No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 23)


It was opening day. Tuff was outside cutting the ceremonial ribbon and allowing the people outside in. It was being covered by a local newspaper, and just about everyone in town was there.

Carstella was sitting behind the counter, she wore a black apron with ‘Thorston Boutique’ embroidered in lime green on the chest.

The doors opened and people began to flood in. Carstella greeted them all with a cheerful,


Everyone was looking around and picking out items.

Carstella got up and asked a man who was standing near the counter with a couple of items in his arms if he would like a changing room. He nodded and the red eyed girl put him in one at the end. Many other people where lining up to try things on.

Tuff was at the front of the store talking to the reporter and Stoik, who was officially the mayor again. He glanced over to the dark haired girl many times, he was concerned she was soon going to be over whelmed and tried to hurry the interview along, with the reporter and Stoik wouldn’t really allow.

He glanced back about five minutes later to see the girl taking things calmly and happily; making change, taking down appointments for tailoring, setting aside a couple of items with names on them on the bags, bagging up items, cleaning out the change rooms and moving the lines along in a clean, orderly, and well timed manner.

When the majority of the crowd began to calm down and there were only about twelve or so people left in the store, Carstella started returning items to their places on the sales area.

Tuff was still busy with the reporter, but was more than surprised to see how well she took care of the situation. She was used to high stress and deadly situations after all, something like this probably wasn’t even going to faze her at all.

There were only about three or four people left in the store at about four in the after noon, excluding the mayor, reporter, owner and sales woman.

“Thank you for your time.” The reporter said, “Would you mind if I took a look around?”

“Be my guest, please.” Tuff told her.

The reporter started looking around the store, specifically the dresses.

Stoik nodded approvingly at the blonde. Tuff swelled in pride. His parents, sister, friends, fiance, and now mayor were all proud of him, he should feel accomplished.

“How’s things going back here?” He asked Carstella as he stood behind the counter next to her.

“Good.” She said looking over at him, “Sales have been even higher than we first expected, and we have fifteen tailor jobs as well, I told them to bring by their garments tomorrow, is that okay?”

Tuff nodded and smiled at her as he brought the dark haired girl into a side hug and kissed her head.

“You’re amazing.” He told her as he looked over the numbers that they had right now. In between transactions Carstella had been recording the amount earned.

Carstella stood up as Tuff continued over the numbers as she got another customer into a fitting room.

Tuff whistled as Carstella came back over.

“A lot more than we expected.”

She nodded, “I don’t think every day will be as busy as this one.”

Tuff nodded, “Berk doesn’t really get anyone who doesn’t already live here, is visiting family or the delivery men from the main land.”

“Maybe we change that.” Carstella said.

Tuff looked at her weird.

“Every Thursday night is town meeting, no?” She asked, he nodded, “Are suggestions not taken during these?”

He shrugged, Tuff had admitted to not paying any kind of attention during the meetings if his parents ever even took him.

The store closed at six.

Tuff locked up and counted the money in the register as Carstella started putting the cloths back on their racks and cleaning out the fitting rooms, sweeping, and wiping down the glass and counter.

Carstella put enough change in the register to break money the next day.

Tuff brought the rest of the money downstairs to his work shop where he kept his safe.

They were done for the night, and were glad they got through it together.

Thursday night had rolled around, the meeting didn’t start until eight. Carstella and Tuff closed up and ate dinner before bundling up and heading out to the town hall.

It was about an hour and a half into the meeting Tuff was getting restless. But just as he was about at his wit’s end, Stoik asked if anyone had anything that they wanted to say.

Carstella stood awkwardly.

Stoik asked her to proceed.

“I might be new here.” She said slowly, trying to enunciate her words to be fully understood so her Russian accent didn’t show at all, “But I have come to the realization how wonderful this place is, and that it is almost completely self-sufficient. I was thinking, that maybe, we could launch a campaign to make Berk something for tourists.”

“And how might you suggest we do that?” Another newsperson called to her.

She swallowed hard before continuing, “Marketing local stores with their unique products, the restaurants. We can offer the ability to stay on a farm or take hay rides, we can turn part of the forest into a camping ground, offer guided tours around the mountains showing the tourists local plants and teaching them about it. There are options, but I’m not sure I can come up with a lot of them on my own.”

“I think you have a wonderful idea, Carstella.” Stoik told her, “There are options here in Berk, and there are many things we can market, Berk has more history, culture, and far less crime than a lot less of the world. We’ve been almost completely self sufficient for over eighty years now, I think it is time that we may break the mold and start a tourist industry. If any of you have ideas please leave them in the suggestion box near the door.”

Carstella then sat down, her point being heard.

“And if you aren’t too busy, Carstella.” Stoik called to her, “Maybe you would like to head the movement.”

“I’ll think about it.” She said slowly as she tried to disapear into her chair.

“I think you could do it.” Astrid said as she sipped on her tea while sitting next to Carstella behind the counter of the shop, “You have a lot of ideas and creativity along with a lot of prior business experience.”

Carstella shrugged as she wrote down the meaning of a snake tattoo down beside it.

“I don’t know.” She said unsurely, “I mean I still have a lot to do for the F.B.I., and then the store and Tuff on top of that, I mean we are getting married.”

“I know, and I can’t believe he actually asked you!” She exclaimed.

“But with the new store, and if the tourist plan does go as we want it too you guys could hire some part timers, the teenagers around here are always looking for some part time gig to save up and buy stuff of their own.” Ruff encouraged, she was on her lunch break and decided to pop in and say hi to Carstella and Astrid.

“I’ll talk to Tuff about it.” Carstella said quietly as she closed the binder of tattoos and opened a file of incriminated letters in order to decode them.

“It looks complex.” Astrid said looking over Carstella’s shoulder.

“Not if you know it.” She told the blondes, “It’s one of the most sophisticated systems in the world, but when you familiar with it, it almost second language.”

“Here’s your chance.”Ruff said as she stood up, Astrid following suit and they exited calling back good byes.

“What’s their problem?” Tuff asked bringing up three or four paper bags with orders stapled to them up from the basement.

“Can we talk?” Carstella asked as she cleared up the tea cups.

“I don’t have a problem with it.” Tuff said to her as they sat behind the counter, “I mean I know it’s important to you.”

“But this is important to you.” She told him, “I want to be part of it.”

“And you are.” He assured her, “But I think you should focus on maybe getting the tourism plan in motion. I mean, you still want to write those books on the gangs and mafia, right? I think this could be what you need, and if we hire a couple more part timers you could have the time for it.”

“What about the wedding?” She asked meekly.

Tuff kissed her forehead gingerly, “We can get married when ever you want too, but I think I can say that we need to focus a little more on our careers first and getting completely comfortable before we do get married.”

Carstella nodded and smiled to the ground, Tuff had raised multiple good points. It would be good for her to put her energy into something productive like that rather than just her government work. And when they just opened it wouldn’t be a very good idea to start planning a wedding. It wasn’t that they were moving too fast, but the timing wasn’t exactly right.

“If you’re okay with it.” She said after a moment.

“I am, you need some positivity after all the negativity you do for them.” He told her, refering to the government.

“Alright.” She said with a shrug and pulled out her cell phone. Carstella sent out a quick text message to Stoik saying she would take over as the leading act for the plan as soon as they got a couple new employes.

Tuff smiled at her as she looked up from her phone and nodded saying she had accepted.

Carstella took a seat next to Stoik in the board room, she shifted a little in her seat feeling uncomfortable.

As everyone was starting to enter the room, Carstella looked over the suggestions that the people had for bringing in tourists. They actually had a lot of good ideas, but the thing was, most of them were seasonal.

