A Duel For Your Heart(A Chazz Princeton One-Shot)

I stood across the ring from my brother. I couldn’t believe anyone could have done this.

“Nicki.” Jayden assured with a smile, “Breath.”

I nodded and put my deck in the slot.

“You first.” I told him.

He nodded. He was a lot more nervous then I’d seen him before. I, at the very least, wanted an explanation as to why they pinned us against each other to see who’d battle to other from North Academy.

I already had a feeling it was because Chansler suggested Jayden, and Crowler couldn’t stand him so he suggested me.

It was nerve-racking for everyone!

Jayden’d defend his little sister, punching a guy out if needed. I would avoid any kind of fight with my brother as possible. Everyone knew he’d never hurt me, and I just wanted to pull out so I wouldn’t see the look in his eyes. But I couldn’t.

Crowler threatened to push me down to Slifer status if I backed out, not to mention knock down my grade point average by a lot.

“Luck, Jayden.” I whispered to him before he drew.

“You too, Nick.” He said, this was going to be one long battle.

–After the battle—>>>

I dropped to my knees, eyes wider then dinner plates.

“How?” I whispered to myself.

Jayden too, along with everyone else in the stadium, was awestruck.

“How?” I asked again louder. I was searching for an answer. It wasn’t possible.

The card I had down would only reflect it back at his monster, but once it attacked it was destroyed. Meaning the card had no target to reflect back at, so it hit him directly. . . . Wait!

“Doubles the damage due if a direct hit.” I muttered standing up.

“You won by strategy.” He said walking up to me a usual smile plastered to his face.

“I won.” I breathed.

“You sure did, Nick.” He said and extended his hand to me.

I lunged forward and hugged him tight.

“Thank you.” I whispered to him.

“Why are you thanking me?” He asked returning the hug, “You did it yourself.”

“I had a good teacher at times.” I told him and pulled back.

“The dulest to face our brothers at North academy will be Nickianna Yuki.” Chansler said coming into the ring, “congratulations, Nicki.” He told me, “It was a good battle Jayden.” He said.

“The better duelist won.” He said and scratched the back of his head.

I smiled realizing what had just happened was me. And there was only one question left in my mind.

Who was the guy I was going to duel?

The day came and went, and before I knew it we were all standing on the docks waiting for their arrival.

“You’ll do great.” Jayden said and nudged me noticing me staring off in wonder.

I smiled at him as the boat docked.

The Chanslers exchanged their greetings, I payed no mind.

“Our representative is quite ready to take on whatever student you have lined up.” Shepard growled.

“I’m more than confident that our representative will be more than able to take whatever he can throw at him.” The opposer said.

“I’m sure your representative would have a very hard time holding his own against ours.” Shepard told him.

“Why don’t you just tell me who the guy is so I can beat him now!” An all to familiar voice rang.

I felt heat rising to my cheeks as I looked up. It was Chazz! He was there standing before me, he was different. But he was alive! And I was going to be dueling him!!!

I screamed inside. I could take on my brother, but what about Chazz? I sighed, only time would tell.

“Whoever he is, he can’t have enough guts to take the Chazz on.” He droaned.

I gritted my teeth, I was shy and socially awkward, but a coward I was not.

Jayden was about to say something, when I got a rare burst of confidence.

“I have more than enough guts and talent to send your sorry ass crying home to your mother Princeton!” I growled.

He stared at me astonished.

Large amounts of wind quickly picked up, looking up we saw two helicopters hovering above with two guys hanging out of them. I instantly froze when I saw what was next to them.

“Let’s see if you can keep those words you speak so confidently princess

“Kyyyyaaaaaaa!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and took off in the complete opposite direction.

Chazz’s pov.

“What was that about?” I Muttered rubbing my ear, where I swore it was bleeding.

“She’s camera-shy.” Yuki said, “Well, okay, all kinds of shy.”

Nickianna’s pov.

