Accept It! I Can’t Be Perfect Like You!(A Death The Kid One-Shot)

“Unsymmetrical!” Kid shouted at me.the second he saw me.

Onii-chan and I were meeting up with him, Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Patty, and Liz for a game of basket ball. I was wearing black shorts and a t-shirt that was cut so there were no sleeves, the neck line was deeper, and it was above my belly button. The only thing is it had a diagonal stripe going from my right shoulder to my left side.

“Shut up Kid!” Onii-chan snapped at him, “You aren’t perfectly symmetrical either!”

And with that Kid went into one of his moods. I wish he would like me for me. But I know that would never happen. He’s too perfect, and I’m just . . . unsymmetrical.

“Thank’s Sakura.” Liz said sarcastically to Onii-chan.

“You got spunk, Sakura.” Black Star told her giving her a thumbs up.

I could see her cheeks go red. Onii-chan and I were quiet similar in ways like this. We both crushed on questionable guys.

We were twins, but featural. We looked nothing a like. And our personalities were so different. I was shy and quiet, she was loud and out going. She had short dirty blond hair, I had long black. She held weight on her bones, she was extremely curvy, and I was thin, a little more than average if I didn’t work out as much as I did, I was mostly muscle. We were complete opposites.

Something came towards me and I caught it. It was Kid’s jacket.

“If your going to wear that unsymmetrical monstrosity, then at least don’t let me see it.” He scolded.

I looked down.

“I think I’ll just go home.” I said.

“Why?” Maka asked.

“There’s nine of us right now, we can’t split that up evenly. Eight is a much more divisible number. Besides, there’s a couple of things I need to do today anyway. I’ll see you later.” I said.

I gave Kid back his jacket and left before he could see my shirt anymore.

I knew he’d never like me like I like him. I just had to accept that fact.

Kid’s pov.

“Ow!” I yelled, “What the hell was that for Sakura?”

“For making Ayame leave. She’s probably crying right now!” Sakura yelled back.

“She said she had other things to do!” I yelled back.

“That was her way of getting you guys not to feel bad for her because she isn’t playing right now! The only reason why she wore that shirt anyway was to get your attention!”

“And she did! It’s horribly unsymmetrical! She shouldn’t be allowed out in public like that!”

“Coming from you?” She scoffed.

I got in another one of my moods.

“I’m and unsymmetrical jerk.” I said.

“Come on Kid, it’s not that bad.” Liz encouraged.

“It’s not really noticeable.” Patty continued.

“Your right.” I said standing up and brushing myself off.

We started the game. I was still wondering about Ayame. Was she really just wearing that to get my attention? If so why? Maybe I’ll ask her at school tomorrow.

Ayame’s pov.

I walked through the halls of the academy getting to class. I was still a bad mood from when Kid yelled at me. I didn’t mean it. I just wanted him to look at me.


I turned around to find him walking towards me without Liz or Patty.

“Yes Kid?” I asked politely.

“Want to walk to class together?” He asked me.

I could tell he was trying not to freak out about my outfit. I was wearing what I normally do.

Black top that shows off about 90%of my stomach, the right sleeve reached my wrist, my left sleeve was cut off, two belts on my right upper arm, the collar was a deep v-neck showing much cleavage,  my pants were black and my left leg went all the way down and was tucked into my almost knee-high boots, my right lag was cut off a little higher than mid-thigh, two belts on my left thigh. It was skin-tight too.

A lot of other girls in the school said I shouldn’t wear it, but I never listened. They can be a meister in whatever they choose, I’ll be a meister in this. And before you ask, Onii-chan is my weapon.

“So how have you been?” He asked.

“Alright, yourself?” I asked. He wasn’t looking at me.

“I’ve been alright.” He said.

There was an awkward silence as we walked.

“Ayame.” He said, I looked at him, “I wanted to apologise to you for yesterday. It was uncalled for. I just can’t hold back when I see something unsymmetrical.”

“I understand Kid.” I told him smiling, “It’s not your fault. It’s your OCD. Besides, I think I should have seen it coming.”

He laughed lightly then said, “After you left Sakura told me something that threw me off.”

I looked at him. What did Onii-chan tell him?

“She said that the only reason why you wore that shirt was because you wanted my attention.” He said.

My face started to get red.

I shook my head, “That might have been what she thought it was, but I only wore that because it was clean. I never really pay any attention to fashion, Kid.”

He nodded and we went into the class room. I took my seat next to Onii-chan. She nudged me when I sat down. I just looked at her.

Class went on, about twenty minutes before we were allowed out Spirit came to the door.

“Shinagami-sama wished to see Kid, Liz, Patty, Sakura, and Ayame.” He said.

We got up and left. When we got in the room Spirit left.

“Hello~ menai!”He said sing-song like.

“I have an important matter to speak with you five about~” He said.

We nodded.

“Sit down please.” He said motioning to a table with six cushions around it.

We all sat down and Shinigami-sama poured six cups of tea.

“What is this about father-sama?” Kid asked.

