I watched him from across the class room. He wouldn’t notice me.

I kept staring at him, his brown hair, eyes to match, amazing personality. I truly think I loved him.

We were decent friends, in the same classes, talked a lot, he could always make me laugh.

There was just two things that stopped us from being together:

1.) He’d never see me as anything other than a friend.

2.) He has a girlfriend.

The bell rang and I was the last one to leave for lunch. 

“Hey, Molly.” Nick said coming up to me with his girlfriend, Alice.

I smiled at him, “Hey, Nick. What’s up?” I asked as we walked.

“You wanna eat lunch with us?” He asked me. My other friends weren’t here today, I guess he felt sorry for me.

I smiled, “Sure.”

“We’re heading to A&W.” Alice told me.

I nodded. She was a nice enough girl, but the only reasons why I didn’t like her was because she had Nick and she was loud. I don’t really like loud people.

We walked together and talked a lot about random things. Well mostly it was Nick and Alice who talked I just rolled my eyes and walked with them.

“So, we still on for tonight?” Alice asked.

“What’s tonight?” I asked confused.

Nick smiled apologetically, “Uh, couple stuff you know.”

I looked at him like I could believe him, “I thought you were going to teach me how to play ‘Call of Duty’ tonight?” I reminded him.

He smiled again, “Can we do that another time?”

I nodded. His girlfriend and guy friends always came before me. 

We ate lunch and walked back to school. I had the rest of the classes with Nick, so we walked together. 

The last two periods flew by in a matter of minutes for me. Maybe it was because I was moving so slowly.

I had a pretty good idea of what Nick and Alice were going to do tonight.

“I’m not gonna get mad,” I told Nick as we started towards our lockers, “But I wanna know why you wanna reschedule our C.O.D. night for, Alice.”

He looked around suspiciously the whispered to me, “She’s finally about to let me in her pants.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course. A horny teen aged boy. He can’t control himself can he.

I nodded, “Another time.” I told him.

“You’re the best, Moll.” He told me smiling.

I shrugged as Alice came up and gave him a hug and kiss.

“Hi.” She practically squealed.

“Hey.” He said back.

I held back rolling my eyes and tried to hold back my tears and a growl.

“Ready to go?” He asked her.

She nodded eagerly.

“Bye, Molly.” Nick said and left with Alice on his arm.

I stood there a while, not caring about anything around me.

But I was thinking, why doesn’t he see me like he sees her? I may not be the most attractive girl out there, but I think I have a pretty good personality. And that’s what matters, right? 

Why am I even wasting time on him? He’ll never see me as anything other than a friend. I think I may love him, and all I want is for him to see me as some one who can love him the best and the most out of anyone.

He should be holding me tonight. I should be in his arms. I should be letting him take away my virginity. I should be on his arm. I should be the one getting kisses from his lips. I should be the one who’s allowed to love him.

But I can’t. He’ll never look at me as anything more than a friend. 

I heard his foot steps fade into the empty hallway. And the door leading to the parking lot slam shut. As the bolt slid back into place, my heart broke completely. 


Freedom from the Forbidden


No sadness, no hate, no anger, no rage, no sorrow, no tears, no pain. No happiness, no love, no acceptance, no home. No anything.

That’s what I feel all the time. Nothing.

I’m numb to the world. I think I know exactly why too.

My dad, ever since my mom died he’s never been the same.

He beats, abuses, throws me around. Never known why he’d done it. But he does it to my twin brother too.

“Alex! Beth! Get down here now!” My father’s voice boomed through the halls of our small house.

I started breathing heavy as I looked to my brother.

He didn’t say anything, he didn’t look at me. He just stood up and walked out of our bedroom.

We shared since our mom died and I got really messed up night mares.

I followed behind him closely, he always made me. He was my brother and he wanted to protect me.

“Yeah dad?” He asked calmly as we came into the kitchen.

“Why the did I get a call from your school today about you two fighting?” He hissed.

I flinched, I knew just by hearing his voice he’d had one too many to drink before coming home. He was always a lot worse to us when he was drunk.

“Yeah.” Alex said smoothly, “I got in a fight. Some guy was making rude comments to Beth. I stopped him. She tried to stop the fight and the principal hauled her in too. No sweat.”

I always admired Alex. He was so calm and cool when facing anything. I think he could do anything push come to shove.

“No sweat?” My father boomed.

I started shaking behind him. Alex reached around and put one hand at the small of my back to comfort me. He was real good at it.

“Give her here.” He said holding our his hand.

“With what you might do?” Alex sneered, “Not over my dead body.”

“What was that boy?” He demanded.

“Dad no.” I said coming out from behind him, “Sorry, um. I-I didn’t mean to. Alex was just in a bad mood from earlier. I’ll be good.”

“Elizabeth.” Alex said grabbing my arm.

“Alexander.” I said in the same tone.

He let me go. I hesitantly walked over to out dad meekly.

He started by running a hand through my hair and caressing my cheek.

“You’re a good girl, Beth.” He said, “Your mother would be proud if she saw the woman you became.” His smile turned into an evil smirk, “Now get in my bedroom.” He hissed.

I nodded and walked towards it.

“No interrupting, boy.” He hissed.

I looked back at Alex begging him to ignore this, this time. When ever I cooperated he wouldn’t be as rough with me. But if Alex interrupted, it wouldn’t matter, the next time he’d be rough enough to break skin.

“Take it off.” He said as he locked the door.

I sat on his bed and untied my shoes pulling them off along with my socks. I pulled my brown hair down from its ponytail. Then I pulled off the red plaid button down I had over top of my grey tank top, then the tank top, then I undid my belt and slipped my jeans off, I reached around to my back and un-clipped my bra letting it fall down with the pile of other things I was forced to remove. I stood up and took off my panties.

Then he approached me. He undid his belt and slipped it off. I held my breath knowing where this was going.

“Over my knee.” He said as he sat down.

I didn’t hesitate as I did what I was told. If I did things were worse.

I bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out in the pain of the buckle of the belt connecting with my skin.

It finally stopped after what seemed like an eternity.

Then he threw me onto the bed and pinned me down.

“We’re trying it in the ass again today.” He hissed close to my face.

I didn’t say or do anything as he flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees.

He entered and I held my breath.

Alex’s pov.

I could hear it all down stairs. What he was doing anyway.

Beth had gotten good at not letting noise escape her when he was doing that.

I knew it was tonight I had to tell her. I had a plan and it was just for us. I was going to tell her when he go to sleep, it’s the only time we have together that’s undisturbed.

He’s a really heavy sleeper, and most of the time Beth wears him out. He’s getting older so he can’t keep going like he does.

I still feel bad though, Beth gets the worst part of it. She raped, abused, and bullied.

I do what I can for her, but it never seems like enough.

I can only hope she can hold out just a little longer.

Elizabeth’s pov.

He pulled out and I lied limply over the side of the bed catching my breath.

“Go to bed.” He barked, “I don’t wanna see you.”

