Good Family Memories

This is a Nanbaka fluff kind of piece. It’s slightly SamonxOC and slightly MomokoxOC.

“Oh, thank you.” The red eyed woman in front of me smiled and accepted what I offered.

“No problem, just don’t forget it again please. Hajime will have my head if I’m late again.” I sighed and crossed my arms showing her my annoyance.

“If he has any issue with it, tell him to come and see me, I’ll resolve it.” Momoko assured with a gentile smile.

“I can fight my own battles.” I reminded.

“I know you can.” She half laughed at her own actions, “That being said I want you to know I care about you, even still.”

“I know you do.” I finally smiled at her. Our crimson eyes sharing in a rare moment of love and happiness, that was quickly interrupted by a knock at the door.

Momoko sighed, breaking our eye contact before turning her attention to the door behind me.

“Come in.” She ordered.

“Good morning Warden Hyakushiki. Oh, and good morning to you too, Kitsuna.” Samon said in surprise as he entered the office.

“Good morning Samon.” I nodded.

“Thank you again, Kitsuna.” Momoko said to me, “I’ll let you go now.”

I bowed and said, “Have a good day, Momo-nee-chan.” And took my leave of the room.

The door slammed shut and I turned my attention back to Samon who was standing ridged with his green eyes fixed on nothing in particular.

“Is something the matter, Supervisor Samon?” I asked, snapping him out of his trance.

“Forgive me, Warden.” He started uncertainly, “But did Deputy Supervisor Kitsuna just call you ‘Momo-nee-chan’? Implying you are her older sister?”

I couldn’t hold back the laugh that came out of my chest.

“Yes, Kitsuna is my little sister.” I explained, “She’s my junior by 2 years.”

“But, Warden,” Samon tried to reason, “How can you be sisters when your family names are Hyakushiki and Rekoin respectively?”

I smiled sadly thinking about it.

“Our parents divorced before she was born.” I said slowly, coming across some painful memories and split occasions, “I stayed with our father, while she stayed with our mother. That’s why our names are different.”

“I see.” Samon said, sweating lightly under my gaze, “Forgive me if I probed too deeply.”

“Curiousity is a natural thing.” I said with a shrug, “Though when we were younger, it was far easier for people to tell we were sisters. The years have been hard on her.”

“What!” Kiji exclaimed, nearly dropping his compact.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Kenshirou growled with accusing eyes.

“If that were the case I would have known about it!” Mitsuru shouted.

“Would have known about what?” Hajime yawned as he entered the break room.

“Hajime!” Kiji jumped up and pointed at him accusingly, “You work with Kitsuna, so you should know this piece of information! And the fact you never shared it!”

“What are you talking about, pheasant?” The tall man growled.

“Did you know that Kitsuna and the Warden are sisters?” Samon asked calmly to the taller man.

“What!?” Hajime asked in disbelief, the cigaret that had been hanging loosely from his lips fell to the floor.

“I found that our this morning when I went to give the Warden my report.” Samon admitted, “They were just saying bye and Kitsuna called the Warden Momo-nee-chan.”

“Th-that could be anything!” Kiji tried to wave the comment off and laughed.

“I thought so too, so I asked the Warden.” Samon continued, “Turns out they are siblings. Their parents divorced before Kitsuna was born and the Warden stayed with their father. Kitsuna has her mother’s family name, not her father’s like the Warden.”

Hajime sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Alright, why are we treating this like it’s a huge deal? People are allowed to be related.”

“I know, just look at you and Hitoshi.” Mitsuru laughed behind his hand.

“Don’t you get it, Hajime!” Kiji all but yelled, “This basically means Kitsuna can get away with murder in this prison as long as her sister is on top! What does that mean for the rest of us! For you! Are you not afraid of losing your position to that fox?”

The gorilla pushed the long haired man away as he had gotten too close during his spiel.

“I’ve worked closely with Kitsuna for quite a few months now.” Hajime bit at the men in defense, “She has no interest in taking my position as Supervisor unless I step down. She’s very comfortable where she is as the trap designer for building 13. On top of that, she’s never once brought up family. So even if she is the sister of the Warden, and even if she is close to her like you think she might be, she has no interest in using that to further herself. And if I catch any of you trying to bad mouth her again, I will bash your face in.”

“Oh-ho!” Kiji laughed, “It seems as though the gorilla is rather fond of the fox.”

“Could this be a crush!” Mitsuru teased.

“I look at her more like a little sister than a potential girlfriend.” Hajime hissed at them all and lit up a cigaret.

“Why, not enough in common?” Kiji teased again.

“Too much, actually.” Hajime corrected.

“How can you have too much in common with someone?” Mitsuru asked.

