What If It Were Real?(Part 24)

Killer’s pov.

It was a relaxing day. The sun was shinning, The ocean was calm. Mykhayla was leaving everyone alone, finally. The only down side of today was that Torri was preoccupied with the new dog they just got.

That peace and serenity was shattered by an ear piercing shriek from my captain. I sighed to myself. I knew it was too good to last.

I trudged across the deck towards him.

“What’s wrong now?” I grumbled.

“What the fuck did I just step in?!” He demanded, turning his attention from his foot to me.

I stared at my captain like he was an idiot, which, to be fair he was. Then I just sighed and trudged away, ignoring him yelling at me. I grumbled back to him with a bucket of hot, soapy water, a thick bristled broom and a mop in hand.

I swept the dog shit off the side of the ship and then mopped up the last of the residue.

“Happy captain?” I snarled at the red head.

“NO! There’s so much shit everywhere, and the girls aren’t even trying to clean it up!” He yelled at me.

I just sighed deeply again, “Where is the rest of it?”



What if it Were Real? Part 3

The sun was shining, the waves were lapping gently up against the side of the ship, and Mykhayla was humming to herself as she mopped the deck. Kidd wasn’t here to give her hell so it was alright. I was leaning against the railing of the ship watching the water.

It was a few days since we had first been brought into the One Piece world, and it had been the same amount of time that we had been away from Saboy. We had docked here before heading to the fishman’s island, the first island of the new world. Kidd left me in charge of Mykhayla and the ship while he went to find a person to coat it and the crew stalked up on supplies.

It was a quiet day and there didn’t seem to be anyone around so my guard wasn’t up as high as it normally was.

“Hey, Torri.” Mykhayla suddenly asked out of the blue.

I turned my head towards her, letting her know I was listening and for her to continue.

“Do you ever think we’re going to go home?” Her eyes were down and she was gripping the handle of the mop tight enough that her knuckles turned white.

I walked up to her and pulled her into an awkward hug.

“We’ll figure it out.” I told her, trying to assure myself that as much as I was her, “There has to be some way to get home.”

“Okay.” She said and instantaneously pulled away before resuming her mopping.

I wished I could have been as laid back and carefree like her in a situation like this.

I sighed and prepared to turn back around to continue to watch the waves, but my train of thought was interrupted by the distant shouting of an all too familiar voice.

“Mykhayla, put the mop away.” I told the blonde sternly.

“I’m not done yet!” She whined to me.

“The captain and the rest are coming back.” I told her, “Do you want to get yelled at?”

“No.” She pouted.

“Then put it away.”

She sighed heavily and complied, sitting down next to where I stood just as the rest of the crew came up to the deck from the land.

“What’s up?” I asked non shelontly as the captain walked up to us.

“Pack some shit to last you a couple days, we found someone who’ll coat the ship. We’ll be staying on land for three days until it’s done.” He told me.

I shrugged and pulled Mykhayla along with me to our room and started throwing things into a duffel bag. Five minutes later we were standing in front of the ship on dry land.

“Let’s move out!” Kidd yelled as he walked  past us towards the town.

“What is he, a leader to a recon team?” Mykhayla said as a side note to me.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Mykhayla by the hand and followed behind Kidd, we walked in silence for a few minutes before Mykhayla said something.

“Is there anything to do on this island?” She asked out of no where.

“There’s a fair here.” Killer  told her before instantly regretting his choise of words, as he saw Mykhayla’s eyes light up like the stars in the night sky.

“Can we go?” Mykhayla asked bouncing up and down like a child, “Can we? Can we? Can we? Can we? Please!”

“No.” Kidd said coldly.

“Please!” Mykhayla said breaking free from my grip and grabbing, Kidd, shaking him to emphasize her point. But she wasn’t shaking him at all.

“No.” Kidd told her again in a dark tone, eye twitching.

“Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!” She begged.

“No.” Kidd growled.

“Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!” Mykhayla whined and begged and pleaded with the captain for what seemed like forever now. Mostly because people were staring.