I rolled off the bed and grabbed all my cloths before heading upstairs.

I showered quickly before going into our room.

“Hey.” I said tiredly as I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and an old t-shit. It didn’t bother me, Alex and I have been naked in front of each other plenty of times. Hell, I am almost everyday.

“Bad?” He asked looking me over.

I shrugged, “Could a been worse.” I told him.

He nodded and lied back on our bed.

I turned out the light and crawled in with him. This was normal for us. We’d share a bed because I can’t stand sleeping alone. That’s when the night mares are worse.

He slung an arm around me and pulled me close to him.

“There’s something I wanna tell you.” He whispered.

“I’m listening.” I told him.

“We’re gonna run away.” He said.

“We can’t.” I told him, “He’ll find us.”

“Beth, I’m not going to keep having him do this stuff to you.” He told me.

“Where are we going to go then?” I asked him.

“Mexico.” He said.

“Why Mexico?” I asked him.

“He won’t think to go there.” He told me, “Think about it. I could get a job, you can finish school. I’ve been saving up for years for this. I almost have ten thousand dollars, Beth. We can do it.”

“Here I only have twenty eight.” I laughed lightly.

“You’re the one who does the shopping.” He told me.

I smiled and snuggled closer to him.

“Okay.” I said, “We go to Mexico, you get a job, I get enrolled in a Mexican school, then what?”

“We get a place.” He told me, “And we’ll see what happens after that.”

“You’re crazy.” I told him.

“But you love me for it.” He said and kissed my forehead.

“Yeah.” I said kissing his nose, ” ‘Cause you’re the only one who cares about me.”

“Forever baby sister.” He said and pecked my lips.

“How many times have I told you not to tease me like that?” I whinned.

“Can’t help it.” He whispered and kissed me for real this time.

Most people would say that what goes on between us is wrong. But Alex is my best friend, my only friend. He’s always been there for me forever. No matter what happened, I could always look around and he’d be there. He tries to protect me from dad and everything, I know he tries, but I also know it hurts him when he can’t.

“Go to sleep.” I told him and rested my head on his chest so I could listen to his heart beat.

“And if I wanna stay awake and watch you?” He asked playfully.

“We’ll both wake up cranky in the morning.” I told him running a hand through his brown hair.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” I smiled.


I woke up the next morning to the sound of rain. I looked over, Alex wasn’t there. He was probably up making breakfast.

I got dressed and headed down stairs, he was there, so was dad, and a strange man. He seemed really business like ’cause he had a suit, tie, and a brief case.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Elizabeth, this is Mr. Clabeth.” Alex told me pointing to the man, “He’s here with social services.”

I backed into the wall.

“Don’t be frightened, Elizabeth.” He said trying to sound nice, “I’m here to make sure you and your brother are doing well with your father.”

“We’re doing fine.” I told him tugging on the long sleeves of my sweat shirt.

“I would just like to make sure.” He told me, “A couple of your teachers have reported that they’ve seen a few bruises on you.”

“I’m clumsy.” I said sweetly, “I fall a lot.”

He nodded and wrote something down.

“Beth, sit down.” Alex told me calmly.

I sat down next to him.

“Um, there aren’t any problems here of your children being disrespectful, or aggressive, or having any dangerous behaveur. Is there Mr. Levley?”

“No.” He said, “My son can be a little disrespectful at times. But that’s a teenager for you. They grow out of it.”

He nodded and wrote something else down.

“If it’s not too much to ask, Mr. Levley, would you mind if I spoke to Alexander and Elizabeth alone?” He asked politely.

“I don’t see why not.” He said sending both of us a look.

“I’ll be reading the morning paper in the living room if you need me.” He said and left.

“I understand if neither of you want to talk to me.” He said, “But your teachers have become extremely concerned with the marks appearing on Elizabeth, the slipping of your grades, and your peers have noticed a great deal of lack of socialization from, Alexander. Your neighbours have called complaining of loud noises a lot. If there is anything you want to tell me, say it now please.”

“Why do you care?” I asked him.

“It’s my job.” He said taken aback.

I looked at him from under my bangs.

“You get payed to care about kids like us.” I said rather bitterly, “You come in, you ask a few questions, if we cooperate, we’re sent to foster homes, or something. We’re put up for adoption, we’re separated, and you take away the last amount of happiness we have in this house that’s supposed to be called our home. And you get payed for all of it.”

“You’ll have to forgive her, Mr. Clabeth.” Alex apologised, “Beth, here has had a lot of bad nigh mares since our mother died. She hasn’t been sleeping well because of them.”

He nodded, “How bad are these night mares?” He asked.

I shrugged, “It depends.”

“On what, might I ask?” He asked.

“How I’m feeling throughout the day, things that happened, sometimes what I eat. And if Alex isn’t there to comfort me.” I told him.

“Alex comforts you, when you have these dreams?” He asked.

I nodded.

“How?” He asked.

“He’ll hold me until I feel better sometimes.” I said.

“Others?” He asked again.

“He’ll stroke my hair until I fall asleep, read me a story, whip my tears away and tell me everything’ll be okay.” I said.

“Anything else?”

I shook my head, “No.” I lied, “He comforts me like a good brother should.

I was lying through my teeth. Alex’d do those sometimes, most of the time he’d kiss and hold me until I feel good enough to fall back asleep.

“Alex, it appears you broke up with your girlfriend four months ago.” He said.

I rolled my eyes, we were in love long before that. He just kept it up to keep acting normal.

“She was getting too serious for me.” He said, it was partly true.

He nodded, then sighed after writing something down.

“Here.” He said giving Alex something, “It’s my business card. It has my personal and work phone numbers on it. If anything happens, I want you two to call me.”

We nodded.

“I’m going to have a quick word with your father.” He said, “I want you two to take care.”

“You too, Mr. Clabeth.” Alex said standing up and shaking his hand.

He went into the other room.

Alex dragged me back upstairs.

“We leave tonight.” He said as soon as the door was locked and barricaded.

I nodded.

We started packing things we needed. Cloths, shoes, money, Alex put his switch blade in his pocket.

I asked him about it and said it was just in case.

We kept waiting and waiting for our dad to call us down, but he never did.

We both slipped on our jackets just after midnight and tiptoed down stairs.

We were almost at the door when I heard a sound I never thought I would.


We turned around slowly to see our dad towering over us with a sawed off shotgun.

I swallowed hard.

“Where do you two think you’re going?” He hissed. He was completely sober.

Alex gripped my hand and he stood up straight.

“We were running away from you and your abuse.” He said.

“You can’t ever get away.” He said.

“It was worth a shot.” Alex laughed lightly.

Dad joined in for a minute, then fired the gun at his left leg.

“Alex!” I screamed as he fell I caught him and held him in my arms.

“It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay.” I kept repeating, running my hands through his hair and trying to stop the bleeding.

“It’s gonna be okay.” I said as tears started to fall.

“Don’t cry, Beth.” He said, “It will be alright.”

