It’s For Protection(A Draco Malfoy One-Shot)

Stepping onto the train I felt the breath leave me. So much had happened over the summer, so much I still could barely comprehend. My first instinct was to find Torri’s compartment and talk to her about it. But I knew better.

If what father had said was true; it would be best to keep my distance from her. For her sake.

I walked, found an unoccupied cabin and ducked in, hoping to get a little alone time to clear my thoughts before being bombarded by my mindless lackies that followed me everywhere. I wasn’t fond of them, but they were pure bloods. People I should associate with.

I cursed myself more than anything. If I had been a bit meaner to her. If I had never broken down that night. If she had never cut her hair and make herself look even better, I didn’t know how it was possible for her to do that until it was done, but I digress. If I had exchanged less kind words with her. If I had bullied her more.

My mind was swimming with ‘what if’ scenarios. Yet all of them were in vain. One way or another, regardless of what I could have, should have or might have done I would have broken eventually. Her eyes always did that to me. They’re colour. They’re heat. They’re depth. The way they could see so far through me.

Eventually I would have caved, I would have told her how I felt. And had I acted any colder to her than I had she would have laughed in my face or punched me out. I created the best scenario for my feelings. And now it was spiralling out of control because Voldamort was going to eradicate all those who are not pure. Including her.

I resolved to break up with her. Keeping her as far away from the death eaters would be the best thing I could do for her.

Yet even though I resolved that, I couldn’t follow through with it.

That night at the great hall, when the first years were walking in a paper crane landed on my plate. I knew instantly who it was from and my heart sank.

I looked over at the beautiful brunette the next table over. She was staring at me with those large, bright brown eyes smiling excitedly at me.

I swallowed hard as I opened the crane carefully to see what was present on it. A carefully made doodle of her and me, in a style she called chibi, were both riding a broom in the night sky, full moon behind us. The chibi that was supposed to represent her was holding a flower that was covering her mouth. The chibi that was supposed to be me was driving the broom and had what looked like a lipstick mark from where, I presumed, her chibi kissed mine. Mine was blushing heavily and pouting while looking away.

She had sent me many of these by owl over the summers we had spent apart. When things were okay I had them all up on my walls in my room so I had a piece of her to think about when she wasn’t with me.

Now I just felt disgusted. I crumpled the paper up, refusing to allow myself to admit how good the picture was, and held it over a near by candle. I watched through the flames Torri’s excited expression devolve into one of sadness and confusion.

I knew exactly how long it would have taken her to make this. I had watched her go through the entire process from start to finish on more than one occasion. Even the ones that didn’t end up the way she wanted, she was still proud of how mush she improved. I knew watching what I just did hurt her. But I did it to protect her.

I strode forward and grabbed the platinum blonde by the arm forcing him to turn around and look at me.

“What’s up with you?” I finally snapped at him. My patience was tested to its far limits and I was close to breaking at this point.

Not only had Draco been avoiding me this whole first week, he burned the drawing I had sent him the first day, given me the cold shoulder when I had tried to talk to him, he didn’t even try to find me on the train.

“Nothing, Mudblood.” He hissed, staring at me coolly.

“Who pissed in your porridge this morning?” I scoffed.

He just rolled his eyes and turned to leave me, but I grabbed his arm and forced him to stay.

“Draco.” I warned, “Tell me what’s wrong.”

He exhaled sharply through his nose before looked around carefully.

“Not here.” He whispered cautiously, “Meet me tonight, by the kitchens around midnight.”

“Will you actually show up?” I accused.

“I promise.” He told me earnestly, all the ice melting from his blue pools and showing me his true intent. He was finally honest with me, he was letting me know this.

“Alright.” I relented, “Don’t be late or you will rue this day, I have so many muggle gadgets up my sleeve this year it isn’t funny.”

And with that I let him go. Allowing myself a few moments to watch him walk off. Something was seriously wrong with him. I had the strangest feeling in my gut about it.

I stood completely still against the wall, listening and waiting. Everything was dark, there were no paintings of people here, there was no one to listen in. I had debated waiting in the kitchen itself, but decided against it not knowing if Draco would look in there.

I heard sounds to my left approach, I didn’t have my wand. It was far better to venture out in the middle of the night without one, your eyes would adjust so much better to the dark without one. Draco agreed with that, so he never brought his either.

