What If It Were Real?(Part 27)

No one’s pov.

Dave, Bill, Jones, Mykhayla, and Doc all walked out of the doctor’s office, having finally overcome their stomach flues.

They headed up to the top deck only to see the entirety of their crew sprawled out on the deck unconscious and covered in blood. Some where missing limbs and others had their insides strewn about, obviously dead.

“Wow!” Mykhayla exclaimed, “We missed a party!”

“Some party.” Jones muttered.

The five stood there for several moments taking in the view and letting everything sink in.

“I’m pretty sure they’re all dying.” Dave finally said.

“You’re probably right.” Doc acknowledged before he sighed, “Alright, well I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty sure this had been done by the Big Mama pirates. So we should probably get out here as soon as we can.”

“Alright,” Bill sighed, “How do we go about that?”

“Well, the mechanisms in the back of the ship will take care of most of it.” Mykhayla told them, “We just need to steer it in the right direction.”

“Alright,” Dave said with a fair amount of authority in his voice, “Mykhayla you know how it works, so you go up to the helm and take over there. There should be a log post up there for you to use to navigate. Jones you and Bill help Doc take those who are still alive down stairs and tend to them, they are our nakama and we need to take care of them. I’ll start cleaning up the deck and getting rid of the dead and body parts. Either of you need an extra hand just let me know.”

Everyone nodded.

“When we’re done everyone meet down in the kitchen and we’ll work on a soup or something together.” Mykhayla offered.

The boys all nodded and group all set off to do their own tasks.

The five uninjured crew mates all sat together at the dinning table to talk about what to do next over bowls of  chicken noodle soup.

“How long do you think they’ll be out?” Bill asked the Doctor.

Doc shrugged, “For some of them maybe only a couple of days, for others it’s hard to say. We just need to keep our wits about us and be careful.”

“Anyone want to volunteer for night watch tonight?” Dave asked the table, “I’d prefer if it wasn’t you Doc, you’ve been working like a dog over all the injured today.”

“I have a few repairs I should make in the engine room before I can go to bed, I’d feel better if it was someone else up top.” Mykhayla sighed.

Dave nodded.

“I’ll take it.” Jones offered, “But I got a question, who’ll take over cooking? Torri’s out and we don’t even have Heat to cook meat anymore.”

“Whoever isn’t on night watch should take on cooking for the next day, we’ll take turns. I think that’s fair.” Mykhayla told them.

The boys all nodded.

“I’m gonna need at least one extra set of hands helping me every day. Should we have a set person or take turns again?” Doc asked the table.

Dave shook his head, “We’ll take turns. The deck is basically cleaned up aside from some light mopping. I figure whoever is steering the ship, or maybe Jones when he’s on watch can finish that all up.”

“Fair to me.” Bill said, “But fair warning here, I’m not a good cook.”

“Neither am I.” Mykhayla added.

“Me either.” Jones laughed, “That’s why I asked.”

“I don’t think any of us are.” Dave said lightly.

“The entire reason I became a doctor was so I could avoid cooking. But we’ll make the most of it.” Doc smiled, “Anyway, if we’re done we better get to our tasks and to bed. We have literally everyone counting on us, and a lot to do tomorrow. So sleep well.”

“Except for you, Jones,” Mykhayla barked, “You’re on night watch.”

The entire table blinked at her.

“What?” She defended, “I can be catty.”


What If It Were Real?(Part 26)

Mykhayla’s pov.

Layers of purple under orange and white petals with a red sun and dark blue silhouette of surfers, all surrounded by curved leaves of a million different shades of green that made me want to be sick.

I was instantly pulled away from that by Torri.

“That wasn’t what I was talking about when I said look at the view.” Torri growled at me, pulling me out from behind Killer.

I blinked and looked from her to the God awful Hawaiian shirt Killer was warring.

“Ohh!” I blinked again, “This is much better!”

I felt the brunette on my one side twitch, and blonde on my other side shift uncomfortably.

The actual view, not just the forced one I made up, was a clear blue sky over top of a bright orange sea.

“It’s so pretty!” I beamed, “But I hate the water so much.”

“It’s orange juice.” Torri told me, “We’ve just entered the Totto land archipelago.”

“Orange juice?!” I asked, “Oh, hell yeah! Let’s go for a swim!”

“You’re a devil fruit eater.” Killer cut in.

“Doesn’t that only count for water?” I asked him, “This is orange juice we’re talking about here.”