“It’ll be alright as long you get your ass in my room.” He barked at me.

“No.” I whispered.

“What was that?” He hissed.

“Not until, Alex is looked after.” I cried to him, “He’s your son. He’s my brother. Why wont you help him?”

“Why should I?” He asked, “Neither of you are mine?”

Both our heads shot up to him.

“What the hell do you mean?” I asked chalking on my words.

“Your mother and I were married. But she screwed around with some guy when I was in jail one time.” He said, “You ain’t mine. Neither’s he.”

I stared at him with my mouth wide open, how could this be? I asked myself.

If he isn’t our dad, then who is?

“Now get in the bedroom.” He demanded.

“You’ll have to kill me first.” I hissed at him.

“Beth.” Alex said taking hold of my arm.

“You want me again, you’ll have to kill me first.” I snapped.

“Beth.” Alex said making me look at him, “Don’t do this.” He begged.

I shook my head and whispered, “This is the only way we can be freed from him.”

He cupped my cheek and kissed me one last time.

“If you wanna kill her, you’re gonna need me first.” He told him.

“You two are sick and wrong.” he hissed looking down on us.

“Then kill us already.” I told him.

“Might as well.” He said, “You were starting to get too loose for my liking anyway.”

“I love you, Alex.”

“I love you, Beth.”

We both said that at the same time.

I smiled down at me, he grinned up at me.

A loud bang, blood covered my face and body. Alex lied limply in my arms.

“I love you.” I whispered again.

I heard a loud gun shot again, and everything went black. But for the first time in my life, I felt free.


New York, Huh?



I was eating my lunch in the cafeteria by myself. My best friend was sick today, so I was alone.

“Hey, Fairy!” Someone called.

I turned around just in time for a plate of the lunch ‘something’ to hit my face.

Every one laughed. I pulled most of it off and walked out and into the nearest bathroom.

The stuff was in my hair, covering my face, and staining my shirt.

I ran some water cleaned it off. This wouldn’t happen if, Logan was here. I thought to myself.

I’ve been here since the day I was born, my dad ignores me and mom died giving birth to me. But my dad’s there enough to put food in the fridge and give me an allowance every week.

Logan’s my best friend. He moved here when he was about eight or so. He was extremely popular and still is, everyone wonders why he’s friends with me of all people.

He’s real nice, dark hair, green eyes, tall, built. He’s a basketball, rugby, and hockey player. I always go to every one of his games, and he’s there for me in track. I think we’re such good friends because we have similar home lives.

His dad was in an accident with him when he was a few years old, his dad was killed in it. His mom tries hard to provide for him and his two older and one younger sister. I think they’re nice enough, a little to girly for me, but nice enough.

I got it all out of my dyed, blue, red, purple, green, and yellow hair. I could see my freckles on my cheeks without anything obscuring them. But my shirt was wrecked. Good thing I had my sweatshirt tied around my waist today. I slipped it on over my head and headed back out into the hallway.

Next period was gym, one of my favorites. Today we were running the mile, I loved it.

I was stretching out on the track as the other girls talked in their small groups.

“Fairy, are you gonna try and beat the school record this time?” My teacher Mrs. Alson asked me.

I shook my head, “I’m gonna go for my best time.”

She nodded, “Try not to strain yourself here.” She warned, “We’ll need you at the next meet.”

I nodded.

“Alright ladies!” She shouted,” Line up.”

We took our places, tension built with me, she blew the whistle and I was off. It was a faster pace jog than anyone, it wasn’t exactly running, but a jog it was not.

Before I knew it I passed Mrs. Alson once, twice, three times, four times, five times.

I needed to do it six to make it a mile. Most girls were only on their second maybe third lap.

“Last one, Fairy. Make it count!” She yelled as I passed her for a fifth time.

My breath was starting to get shallow. I slowed down a little, but kept a good pace.

As I passed a group of girls, they were rich, snooddy, and popular, one tripped me.

They all laughed.

“Aww, what’s the matter?” Hanna, the sobbiest one of them all asked, “Wittle Fairy can’t stay on her own two feet?”

The rest laughed. I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and continued on. I didn’t care. She does that a lot. I’m used to it.

The only bad thing about he I hate is that she thinks she’s in love with Logan, and she thinks he loves her too. I know my best friend, he could never love anything like her.

I finished my lap, I wasn’t too happy with the time though. I had to thank, Hanna for that.

I stretched out as the rest finished up.

“Good time girls.” Mrs. Alson said, “I wish I’d seen all of you run though.”

“Excuse us if we aren’t like, Pixie here.” Hanna complained.

“It’s Fairy.” I snapped quietly.

“I don’t expect any of you to be as fast as, Fairy.” Mrs. Alson said, “But I wish I was all of you run or jog or something more than just strolling along for six laps. This is physical education, air for girls, you need to push yourselves physically.  By the way, Fairy, Amber can’t make it to the next meet, think you can cover for her in the hundred meter dash?”

I thought for a minute, “I need a little training before Saturday, but, yeah I think I can manage.”

She smiled, “Between you in the fifteen hundred, and Marry in shot put, we can’t lose.”

I smiled lightly. She always said stuff like that to make us run better so we don’t let her, the school, or ourselves down. I don’t care about stuff like that. I care that I’m doing my best, and that Logan’s there cheering me on, like I am.

He was at an away game until tomorrow, I’d congratulate him later today when he came back.

“Oh, by the way, Mrs. Alson.” Hanna asked, “When do the boys rugby team get back?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Later today.” She said.

“Thanks.” She smiled.

We were dismissed, last class of the day was English. To my unfortunates the snobby girls were in that class of mine too.

“Alright class.” Mr. McNole said brightly, “Today we’ll be writing a short story.”

The class groaned, I liked English.

“The topic this time is going to be about, drum roll please?” He fished into the bowl of ideas we made at the beginning of the year, “Is, love.”

I heard Hanna squeal.

“Now with this one, I want you show me all about how you love something, or someone and why.”

I raised my hand.

“Fairy?” He asked.

“How long can this be?” I asked.

He thought for a second, “Ya’ know what, I think since it’s such a broad topic, and there’s so much love around, I’m just going to make it a story, no limit.”

I somehow felt a smile grow on my lips, I know what I’m going to write about. I figure it’s just about time.

I scribbled down part of my rough copy and as out the door just as the bell rang. I was standing out front of the school waiting for the bus carrying the rugby players.

It came up the drive way, a lot of girls crowded around, it stopped and the boys piled off.

Hanna got to Logan first.

“I missed you!” She squealed hugging his tightly.

“Uh, yeah.” He said pushing her off and moving away slightly, “Hey, Fairy, how you been?”

He came up to me and hugged me quickly, I hugged back.

“I’m okay.” I said, “How was the game?”

He smiled and threw a friendly arm around my shoulder leading back into the school so we could grab our stuff before heading home.

“I don’t want to brag or anything, but, if our team wins one more then we’ll qualify fourth in the finals.” He grinned.