I ran until I was out of breath. I was almost on the other side of the island from where the dock was.

There was no way I could ever duel in front of a camera. There was no way I could ever do anything in front of a camera, except for scream, runaway, and faint.


“I can’t!” I screamed flailing my arms around for emphasis, “What part of that is unclear?”

“You threatened me, you’re doing this.” Chazz growled.

“I’ll gladly duel you.” I told him honestly, “But not in front of a camera.”

“Nickianna, you must.” Chansler Shepard told me.

“I don’t care about disgracing our school!” I cried and slammed my hands on his desk, “I’ll make it up when the races come.”

“We are duel academies!” He told me sternly.

“And I’m more than willing to show my deck off to North academy, and show them how you’re supposed to duel.” I told him and placed my hands on my hips to show how serious I am about it, “But I absolutely can not go on in front of a camera.”

“Yes, you can.” Jayden told me, “You just need to breathe.”

He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me into a hug.

It finally occurred to me.

“That’s it!” I cheered and pulled out of the hug, “Jayden can go on!”

“Not possible, princess.” Slade told me.

“Why not?” I questioned and started to pace around to get momentum for my reasoning, “We’re both Yuki’s and identical twins. We could just say that it was supposed to be Jayden, and they just confused it with me because I had better grades. Besides,” I stopped and pointed a finger at him, “You don’t faint in front of large crowds or cameras!”

“You screamed.” Chazz growled and moved closer.

“I faint to.” I snapped back at him.

“You were the one who was chosen to represent your school.” The North Chansler told me, “You’ll duel, not your brother.”

“Do I not get a say in this?” I asked.

“The rules are as they are, Nicki, you can’t back out.” He told me.

“Then get rid of the cameras!” I shouted, “I’m nervous enough about going out there in front of two schools as it is!”

“Slade, Jagger, would you consider it?” Chansler asked them. I was begging.

“It’s considered.” Slade said.

“And we refuse to let an oppertunity to show the Princeton family’s victory.” Jagger finished.

I looked down, cheeks burning, and left the room.

“Nicki!” Jayden called after me, “It’s not gonna be that bad.” He told me.

He reached to put an arm around me, I shyed away.

“I don’t know.” I told him voice cracking, “You know I’m not good with groups.”

“Yeah.” He said and sighed, “I’d always hold a sheet up when you read to mom and dad’s friends at their parties.”

“It’s not my fault.” I whispered.

“I know.” He said, “Just breathe.”

“Stay on the outside of the ring for me?” I asked.


I smiled at him, he was the greatest brother ever.


No one’s pov.

Chazz stood in the center of the duel ring with a smug expression on his face, he was going to win this.

“Five minutes Mr. Princeton.” The director told them.

They nodded.

“Where is she?” Chazz hissed to himself.

Just as he thought that, Nickianna came through the door on the ground floor, being literally pushed into the ring by her brother.

“Today’s the day!” She told herself and Chazz when Jayden stopped pushing her. She stood her ground perfectly.

“I’ll defeat you and make you eat every single word you ever said about being better than everyone!” She told him and pointed right at him.

“Great speech.” He told her, smirk growing, “But how about you get in the arena before you smack talk.”

“Shut up!” She screamed at him, “I’m working on it.”

“Thirty seconds!” The director told them.

“Jayden give me a push!” She said confidently.

He smiled at his sister and happily pushed her right to the spot where she’d stay the entire duel before probably fainting.

“And we’re live.”

“Scared?” Chazz teased her.

“I would be if I were you.” She snarled.

Even though her shaking knees were echoing through out the arena.


Nicki’s shocked expression slowly turned into a small grin, which grew into a smile, and then all together she was laughing. She jumped up and cheered.

She’d defeated the youngest Princeton on her own, credit to getting her there all went to her brother.

She walked up to the boy on his knees to congratulate him on a good match when his older brothers beat her to him.