“Have you had enough time to look them over?” Stoik asked the brunette when everyone had come in.

She nodded, Stoik sat down at the end of the table and motioned for her to stand up, she did.

“They are all very good ideas.” She said slowly, “They can bring in a lot of tourists and money. There is just one real concern, and that is that all the suggestions are seasonal, taking place in the short summer we have here.”

“That’s really all the time we have.” Stoik told her, “It can be very hard to get ships in during the other seasons.”

“What about ice breakers?” She asked, “They are really just large drills that are attached to the bottoms and front of a large ship that would need to go through the ice once a day to keep the way open. It might be a large sum, but it would be worth it, maybe.” She explained seeing the confused looks on some of their faces.

“How much is a lot?” Stoik asked.

“Fifty thousand.” She said with a shrug. The entirety of the board just looked at her in disbelief.

“If we don’t want to shell out that amount of money,” She continued, “How thick is the ice usually?”

“I good foot and a half on average.” Spitelout told her.

She nodded, “That would be safe enough to walk and even ride on.” She said, “Dog sleds and snowmobiles could be a good alternative, even yak drawn carriages to and from a port on the edge of ice. It’s do able.”

They all thought for a moment.

“Fernhilda!” Stoik yelled out to his secretary.

Ruff came bounding in and stood straight in her spot at the door waiting for Stoik to continue with what he wanted.

“Do you have the reports of animals on every farm from last year?” He asked her.

“I’ll grab you that right now.” She said and closed the door, she came back about five minutes later and handed the file over to Stoik.

“Thank you.” He said to her as he accepted it.

“It’ll be speedier when I finish fixing the filing system.” She told him and took her leave.

Stoik looked over the numbers before saying.

“Mulch, do you think that you and the rest of the farmers would be willing to share four yaks each to give the rides?”

Mulch thought for a moment, “I don’t think any of us would have a problem if it would produce a higher gross income.”

Stoik nodded, “Early fall and late spring would be the only harder times for transportation.”

“About how long are we talking for that time?” Carstella asked.

“Two or three weeks each season.” Stoik said.

“March-April, and September-November?” She asked.

“About.” Stoik told her.

“We can market as open the rest of the year then.” She told them and marked down the approximate time that they wouldn’t be open, “It isn’t that uncommon for attractions to be closed during certain times. The next thing would be lodging. We can either go with home stays, or build a hotel as I suggest we do, eventually anyway.”

“I think home stays would be the best idea for the first little while anyway.” Spitelout suggested.

“Are there any empty houses we could maybe use as luxury lodges?” She asked.

“There are four empty houses last time I checked.” Stoik said, “I think Gothi said that she wouldn’t mind turning her house into a bed and breakfast, so right there are a good ten or so more rooms.”

“We should then take the year as an experiment,” Carstella suggested, “From there we can see if we should build the hotel or if the lodges and bed and breakfast that will do.”

They nodded and we all wrote something down.

“What could be used as winter tourism?” She asked.

The conversation continued on about what to advertise, what attractions to have, booking information, ways to contact, and how to advertise.

It was almost ten at night when they had gotten a good start.

Carstella said she would go home and try to come up with more ideas and way to perfect and polish their ideas.

Papers, note books, pens, and coffee were strewn over Carstella’s desk, a large plate of Shepard’s pie in her lap as she read over everything she had written and considered everything.

“Still working?” Tuff asked from the doorway.

Carstella nodded and gave a sheepish smile.

“Coffee?” He asked.

She nodded and handed him her cup. Tuff took it and headed into the kitchen to refill it for her. He came back and placed it onto her desk.

“Come to bed when you’re ready.” He told her, he was going to kiss her on the cheek but she moved her head so they ended up kissing each other on the lips.

“Sleep tight.” She whispered.

“Don’t stay up too late.” He whispered back.

Carstella turned her attention back to the ideas in front of her.

Tuff was right, she admitted to herself. It was good for her to put some energy into something positive like this for the community. She only wished that she could keep her promise to him.




No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 22)


“Careful.” Carstella told Tuff as they worked together to put the counter on the stand for the shop.

They lined it up perfectly and then Carstella Got down to drill the counter top in place.

“What would I do without you?” Tuff said as she got up from finishing her task.

Carstella shrugged and put the drill in her belt before telling Tuff to bring over the shelves for under the counter.

He did as she asked and watched silently as she did her work. They had decided that the store should be the last thing that is completed. They wanted to move out of the apartment as soon as they possibly could.

They got the basement and the second floor done completely before they started moving things in. When the third floor was completely finished they were completely moved in. The only things really left to do was build the stairs to connect the street to the actual house, change the lock and add rubber insolation to the boarders of the main door, and finish setting up the dressing rooms and the clothing racks for the sales floor.

“How ’bout we take a break, Stell?” Tuff asked leaning against the counter.

“We’re almost done though?” She said sitting up and looking at him.

He shrugged before saying, “We don’t have much left to do.” He told her, “Why not take a little break and eat something?”

Carstella looked at the floor for a moment before she looked back at Tuff and shrugged, “Alright.”

“Great!” He exclaimed and shot up grabbing the red eyed girl and all but dragged her up the stairs after him.

He quickly sat her down at the dinning room table and hurried into the kitchen.

Carstella pulled her tool belt off of her waist as some of the tools were digging into her. She knew he had made something earlier that day while she was down stairs marking down and drilling the holes for the counter.

Tuff came back in with two steaming plates.

“Pelmeni?” Carstella asked in surprise.

Tuff smiled as he sat next to her, “It’s a ground yak filling, I hope you don’t mind.”

Carstella smiled and laughed lightly at it before picking up her cutlery and digging in. She loved Tuff’s cooking and hadn’t realized how hungry she was until she smelled the food.

“Done.” Carstella said as she drilled the last of the shelves into the floor.

Tuff as sweeping the dust up and wiping down the shelves.

The only things left to do was to reinstall the doors, wipe them down, and make the stairs for the outside which they would need to rent a ladder for.

Tuff tossed the last of the dirt in the trash bag.

“I’ll get started on dinner.” He told her and headed up stairs.

Carstella went through the tarps covering the front door and then tacked them back in place.

She hurried to the far side of the property and inside a small shed a few meters from the house. Carstella had ordered a four inch thick, two by five foot board form the lumber yard.

She had drawn out patterns and words on it. Over the past couple days she had started chiseling away at it. The sign was going to be done today. Within an hour it was done.

‘Thorston Boutique’ Was written in the center with intricate lines, swirls, flower petals, and a needle and a spool of thread connected to the needle along the bottom.

She was happy with it, the only thing left was to show Tuff.

Carstella dusted herself off and hurried inside and up stairs.

“Almost done, Stell.” Tuff called back, “It just has to set up.”

“Good.” She said to him, “Then I can show you something.”

He turned around and gave her a weird look, before he complied and followed her down and outside.

Carstella opened the door to the small shed and stepped aside so Tuff could fully see the sign.

Tuff’s jaw dropped.

“Did you?” He asked unable to finish his sentence.

She nodded and smiled, “Is it okay?” She asked, “We never agreed on name, but you said you wanted it to be a boutique. I just thought”

“It’s perfect!” Tuff exclaimed And pulled the red eyed girl into a hug, “You outdid yourself, Stell. Thank you so much.”

Carstella returned the hug and buried her face into his shoulder.

“It’s not problem, I just hope you’re ready for the demand.” She told him.

“You keep out doing yourself.” Carstella said to Tuff as they were hanging up clothes.

“Just doing one of the things I love.” He told her.