“Devil fruit users are weakened by any form of liquid, sea water, fresh water, juice, milk, anything. If a devil fruit user is submerged up to a certain point in any liquid, sea water or otherwise they will lose power and drown.” Torri explained, “Aside from that, that’s a sticky mess waiting to happen.”

I sighed, “Fine! No swimming.”

“You don’t even like swimming” Torri accused.

“That’s true. I really don’t.” I shrugged, “Scratch that off the bucket list.”

“Since when the hell am I in charge of your bucket list?” She demanded.

“To be honest, I’m pretty sure I don’t even have one.”

“Then why bring it up?” Killer asked.

“It’s an expression.” I dead panned.

“With you I never know.” He shrugged.

“And I heard you were a lady-killer, and now I know why.” I retorted.

Killer just stared at me for a moment before turning and leaving Torri and I alone.

Torri’s pov.

I shook my head for the millionth time to try to stop my vision from blurring again.

Everyone was feeling bad, and I was under orders from the doctor to make something easy on the stomach to help them all out. It didn’t help though that I was feeling like shit.
I felt really bad though, they all seemed to be feeling ill after eating that soup I made the other day. I guess some of the ingredients I used were bad.

“Damn.” I cursed as I clutched the edge of the counter. My head was spinning and I wasn’t sure if I could keep myself up right any longer.

I was nearly thrown off my feet when the ship lurched violently. I clutched the counter in an attempt to keep myself up.

“What the fuck?” I mumbled to myself as I stumbled out of the kitchen and towards the door leading out to the deck.

The ship lurched again, causing me to fly face first into the wall.

When I get my hands on whoever is responsible for this. I growled in my head.

I managed to throw the door opened and stepped out onto the deck. A war zone was occurring before me.

Kidd was trying his best to fend off underlings, Killer was haphazardly slashing at anything that got too close, Heat was trying to set the enemies on fire, yet about a dozen of our crew men were nothing more than charred bodies on the deck, Wire was doing his best. The only thing I was thankful for was the fact that Mykhayla wasn’t on deck in all this carnage.

I winced and pulled out my scythe spinning around to keep enemies around me at bay. I had about fifteen seconds to take in the situation in its entirety before I started to slow down.

People dressed in chess piece costumes? They were fighting. There were other people who were dressed, I wanted to say strangely but seeing as who my captain was I couldn’t really say anything about it. Then there was this giant guy clad in what looked to be biscuits? He was really wrecking shit.

I dropped my scythe from above my head and brought it to my waist, spinning myself in the process to get the chess pieces heads off. They were taken care of.

The rest of my crew was in danger though. I sprinted forward and took out the three at Killer’s back. I then turned and used the handle of my scythe to knock out the guy that was about to take my captain from his unguarded side.

I flicked the blade of my scythe to deflect a couple of bullets that were aimed at me. With that done I took out a throwing knife and sent it at an enemy that was aiming at Wire. He went down in a crumpled heap.

I then turned my attention to the giant biscuit armor guy. I figured, even in my hazy mind, he was the leader. If I could take care of him then the rest should be a breeze.
I took out another throwing knife and sent it flying at the guy’s eye. At the same time I charged for his leg to bring him down a size.

He deflected the knife easily enough, but was caught slightly by surprise when his leg gave out under him. I readied my scythe to cut upwards to take him out, but was stopped dead in my tracks.

Something flashed just before my eyes, pictures, places, names. I couldn’t quite place it.
The next thing I knew pain was coursing through my left eye and I was screaming in pain, backing away from the sword covered in blood that was before me.

I heard an annoying laugh come from before me, but I couldn’t open up my right eye to look.

“You almost had me there, girl!” It squeaked, “Why did you stop, I wonder?”

I fell to a knee and forced my right eye open, still clutching the bleeding wound that was the left side of my face.

I growled up at the cracker warrior. Something else in my mind flashed, but I couldn’t place it either.

Suddenly his face dropped as he stared down at me.

“Let’s go!” He called to his subordinates.

“But, Cracker-sama-” One of his underlings called out only to be cut off.

“I said we’re going now!” He barked again, “These pitiful rookies wont last long in their condition. You too, Zane. Mama will be proud of you.”

Zane! I looked over to where the little rat strode forward towards the Sweet Commander.

“You!” I managed out.

He paused and smirked at me, “Me!” He sang.

“I bet you didn’t see this one coming, witch!” He laughed as he made his way to the railing, “I can’t believe Eustass was even stupid enough to think you would be in any way useful. That’s all just a bunch of bullshit.”