“Slacker!” Jagger snarled at him, “How could you disgrace us like this Chazz?”

“What happened to all the cards we gave you?” Slade growled.

Chazz only looked away.

Jagger raised a fist to hit his younger brother, when the same arm was taken, and used to flip him over onto his stomach, his arm bending behind his back.

“How can you call yourselves his older brothers?” Nicki growled to them as she held Jagger’s arm in place.

For a curvy, and scrawny girl, that had more boobs then she did brains, she was strong.

“Big brothers.” She continued, “Don’t hurt their younger sibling when they do wrong. They don’t break them down for a mistake. And they defiantly don’t think of them as disgrace to their family name!”

“What do you know about being an older brother?” Slade snapped.

“A hell of a lot more than you two would ever know!” She yelled and let go of Jagger’s arm, “A big brother is supposed to be there to help you along and pick you up when you’re down. They’re supposed to encourage and love you, even if they never say it. If either of you ever had a real brother you’d know that.”

“Why you.” Slade walked up to her and grabbed her collar forcing her up a little.

“Keep your hands off her.” Chazz growled as he got up, he pushed Slade off Nicki and pushed her behind him, “She’s right.” He told them, “But if you aren’t brothers at least be gentlemen and don’t lay a hand on a lady.”

“You want at either of them you go through me.” Jayden said coming up and putting himself between Jagger and Slade and Chazz and Nicki.

“And you’ll have to go through the rest of us.” There stood Zane, Syruse, Alexis, Bastion, Chumly, and Atticus.

All of North Academy stood up and started cheering. They were all on their side.

They left, and so did the cameras. Nicki sighed a sigh of relief.

Everyone congratulate her on her win, and welcomed Chazz back after all that.

—Later that night—

Nickianna’s pov.

I sat on the docks staring out at the rolling waves.

“Hey.” A quiet voice spoke behind me and brought me out of my thoughts.

I looked over my shoulder and smiled.

“Hey, Chazz.” I said and turned back to the ocean, “What brings you out here this late?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” He said and stood next to me.

“I was thinking.” I said quietly.

“About?” He asked.

I shrugged, “Everything, really.”

He nodded, “You’re turn.”

“I was looking for you.”

“Found me.” I giggled.

He smiled faintly.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“Ask away.” I told him and patted the spot next to me.

He sat down and cleared his throat.

He didn’t say anything right after that. We just sat and watched the waves for a while. It was quiet, but a good kind.

I shivered slightly at the wind that blew by, only to tense up when something was drapped across my shoulders.

“You’re cold.” Chazz said but didn’t look at me.

I nodded slightly, “Thank you.” I mumbled and pulled it closer to myself.

“Why’d you do it?” He finally asked.

“Do what” I asked.

“You stopped Jagger and Slade, and defended me. I wasn’t even that nice to you to begin with.” He said, “I wanna know why.”

I shrugged, “I know how a brother should act.” I told him staring at the waves, “Maybe I did it because they acted the way they did. Maybe it was because the cameras were off and I could think clearly. Maybe,”

“Sorry?” He asked.

I took a deep breath and looked at him dead in the eyes, “Maybe it’s because I didn’t like seeing them hurt you, I really hate it when someone hurts someone that’s dear to me.”

“I’m, dear to you?” He asked eyes going wide.

I took a deep breath and breathed again, “I really like you, Chazz. I don’t care if you don’t share the same emotions. I wanted you to know.”

“I’m glad.” He said and leaned in towards me, “I like you too.”

“Really?” I asked leaning in too.

“Yeah.” He whispered.

“I’m glad.” I whispered.

We kept leaning in closer and closer to each other.

“What do you think you doing?” Jayden growl.

I shrieked and pushed Chazz away from me in surprise.

He fell into the water. Came back up and spit out water.

I giggled at the sight.

“I’ll get you Yuki.” He growled.

“Well, you almost got my sister, maybe another day.” He smirked.

I laughed as they continued to argue.