Rant #1

I was right, I was going to post another thing on right after the last one. And I wasn’t even planning on it. As the title says this will be a rant. And because of this rant, it will all be my opinion. I’ll probably do a few of these though, but anyway I need to vent.

I am in the tenth grade of high school. I am also in a couple of honours classes(An honours class is an academic class that’s a little harder, and challenges you more then other courses), this semester I am in honours English. Next semester it’ll be honours social studies.

Now right now we’re still on Christmas break, and being on Christmas break means we don’t go to school for about two weeks or so. And my English teacher decided to give us a book for our novel study unit to read over the break, as well questions to answer, and a booklet to work on.

Over the two weeks I have cleaned a large portion of my house about three times, and have wasted a small portion of the first few days before Christmas playing Pokemon heart gold. I’ve been trying to raise my Pokemon’s level to match that of the last gym leader’s but it’s not working to well, and I’ve gone back to the gym a lot.

Anyways, I wouldn’t really mind this if the book was one I hadn’t already read, or it was an independent novel study. But I read ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ I think two or so summers ago. I like the book, but it took me almost a month straight of reading it to finish it. I need to finish it, but as of lately. Actually as of I got this break from school, my brain hasn’t been functioning very well, and I swear my house has been hit by sloth(One of the seven deadly sins if you know anything about it, if not it’s basically when you don’t want to do anything and you think even standing up is bothersome).

I know I should be happy that I can actually go to school, and learn, and get a good education, and there are a lot of people over seas in other countries that would kill to be in my place, but seriously! Who assigns homework over a break? I understand if a student is far behind on work, or if you give them a worksheet, or tell them to watch this movie and take a few notes on it, or there’s going to be a test when you get back, or something!

But a thick novel, almost 150 questions on the novel, quotes to do, and I still have some math I need to do aswell. This one I can understand. I e-mail my math teacher, he sends me the question sheet, I do it, I take a picture and send it to him to get the answer key, that’s fair. That’s one worksheet, with an alternative I can, and did, do.

*sigh*Well thanks for listening to me rant out about God knows what. I’ll post something when I get over writers block.