked, “You never did know what your full potential really was, did you?”

“Or perhaps you think too much of me with my two point lead.” I teased.

“You’re only ahead by one point!” He screamed.

“You’re forgetting your last visit.” I growled, “When you made Tuffnut eat dirt, I left you strung up a tree by your belt.”

“I forgot about that.” He said quietly to himself, “Alright, but I say we up the anti this time.”

“Keep talking.”

“This battle, as my first as a chief, will be worth three points.” He grinned.

“I’ll take a five point lead.” I told him.

“You seriously think you’ll win?” He scoffed.

“You’ve yet to realize it haven’t you Dagur?” I asked.

“Realize what? You’re an over confident little girl who need to get back in the kitchen?” He teased with a childish voice.

“Frailty is a state of mind, not of body. Why do you think I made it this far in life with how much and how easily I get sick? Yet somehow I’m one of the strongest ever bred by the Hooligan tribe.”

“If you’re the strongest, I’d hate to see who the weakest is!” He laughed, “Oh wait, that’s your brother. Oops.”

I sighed to myself, if only he knew.

Dagur lost his patience with me, and lunged forward with his sword battle ready to take my head off. I rolled to avoid him and jumped up, swinging my ax to get him from the back. Dagur blocked with his ax behind him. I jumped back as he spun around hoping to hit me. I blocked both his spinning attacks and then shoulder checked him when I found an opening. It knocked the wind out of him, I hurried to straighten myself up and then kick him in stomach. That sent him falling backwards onto his back. As he was gasping for breath, I raised my ax above my head, ready to bring it down on his head.

“Sigrid!” My father barked at me, causing me to stop and look at him, “Do not kill the chief! Dagur, chief or not if my daughter does die, I will not hesitate to take your head and kill any berzerker that steps foot on this island!”

Dagur ended up kicking me in the stomach while he was on the ground, that sent me flying backwards. I did a backwards somersault and jumped up so I was on my feet. Blocking another attack from Dagur, I managed to get the sword out of his hand. It went spiraling through the air and then got stuck in the ground a few yards away.

It was now ax on ax, locked in battle. It ,unfortunately, couldn’t be to the death this time. All I needed to do was buy time for Hiccup and Astrid to find the twins and help Barf and Belch. That’s what I had to keep telling myself anyway. There was just something about fighting Dagur that made my blood turn to fire, my heart race increase, time seemed to stand still, and for some reason I felt like my body was weightless. The perfect combination for a fight.

Dodging, blocking, swinging. A lot of it was more along the lines of showing off rather than trying to hit one another. At least, that’s always what Dagur showed me, so I assumed I was the same way.

The decisive blow finally came. We both flew off the other’s attack, both of us were wide open. It came down to who was the fastest out of the two of us. I took the plunge and swung my ax to his rib cage, I used the side instead of either edge to avoid killing him. That sent him back, he landed on his other side with a groan. I dropped the hilt of my ax on the same spot I hit to amplify the pain. He cried out in pain as it hit him, I picked it up again quickly and kicked him in the side.

Dagur howled in pain, his ax far from his hand. He was completely unable to defend himself, but he wasn’t incapacitated yet. Dagur rolled onto his stomach in an attempt to get away from me and to get his ax. The second he did, I dropped my ax simultaneously as I fell to my knees landing on his back. I pulled him up slightly and put him in a head lock. Dagur was squirming with all his might try to get free, but I held firm. Dagur tried to pry my arms off of him, but it didn’t work. I knew I was starting to cut off his oxygen supply, but that was part of the fun.

“Alright.” Dagur wheezed, “Alright, you win, Sigrid.”

I let him go instantaneously and stood up. Dagur flipped onto his back the second I was off and gasped for breath.

“Yeah, a five point lead.” I told him leeringly as I glared down at him.

Dagur didn’t say anything as he caught his breath. I smirked and picked up my ax, put it back in my belt. Then I went over and picked up Dagur’s sword, and then pulled out Astrid’s ax.

I turned back to Dagur and offered him his sword. Dagur rectified himself and took it from me.

“It’s always my down fall.” He muttered to himself as he sheathed his sword.

“So what did you do?” I asked as he picked up his ax.

Dagur looked back at me with a static expression.

“To become chief.” I added, “What did you do to get that title?”

Dagur ignored me as he strapped his ax to his back again. I watched him silently as he dusted himself off and headed back over to the group of men consisting my father, Gobber, and two guards of his.

“You killed him, didn’t you.” I accused just as he was about to speak to the me. He stopped instantly and went stiff.

“You did, didn’t you.”

“What are you talking about, Sigrid?” He asked almost defeated, there was nothing demanding in his tone, nothing accusing.

“Oswald the Agreeable would never give up the town or title to you, at least not with you being this out of control.” I explained, “The only way you would get this title is if you’ve finally grown up enough to meet his standards, which seeing you now is definitely not the case at all, or if he had suddenly died. You being the oldest son would make you first in line for the title. What did he do that finally made you snap?”