There were dresses of many different colours, sizes, patterns, skirts of every kind, blouses and sweaters of every kind. Many different kinds of button downs, jeans and dress pants, sweaters, jackets, vests. Just about every kind of clothing item someone could imagine was out on the shelves and racks.

Day after tomorrow would be the grand opening. Everything was set up, only thing really left to do was finish the railing going upstairs.

Things were going better than either of them could ever have thought. Tuff had been making more cloths every day after work back in L.A. and again when they started renovations here. Carstella had kept up with her translations, decoding, and explanations. She was actually working on books to decode gang letters, the differences between gangs and mafias, meanings of tattoos and their placements, origins of gangs of mafias, their beliefs and hierarchy systems. But the books were put on hold because she was busy helping with the renovations.

Carstella had suggested that Tuff could be downstairs in his workshop working on new pieces and tailor jobs while she ran the tills, she could use that time to work on decoding and explanations, she might even get ahead on her work load and start her books around the gangs and mafia. Tuff was unsure about it, but knew he would eventually need the time she was giving him for work.

Tuff stared at the dark haired girl as she finished up hanging the garments. He knew there was something he had to do before they could actually call Berk and the store their new life.

The moon was full and a light chill filled the air. Summer was coming to an end, and the long winter was about to hit.

Carstella and Tuff sat on one of the cliffs looking out to the ocean and night sky.

They had spent that evening at Gobber’s restaurant with the rest of the gang and everyone else, their parents, Stoik, Spitelout, Mulch, and Bucket.

On their way home they decided to watch the moon for a while before heading inside.

“Are you okay, Tuff?” Carstella asked the blonde, “You’ve been really quiet all night.”

Tuff swallowed hard before he turned to face the dark haired girl next to him.

Tuff reached out and grabbed her left hand as it was closest to him.

“Stell,” He started, “I love you, more than anything else. And I can’t picture my life without you. I know you’ve had a hard life and had been abused and hurt, but I promise if you choose to stay with me I will do everything in my power to keep you safe and happy, because that’s all I want. Carstella, I talked to Stoik and Spitelout, and they said they were okay with it because they know I wont hurt you. So, Stell, would you marry me?”

He pulled out a blue velvet box and opened it to reveal:


“Tuff?” She said in surprise.

“I know it’s not a traditional engagement ring, but it belonged to my great great grandmother and my mom wanted me to use this to ask you, if you want to.” He added quickly.

Carstella lunged forward and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

“I would love to!” She exclaimed as she started crying into his chest out of sheer happiness.

Tuff laughed loudly and pulled her away slightly so he could kiss her lips lightly and then slid the ring on her finger. It was a little too big on her finger, but it didn’t matter. They were both more than ready to continue their life together. It was their new life and a new chapter to add to their stories.

No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 21)


“I will be riding with you on the plane and boat to Berk.” Marshal, the man who had been assigned to protect Carstella told the group, “I hope you don’t mind.”

The dark haired girl shook her head before saying.

“Thank you.”

The ten of them got through the ticket line and customs, waiting in the designated sitting area for our plane to be called.

“Scared to relocate?” Tuff teased.

The red eyes girl looked up at the blonde and smiled before nuzzling up to him.

“No, you’re here with me.”

Tuff laughed lightly and wrapped his arm around her shoulders bringing her closer.

“Do you know who the agents might be?” Carstella asked quietly not wanting to draw the attention of the others who were a little too occupied with Ruff and Snotlout messing around with Astrid joining in every now and again.

“Non I can think of.” He told her, “The only person I could maybe think of would be Spitelout and maybe Sven. He was a real tough guy, a farmer too.”

Carstella nodded and leaned more into him. She knew deep down it was going to be okay, but she couldn’t stop herself from thinking that something was going to go wrong in some way.

Their plan was called and they boarded soon after.

Fishlegs switched seats with Carstella so she could speak with Spitelout and Snotlout about what was going to be happening when they got back to Berk.

“Will I have to start calling you father when we get there?” Carstella asked Spitelout.

He shook his head, “No. I think for now as a woman of nineteen you can get away without it.”

They spoke more about their family, and Spitelout told them both that the rest of the Jorgonson family had been made aware of the situation, and how she was actually the daughter of Flemingtine and the situation that made all the files say that she was Spitelout’s because she was dead.

When Spitelout had finished explaining everything Snotlout got up and went over to Stoik, woke him up and switched seats with him.

Stoik told her that the community on Berk was very close knit and someone’s business was everyone’s business. The entirety of the island was aware in some way or another what was going on. At the very least that she was the niece of Stoik and Spitelout and the daughter of Spitelout’s kidnapped sister Flemingtine. And that after years of finally being reunited they were moving back to Berk to be together, and where aware that she was working for the government in some way.

“Uncle Stoik.” Carstella finally spoke up after he had finished telling her everything, “Do you know who it might be that are the agents on the island? I mean you know just about everyone there.”

He shook his head, “I can only consider Sven to maybe be an agent. But it’s hard to say. There are certain things that people do not share and are kept hidden for a long, long time. So I’m afraid I don’t know.”

Carstella nodded, she was getting a little more nervous after that. Even the former mayor didn’t know.

“I figured we’d been going more North.” Carstella said more to herself than anyone else.

“Nope, it’s more West than anything.” Tuff told her.

She nodded as they boarded the boat.

“How long is the boat ride going to be?” She asked.

“About two days.” Stoik told her.

Carstella nodded again.

“Hope you got your sea legs.” I heard Snotlout moan to me.

“Stoik, it’s good to see you again!” A large man, shorter than Stoik, with a brown beard greeted everyone, “My have you kids grown!” He exclaimed and laughed.

“I hardly recognised you.” He said again as everyone got off the boat.

“It’s good to see you again, Mulch.” Stoik said to the man and shook hands.

“And you must be Carstella.” He said and turned his attention to the dark haired girl.

She nodded.

“It’s good to see you well, Mulch.” Marshal said and shook his hand.

“You too.” Mulch told him, “You aren’t as much of a cry baby as I remember you being.”

Marshal laughed lightly at his comment and told him he had grown up.

“I’ll leave her in your and Bucket’s capable hands.” Marshal told him.

He then turned his attention to the red eyed girl, “I don’t think I need to tell you be careful and good.”

Carstella nodded and smiled at him.

“Thank you.” She told him.

“Take care, all of you.” Marshal said and boarded a new boat which quickly took off in the direction of the main land.

“You Mulch?” Stoik asked in shock.

“And Bucket?” Gobber asked in a similar tone.

Mulch smiled at them and nodded.

“Not everything here is everyone’s business.” He told them, “Besides, we are technically retired. Bucket and I only come out when it comes to special cases. And you, miss Carstella are in fact one special case. On top of being family.”

Carstella could smile and hide behind Tuff. They had all realized after everything, Carstella was shy and very sensitive. She just wasn’t allowed to show it because of her up bringing.

Carstella was dragged all over the island by her friends with Mulch hanging back. They were giving her the grand tour.

She was shown a small apartment building which they would be staying in for the time being. The main market place. The small hospital. City hall. A tiny library. The beach. Farms on the outskirts of the town. The area surrounding the main market place had alleys leading up to an Auto shop that was closed up, a hard wear store, a lumber yard a bit further down from a scrap yard, and a few restaurants. The police station and Fire house were all a part of the city hall.

On the far end of the village there was a large, three story house that was run down and all but falling apart. This was the house that Tuff had told Carstella about and what they were going to pour their money into and make their own.

The entirety of the architecture on the island was old fashioned, it was something between Scandinavian and Victorian. And exceedingly strange combination.