I smiled, “That’s amazing! I wish I could have been there.”

He smiled and hugged me closer as we came to our lockers, “Don’t worry, next game’s here. I know you’ll be cheering the loudest for us.”

I smiled and turned my combo, “I have all your homework.” I told him, “I’ll help you with it tonight if you want.”

He smiled, “I’d like that, but I can’t.” He frowned.

“How come?” I asked.

He sighed and shrugged, “My mom’s bringing home a new boyfriend and wants us to meet him. You know that kind of stuff.”

I smiled softly, “Sorry.”

He shrugged, “We can head to the library and you can help me there, it’s for dinner, he’s coming.”

I smiled and nodded.

We headed to the library and cracked open our books, I helped him with pretty much everything. Except for his French, I took German.

When it was six we headed home, we walked up to our apartment floor and said good bye.

I walked in and my dad was there at the table reading the news paper.

“Hi dad.” I said heading to my room.

“How was your day?” He asked not really paying attention.

“It was alright.” I said, “I have another track meet this Saturday. How was your day?”

“Buisy.” He said.

I nodded, “I’ll make dinner.” I said opening the fridge.

“I ordered.” He said.

I nodded, “If you don’t mind me asking, what?”

“Pepperoni pizza.”

I nodded.

“I need to talk to you.” He said putting his paper down.

“Yeah dad?” I asked sitting across from him.

“How do you feel about maybe, moving?” He asked picking his words carefully.

“Like a few blocks or something?” I asked.

He shook his head, “I mean, to another state, start over fresh.”

I looked at him shocked, “Why?” I asked desperately.

“I’m getting a promotion, but in order for it, I need to move to New York.”

“New York, New York?” I asked hastily.

He nodded.

I shook my head furiously, “I know it’s a good job opportunity, but I can’t leave dad.” I told him standing up, “I have track, and Logan, and it’s half way through the semester, I can’t.”

He looked at me solemnly, “We need this money.” He told me, “And last time I checked, the only friend you have is one that could be better off without you.”

“Shut up.” I hissed trying not to cry.

“Damn it, Fairy!” He yelled standing up too, “I’m telling you the truth! Everyone would be better of without you!”

“So then why don’t you stick me in a home or an orphanage or something?!” I screamed and ran into my room locking the door.

“Fairy!” He yelled.

I held my knees to my chest and cried.

It wasn’t true. I kept repeating. It can’t be.

I calmed down after a while and slipped out my window onto the fire escape.

I jumped over one and then two, and I opened the window leading into Logan’s room and slid in. I closed the window and sat under it waiting for him to come in.

We have telecenisus like abilities with each other, he knows when something’s wrong with me. And I know exactly what’s wrong with him.

I waited about five or some minutes before he came through his door, with Hanna at his heels.

“Please.” She begged.

“Not a chance in hell.” He hissed, pushed her back and slammed the door, locking and barakading it.

He looked over to his window and ran a hand through his hair.

“I think you can guess who my mom’s new boyfriend is.” He joked.

I nodded, but didn’t smile.

He looked sad as he scooped me up in his arms and lyed me down on his bed.

“What’s the matter?” He asked laying with me.

He helped me whip away fresh tears that were falling.

“My dad wants to take a promotion.” I said, “But in order for it to happen, we have to move to New York.”

His face twisted in pain as he looked away, he looked back at me and it looked like he was about to cry himself.

“I don’t want you to go.” He whispered.

“Logan.” I breathed, “Do you think your life would be better if you never met me, or you never wanted to be my friend, or something?”

He looked at me with a face I could never understand.

He shook his head, “If anything, my life would be hell without you.”

“How do you figure?” I asked.

He smiled lightly, “You’re my escape from everything, Fairy.” He said, “Even sitting in class and I look at you, everything stops, things go slower, it’s like even if the apocalypse was happening right outside my window right now, with you right her next to me, it’s like I can be myself. Like, I don’t need to be the woman killer, jock, class clown that everyone wants to be or wants to be with. Fairy, you’re my fantasy world no one else can give me. If you leave, I won’t have anyone or anything else. You are my everything, Fairy, that’s way I didn’t want you to read my English story today, it’s all about you.”

I looked up at him with shimmering eyes.

“You love me, Logan?” I asked.

He smiled, “Yeah, I guess I do, huh, Fairy?”

I felt tears start to form again.

“Please don’t cry, Fairy.” He begged, “It hurts me when you do.”

I quickly whipped them away, “I didn’t mean to.” I told him, “But I never heard those words from anyone before, and I think I may love you too.”

He smirked mischievously, “Let’s make you a hundred percent sure.”

I blushed lightly as he moved down to press his lips to mine. I moved away quickly.

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

I shook my head, “I’m just scared I’ll mess it up.” I squeaked.

He smiled, “You never could.” He said gently moving my chin and placing his lips on mine making them dance together with fire-y lust and passion.

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me, his arms snaked around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He moved so he was leaning against the wall and I was in his lap straddling him.

His tounge traced my lips and I opened my mouth slightly, he pushed through my lips and teeth having his tounge roam around my mouth.

I had to pull back needing air.

He smirked as I went red.

“Here I thought runners were good with using oxygen?” He joked.


“It’s good for stamina and endurance.” I told him, “This is something completely different from running.”

“I don’t know,” he said, “I think I could run you ragged tonight.”

I blushed a deeper red.

He smirked and kissed my nose, “I ever tell you you’re cute when you blush?”

“No.” I said.

“Well, you are.” He said and kissed my fore head.

I blushed a little more, if it were even possible.

He then gently pushed me back on the bed so I was on my back and grinned at me evilly.

“I’ve wanted to do this forever.”

I blushed as he lifted up my shirt to the bottom of my bra, he lowered his mouth to the skin right above my belly button and blew. Tickling me uncontrollably.

“Logan!” I squealed trying to get him off, to little eval.

One hand reached down to the button of me jeans, I stopped him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

I looked at him with pleading eyes, he nodded and reached up to kiss my lips softly.

“I love you.” I breathed when we parted.

“I love you too.” He told me holding me tight.

My Sister, My Best Friend



I’m the captain of the high school cheer leading squad, and straight A student, I’m the most popular girl in town, I have a body every girl envies and guys lust, I have good parents, and a lot of money. I do ballet, have an amazing voice, and I design cloths.

I have the perfect life. But I don’t like any of it.

I get so tired of the guys always asking me out, of the teachers saying that everyone should follow my example and get that kind of grades, of people I don’t even know coming up to me and saying they want to be as popular as me, I’m tired of my parents saying I’m the perfect little girl.

I’m not. And I’m tired of everyone thinking it.

Sometimes I just wanna be myself, and not care. But I’m afraid of what will happen.

I have a secret, a dark one that I’ll get killed for if anyone finds out about it.

And what might my secret be you may ask? I’m a lesbian.

My parents are against them, as they’re extremely with God and say gays are about the devil.