“Torri?” Draco called softly into the darkness.

“Right here, Prince.” I said in the same hushed tone, extending my hand out for him. He grasped my hand and stepped forward towards me.

We both stood there a few inches from touching the other, letting our eye adjust to the darkness so we could see each other a little bit better.

“What’s wrong, Draco?” I finally asked, “You’ve been so different since we got back from summer break. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Death eaters.” Was the first thing he uttered as he reached forward and stoked my cheek as he pressed his fore head to mine, “He who must not be named. He’s back. The death eaters, they serve him. My father’s one of them. The dark lord wants nothing more than to eradicate all non pure bloods. That includes half breeds, muggle borns, even plain muggles when he gains enough power. Torri, they’re going to hurt you. Especially if I keep you close like this. And I can’t bear that thought.”

He began to shake and felt him begin to cry. I wrapped my arms around him and smoothed his hair a bit.

“It’s okay.” I promised and kissed the side of his head.

“How can you say that!” He demanded between sobs, “You’re gonna die!”

“No.” I said plainly, “I’m too smart to be killed by someone who only sees blood status.”

“Are you insane!?” He asked pulling away from me and holding me by my shoulders.

“Yes.” I smirked, “That’s why I love you.” I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair to calm him down. I paused a few minutes as he took a few deep breaths to steady himself.

“I understand your pain, stress and anxieties, Draco.” I started resting my hands on his shoulders, “But I’m a big girl. I’m capable of wandless magic. And I’m far too stubborn to let you go through this alone.”

“So, what are we gonna do, genius?” He asked, finally regaining his composure.

“Nothing.” I said dropping my hands from his shoulders and letting my arms fall back to my sides, “At least not yet. I want you to keep and eye and ear out about what’s going on with you-know-who and the death eaters. I can’t do that, but you can. Let me know everything you do, even if it isn’t significant, I can use that information.”

“You want me to gather information?” He muttered not understanding.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?” I smirked.

He let out a half laugh.

“Then what?” He shrugged.

“We’ll figure that out when he get there.” I assured, “Until then,” I grabbed his shoulders again and leaned up to place a soft kiss on his lips, “Good night, Draco. I love you.”

I turned to go down the corridor back to my room.

“I love you too, Torri.” Draco let out shakily.

“If you raise that want at me to make me forget you and everything we’ve been through together I will never forgive you, and when school is done I’ll go back to Canada and never look back.” I warned knowing what he was about to do.

“How did you…” He trailed off.

“Felt your wand in your pocket.” I told him, “It might be the easiest way for you to protect me, though.”

“Then why-”

“Because when has anything we’ve done ever been easy?” I cut him off.

Draco didn’t say anything. I could only imagine he was staring at me, wondering what to do next.

“Good night, Draco.” I said again, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night, Torri.” He said quietly behind me, I heard him turn and take his leave.

Things were not about to be easy. I knew there was a very good chance of death, regardless of what we did. But he wasn’t about to go through this alone, not so long as I had a breath in my body.

I walked down the steps to the dungeon feeling like crap. I only wanted to protect her. Yet here I am. Being sent to bed by the girl I love who insists she’ll make everything work. I only see death in the future. Then again, I never had been too good with divination, something she excelled in.

I sighed to myself and stuffed my hands into the pockets of my robe, only to feel something that wasn’t there before. I grasped it in one hand and hurried back to the common room. There, under the dim lights did I pull it out and look at it.

It was a necklace, with various tiny rocks woven into the leather band. In the center was a circular piece of metal with an odd engraving in it. It must have come from Torri. But when?

Something to ask in the morning.

“What’s what?” She asked as she put another spoonful of the morning’s porridge in her mouth.

“This.” I held back a snap as I pulled out the necklace she had given me.

She swallowed her mouth full and adjusted her seating so she was straddling the bench and facing me, she held her hand out for me to give her the band, and I did.

She grabbed my hand as well and draped the leather strap over my wrist.

“Once for a wish.” She smiled as she tied a knot and brought the straps back around to the other side of my wrist, “Twice for love.” Her eyes were shinning brightly this morning as she did this, it was one of those exceedingly rare days where her eyes could almost be mistaken for hazel if you weren’t close enough, “Thrice for protection.” She said after she brought the straps back down and tied them over top of where the first knot was made.