“Let’s carry on.” Dagur said ignoring me all together.

“Was it the fifty years of stagnant war or the millionth and first lecture you got from him?!” I demanded.

“You have no idea what it was!” Dagur finally turned and screamed at me, “You don’t know what it is that makes me tick, and why I do the things I do! So, why don’t you get off your high yak and shove it Sigrid! You have a five point lead on me now, and the ability to say you beat a chief! Now leave it alone!”

I wasn’t taken aback by his outburst, I was use to it.

“East most cliff!” I called at him, “Dusk!”

Dagur made immature random sounds in reply, but I knew he was going to be there.

Oswald had always made these visits three days at the shortest, so I know with Dagur it would be at least one day.

I sighed and headed out to find Astrid and Hiccup. I couldn’t find either of them in town or the twins.

I started into the forest to see if I could find them there. I saw Ruff and Tuff on the ground hugging their dragon with the others around them.

“Are you two good to co operate now?” I asked them.

Tuff looked over first.

“Yeah, if it’s with this guy I don’t mind it.” He said.

“Yeah, for Barf I can manage putting up with this mutton head.” Ruff told me.

“Great!” I said, “Let’s get these guys to the cove.”

“Your ax.” I said to Astrid as I handed it back to her.

“You kept Dagur busy for a while there, Si. I hope everything went okay.” Hiccup said as he came up showing concern.

I nodded, “I got a five point lead on him now, we’re good.”

Hiccup rolled his eyes.

I entered the great hall with Hiccup, we took our places next to our father as Gobber was telling another of his tales. Dad looked at us and we nodded, letting him know we had everything under control.

“Now.” Gobber said after he finished his story, “How about that treaty.”

“Fine!” Dagur grumbled, before he stood up and declared, “Bring out the dragon blood!”

“Dagur, that’s ridiculous!” Dad told him, “Your father and I haven’t signed a treaty in dragon’s blood in years.”

“I’m not my father, am I?” Dagur retorted.

“I’ll fetch it for you.” I said and stood to leave.

“Sigrid?” My father questioned.

I looked back at him and smiled, “Just because Spitelout spilled the last of the dragons blood you had, doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own.”

I quickly left and hurried home. I all but ran up stairs and pulled an old box out from under my bed. I opened it up and found a bunch of told treasures and trophies I had. A tooth from each type of dragon I’d slain, the blade to my first ax, a pressed flower, the first tooth I knocked out of Dagur, every scab I pulled off, a small recipe book, and an ink bottle full of dragons blood. I would always take a couple drops of blood from every dragon I ever slayed in the mind set it was kinda like a trophy. I really needed to go through this box and get rid of a lot.

I picked out the bottle and put the box back under my bed before hurrying back outside and into the great hall.

“I got the quills!” Gobber declared from the other end of the table. I came over with the bottle and set it on the table.

“Sign away.” I said sarcastically.

Dagur continued with his immature muttering as he dipped the quill in the dark liquid.

My ears perked as I heard him scratching the pen to the paper, he’d be leaving in the morning.

Dad took up his quill next and scratched in his signature. I knew it didn’t sit right with him signing a treaty like this without Oswald.

“Well, looks like we’re in agreement.” Stoik finally said.

“Indeed it does.” Dagur told him, “I’ll alert my men and tell them to start unloading the goods we’ve brought for trade.”

Dad nodded, “Gobber, you can our half down to the docks, right?”

“Of course, Stoik. No problem.” Gobber replied.

Dagur and Gobber, along with Dagur’s men that were here left to get the goods ready.

Dad turned to us the second the door closed.

“I’m glad you got that dragon under control, and Sigrid, it was dangerous of you to try to take on Dagur like that. But I’m glad you did manage to buy time for your brother to hide the zippleback, and that neither of you got killed in the process. Are you going to be alright, though? I saw he did a number on you.”

I smirked, “Dagur’ll have to hit a lot harder than that to hurt me, dad. For some reason I don’t think he went all out.”

Dad smiled at as, “It doesn’t matter.” He said, “As of tomorrow morning Dagur will be out of our hair for another year.”

“And hopefully by then his own insanity would have killed him.” I muttered.

“We can hope.” Hiccup chuckled, “Come on, I wanna get home before Dagur get’s back.”

I nodded and followed a little behind him. Dad went down to the docks to make sure everything was going well.

I told Hiccup I was going for a walk, and headed for the eastern most cliff. I sat down on the edge and watched the sun start to disappear beneath the water line as I waited for Dagur.

“Alright!” I head Dagur announce from behind me, “I’m here, what is it?”

I rolled my eyes before I replied.

“You killed your father in order to gain the title of chief,” I started, “All I want to know is what is it that finally made you snap?”

Dagur sighed deeply before he advanced over and sat down on the cliff next to me. We were both just outside of arms length from each other. That way neither of us would go over the edge.