I’ll lose all my friends, become an outcast, kicked off of teams, clubs. I’ll shunned forever.

I go to a catholic school, so everyone is against me. Everything I had wont matter anymore.

Sometimes I think if I kill myself everything will be easier. Like if I die then I’ll be better off, I wont have to hide it anymore. I wont have to be the child my parents want me to be.

My twin sister, Alex is everything my parents hate.

I envy her sometimes. Everyone knows what to expect from her.

I find it to be funny too, as I’m older than she is by ten minutes. She never cared when I’d make a big deal about it. She’d roll her eyes and go on about her day ignoring me.

But she’d always be there to help me when I needed it.

I told her I was a lesbian when I found out, and I asked her what to do. She told me to tell mom and dad and hope for the best. If they didn’t accept me for who I was then whatever, and if they did I was the mirrical child.

I wasn’t too sure when she told me that. I remembered back to a few years ago when she came right out at dinner one night and told them that she found she was bi sexual. They exploded. It took them ten minutes to calm down. My dad said it really wasn’t all that surprising considering everything else she’d done.

Alex was into all the heavy metal bands, dressing punk and emo-like, she died her hair brown and got a few piercings. My parents nearly had a heart attack. She even has a tattoo, but mom and dad don’t know that. They would kill her then. She got kicked out of school for fighting and inappropriate dress. She had a fake ID too, that was she could get alcohol. She didn’t drink a lot, mainly just tequila or vodka mixed with pop every now and again. She’s never done drugs and claims she’ll kill anyone who offers them to her. She’s in Juvey right now because of behavior and graffiti to public property.

She was everything I wanted to be, uncaring to the world that judged her so violently. I think the only thing she cared about is having a good time, and possibly me. She was coming home tomorrow because she was acting well there.

I picked her up from the hall and drove her home.

“So, dad trusts you with his mustang and not me, huh?” She asked s we drove.

I rolled my eyes, “Alex, it’s me and you.”

She laughed lightly. Sometimes I think I was the only one who could get my little sister to smile. She had the same eyes and body as me. She chopped her hair off so short it was a choppy pixie cut she did by hand. I yurned to be just like her.

“Do I got something on my face or something?” She asked.

I didn’t realize I was still looking at her.

“No.” I said quickly and looked away turning the car on and pulling away from the hall.

“Can we stop off and get some vodka on the way home?” She asked.

I shook my head, “Don’t worry I kept your stash safe from mom and dad.” I told her.

She smiled grimly and stared out her window, “I think I’m rubbing off on you too much.”

“I wish.” I mumbled.

“Just tell ’em Marc.” She told me leaning forward in the passenger seat, “You’re their angel, you do nothing wrong!”

“But it is.” I insisted.

She sighed and looked out her window, it was quiet for a long time, we were almost home when she finally said to me;

“You wanna know why I am the way I am?” She almost hissed at me.

“Because you don’t care, you always wanted to go against the crowd. You never liked mom and dad and their expectations.” I told her.

She smiled and shook her head. He black hair had grown since she got in. It tossed around her head like leaves in a breeze elegantly.

“It’s because I know God can and will except me for who I am, that I’m not afraid to be me.” She said.

I stopped the car suddenly and stared at her, I got honks from the drivers behind me.

“You what?” I asked in disbelief.

She smirked and looked dead ahead at the road.

“How ’bout I tell you when we get home, so miss perfect, is still miss perfect.” She said.

I was still dazed but carried on home not saying anything.

Alex stormed through the front door yelling, “I’m home! Anyone besides my other half miss me!?”

I heard her laugh. Mom and dad were still at work. We went up to her room and she put all her stuff away.

“What do you mean?” I asked her finally snapping out of my trance.

She smiled at me. I found it scary how every time she smiled it was like she was gonna kill someone.

“I’ve memorized the bible.” She told me, “I worship God as much as anyone in this house. And it’s because of that, I know God will except me the way I am. The way he made me. So I do what I want to do, knowing I wont miss out on something that’s good for me. Marcy, I’m not afraid to be what God made me to be. I’m not afraid to say ‘no’ to what mom and dad want from us. I’m not scared ’cause I know I’m not lying to anyone, and that makes me feel good because I know God doesn’t want me too.”

I heard everything she said. I always did. But in all the years of listening to her rant and rave and debate and everything and anything she liked, hated, disagreed with, never had she made more sense.

I loved my sister. She wanted to be herself, I wanted to be her, and every other girl wants to be me. She was younger, but I realized then that she was born into the wrong family.

She should have been in a place better than this. Where she’d have parents who’d love and understand her. Where she could be herself and not get ridiculed for it. The fact that I’m just living my life according to what my parents want hurts me.

“So, you gonna tell ’em or am I?” Alex asked me.

“What?” I asked.

She sighed, “Man, girl. Get your hearing checked.” She said, “Do. You. Want. Me. To. Tell. Them. For. You?”

I stared at her and looked down.

“No.” I said after a minute, “But I do want you to be there when I tell them.”

She smiled. For once it wasn’t the evil one that looked like she was gonna kill. But it was soft and for once since we were about three or so, I saw she was my twin. The way he eyes showed a softness of love and kindness, how her lips pressed against themselves turned upright slightly, the rare softness to her I-couldn’t-care-less face she always wore.

She nodded, “What are twins for?”

I smiled, but I felt a knot build in my stomach just thinking about how I was going to tell them. But I knew Alex wouldn’t leave me like that.

She helped me with dinner and set the table. Mom and dad came home right as we put the food on the table.

“Hello, darling.” Mom sang and brought me into a hug and kissed my cheek.

Dad did the same, but it was my forehead. I felt horrible knowing what I was going to do to them.

“How was your day honey?” He asked as we sat down.

“It was alright, dad.” I said, “But there is something I want to share with you and mom.”

He and mom nodded leaning in as if what I had to say was the most important thing in the world.

I took a deep breath, “I’m a lesbian.”

Silence cut through the room like a knife. I glanced over at Alex, her face was emotionless, but I took comfort in it somehow.

“Is this true, Marcy?” Dad asked.

I nodded, “I’ve known for a few years now.” I told them, “Which is why I never had a boyfriend. I don’t like them. And while I know what I just said is against God, I heard words of wisdom today. If I be who I am, and not what someone wants me to be, God will except me for who I am no matter what.”

I knew Alex was smiling at me, I was taking that step. I was becoming like the person I wanted to be.

“You both were baptised in dirty water.” Mom exclaimed standing up. She turned her full attention to Alex. I knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“This is all your fault.” She hissed, “You ruined our perfect child! You destroyed her purity!”

“Oh would you shut up, you old hag!” Alex demanded standing up too.

“Don’t talk to your mother like that.” Dad said joining this argument.

“Why?” Alex teased, “Last time I checked you were committing adultery with your secretary!”

My, Mom’s, and dad’s jaw dropped.

“How do you know about that?” He demanded.

“It’s a small town daddy.” She said evilly, “Word gets around.”