She looked up from my hand, smile still completely evident on her lips.

“Keep this on.” She told me, “It will protect you.”

“And what will protect you?” I demanded.

She pulled another of those leather straps with the stones and the oddly engraved metal out of her pocket.

“I got another one, but if you think it’s stupid you don’t have to.” She told me.

I had to stop myself from ripping the band out of her hands and yanking her left hand too hard towards me so I could tie it.

“Once for…” I forgot how it went.

“A wish.” She encouraged.

“Once for a wish.” I said and tied it, wrapping it around her wrist carefully, “Twice for love.” She nodded for me to continue. I wrapped it around again after I made another knot, “Thrice for protection.” And with that I tied the final knot, kissing her wrist once I was done.


“For insurance.” I cut her off, “I don’t know how effective this muggle thing is, if nothing else actual magic can be instilled in it.”

“For protection?” She teased.

I coughed before straightening out and standing up, getting ready to take my leave, “For protection.”


The Ball(A Draco Malfoy One Shot)

“What do I owe you?” The brown eyed Ravenclaw snapped at the blonde Slytherin as he offered her a large, white garment box.

“Nothing, you idiot. Can I not be nice?” He asked her.

“Do you understand the irony in your sentence or do you choose to ignore it?” She bit back staring into his sky blue eyes relentlessly.

“You said you weren’t going to the ball because you didn’t have a dress,” He started, “Now you have no choice.”

Torri scoffed at his reasoning, “I can still say no.” She told him, “Why would I go to a dance, without a date to listen to some stuffy, proper music I can’t even dance while in a dress I’m not going to be comfortable in when I can stay in my room, curled up under some warm blankets drawing, or in the library, in a pair of comfy jeans studying? It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Will you go to the Yule ball with me, Torri?” Draco asked and rolled his eyes knowing it was his best chance at getting the girl to go.

“Well isn’t that sweet.” The Ravenclaw droned, sarcasm dripping from every letter she uttered, “I would love to, Draco. Honest. But I must refuse because it seems to me you have no real interest to take me to the ball, you only want me to be there so you can make someone else jealous. Or pull a prank on me for all I know.”

“You know me better than that by now, Mudblood.” Draco hissed.

“Clearly not well enough to not be surprised you want to be able to call me a friend yet still refer to me as a Mudblood.” Torri accused standing up from the ledge of the window she had been sitting on while reading, “Even if your intentions are earnest, you certainly aren’t portraying that intention. So, thank you for the thought, but no.”

And with that she took her leave of the blonde.

Draco watched her leave. Over the summer that they had spent apart, Torri had cut her long brown hair that cascaded down her back into a shaggy pixie cut, stating it was because he had played with it too many times and it distracted her when he did it. Since she did that, a lot of rumors has sprouted out about her being sick, or a lesbian. Many people teased her saying she now looked like a boy, and had lost any cute appeal she could have had before.

Draco found her adorable with her new hair style. Yes he missed the ability to run his fingers through her hair, and he missed watching her pulling it into a pony tail or braiding it back in class or when she was studying. But she was still cute. His heart melted when her bright brown eyes shone out from underneath the bangs she never had before, giving her an almost predatory look. Draco knew better though, she had a lot of fire and passion inside of her and that guarded the best heart he’d ever known.

Days had passed since the incident at the window, Torri had thought no more about it but Draco was nervous. He had wanted to go to the ball with the brunette, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask her again.

The night of the Yule ball finally rolled around and while most people where bustling around trying to get ready for it, one lonely Ravenclaw sat in the library reading from her textbooks and making notes to help her with upcoming tests.

From the doorway of the library a platinum blonde watched her, he was dressed up in his best robes. The blonde wasn’t sure if she was happy or not, only seeing her from the back. But he did feel his heart break when felt Pansy pulling at his arm to get to the great hall so they could dance. He looked back at the brunette who was non the wiser to his presence.

“Draco,” Pansy started sweetly in her shrill voice, “Let’s dance.”

“No.” Draco said plainly, still looking out the window of the great hall to the ground below.

“Why not?” She whined.