The rest of the island was densely wooded forest.

“Alright, what is it?” Tuff asked the red eyed girl.

“It’s just,” She started.

“Stell.” Tuff said in an authoritative tone.

She smiled and spoke with a Russian accent playing out in every word she pronounced, “It feels much like home.”

“You like it?” He asked and wrapped his arms around her.

“I feel we raise family here.” She told him.

“Have to fix it up first, Stell.” He told her and started rocking back and forth with her against his chest.

“Easy.” She told him, “I’m good with my hands.”

Every shop on the island also doubled as a house to the owners.

The farms were situated on the far west side of the island near a fresh water river and surrounded by the forest. Most of the northern part of the island was all forest. Just before that were houses following the same theme as the others, between Scandinavian and Victorian. It was along the forests edge that the most of the population lived.

The entire island was involved with everyone else. Everyone was either a doctor or nurse at the hospital, farmer along the west coast, shop or restaurant owner, school teacher, or worked for the human resources.

And Stoik was right, someone’s business was everyone’s business.

The entire town threw a welcome home party for Stoik and the others. They all introduced themselves to Carstella who greeted them all meekly and all but buried herself in Tuff’s back.

She was even introduced to Astrid’s, Fishleg’s, and Ruff and Tuff’s parents. Snotlout and Hiccup’s moms had both passed away when they were young.

“So you’re PG’s girl friend?” A tall, burly man with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes asked as he approached the two.

“Dad!” Tuff whined, “Don’t tease her like that, she’s shy.”

The large man chuckled hard and then leaned down to inspect the red eyed girl. For once when coming face to face with a new person, Carstella didn’t flinch or try to hide behind Tuff.

“It’s nice to meet you, Carstella.” He said, “My name is Alvar. I hope little Tuffy has been good to you, he can be quite a handful at times. Especially when you pair him up with his sister and their friends.”

Carstella shrugged, “He’s not that bad, just gotta get past his crap.”

Alvar laughed openly, whole heartedly. He was indeed amused by the girl’s statement.

“Al!” A short woman with sandy blonde hair and grey eyes scolded the much taller man, “You’ll scare her off, and I haven’t even fully met her.”

“Sorry, Van.” He apologised half heartedly.

“It’s nice to meet you, Carstella.” She said softly and extended her hand, “I’m Vanya, Patty Garett’s mother. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t mentioned anything about me.”

Carstella shook her head and then took her hand.

“He’s told me much about you both. Nothing but good things.” She told them.

“Russian?” Vanya asked after the girl had finished her sentence.

Carstella nodded, “I’ve been told you’ve all been informed.”

She nodded, “You must have gone through hell.”

Carstella shrugged, before she stiffened up in the embrace of the woman who was in front of her.

“I’m sorry for that. But I know Patty will take good care of you, in the letters he’s sent to me the way he described you, he cares for you deeply. And I’m happy to know you are the one who can put him back in line.” She said.

“Thank you, Miss Thorston.” Carstella said and returned the hug, “It means a lot.”

Vanya pulled away and looked her dead in the eye.

“It’s either Vanya or mom.” She told the dark haired girl.

“Mom!” Tuff all but shouted at the woman.

Carstella grew red and shy again, but nodded anyway.

Vanya then laughed whole heartedly like her husband before, but it was much lighter.

“She’s a keeper!” Alvar told his son, “Has your sister not found anyone yet?”

“Not yet.” Tuff said a small amount of pink dusting on his cheeks.

“It’s all ours.” Tuff said as the entered the giant house. This one took more of a Victorian sense than the others.

“How do you think we should remodel it?” He asked and turned to the red eyed girl behind him.

Carstella suggested starting in the basement and making it into a work and storage area for Tuff, turning the first floor into the retail space with fitting rooms along the back wall, with a spiral staircase connecting the basement and the first floor and another connecting the first, retail, floor to the second. An external stair case leading up to the second floor which would be the door leading to their living area. They would move the kitchen up to the second floor with an open concept kitchen living room, along with a dinning room, laundry room, bathroom, and office for Carstella. A regular stair case leading up to the third floor which would have six rooms and three bathrooms.

Tuff loved the ideas as she drew them out in a note book with a black ink pen she had brought with her.

“Where should we start?” He asked her.

“Foundation.” She told him, “Start basement, move up.”

They made a list of everything they would need and started for the hard wear store and lumber yard to place some orders to be delivered.

Everyone on the island did any repairs or expansions themselves, so everyone was handy.

At the hard wear store people could also place orders for major appliances for their homes.

The two had placed orders for electrical wires, outlets, plugs, door knobs, windows, buckets, cement mix, screws, a screw driver, staples, insolation, dry wall, and a stud detector. Being unsure of what they wanted for their kitchen, Tuff and Carstella put off ordering the items.

The man behind the counter, named Magnus took their order and said that it would be at the house day after tomorrow because he was getting a shipment tomorrow with much of what they would need.

Carstella payed in cash and they said their good buys.

“It’s happening.” Tuff said to himself in a happy tone. He was actually starting his new life with the girl of his dreams.

They entered the lumbar yard and were greeted by a young man who was at the order station.

“Tuff, long time no see.” He said.

“Hey Gustov.” He said boredly.

“Who’s your friend?” He asked looking Carstella up and down.

“My girlfriend.” He said shortly, “We’re fixing up the old founders house. What are you doing here anyway?”

Gustov smiled a little and took a pencil from behind his ear before saying, “Helping out the family with the business, what do you need?”

Carstella gave the order they needed for the basement and to reinforce the floor of the first floor.

“We’ll be coming back for more eventually.” She added.

“I know you will.” Gustov said as he finished taking down the order, “That place is more run down than anything. You’re order will be delivered the day after tomorrow.” He told them, “And good luck.”

Carstella and Tuff left the yard and headed up towards the apartments.

“It’s real.” Tuff said again as he unlocked the door.

He swung it open and then turned around look at the girl behind him. He then bent down and threw her over his shoulder before hauling her inside.

Carstella laughed really hard as this happened. Tuff turned again to close and lock the door before continuing into the living room.

He threw her down on the couch and then climbed on top of her as he started kissing the red eye girl’s lips.

“I love you.” He said when he broke contact.

Carstella went red and said meekly, “I love you too.”


No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 20)


The month was closing in, and Stoik’s house was surrounded by cars. Almost everyone was there hanging out, talking, and enjoying each other’s company.

The door opened without a knock, and Tuff strode in with bags in his hands and put them on the counter before hurrying back to the door and pulling something else inside.

Everyone, with the exception of Spitelout, was looking curiously at the blonde man as he tugged something through the thresh hold.

Their eyes grew wide as they saw the dark haired girl slowly enter the house with the blonde.

“Carstella?” Stoik was the first to say something.

Said girl shifted a little before squeaking out, “It’s a long story.”

Ruffnut and Astrid were the first ones to gain their edge back and mobbed her with a hug together.

“I’m sorry.” Carstella muttered out.

“We thought.” Ruffnut choked out, “We thought. . .” She couldn’t finish.

“Why are you. . . ?” Astrid tried to ask.

“Like I said,” The dark haired girl told them, not making eye contact with anyone, “It’s a long story.”

They all sat around the table, as Carstella and Spitelout explain to them what had happened.

Tuff didn’t pay much mind too it as he heard it before and he was busy making borscht.

“And you couldn’t tell us this!?” Snotlout demanded as he slammed his hands down on the table and stood up.

“I didn’t know I was going to change my mind until I was in the chair.” Carstella told them, “And I couldn’t after I made the deal, I was in the hospital for almost nine months recovering and trying to build up my fine motor skills again, and then placed under protective custody for the past little while. It’s only been recently that its been deemed safe enough for me have a little leeway.”