He hopped up onto the railing as the Yonko’s crew prepared to sail off.

“It’s good to see you all groveling to me for once! You are all pathetic! Thinking you’re better than everyone! Thinking you can run the world all because you got a dream! You damn idiots! Do you have any idea what Mama has-”

He was cut off by a drowning gurgle. He looked down only to see a throwing knife, buried up to its hilt in his throat.

He looked back up and stared at me. My right arm still outstretched following through with my throw.

“Has anyone ever told you,” I panted, “You talk too much.”

Without another sound he fell backwards, off the ship. The splash of his body hitting the water was the only thing that followed.

Cracker looked at the ocean and then back at me.

“Move out!” He called to his crew just before his ship set sail away from us.

“Get the hell out of our territory or die already!” He called back.

I waited until they were a safe distance away before I allowed myself the luxury of falling over, unconscious.

What If It Were Real?(Part 25)

“What the hell?” I muttered to myself as I rooted through the dry storage. Almost all the potatoes were rotten, the carrots were mangled and withered, the onions were growing mushroom.

I had just checked the storage last night and everything was fine. What the actual fuck had happened? The door to the dry storage was locked shut like I had left it, so there was no way that anyone could have come in and messed with anything either.

I furrowed my brow as I left the dry storage and entered the kitchen to check the fridge. The only thing that was off in there was one jug of milk.

That wasn’t out of the ordinary. I thought, these things happen from time to time.

Yet, I could not suppress the knot of uncertainty that was tangling up in my stomach.

Mykhayla’s pov.

I was walking around on the main deck, enjoying the sunshine. It had been raining a lot the past couple days so it was nice to have this break in the weather.

I took another step forward and my foot went through the deck.

I sputtered and struggled to regain my balance.

“What!?” I demanded, “When did this happen? I literally just mopped this deck yesterday!”

“Torri!” I bellowed.

“What!?” She shouted back at me.

“Huston, we have a problem!”

“Bring it up with the captain!” She yelled at me.

“But I’m stuck!” I whined.

“Then yell for him to help you out! Or turn into your cat form and get yourself out, then go and find him!” She reasoned.

“Oh.” I muttered, “I never thought of that. That would be a good idea. A better idea from the start.”

And so, I turned into a cat and scampered out of the hole, only managing to make it about 4 steps away before falling through another hole in the deck. This time I landed right in front of Kidd.

“Oh hey! That thing is true, cat’s do land on their feet! And, uh, of yeah. The floor’s broken.”

Heat’s pov.

I yawned as walked to the port of the ship, several other under crewmen in toe. Torri had requested a fair amount of fish to off set the bad food we had to throw over board. I was still wracking my brain of how all that food could have gone bad when she was so adamant that the day before they were perfectly fine.

Captain was always the first to write her off, saying it was due to her negligence. But I knew just how picky Torri was when it came to provisions she was purchasing, I had been there with her on more than one occasion.

I sighed, no use thinking about something like that. If we want dinner we gotta work for it.

“Alright, John you got the bait, right?” I asked.

The mountain of a man nodded, “Right her’eat!” He dropped a giant barrel on the deck.

“Perfect.” I smiled and tied a hook to my rod, “It’ll be an easy day gentlemen.”

I gave an experimental cast of my rod. There was something off about it. I pulled it back in and cast it again, thinking it might have just been wind or how the boat rocked throwing me off my game. But no, there was something off indeed.

“Heat.” One of the under crewmen called as I sent out another experimental cast.

“What is it?” I all but barked as I turned around to look at them.

They tipped the barrel towards me so I could see inside of it. It was completely empty.

“What the hell!?” I snarled.

The barrel was full the other day when I landed a sturgeon.

Something was wrong.

Killer’s pov.

I cursed my captain under my breath for the millionth time. I should have known. Even with the round about route we were taking I should have known he would want to challenge a Yonko right out of the gate.

Now we were heading for Big Mam’s territory. I cursed again, why now?

I heard sounds and a smelled a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. I sighed in contentment hoping to catch Torri in there. I strode over, heart a little lighter, only for it to sink when I saw a low ranking crew member with his hand in the pot.

“You know the cook with serve your hand to you if you try for more food again.” I snarled at him.

He jumped, nearly out of his skin and scuttled out of the kitchen, running past me and mumbling his apologies and begging for me not to tell her.

I sighed again. Even with all this bullshit going on, the captain trying to kill us all, and Mykhayla breaking the ship there would always be at least one thing that’s consistent: the deliciousness of Torri’s cooking.