“What?” She egged on, “I’m a whore? I’m a screw up? I’m a mistake? I’m a spawn of the devil? Is that it? Get some new material, Martha. I’ve heard it all before. And you know what. I don’t care. I’m still a virgin, you don’t like who I am. I am not sorry. And I never will be.”

“Get out of my house!” Mom yelled.

“Not until you hear me!” She screamed, “I am your daughter whether you like it or not. And whether you want to admit it or not I am who I am, I know it, and you can’t take it away from me. God knows who I am and he’s gonna take me that way too. I’m not afraid, mom.” Her voice got quiet, “I gave up trying to make you two proud when I realized I can’t walk the straight and narrow like you want me too. I’m not sorry for it. I’m not sorry for anything I’ve done. Until now.”

I was about to ask her what she meant when she walked out of the dinning room, I heard the door slam through the empty house. I finally realized what she meant.

I ran out after her.

“Alex!” I cried. But she was gone.

I searched everywhere. I couldn’t find her. I didn’t go to school the next day, or the day after that.

I was laying in her bed crying. I lied there because her room smelled like her, my hero. I flipped over from my back to my stomach and hit one of the pillows with my fist. I heard something crumple under it. I moved the pillow and saw an envelope.

I dried my eyes and picked it up.

To: Marcy

I knew the hand writing all too well. It was Alex’s.

I tore open the envelope and read.

Hey. If you’re reading this, then I guess you told mom and dad your dirty little secret, huh? Marc, I wanna tell you I’m sorry for leaving like this, but I want you to know something. You can go places. Be yourself become whatever the hell you wanna. I don’t have very much potential. At least not with my police record. I know, okay. You always wanted to be like me, unafraid of everything around you. No, I don’t think you’ve ever been that wrong. I’m always scared, Marc. Scared I’m gonna do something stupid and get you into some mess. My fear was always you. Losing you, getting you hurt, something like that. Marc, you’re the only person in this world I can trust with anything. And I want to thank you for it. You gave me something I needed the most, a friend. And I will always look at you that way. You’re my best friend, Marc. Forever. And I hope we can meet up in heaven one day. I love you, Marc. Tell mom and dad to burn in hell for me. One more thing, don’t change just so you can be what you think is best. Don’t change at all. You’re perfect the way you are, Marc. I want you to know that. And I don’t want you to change even if your life depends on it. Maybe I’ll see you soon. -Alex

I folded the letter and put it back into the envelope. I cried, not of sadness. But because actually took the time to make this letter for me. To tell me something I needed to hear. To let me know I’ll never be alone. I too, never had a ‘friend’. Only ever people who wanted to be with or be me. I only had, Alex. Alex only had me.

She knew what to do with life, I didn’t. She was strong, I wasn’t. She was smarter than I was, I was just too scared to try anything.

My sister, will always be my best friend. She will always be in my heart.

And I needed to keep telling myself that.

Because after she walked out of the house that day so many years ago, I never saw her again.



I sat on my window sill staring out at the dead garden below me. I hummed softly, trying not to disturb the others sleeping in the room.

I looked up at the moon longingly. I yurned to be high up and free from all this. That stupid care taker, all the kids looking up to me. It’s not really like it mattered. In one more year I’d be thrown out on the streets to be on my own. I was going to be sixteen.

That’s when the orphanages stop looking after you.

I sighed and looked over to my make shift younger brothers and sisters sleeping happily. There were thirty nine of us, not including myself. I made forty.

The care takers were horrible. If not for me I’m sure some of them might not be where they sleep right now.

The door to the room creaked open. I glared at the mistress that stepping in eyeing every one of them. I glared hard at her. Her evil gaze then fell on me.

“You should be in bed.” She hissed quietly trying not to startle her prey.

“And you should be stuffing yourself with unsuspecting men on the streets.” I retorted.

She gasped in her throught, “I will be ecstatic when we rid of you, you no good, ungrateful, whore!”

I stared at her coldly, “I’m sorry, but I believe you have me confused with yourself.”

She hissed and left. All the care takers knew I was more than capable of violence, they also know I have no problem sending one of them to the hospital or something. They also knew I was extremely protective of the others.

I was the oldest. Next in line was a thirteen-year-old. Named Chris. He was a good guy, only thing is he wouldn’t hurt a fly if his life deepened on it.

I sighed and slipped back into my creaky bed trying to get a little sleep before I would be rudely awaken by all the little girls being thrown onto me in the morning.


I woke up before anyone else and dressed quickly, I hurried down to the kitchen to make sure that the care takers had made enough for the kids. I never cared if I ate or not. But everyone made sure I did.

The kids came pounding down the stairs when the bell rang. Anyone who was late didn’t eat, that was the rule. Anyone who was late I’d sneak some of my food up to them.

They carried on with their choirs for the day, I continued to star out the window to the people passing on their busy days. I found it sickening how they could go about this and not even care about the kids. Then again I remembered my parents and how my dad beat my mom. My mom’d take her aggression out on me, eventually social services got involved and I was placed her. I still don’t know about my parents, nor do I care.

I large and expensive car pulled up out front. An older man and woman came out and walked up to the door.

I knew what was going to happen, they were gonna come in and adopt a little girl or boy under ten. Once you hit nine and you’re not adopted yet, it’s over. You’re here until you’re sixteen and then you’re kicked out onto the streets.

All of us were called down stairs by the care takers. I took my place leaning against the wall, the kids eagerly lined up in the large hall  waiting and wanting to be picked. I wanted all of them to be. Then they’d be out of here.

“Alright, children.” Stacey, the oldest care taker said in a ‘too-sweet-to-believe’ voice, “This is Mr. and Mrs. Wilngson. They want three amazing children. And who better than one of you?”

I scoffed. She was lying and everyone knew it. She constantly reminded us all about how horrible we all are, and how lucky our parents were to dump them on people like them who ‘take care’ of us ‘unselfishly’.

“Is there something wrong, young lady?” The Mr. asked me.

“Yeah, there is.” I said, “I’ve seen it a million times before. People like you come in here and adopt one or two of the kids under nine or so. Then you pamper them, and dress them up like little dolls. They forget all about the hard life here, and all they care about is getting some of their own. That’s all people like you want.”

He looked at me surprised, “And how long have you been care taking here?”

I laughed grimly, “I may take better care of these kids then them,” I motioned over to the women, “But I ain’t a care taker here. I’m gonna be thrown outta here in One more year, I’ll be sixteen. Law says I’m old enough to be on my own. But before that happens, I’mma make sure that all these kids don’t forget what it’s like to be here, and they all get good homes.”

“You’ll have to excuse her, Mr. Wilngson.” Margret apologised, “She’s always had so much anger we could never control her. She’s sent a few of us to the hospital a couple of times.”

I rolled my eyes and resumed my lean.

He looked between me, the kids, and the care takers. I didn’t care.

“I’d like a little girl.” The Mrs. said.