Snotlout shut up and sat down instantly.

“Why did you change your mind all of a sudden?” Hiccup asked after a moment, “You were so determined that you were going to end it there and then.”

Carstella was silent for a moment, her mouth pressed into a thin line.

“I don’t really believe in things happening for a reason, or a greater diety looking out for me.” She told them, “But when that power was cut, it reality dawned on me. I came to the conclusion that, that was not where I was supposed to die. There was something that I needed to do or find, and that’s why the power went out and I survived. So, I decided this was the second chance I was waiting for, to start over again.”

Fishlegs gagged a little next to Hiccup.

“Uh, Tuff.” Fishlegs questioned the blonde, “What is in there, it smells disgusting!”

“It’s three different types of boiled turnips, sweet onion, ginger, potato, and beets.” Carstella told him staring at Tuffnut.

“Four different types of turnips, actually.” Tuff told the brunette with a smile, “It smells better when the seasonings are added.”

“When did you learn to cook borscht?” Carstella asked the blonde.

“After I took you out to the Russian restaurant.” He replied as he started grating the preboiled vegetables.

“He stunk up the apartment for almost three weeks trying to perfect it.” Ruffnut told the red eyed girl, “He wanted to make it for you. But then. . . . everything happened.”

Carstella sunk into herself, feeling the guilt coming over her. She put them through so much, for no reason.

Stoik placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“We’re glad you are alive, Carstella.” He told me, she looked up at him with eyes that held hope and fear at the same time, “And we’re even happier to have you with us again.”

She looked back down to her lap with a ghost of a smile playing on her lips.

“You sure you’re okay to do this Car?” Astrid asked as they stretched out on the beach.

“Better question.” Snotlout cut in, “Can you actually do this, and compete with the snot man!?”

Astrid rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the brunette.

Carstella nodded, “I’m used to cold waters, but I assume you do the same thing.”

“How can you surf in the cold?” Ruff asked as she adjusted the straps on her bikini, “You’d, like, die.”

“No, as long as you’re in a full body suit and don’t say submerged in the water for more than fifteen minutes there won’t be any permanent damage.”

“That why you’re wearing a wet suit?” Tuff joked next to her.

He and Snotlout were in swim trunk, Ruff and Astrid were in bikinis, and Carstella was in a wet suit. Hiccup and Fishlegs were reading further up on the sand, Hiccup couldn’t surf because of his leg, and Fishlegs didn’t like to surf.

Carstella shrugged and picked up her board before heading out into the water, the others followed closely behind.

They paddled out together and waited for the perfect wave.

Snotlout was trying in failed attempts to impress Astrid and Ruff. Tuff was staring at Carstella who had her mind elsewhere.

“What’s the matter, Stell?” Tuff finally asked.

The brunette turned to look at him.

“I was just wondering,” She started and then paused to look back at the others, “If this is what it feels like to be happy?”

Tuff laughed at her and nodded.

Carstella smiled back completely, her heart swelled. It was.

A large wave started to appear on the horizon.

“I think that’s a big one.” Carstella said to the others in the water.

“Race you guys there!” Snotlout yelled before taking off towards the wave.

Everyone raced after him and then hopped up on their boards.

Snotlout took the first cut through the wave, Astrid was close behind him, Ruff and Tuff went in at the same time and almost wiped out. Carstella laughed as she maneuvered her board to go up the wave. The others were out before the wave began to curl into itself.

Carstella rode the wave around in a circle, she then jetted out before the wave collapsed on itself. The after shock waves jostled Snotlout, Astird and Ruff and Tuff who were sitting on their boards so they were well balanced. Carstella was still standing up from coming out of the wave, she lost her balance and fell into the water.

Carstella sunk for a moment to allow the waves to die down a little bit before she started to move upwards. Not before she saw a mess of blonde hair swimming towards her fast. She smiled and grabbed his hand as they both made their way to the surface.

Both Carstella and Tuff swam forward to her board as it was the closest one.

“I could have gotten myself up, you know.” She told him. Tuff took a couple of deep breaths before he turned to look at her.

His eyes were a little sad and his face showed concern.

“I didn’t want to lose you again,” He told her and rubbed her cheek with his thumb, “Besides, you’re slower than you were before.”

Carstella smirked and shoved him lightly.

“You Two love birds done!?” Astrid called to them, “Another big one is coming.”

Tuff and Carstella were looking at one another and smiled. Tuff took off to his board and Carstella hauled herself up and started paddling forward.

Tuff held Carstella’s hand as they made their way towards Gobber’s restaurant. Their boards were on the roof of Astrid’s car which was still on the beach because she was working there at two.

They entered the store to see Gobber behind the counter, Stoik, Spitelout, and a man in a black suit sitting together at the counter.

“Could one of you turn the open sign to closed for me.” Gobber asked.

Fishlegs did it questionably.

“Mr. Reebly.” Carstella said softly.

“I see you’re doing well.” The man in the black suit said to her.

She nodded and hid a little bit behind Tuff.

“I’ll have the translations of those letters for you by tomorrow.”She told him.

“You don’t have to be so meek.” He assured her, “I’ve been speaking with you Uncles and they’ve suggested something to me that I think would be the best idea I’ve heard in regards to you in a while.”

Carstella’s gaze shifted from her uncles as she pressed herself to Tuff’s back.

Tuff squeezed her hand to let her know it was going to be okay.

“Your uncles and friends originally come from a small island in Alaska called Berk.” He told her, she nodded, “Berk is also the home to two of our most able agents. Your uncle Stoik had been thinking of moving back up there, and Spitelout has apparently grown tired of the amount of crime here in L.A. I was considering moving up there with them.”

“Dad, you wanna leave?” Hiccup asked.

“Aye.” Stoik said sadly, “I miss the snow, Hiccup. And these people here aren’t the kind I used to know, the old mayor there isn’t even able to continue on with his duties so he contacted me.”

“What about you dad?” Snotlout asked.

“I like the action, that isn’t a lie.” He told him, “But it’s taken its tole on me to the point it’s affected my health, Snotlout. Besides, this isn’t our home.”

“It’s almost always cold up there too.” Mr. Reebly told Carstella, “It will feel more like home to you also.”

“If I go.” She said softly, “I’ll be leaving all of them here.” She looked over he friends and then Gobber, and finally her boyfriend.

“I was planning on heading back up too.”Gobber told her, “There is a lot of room for you guys there too.”

“What do you mean?” Astrid asked.

“There is no longer an auto repair there because the young guy how came over from the main land quit because there wasn’t enough business for him. The high school there is in need of a couple more teachers, math, history, and art. The secretary in the city hall right under the mayor quit so she can get married and have a family. And we’ll probably need some new fire fighters or police there, wouldn’t you think, Spitelout?”

Spitelout nodded.

“What about Tuff?” Carstella questioned.

“It’s hard to say.” Stoik told them, “Alaska isn’t very prominent for fashion.”

“Is the abandoned house on the far side of the island still there or has it been torn down?” Tuff asked.

Stoik shook his head, “It’s still there, we are thinking of tearing it down if nothing is done with it.”

“I think I can turn it into my own store and tailor shop, what do you think? Wanna start it with me, Stell?” He asked.

Carstella gazed up at him in disbelief.

“You would be willing to leave?” She asked.

He nodded, “If I remember right, no one there was well dressed. I think I can fix it. But I can’t do it alone.”

Carstella embraced Tuff tight, encasing his midsection with her arms.

“You aren’t alone.” She told him.