“Torri wants to go too!” She whined.

And que facepalm. Don’t drag me into things like this! I mentally yelled at her.

Kidd let out a menacing growl, and I could swear Kidd was about to kill her.


“Kidd, calm down I’ll take them to the amusement park.” Killer cut in and gained the attention of our red haired captain.

“Them?” I asked still unsure of what the hell was going on.

“You wanted to go too, didn’t you?” Killer asked.

“I did, but that’s not the point.” I told him fairly respectfully, “But why the hell would you drag me into this?!” I demanded from Mykhayla.

“I thought he would let me go if you would go with me.” She said innocently.

I wanted to sigh at that, but I choked on it and started to giggle at her. After all it probably was true.

“Take them.” Kidd said to Killer, “It’ll give me some peace and quiet without this one.” He said glaring at Mykhayla.

“Yes! We get to go!” Mykhayla screamed.

I sighed and pinched and bridge of my nose. Then seeing her dance around in a circle I grabbed her by the hand and motioned for Killer to lead the way to the park. He did it without a complaint.

Standing outside of the gates of the park, I saw a child’s heaven. Roller coasters, merry go rounds, other carnival rides, booths for prizes, snack stalls, and in the very middle a giant ferris wheel.

“Let’s Go!” Mykhayla screamed and pulled me along with her. I only stopped her when I realized she was heading towards the merry-go-round, I regained myself and pulled her in the opposite direction to one of the roller coasters. All night Killer followed us without a complaint or a word.

~~~~Hours Later~~~~

The three of were trying very hard to quietly sneak up the stairs of the hotel we were staying at without waking anyone up. Okay, Mykhayla and I were playing this weird game of sneaking into the hotel as quietly as possible. Actually I was trying not to burst out laughing because Mykhayla was making the spy theme song the entire way up the stairs. Killer was just following behind us silently, I was more than certain that he had a smirk on under his mask.

We reached the door of our room and quietly opened the door, que change in spy music, we tiptoed in only to be caught when the lights were flipped on.

“Where the hell have you guys been!” Kidd demanded.

“At the park.” I said unsure if it was a trick question he was asking us.

“I know that!” He growled.

“Then why did you ask?” Mykhayla said back, “If you knew where we were why would you want to ask?”

Kidd let out the longest streak of unrepeatable curses and insulting frases directed souly at Mykhayla.

“Come here often?” Mykhayla asked after he was finished and flashed him a million dollar smile.

KIller and my jaw’s dropped, the atmosphere became so thick that you could potentially cut it with a knife.

Kidd growled at her and clenched his fists.

“Kidd calm down, she’s always like this.”

Kidd then turned his attention straight to me, I took a step back under his gaze.

“You have no room to talk about anything in this situation!” He roared, “After all wasn’t it you who were nearly raped for not staying in on time?”

“Torri! Why didn’t you tell me? What did I do to make you not trust me with such things?” She sobbed,”Where are those bastards?” She then asked again turning from an angel to a demon.

“I knew you would freak out okay.” I told her, taking note of the confused looking Kidd, and was fairly sure Killer was as confused as the captain, “Besides, captain already took care of the guys that night.”

“He did? Good I would have torn them into teeny idibity pieces and fed them to the rest of the crew!” She said smiling.

I half laughed at this and took her hand again, “Come on, it’s been a long day. Let’s go to bed.”

“Okay!” She said and followed me into one of the bedrooms, as we left the men confused in the living room.

~~~3 day time skip~~~

I yawned and stretched out in the sunlight, waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. The ship was finished being coated and we were heading down to fishmen island. I was looking forward to seeing it in real life.

“Let’s go!” I hear Mykhayla yell and started towards the ship.

I sighed and waited for the rest of the crew to catch up the where I was before going after the blonde just in front of us. We walked until we came across the coated ship. We climbed up to the deck and got set to go. The coating inflated and formed a bubble around the ship. As soon as it was set were started to submerge.

“Gee the underwater sure is pretty.” Mykhayla said looking around. And I had to agree it was.