She spent about ten minutes going up and down the line of thirty nine kids before choosing Elizabeth. An eight-year-old, blond haired, hazel eyed girl. Who was sweeter than anything.

“And our son.” She said. It was about ten more minutes before she chose Chris. I was glad. He deserved a good home like they would give.

“You pick the last one, dear.” She said to her husband.

He and I had been glaring at each other the entire time. He broke his gaze away from mine and stared up and down the line again. He picked the snobbiest girl, possibly in the world.

Brown hair, brown eyes. Marysa. She was always acting like she owned the place, never caring about the others. I hated her. I had to straighten her out quite a few times. She was still no better. Not that I cared.

“Will that be all then?” The Mrs. asked.

“We just have a little paper work to do, and you’re free to take them home.” Margret told them.

They left to do it. They kids filled away slowly and sad at the fact they weren’t wanted.

I sighed and went up to the room. I climbed out and up onto the roof. I came out here a lot just to think. Being up high, I loved it.

I watched the car pull away not two minutes after another car pulled up. What’s going on? I thought seeing one more pull up after it.

I was called down, I sauntered down the steps slowly to see a lovely blond haired woman taking a liking to youngest girl here. I knew she’d get adopted.

“And who’s this?” One gentile man asked as I took my usual place against the wall.

“The one who’s going to make sure they all get good homes.” I told him coldly.

He stared at me, about to say something, but then he turned his attention back to the youngest boy here.

After they left we still weren’t dismissed as three more families came in and wanted to adopt.

One by one they withered down to me, two girls, and three boys. Only six. I sat on the steps and pulled a pack of cigarets out of my pocket. The care takers scolded me but I blew the smoke into their faces.

Three more families came in not even twenty minutes later. I was the last one left with in an hour.

I put the cigaret out in the stairs and walked up.

The sun was setting. I was glad they were all out of here. I wouldn’t have to worry about them when I leave then.

It wasn’t until almost seven o’clock that I was called down stairs.

An old woman was standing there. Fancy skirt, blouse clean, tailored jacket, slight heel, gloves, clutch purse, and I’m pretty sure her hat was designer.

He hair was silver and curled, her faced was wrinkled and slightly worn. But you could see she was once a beautiful woman. And if you asked me, she still was.

I felt slightly out of place under her gaze; being in old, baggy, worn and torn jeans, broken sneakers, and a t-shirt that had the sleeves cut off. For the first time in a while I actually cared.

“What is your name?” Her voice was smooth and steady, warm yet had a stern sense of authority to it.

“Scarlett.” I almost whispered.

“How old are you?”


“How long have you been here?” She asked quite intreaged by me.

“Since I was four, so eleven years.” I said slowly. It suddenly dawned on me exactly how long I’d been within these walls, and not cared.

“Do you want to be adopted, Scarlett?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “To be given the choice, I think it’d be nice to get out here. Maybe have a family.” I told her, “But if I have that big a choice, I think I’d rather die than anything.”

She walked slightly to one side, her heels clicking with each step.

“I was just like you.” She said, “I was here eleven years. This same place. I hated my care takers. I hated everything. I expecally hated all the people who came in and didn’t give me a second glance when picking their children. I grew up, got out of here when I was sixteen. I became a waitress, I fell in love got married. My husband had a business, it wasn’t all that much but it put food on the table for me and him. I was never capable of having children. His business grew, he sold it for oh. I believe it was about six million dollars. He went into a partner ship with those who bought it. He changed that six million into thirty-three point four billion. He passed away last month. But before he did, he tole me he wanted a child. A daughter. And he said because I could never have one, as I was in one, I should adopt. Give a child who needs it a fresh start.”

She turned back to me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I arranged for a few of my country club friends and their children to come in and adopt a few children. I knew there where forty here. And I knew I’d find someone like you here, Scarlett. So, I ask again. Do you want to be adopted.”

I felt a few tears start to form in my eyes.

I shook my head, “No one’s ever wanted me before.”

She smiled softly, “I want you.” She spoke so softly.

I nodded, “I wanna be adopted.” I choalked, “I wanna have a mama and a daddy. I wanna have a home, not just a place to live, but a home. And if you’re willing to give it to me, I’m more than honored to accept.”

She smiled and opened her arms to me, “Come my daughter.” She spoke kindly, “Let me bring you home.”

I ran to her arms and cried. I haven’t since they left me here that day. This day, eleven years ago. And after so long, I was finally wanted and excepted. It was everything I wanted and more.

Mutations Story


June 5th, 1973

A complex strand of DNA composed of four simple chemicals; adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. By manipulating these chemicals in a person or living organism, these are what we call mutations.
We placed a fertilized egg into a large container of protein that has been altered so it would be the same a mother’s womb. There were six fertile eggs that we started with.

The first one we lost after about a month, when the monitors indicated that all life in that egg has ceased to exist. The second one was lost after about three months or so after they had become small fetuses, it exploded when we introduced a new chemical to the proteins.

December 19th, 1973
About six months along we had gone from six specimens to four. Around this time, new, stronger chemical would be added to the protein.
It was also around this time that one of scientists suggested that we come up with names for the four of them. While they were coming up with names, something unexpected happened. One of the boys. The one who had been developing the fastest out off all of them had become as hard as stone. It was from an autopsy and information from the monitor that revealed the cause of death. The baby was developing so quickly, that his heat exploded.

February 21st, 1974

We were about eight months into the experiment. Half of our original fetuses were dead. We’re expecting to lose another one soon. One of the boys, the one we have named, Thomas. His body is no longer excepting the nutrients he requires anymore. Even if he does make it another month, our doctor informed us that he would be a still born.
It’s not much to worry about. We still have two children that are coming along well. One boy, one girl. We have named the boy, Alex. As well there is a small debate as what to name the girl. Fortunately they have narrowed it down to two. She will either be Hayley, or Christina.
But there is one thing that troubles me about her. She is the only girl who survived. We made it even, three boys and three girls. She has absorbed more proteins and nutrients then is required. I was observing the monitors of the three of them the other night. She opened her eyes, she looked straight at me.
Her eyes were green, and they were cutting straight through me. Almost like she was looking straight past me. She gave the slightest smile, then she looked away and closed her eyes again.
I haven’t been the same that night. Thankfully there’s only one more month left before they’re born.

March 30th, 1974

Both children have had a successful birth. They’re now one month old, and doing far better then first expected in tests.
The name for the girl had been decided for the girl as well. She is Christina. They’re is just one small problem with the two of children. They require much more milk then average child. We have decided to give them breast milk, as our doctor said that they will be healthier with that instead of formula.
As of right now, their brain capacities are as high as the average eight grader. While neither of them have the ability to speak, write, read, or walk yet the scans of their brains indicate that they have the same processing ability as a thirteen or fourteen year old. Right now these results are better then we could have hoped for.