Tuff placed his arms on her back and pulled her towards him.

“I guess we can all move back to Berk then.” Hiccup said looking at his father.

Stoik nodded, “I’ll make arrangements for you guys to start work, and for you two to rent to house.”

“Can we purchase it?” Carstella asked.

Stoik gave her a weird look.

“Tuff told me about that house.” She told him, “It’s three stories, right?”

Tuff nodded when she looked up at him.

“We can fix it up and make it all our own.” She said.

Stoik nodded, “Alright.” He told them, “Put in your two week notices, we’ll move by the end of the month.”

“But wait.” Astrid spoke up, “Berk isn’t that far away from the east coast of Russia.”

“The east coast isn’t that populated.” Carstella told her, “Most of the mafia there are positioned on the south west of the country where most of the population and warmth are.”

“We also have thought about it, Miss Hofferson.” Mr. Reebly told her, “There wont be any problem with the Jorgensons moving back home.”

They all looked at him weird.

“With your permission, Carstella.” Spitelout told her, “We will be taking care of the paperwork to change to say that you are my daughter and the younger sister of Snotlout. Your other information wont change.”

She nodded knowing they wouldn’t find her because she had already changed her information form the original.

“Permission given.” She told him, “You are the only family I have after all.”

“It’s set then.” Snotlout all but shouted, “We’re moving back home.”



No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 19)


It was a usual day, sun shining, birds singing, waves rolling onto the golden beaches, and the usual group heading from the gym to Gobber’s restaurant.

The weather had started to warm up a bit, but most natives walked around in a hoodie or sweater in order to keep warm, especially in the morning.

Ten months had passed since they lost their friend, and while it was hard at times, they fell into a regular routine again. And every month they would meet up at Stoik’s house, and Tuff would make borscht for all of them, it was a good coping mechanism for him too.

The bell on the door rung as they entered and went to their usual table.

“The usuals?” Gobber asked from the kitchen.

“Yes!” They all called back.

This morning was different from the others, there was another occupant of the dinner. He was sitting at the counter, back to them.

They shrugged it off and talked about this and that, nothing in particular.

Gobber came out of the kitchen with plates of delicious breakfast as the person at the counter was paying.

“Have a good day.” Gobber told the person as he went around the counter to collect the money and dishes.

“You too.” He said and pulled his hood up before exiting the diner.

When the door shut behind him, Gobber turned his attention back to the group of friends.


The group walked down the street towards work, continuing on with mindless conversation. They wait as the cars go by before the cross walk signals for pedestrians to proceed. What the group failed to notice were the red eyes watching them from the wall of the building that was behind them.

She let out her breath from her nostrils seeing them disapear in the crowd. Then her eyes moved to the man standing next to her, the agent that would be looking over her to keep her safe from the mafia.

“Who was that?” He asked her as he pulled out a hand held device and was about to write down their and affiliation incase he needed to be terminated to keep the brunette at his side alive.

“My friends, and boyfriend.” She said softly, “Or at least they were.”

The agent just nodded and put the device away, understanding  why she didn’t want to give anymore information after that.

“Let’s go.” She said to the agent, before he could say anything.

The agent just followed her along back to her apartment, as they had already completed the shopping of the day.



“It’s good to be back.” Tuff hummed to himself as he stretched out on the beach before his morning surf. He decided that, Carstella wouldn’t want him to give up what he loved just because he was depressed. So he came back here to maybe get some inspiration.

He turned around to complete the move he was pulling off, when de ja vu happened all over again.

A girl with red eyes and short, dark brown hair came running down the sea path. Ear buds in her ears, t-shirt and sweat pants rippling in the wind as she moved.

Tuff acted on instinct rather than rationality.

He ran forward after the girl and just barely managed to tackle her down onto the soft sand before his lungs were going give out on him.

She attempted to wiggle away as she thrashed. With all of Tuff’s strength he turned the girl over so she was laying on her back and staring up at him.

She instantly stopped her movements and just froze.

Both of them were breathing heavily as they looked at one another.

Tuff reached up hesitantly to pull out her ear buds so she could hear him, but he couldn’t say anything.



The girl’s breath was slightly laboured staring into his blue eyes. Neither could come up with words for the other at the moment.

Her red eyes closed slowly before she said softly, trying to keep her voice steady.

“Don’t.” She said shortly, “He’s not dangerous.”

Tuff looked over his shoulder to see a middle aged man, in a blue polo, khaki shorts, and sandles. What really got his attention was the black heater, with silencer in his hands drawn and was just lowering the gun from pointing it at him.

A pregnant silence fell over the two in the living room as the red eyed girl wiped her eyes.

The blonde just stared at her, the girl’s eyes fixated on the ground.

Tuff’s hands formed into tight fists. He stayed like that for a moment before he lunged forward and pulled the dark haired girl into a tight hug.

Carstella stayed frozen for a moment before wrapping her arms around his torso and burying her face in her chest.

She noticed that Tuff was shaking, his voice on the brink of breaking.

“I don’t care.” He said choking back tears, “When I heard the execution was successful, my heart broke. I never thought I would be able to hold or look at you again. It killed me, Stell. It really did.”

“You deserve so much better than I could ever give you, Tuff.” She said softly.

“No.” He snapped and shook his head furiously, “You deserve better than this idiot who can only hurt you more than you already are.”

“You could never hurt me, Tuff.” Carstella sniffed, “I do it too much to myself.”

“Why?” He asked almost sobbing.

“Because there were too many people I’ve hurt, I thought I deserved all the pain I could get.”

“No.” Tuff told her sternly and pulled back to look at her, he pushed some of her hair out of her face and behind her ear, “Zaidah, has suffered all she needs to, to atone for her sins. Carstella on the other hand, she’s gone through unbelievable pain, and it’s about damn time she became happy.”

“Then may I ask something of you?” Carstella asked hesitantly.

Tuff nodded and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Smile for me.”

Tuff didn’t have to force it, he didn’t even have to try. Her usual innocent and gentle tone asking all too politely, he had missed it oh so much.

His lips turned up, his teeth showed through his lips, happiness filled his eyes and warmth his heart.

Carstella gazed upon his face in awe, she had been afraid she wouldn’t be able to see him again.

Her heart swelled with happiness, and she felt her cheeks push up and a strange pull on her lips.

“I missed you.” They said in usion.

Carstella wrapped her arms around Tuff’s waist, Tuff pulled her into his chest and leaned back so he was on his back and the girls was snuggled up on his stomach.

The usual silent peacefulness covered them as they enjoyed the warmth of each other they had missed for so long.

No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 18)


The group was all sitting at the park near the pond. Tuff pulled off little pieces of the rest of his breakfast bun and threw them at the ducks. No one had eaten much if anything that morning, or the days past. When they hung out with one another they tried to put on brave faces and attempt to eat something for the others to show that they would still be okay without having their friend.

But no one pushed Tuff. He was the only who didn’t care when anyone wanted him to eat, or sleep, or anything.

Spitelout and Stoik called in sick that day, they were both in dread. Gobber didn’t open the diner that morning either. They were all silently mourning their friend who had left for their own good. And they felt horrible about it.

Zaidah took deep breaths as she meditated, she was ready for it. She was ready for her end.

There was a knock on her cell bars, she opened her eyes slowly to see who was there.

An armed officer with the same C.I.A. agent as before.

Zaidah pushed herself upright and made her way to the door, she leaned on the iron and looked at them coolly.

“The offer’s still open, Ms. Blodvist.” The agent said.

“And I told you to leave me alone.” She retorted.

The agent sighed, “I’ll be honest as to why I offered you the deal.” He told her.