“Well Kid,” He began, “Your mother told me that it’s about time you find yourself a wife.”

I nearly spit out my tea, along with Onii-chan and Liz.

“Then, what does this have to do with us?” Onii-chan asked.

“Well, that’s the thing,”He started, “Between Kid’s mother and myself it has been decided that he should marry either Liz or Patty, or one of you two.”

“Shingami-sama.” Onii-chan said standing up, “I’d like to request an exile.”

“Onii-chan?” I asked knowing full well what she ment.

“And why is that Sakura-chan?” Shinigami-sama asked.

She pointed straight at Kid and said, “I refuse to marry that!”

“You wont have to worry, Sakura.” Kid said, “I refuse to marry you aswell.”

“Kid-kun, you narrowed four down to three, and you have a hard choice too.” He said to his son.

“Not quite.” Kid said, “I figured you and mother-sama would eventually put me in this position. So I already had it figured out. I’m not about to marry Sakura, Patty’s out of the question, Liz is too needy. Ayame would be a good choice except for one thing,”

We all leaned in the see what he would say.

“I refuse to marry anything as unsymmetrical as that.” He said and pointed at me.

I stood up and sighed, “I’m sorry for waisting your time Shinagami-sama.” I said and bowed, as I was about to go through the first gate I stopped and looked over my shoulder.

“I’m sorry Kid.” I said, “I’m sorry you can’t accept it, I can’t be perfect like you are.”

I took off running through the gates and out of the school.

Kid’s pov.

‘I’m sorry Kid. I’m sorry you can’t accept it, I can’t be perfect like you are.’

It was ringing through my head. What did I just do? I asked myself.

Ayame would be an ideal wife. She’s an amazing cook, a good housekeeper, I know she’d take good care of the kids when we got around to having some. And yet, I let her run away. She’s no doubt crying right now.

I know she’s fragile, she always has been ever since her and Sakura were abandoned on the steps of the school when they were babies. Father-sama took them in.

I always liked Ayame, but I figured that she never liked me back. I always yelled at her about the way she dressed. I always liked to think that I would yell at her about her meister outfit because I didn’t want anyone looking at her.

Ayame truly is amazing, I really l-

“Ow! What was that for?” I yelled to Sakura.

“For making my little sister cry you moron.” She yelled back, “She loves you and you don’t even know it! She’s been praying for a time like this when you would way everything out about every girl and at least consider her as an option!”

Normally I would have yelled back. But this time I was still. Ayame, one of the orphaned twins, that sweet, smart, shy, beautiful, athletic, girl I grew up with, loved me.

I think I stayed just staring straight at Sakura for about two minutes. Finally something dinged.

I took off running straight through all the gates after her, “AYAME!!!!!!!”

Sakura’s pov.

” ‘Bout damn time he realizes what he feels for her.” I said.

Ayame’s pov.

I was running. I didn’t know where, all I knew was I had to get away. Kid didn’t want me. The only reason Onii-chan and I were so close was because we were all we had.

I stopped when I was out of breath. I was about three or four miles away from the town, straight into the desert.

I collapsed and cried. I cried my eyes out. Kid didn’t care. Eventually Onii-chan and Black Star will get together. They’re both crazy about each other.

What would I have then?

“AYAME!!!!!!!!!!” Someone yelled running right for me.

I quickly wiped the tears away and looked at the person.

It was Kid.

“What are-

Before I could finish Kid scooped me up so he was holding me bridal style. He was smiling so big, then he did something I could only dream he’d do. He kissed me.

Time seemed to stop. Everything was still. All I could feel was Kid. Just Kid. His strong arms holding me, his lips moving in such sync with me. His heart beat. The closeness we were at.

He pulled away slightly so we could have air,

“I love you, Ayame.” He said.

The breath got caught in my throat. I had been dreaming of this forever. When I finally could speak again, I smiled brightly and said,

“I love you too, Kid.”

He kissed me again. This time I wrapped my arms around his neck deepening it.

“Does this mean, when the time comes, you’ll be my wife, Ayame?” He asked me.

“I can never say no to you, Kid.” I told him stroking his cheek affectionately.

He smiled and carried me back to the city. As we walked up the steps he told me something,

“Since I’m going to be your husband soon,”He began, “I think there’s something you should know.”

“I can handle your OCD, Kid. And I’ll try and dress a little more symmetrical, just for you.” I told him.

He shook his head, “You aren’t perfect, Ayame. That’s why I love you. You can dress as unsymmetrical as you want.”

I looked at him like he had two heads for a second, “Then what is it?” I asked.

He kissed my temple and said, “You ever show this much skin to anyone other than me and I’m going to have to kill them.”

I giggled.

“But, Kid, this is the only thing I find that comfortable and I can move in when on the hunt.” I told him.

“Cover some things up then.” He started to argue, “You don’t need all that stomach showing! Bring the neck line up so it’s actually a neck line! And that’s way too much leg!”

I only laughed as he scolded me. He was perfect, I was imperfect. We were a perfectly imperfect couple.