“Because I don’t want to.” Darco turned and snapped at her, “I never asked you here. I never asked you to dance. I do not like you. I do not want to spend any time with you. And if you make that sound in my direction one more time, I will rip your own tongue out. Am I clear?”

Pansy said nothing as she shrank away from the boy who then turned away from her and left the great hall, leaving many to feel confused.

Draco hurried down the halls until he got to the library. He didn’t see the Ravenclaw he was looking for at the table she was at when he was here last, but her things were still on the table. He went scouring the entire library before finding her pulling more books off the shelf.

Without a word he lunged forward and grabbed her hand, dragging her with him.

“Draco, what the hell?” Torri snarled, trying to pull her hand free to no avail as the blonde continued to drag her.

“Draco, stop!” She ordered as she pulled her hand free, the blonde turned to look at her, “What the hell has gotten into you?”

“I want to dance with you.” He told her sternly.

“I’m not going to dance with you.” She told him, turning back to her table.

“Torri, please.” Draco pleaded with the brunette, causing her to stop.

She said nothing as she looked back at him in shock. The blonde looked like he was about to start crying.

“Draco.” She said softly, turning around fully to face him.

“I know I’m a jerk, and an ass, and I call you a Mudblood.” He started, “But you’re my Modblood. At least I want you to be. I want to be able to run my fingers through your hair in class and not have you pull it away. I want to be able to hold your books over my head and have you not kick me to get it back. I want to be able to get a kiss when I help you study. I want to be your partner in potions and not have you wonder if I’m going to blow you up. I want to understand all your stupid Muggle references and likes because you like them. And I want to dance with you tonight.”

“Will your father hear about this?” Torri was moved almost to tears by this point too, but she couldn’t stop herself from being sassy too.

“He already hears about the girl who stole my heart.” He told her earnestly, placing a hand on his chest, “He always hears about you.”

Torri had to wipe her eye with her sleeve to stop them from pouring over.

“I guess it can’t be helped, huh?” She asked the blonde, not looking him the eye, “Slytherins always get what they want, right? I guess it’s a good thing Ravenclaws are smart enough to get what they want from Slytherins too, huh?”

“What are you talking about?” Draco almost snapped, “I’m pouring my heart out for you here and that’s all you can say!? Stupid, sarcastic comments and references about our houses!”

Torri smiled lightly, sending the books she was still holding to float safely over to a nearby table as she strode forward to the blonde. She put her hands on his shaking shoulders and leaned up slightly to place a soft kiss on his lips.

Before the blonde could return it, the brunette pulled away still smiling.

“Sarcastic comments and references you don’t get are part of the deal.” She told him, “Not too late back out if you don’t want those.”

“Those are some of the best parts.” Draco smiled too as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in again.

“How do I?” Torri asked staring down at their feet as they stood across from one another in the great hall.

Just about everyone was staring at them, mostly because Torri was not dressed in a dress or fancy robes but in torn jeans, a white long sleeved shirt with a black t-shirt over top, black converse and her hair sloppily pulled back into a ponytail. On top of that, she was in the arms of Draco Malfoy who was patiently trying to teach her how to waltz.

“You’re hands are in the right places,” Draco started, “Now I’m going to lead, you just have to follow my lead, alright?”

She nodded unsure and looked back at their feet. As Draco moved one foot forward, Torri moved the same back, mirroring his moves perfectly.

“There, see it’s not that hard.” Draco smiled.

“Yeah, but people are staring.” She whispered to the blonde.

“Because they can’t believe how you overtake every other girl here with your beauty.” He whispered back.

“No.” She told him, “I’m pretty sure it’s because the Slytherin prince is dancing with the girl he calls a Mudblood the most often.”

“I’ll make your blood pure, don’t you worry about that.” He smiled at her, before wincing.

“Sorry!” Torri exclaimed realizing what she just did.


Teasing(A Draco Malfoy Short)

A third year Ravenclaw with long, dark brown hair and bright brown eyes sat outside of the school on a stone bench with a book open on her lap. An older Ravenclaw sat next to her, pointing to words on the pages of the book in the 3rd year’s lap.

“Do you understand now?” The older Ravenclaw asked.

The brown eyed girl nodded, smiling up at the older student, “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” He told her and stood up, ruffling her hair a little bit, “I’ve got to go now.”