“You want my help getting into the minds of the mobsters over seas, finding out who’s responsible for what, where and how the import their goods to America, finding them out here, and I’ll also assume that you want help in the gang wars that are going on, specifically in this prison.” Zaidah said catching him off guard, “Knowing what others are thinking is how I made it this far. And I want what I know to die with me.”

“I don’t think you understand.” He started.

“I don’t think you understand.” Zaidah snapped, “It’s my life, my decision, and how do you know that if I do take your deal I won’t just run off the second I’m out of your sight.”

“We make it customary to implant a tracker chip in the person.” He explained.

“Heads up, some people’s body’s can’t function with a micro chip in them. I’m one of them.”

“I still think your making a mistake.”

“And I think you’re wasting your time, or more importantly, mine.” Zaidah told him, “If this is a mistake it’s mine to make. Don’t tell me otherwise.”

“If you change your mind,” The agent started, “The offer is open as long as you’re still alive.”

Zaidah nodded, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

The agent and officer left, Zaidah did a hand stand so her back was against the cells wall and then lowered herself so she was supported by her elbows. She took a deep breath and went back to meditating.

Later that night Snotlout, Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Ruff, Tuff, Spitelout, Stoik, and Gobber were sitting around the kitchen table at Stoik’s house. Tuff had made dinner for the occasion.

“What is it?” Snotlout asked poking at the redish-purpleish concoction.

“Borscht.” Tuff replied shortly as he finished laddling out for everyone at the table, “It’s a traditional Russian dish, Carstella loves it apparently.”

“Tuff,” Astrid started softly, but apparently he didn’t hear her.

“It’s actually a lot of fun to make.” He said as he sat down, “Yeah, the smell of boiling cabbage isn’t the best, but when you throw in beats and seasonings, it ends up being amazing. I looked up this recipe online in hopes of cooking it for her, but I guess it’s not going to happen now. But, ya’ know at the same time I think she’d want me to share this with you. Now it has a funny taste, but it’s really good when you get used to it.”

“Why would she want you to share this with us?” Ruff asked in disgust as let the liquid in her spoon drop back down into her bowl.

“She said to me that it can make good memories with those around you, and I think it can bring people together.” Tuff said with a smile, “You know her father actually took the time between killing, exporting drugs and guns, and being an asshole to teach her how to cook this stuff.”

Zaidah stared at her hands as the person behind her shaved her head down to the skull. She had less than a half hour until she was going to meet an electrifying end.

She thought of those who she was leaving behind, whose who had become her friends, and those who she loved. But she couldn’t bring herself to stop this and go back to them, not when they could get hurt again.

Another officer came to her cell door and just stared at her as she got her head shaved.

“We’re done.” The man behind her said as he started to pack up his clippers.

Zaidah ran a hand over her now buzzed hair. The dark tuffs on the floor indicated her time was coming to an end.

“At the very least try it.” Tuff barked at the rest of the table.

Everyone looked between the others and their soups.

Tuff shrugged and went for a bite of his own bowl, and a warm smile appeared on his face.

Zaidah was placed in cuffs as she was escorted to the execution room.

She was sat down in the chair and strapped in tightly. She took deep breaths waiting for the inevitable.

Hiccup was the first to raise the spoon to his mouth, after a short moment he swallowed.

“It is kinda weird,” He started, but filled his spoon again, “But it’s good.”

Astrid and Spitelout were next to follow the example, and they agreed; it was strange, but it was good.

The rest soon followed suit.

“Is there anything you would like to say before you go through with this?” An officer in the room asked her.

“do svidaniya miru , i lyudi, kotorykh ya lyublyu(1).” She said quietly.

The cloth was then draped over her face as the circuit warmed up.

“It does make memories.” Fishlegs said as he stared at his empty bowl.

“I don’t think this is a good one.” Rudd pointed out.

“Whether it is or not,” Stoik said with a serious look on his face, “We should celebrate having her in our lives even if it was for just a short amount of time.”

“Seconds, anyone?” Tuff asked to lighten the mood a little.

Pain went shooting through the girl as the lever was pulled down. She didn’t say a word as we nails dug into the arm rests. She could feel saliva, or was it blood, dripping down the sides of her mouth. Zaidah knew she was dying, and oddly she felt releaved.

It all stopped suddenly, and she felt herself leaning forward as much as she could gasping for breath.

“What the hell happened?” An officer demanded from the executioner.

“It just stopped.” The executioner said in shock as he went over the switches again. He pulled the lever down, but there was nothing. There was nothing.

Every one in the room looked at each other in shock.

“Officer?” Zaidah choked out as she spit up blood.

“What?” He demanded of her.

“Could you please contact that C.I.A. agent who was here earlier? I would like to talk to him.”

They sat around sadly marathoning Disney movies they would watch as children.

“Think she ever saw these movies?” Ruff asked out of the blue.

“Probably not.” Tuff told her, “She didn’t even know who Santa Clause was.”

“Sad.” Fishlegs moaned as he stared down at his feet.

“Tell me about it.” Tuff said sarcastically.

“That’s my counter offer.” The red eyed girl told the agent from her hospital bed, she was still cuffed, being a prisoner, but she was in the room with just him.

“Are you sure you want to be in the same area as before?” He asked.

She looked at him coldly, “The entire reason I’m talking to you right now, is because of that area. I would also like protection for whatever family I have in the future for the rest of their lives, but that come when they do.”

The agent nodded, “I know I can get you back in the same apartment in that area, and you’ll be under full protection, but that children will be another story.”

“As I said,” She said hoarsely, “That can occur when they happen, until then don’t worry about it too much.”

He nodded, “You recover, once that’s done you’ll be discharged and at work.”

The red eyed girl nodded, and the agent left.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” She sighed rubbed her face with her unrestrained hand.

(1)do svidaniya miru , i lyudi, kotorykh ya lyublyu =Good bye to the world, and the people I love

No Way Out(A HTTYD Love Story Part 17)


“All rise, honorable judge Oswald residing.”

Zaidah rose slowly along with her lawyer.

“You may be seated.” The judge said, “How does the defendant plea?”

“Guilty on all counts of murder, involuntary man slaughter, possession of concealed and illegal weapons without a permit, mafia affiliations, and illegal immigration.” The lawyer said.

“You’ve gotten around, haven’t you miss Blodvist?” Oswald asked.

Zaidah shrugged.

“Is there anything else you would like to say before the jury leaves to make their verdict?”

“If I may be allowed.” She said.

The judge nodded, and she stood up, pushing the chair back a little more so she could move from behind the desk. All officers had their weapons at the ready.

“I would like to ask, rather than say, is it considered a crime when what you do is what you grew up knowing, and what was beaten into you?” She asked, and paused a moment before swallowing, “I don’t expect this to waver your thoughts on sending me to jail or anything like that. But I came here hoping to find the life I could have led if my father were a different man. And I would also like to apologise to the you, judge.”

“And why’s that?” He asked the blue eyed girl.

“Because your son, Dagur, was not only working with a notorious mafia boss, Alvin Outcast, but he was also in the explosion that occurred at the wear house on Timber lane.” She said with a straight face, “I made sure he couldn’t get out.”

The judge looked at her with wide eyes as she lowered her head and made her way back to her seat, careful to make no sudden movements.

“There will be a one hour recess for the jury to decide your fate, court will resume after that.” Oswald said as he lowered his hammer, “Court augured.”

“All rise.”