“Why are you so stuck on this?” He asked softly, “It’s not like you.”

“And it doesn’t seem like you to kill your father either.” I bit back in the same tone, “I know you two have always had your differences, but to think you would do that. Family has always been your priority, Dagur, so it isn’t like you either.”

I watched the red head press his mouth into a thin line and glare into the ocean, I brought up my legs from hanging over the edge and sat with them against my chest, I rested my cheek against my knee as I waited for his reply. We stayed like that for a long while, when Dagur finally spoke again the sun was almost completely set.

“He said, some things.” Dagur started slowly, I waited for him to continue, “It doesn’t matter at the moment, but I wasn’t about to stand for it at all. The worst part was that he was serious about it and I would have had to go through with it if he were here no matter what. And to be honest with you, Sigird, I would rather die than do what he wanted me to.”

I waited a few seconds to see if he was going to say something else, but he didn’t.

“It must have been really bad.” I said and turned my attention from him to the rapidly darkening sea, “I mean for you to want to die instead of carry it out, and here I thought Oswald was agreeable.”

“Not nearly as much as you would think.” Dagur said letting out a laugh, before he moaned and clutched his side.

“Did he want you to get married or go into an alliance with a tribe you’ve usually been at war with?” I asked curiously.

“It doesn’t matter, Sigrid.” He told me, “And I want you to know something.”

I turned my head to look right at him, Dagur looked into the ocean for a few seconds before he said anything.

“I want you know,” He started, swallowing something in his throat, “That no matter what the situation is, I’m not going to kill you even if that’s your intent towards me.” I raised an eye brow at him, not really sure what he was saying, “I mean, even though I’ve probably said a thousand times, I’m not going to kill you under any circumstance, but you’re free to do that to me.”

I just stared at him for almost a minute waiting for Dagur to laugh and say that it was a joke and he’d kill me the next time we meet. He didn’t so, I knew it wasn’t a joke he was playing. He looked at me in my silence, his eyes filled with something I had only seen from the boy in front of me a handful of times: vulnerability.

“If you aren’t going to kill me, or hurt anyone I hold dear again, Dagur,” I told him, “I’m not going to go for your head, and you have my Hooligan honour to back that up.”

Dagur just smiled lightly and continued to stare out at the sea. It was pitch black at this moment, and even though we were right next to our sworn enemy we both had a change to think.

He won’t hurt me? I guess this is something from Dagur only I can see. I can definitely let my guard down a little now, but I still know he’s not one hundred percent trustable yet. But in all honesty I wonder what Oswald said about me to make Dagur snap?

It was kinda funny when you think about it. Two people so different, could get each other. Dagur’s fighting style reflected his mood, his smack talk before hand gave good indications of how brash he was feeling, and ever since we were kids Dagur somehow felt it safe to confide in me because I was stronger than Hiccup and the most likely to take the title after dad decides to step down. We were first in the running for it, misunderstood by others around us, liked to fight. I guess with our personalities we would be considered complements.

“Sleep well, Dagur.” I said as I stood up, “See you in the morning.”

“Don’t let the terrible terrors bite.” The red head called after me.

They wouldn’t, all of them are safely on the other end of the island.

We all stood on the docks trying to contain our excitement that Dagur was leaving.

“It was good to have you, Dagur.” Dad said through gritted teeth.

“The pleasure was all mine, Stoik.” Dagur told, “I’ll keep my ear out for rumors, but if I see even one dragon, me and my entire armada will rain down on you with the-

“Force of ten thousand angry Berzerkers backed with the power of Thor.” I finished unamused, “We know.”

Dagur glared at me.

“How dare you!” He exclaimed, “Beating a chief and then mocking his warnings!”

“I’ve heard it a million times as a kid from you.” I snarled, “Either get something new or be prepared to have eyes rolled.”

All Dagur did was turn on his heel and stomp back onto his boat after he glared at me for a moment.

“See you next year!” I called teasingly as the boat set off.

“I look forward to it!” Dagur yelled back.

We waited for the ships to be a good distance away before we turned and headed back up to the village.

“I really hate that guy.” Astrid muttered, the rest agreed.

“I still think Dagur’s pretty cool.” Snotlout said with a laugh.

I think you’re all wrong. I thought as I watched them yell at Snotlout. Dagur isn’t anywhere near as bad as people make him out to be, he just has too strong of Berzerker blood for most of us to be able to understand or keep up with him. And at the same time, he isn’t all that great. He has insecurities, the inability to communicate in any other way than mean words and crude actions. But deep down he does have a good heart, you just have to be smart enough to know not to break it.


I looked up to see all of them staring at me.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Are you alright?” Hiccup asked.

I smiled and nodded, “Just thinking.”

“Well, think as we go get our dragons!” Astrid told me.

I just followed as they laughed and talked. I always enjoyed the times just after the Berzerkers left. Peace was never more prominent than it was at times like these, not even for Snoggltogg.