The brunette nodded and giggled lightly, “Have fun at practice!” She called.

The older Ravenclaw waved as he left the brunette alone.

She turned her attention back to the book in her lap, fully understanding the material now. Her concentration, however, was short lived as a scoff directed at her came up to her ears.

Her dark brown eyes looked up, unamused at the Slytherin she knew was just there for attention.

“What’s a filthy Mudblood like you doing out in the open like this?” The blonde sneered at the girl.

The brunette rolled her eyes and returned them back to the textbook. She only half payed attention as the blonde growled before pulling the textbook out of her hands.

“Hey!” She yelled and shot up, glaring daggers into the Slytherin who was holding the textbook over his head, “Give it back, Draco!”

He smirked at the Ravenclaw, “Aw, that’s so cute. A Mudblood thinking she can tell me what to do. Don’t make me laugh.”

The Slytherin goons behind the blonde laughed as the Ravenclaw’s face got red.

“I’m warning you.” She hissed, “Give it back or I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” Draco mocked.

The brunette growled one last time before kicking the blonde full force in the knee. That sent the Slytherin to double into himself for a second, long enough for the Ravenclaw to rip her book out of his hands, pick up her book bag and push past all the goons that were behind the blonde as she stormed into the castle.

Torri was walking down the corridor towards her dorm. After spending the entire day in the library working on assignments the brunette was exhausted.

As she turned around the corner she almost ran right into a person going the other way. Just as she was about to apologize for almost running into the said person, a hand came rushing down onto the stack of books and papers in her hands, causing everything to fly from her arms and scatter everywhere on the floor.

She looked up about to give the person a piece of her mind, only to stop herself as she saw it was a certain blonde.

“Uncalled for.” She snarled and knelt down to pick everything up.

“Justly called for.” Draco said and knelt down to help gather up all the things he had just sent flying.

Torri had gathered up half of the mess and Draco had gathered up the other half. They both stood up and he offered her the other stack of her belongings. She took them without looking up at him and brushed against his shoulder roughly as she continued on her way.

The Ravenclaw sat at her desk in potions, trying desperately to focus on class. It was extremely difficult for her to do so.

Sitting behind her was an all too familiar Slytherin. Said Slytherin was busy ignoring the assignment and reaching forward  across his desk to the back of the Ravenclaw. He was playing with her long, dark brown hair. He didn’t pull at it, he didn’t try to take a chunk out of her skull, he just sat there twirling the hair around his fingers, braiding it loosely and running his hands through it.

The Brunette was not used to anyone but herself touching her hair, so it took considerable concentration for her to not freak out as he, technically, wasn’t doing anything wrong. At least that was until Draco’s finger caught a snag in her hair.

“Ow.” The brunette let out, not expecting it to occur.

“Do you even own a comb, Mudblood?” Draco asked her, all the Slytherins around him laughed.

Without saying anything, Torri pulled her hair from Draco’s hands and brought it up into a ponytail with her hands then removed a black, elastic hair tie from her wrist and wrapped it around her hair once before twisting her hair many times in the same direction before wrapping it around itself and using the hair tie to secure her bun. She then leaned forward towards her desk to focus on the assignment one last time, though she did take note of the huff that came from the blonde behind her, but she did not care.

Eventually the class ended and everyone left for dinner.

The brunette trudged towards the great hall, all but ignoring the blonde that had come to walk next to her.

“Your hair’s really soft.” Was the first thing that the Slytherin said a soft tone, “And please don’t change your shampoo.”

The Ravenclaw stopped, she was completely taken aback by what the blonde had just said to her. She watched as he strutted forward, not looking back at her. She admired the way his hair tussles around his head as he moved with purpose. The way his cloak fluttered around him as he moved. And she realized something; every time he teased her, knocked her books down, made fun of her, laughed at her, or called her a Mudblood it was because he had no idea how else to let her know about his feelings.

He was kind to her in helping her with subjects she was not particularly strong in, encouraging her with her art, helping pick up her books after they get knocked down, even if he’s the one to do it, and if anyone else had ever made fun of her it was once and the next time she saw them they were afraid of her.

He was taking care of her in the only ways he could without his parents finding out and sending repercussions her way.