“The would be Russian mafia boss, Zaidah Blodvist, daughter of the infamous Drago Blodvist, is on trial today at the highest court here in California to decide if she is going to spend the rest of her life in maximum security at San Quinton state penitentiary, or if she will be sentenced to death. There are many questions about the girl now, such as; why is she turning herself in here and now all of a sudden? And, why was she here? She has refused to speak to any of the reporters outside the court house on her way in, but perhaps we’ll understand more as the case goes one. We’ll keep you posted with how the court case progresses.”

“Gobber, can you turn that shirt off?” Ruff snarled at the blonde cook.

“Unlike you lot, I actually want to know what’s happening.” Gobber snapped back at the girl.

“Tuff is already upset more than anything, you’re making it worse.” She argued.

Tuff just blew bubbles in his chocolate milk pretending the others weren’t there, but he tuned them out a long time ago.

“I think he’s taking it the hardest out of all of us.” Astrid noted.

“There’s one person taking it harder than the rest of you.” Stoik said from behind the counter.

“And how could that be?” Ruff demanded.

“The officer leading her around in restraints.” He said shortly.

“Dad?” Snotlout asked.

Stoik nodded, “I wasn’t sure about helping her in the beginning, but Spitelout convinced me to help her. He said he’d take full responsibility for her and her actions. The way he looked at Carstella was like a daughter, which he always wanted. And to top it off she is the daughter of his favorite sister, he took to her instantly.”

“He wanted a girl?” Snotlout was stuck on.

“He got the next best thing.” Hiccup told him bitterly.

“Hey!” Snotlout shouted at the brunette.

“Shut up both all of you!” Fishlegs yelled over the group who were starting to bicker, they all stopped and stared at him, Fishlegs does not yell, “I get it! We’re upset because of what she’s doing and that we can’t change it. And maybe, yes, there are a couple people who are hurting about more than us. But at the moment that doesn’t matter, what does matter is accepting her choice and preparing for what is going to come. She has the strongest affiliations with the Russian mob, she’s killed more people than we can probably count, and she’s done things that would kill us, make our skin crawl, and throw up, along with being through shit that would have made us give up a long time ago. She’s going to be sentenced to death, and there’s nothing we can do, but understand she’s done. She can’t do it anymore, and she doesn’t want to.”

“Doesn’t want to what?” Ruff asked.

“Live anymore.” Fishlegs said grimly, “Or maybe she does, and she’s tired of the charade of not being able to be who she is, or the guilt of her previous life has gotten to much, or. . . ”

“Or?” Hiccup pried.

Fishlegs gestured to Tuff’s arm in its sling, “She was perfectly fine with running and hiding and hanging out with us, and then we got kidnapped and hurt, and she knows they aren’t going to stop, and she doesn’t want us going through anything she did because she actually does care about us, and as a messed up kind of thank you for caring about her too. If even for a short time.”

Everyone went quiet.

“Maybe they’ll go easy on her because she did have an abusive father who forced her into the business.” Snotlout said optimistically.

Astrid shook her head, “Oswald is her judge.”

“You mean. .”

She nodded.

They all sighed and stared at the table, they were all so powerless.

Zaidah was placed in a holding cell until the time was up.

She just sat on the bench and thought about her friends, how they deserved better, and how she’d miss them.

Half way through the wait time the door opened.

“Did they not need all the time to find me guilty?” She asked only to see Spitelout in the door way holding his cell phone in one hand, he motioned for her to come over to him.

Tuff stopped blowing bubbles through his straw suddenly, he looked over to Snotlout who was too occupied with staring at the table to notice anything.

He snatched his phone from the table next to him, and found the number he was looking for.

“Hey what are doing?” Snotlout snapped at the blonde only to receive a death glare, causing him to shut up.

Tuff called the number and waited for him to answer.

It can’t be too late, he thought. It can’t.

“For the last time Richard, I can’t convince her otherwise!”

“Is she still alive?” Tuff asked to the person on the other end.

“Tuff?” Spitelout questioned.

“Yeah, it’s me. Is she still alive?”


“I know it’s probably against protocol, but can I talk to please, just ten seconds.”

“Give me a minute.”

Tuff waited patiently as he drummed his fingers on the table, it seemed like an eternity.

Zaidah advanced to the man slowly. Spitelout put his cell phone to her ear when she was close enough.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Carstella, I love you.”

She gasped hearing those words from the other end, her eyes got wide.

“I love you, Stell, I really do.” Tuff repeated.

“I love you to, Paddy Garret.” She said as she blinked back tears, “But this is still something I need to do.”

“I couldn’t let you without you knowing this.” He told her, “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you to.”

The phone was pulled away from her as she nodded to her uncle with a smile on her face, she tried not to cry.

“You’re very loved, Carstella.” Spitelout said and put his hand her shoulder to enforce the idea.

She just nodded as a few stray tears fell from her eyes.

“I never heard that before.” She admitted finally, “I never have.”

“You can’t say that now.” He told her and glanced at his watch, “It’s not too late to make a plea deal.”

She shook her head, “I have to do it.”

Spitelout nodded and patted her shoulder before wiping away a couple of her tears.

“Do what you have to do.” He told her and turned to leave.

“I love you too, uncle Spitelout.” She whispered, but he heard it loud and clear.

He couldn’t say anything so he just left the room.

Carstella sat back down on the bench, oddly with a lighter heart than she had before.

Tuff put the phone back down on the counter and let out a breath he’d been holding. He sniffed a bit before he smiled at the people at the table.

“I will never love again.”

The door opened for a second time, this time Zaidah knew it was time.

She rose and ankle restraints were put back on her.

She walked down the long hallway to her destiny, her uncle by her side, and armed men around her.

The door was held open for her as she entered the court room. Her lawyer was waiting beside the table for her, he looked even more grim than the other officers in the room.

“You can still reach a plea.” He told her as she took her seat.

“I don’t want a plea.” she told him.

He sighed and sat next to her, waiting for the judge and jury to enter.

“You love my cousin?” Snotlout said in a daze, unable to understand what was really going on.

“Yeah.” Tuff said as he looked back at the t.v. hoping it would give some idea of what was going on.

“How long have you two been dating?” Ruff asked leaning closer to her twin.

“Officially one month, as of the day before the entire kidnapping thing.”

“Wow. Shitty anniversary timing.” Ruff commented.

“You’re missing the point, Ruff!” Snotlout yelled, “He loves, my cousin!”

“Calm down, Snotlout.” Hiccup told his cousin trying to reason with him.

“How are you so calm, Hiccup?!” He accused the brunette, “You know deep down she’s sensitive and fragile, and there for should not be with such and idiot!”

“Actually, that’s exactly why I approve.” Hiccup said boredly.

“Ha!” Snotlout shot in Tuff’s face before snapping back to the brunette, “Wait, what?”

“Tuff is not the smartest person around, I think we all agree to that.” Hiccup started, “He usually relies on his feelings to tell him how he should act. And if his feelings towards Carstella are that strong he’s never going to leave or hurt her, and with them being polar opposites they’d work well together.”

“Ha!” Tuff shot back in Snotlout’s face.

A beep on the t.v.indicated breaking news, everyone’s attention turned directly to the screen.

“This just in. Zaidah Blodvist, daughter of the powerful mafia boss, Drago Blodvist, has just been sentenced to death via the electric chair by an honourable jury. Her execution will be private as to not allow other mafia spies into the room to save her, as she would be the leader of her late father’s organization back in Russia. Many questions are still unanswered, and appear to remain so as we can’t even get close enough to see her face properly. But her execution will take place in three days time, at San Quinton penitentiary, where she will wait on death row for her time.”

Gobber turned the t.v. off after that, before looking sadly over at the group.

“Well,” He said solemnly, but still trying to lighten the mood, “At least you don’t need blessing.”