September 15th, 1974
The children are six months old now. Both are showing their strengths, weaknesses, and own characteristics.
Alex enjoys running around, he’s quite fast considering his age. Both of them could walk when they were about four months old.
He has a thirst for learning. Alex is doing everything at a ninth grade level. He’s coming along quiet well. We also found he loves to read. And his hair has blond pigments, and blue eyes. The ideal nautsy child.
Christina on the other hand is showing struggling signs. She refuses to do the work, except for anything that’s science related. The only thing she’ll read, other then the text books, are books about war or classics. This is troubling because her brain scans show that she can do everything at a grade twelve level. The only exercise she’ll do is kick boxing.
And if that wasn’t enough, she refuses to take the medicine orally. So, we then have to strap her down and inject them into her.
The medicine we give to them is to help with the improvement of their genes. To make them quicker in multiple areas.
The strangest part of her is that she has such bright green eyes and such dark brown hair. She truly is a strange one. At the same time, it could be an after effect of all the medicine that we’ve given to her. We’ve already decided that the chemicals will be changed to see how her body reacts to them over a couple of months.

April 9th, 1975
Both Alex and Christina are one year old now. Both of them can walk run and speak. Alex’s first word was ‘run’, it wasn’t surprising to anyone. He loves to do it so much. Christina’s first word was ‘no’, surprisingly. She says that to any and everything, and by the look you see in her eyes you know she means it.
We’re going to introduce Alex and Christina in a few days. It was decided that it would be best to keep them separate until we found them at a suitable enough stage that they could handle interaction form each other.

May 3rd, 1978

Three years old and they’re getting along well. Both have taken a liking to fighting, great runners, unbelievable runners, exceptionally strong. Alex is now at a grade twelve level. Christina is at a university senior level.
They’re first blood tests revealed exactly what we wanted to see. The chemicals given to Alex show that his chromosomes have changed slightly. His DNA strands have been gone through and the mutations have taken great effects. We compared them to his original DNA strands, by far the best mutation we have seen.
The speed of an Olympic runner, brain capacity of a university student, and an immune system so strong, he’ll never get sick.
Christina’s were even more impressive. She’d never get sick, her endurance was extremely high, then there was something else strange about it. It turns out that with all of the chemicals that we poured into her, she cannot feel pain. This has to be the best mutation discovered yet.

August 20th, 1980

They’re five now, and we allow them to wander around the facility as freely as they like.
Both Christina and Alex came to us the other day and requested something remarkable. They asked if they could go outside. Non of us were really sure about what to say to this. Then one of the members suggested that it would be a good way too see how they would react in the real world.
It went quiet well actually. We brought them to a public garden with a playground in the center. They explored every inch of the place. They were amazed by every little leaf they saw. They never wandered off either. They were very good and stayed within sights.
There were even a couple of girls that came up to Christina and asked her to play with them. Alex pulled her away before she could answer. This is when it became apparent to us. Alex sees Christina as a little sister. He’l always be protective of her. And Christina will always look up to Alex as an older brother.

January 17th, 1983
They’re eight years old now. Alex is a healthy height and weight for a boy his age. Christian on the other hand, she’s a little smaller then the average girl her age. We think it’s a side effect of some of the chemicals.
Alex has now taken a fancy to baseball, both watching and playing. Christina has a taste for gymnastics. And of course this cannot be forgotten, they both love the water. Swimming in something they can’t get enough of.
Christina has also gotten into the habit of reading any and everything she can get her hands on. As well, she’s taken a large liking to math. And movies, she’s managed to get Alex to watch every last one with her.
We’re about to try a small experiment between the two. Over the past few years they have grown extremely close. But we found that this will be the best way to prepare them for the real world in some way.
We also realize that this will be extremely hard for the two of them. They’re always together. Christina is always there watching or helping when Alex is playing baseball. And Alex is always supervising Christina when she’s doing gymnastics. Not to mention this; even though Christina has a perfectly good room all to herself, she still sleeps in Alex’s room.
There’s this small feeling that it’ll all go wrong.

February 1st, 1983

It’s been two weeks and we’re calling this experiment off.
Alex has been extremely aggressive since we separated them. He’s throwing things, hitting walls, even harming people in the facility.
Christina is no better. She refuses to do anything at all. She wont eat, she wont sleep, she wont take her medicine. And the worst part is she’s crying all the time.
This experiment was a failure. We brought them to see each other again. And what happened between them had to be the most touching thing any of us have ever seen.
Christina began to sob again, Alex wrapped her up in a hug and cradled her for a while. Then she told him, ‘Don’t leave me alone again. Your all I have.’
We agreed that we are not to separate them again. It’s best that we keep them together.

July 16th, 1985
They’re ten, closer then ever. Smart enough to hold any occupation they choose. It’s a little strange to see how far they’ve come. All of the team sees them as their children. I’m no exception.
They truly have come a long way from the beginning. The information they have given us is invaluable. And we can only hope that this is the start of our new warrior.

November 7th, 1987
They’re fourteen, straight into puberty. They still are as close as ever, if not closer. The most recent blood tests have shown that they might be a little slow to develop, but with all the positive mutations, this is nothing.

October 14th, 1989
If me and my team are to be parents then we are at shame. Alex and Christina are sixteen now. They were late to take their medication, so we went looking for them. We found them getting intimate in Christina’s room.
This set us into a fury. They were not to get sexually active, especially not with each other. However, they said that they loved each other. And if we objected then we’d have to kill them to stop it.
Of course we couldn’t, it would be almost twenty years of research and experimenting gone to waist. We agreed that they could be together, so long as they weren’t active in such and intimate way again. They agreed as well, so long as Christina could still sleep in Alex’s room.

April 20th, 1990
I’m not sure how to respond to what just happened. I came into my office and found Christina in here. She said she was looking for me and wanted to know what I wanted for dinner. She has taken up cooking. Non of us have complained. She is quite a good cook.
Her and Alex are now seventeen. And there’s something that’s bothering me. Perhaps it’s the fact that her and Alex are seventeen. And eventually they’re going to want to leave. What do we do then?
But I do believe there is something wrong with them. They keep asking me about gene mutations and if there was anything like gene therapy out there to undo it.
I don’t know what they’re trying to find out but

We’re trying to find out if what you people, within these walls that we grew up in, have done to us can be undone. This old scientist I have once learned to call my father, has betrayed us.
He and the team that we have once called our family has mutated and altered us to their liking since before we were even born.
We were born in tanks, raised in a facility that was designed to make us the ultimate warriors, and to make more of us to create the strongest military in the world.
We are people, just like you are. And if this journal survives, then I hope you take my words and listen to them.
Mutation isn’t a game. it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Lives have been lost before they even started in the process of making us and more will die still.
My partner, my lover, my best friend, myself, and the unborn child he has given me, we are going to destroy this hell hole we once called home, and everyone in it.
Soon we will be amongst you, and you wont even know it. This mutation process was to make us perfect. I feel like a freak. Imagine if it was you who was going through what we did.
I would like to get my hands on the sorry bastard that created mutations, and the one that ordered them to do this.
– Christina