Both Kiji and Kenshirou shrugged as Samon was in deep thought.

“I don’t know.” Kitsuna said turning her gaze from her sister’s.

“You don’t have to decide right now!” The bluenette assured, “Just come with me to check the place out and if we both like it we can talk about it.”

“I just don’t want to intrude in your business, Momo-nee-chan.” Kitsuna started, “We’ve never actually lived together so it might be hard to adjust.”

“But we love each other, right? So it’ll make things easier.” Momoko smiled at the red head who shrugged in response.

“So, what are you two lovely ladies talking about?” Mitsuru all but threw himself between the two of them sitting at the table.

“Nothing of note.” Kitsuna said coldly.

“Speaking of note!” The wolf man cried, “Is it true you two are sisters!?”

“Mitsuru! You idiot! You have no idea how to approach these situations!” Kiji screamed at the dark haired man.

“Oh, come on. I got straight to the point.”

“Are we sisters.” Momoko giggled darkly as she reached into her pocket.

Everyone but the red head across from her flinched as she pulled out the item.

The bluenette opened her wallet and pulled a handful of photos as Kitsuna’s head hit the table.

“You still have those things?” She all but whined at the older girl.

Momoko chuckled, “These are some of the good memories, Kitsuna.”

“Are these you two?” Kiji asked as he looked over the pictures behind Momoko’s shoulder. Samon, Mitsuru, Kenshirou, and Hajime not too far behind.

The bluenette nodded, picking up the first photo to show it off better.

“This was at Kitsuna’s kindergarden graduation.” She beamed.

“That’s Kitsuna at six?” Hajime howled in laughter. The girls in the picture were both elementary age, one girl had long blue hair and stood almost a foot taller than the other. The other girl had short red hair that curled in very awkward angles. Both were in different uniforms but rather well kept.

“You two actually look a lot alike in that.” Kenshirou noted.

Momoko nodded, “People would sometimes confuse us for twins if we wore matching outfits.” She took a moment to smile and reflect, “This one is from my middle school graduation.” She held up another photo. One girl in a school uniform holding a bouquet of flowers, her long hair beginning to gain the signature curls the warden sported to date and her red eyes beginning to get hard. Standing a few inches taller than her was a red haired girl beside her. Distinct pieces of black and silver were evident in her hair though it was pulled back into a pony tail. She wore no uniform, but dirty, torn up jeans and an over sized t shirt that was partially covered by her crossed arms. She was covered in bruises and had a couple of bandages on her face. The wonder that was there as a child had vanished from her face, though there was still an evident smile on her face as she stood next to her sister.

“What the hell happened to you, Kitsuna?” Samon couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“Our father was good man.” She said calmly, pushing herself all the way back in her chair and crossing her arms, “Our mother was not. Because of what she did I wound up with the wrong crowd.”

“How on earth did you get here?” Kiji all but snarled at the red head.

The bluenette skipped a few pictures and held up one of the last ones. The warden stood proud and tall, resembling the entirety of the woman she was that day. Perfect hair, hard eyes, and a sinister smile on her lips. Standing next to her in full military uniform, saluting the camera was a girl with harder red eyes, and red hair pulled tightly back into what was assumed to be a bun.

“This was taken on the day she completed all her training an joined the Japanese military.” Momoko all but swooned, “I was so proud.”

“It was hard to tell who was happier that day.” Kitsuna chimed in, “You, Shinji, Or the supervising officers who didn’t have to put up with me anymore.”

They both shared a quick laugh.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The bluenette uttered, placing the photos back in her wallet, “You still have little respect for authority.”

“You have to earn respect.” The red head all but snapped, “Not expect it to be given just because of rank.”

Samon snapped his fingers as he connected the dots, “That’s why you wouldn’t think about dating Kitsuna, Hajime. You both had military experience.”

Kitsuna all but snorted.

“What’s so funny?!” The monkey demanded.

“It goes a little deeper than that.” She told the green eyed man.

“It’s true.” Kenshirou added, “I don’t know what either of you went through, but you both have the same eyes.”

“That’s because we went through the same thing, right, Kitsuna?”

“unfortunately.” The red head all but whispered.

“Well hasn’t this just been a trip down memory lane!” Mitsuru all but shouted.

“And here you guys were doubting they were sisters!” Samon laughed.

“No one said that!” Kiji all but screamed.

“You know what, Momo-nee-chan?”

Momoko hummed, encouraging her sister to go on. All the men behind her stopped dead in their tracks.

“Let’s go see that apartment after work today.”

“I knew you’d come around!” The bluenette grinned.

Both of them shared in a laugh. After everything their lives had done to break them, they came out strong; as individuals and, as sisters.


Jealousy And Anger (A Samon Gokuu One Shot)

Supervisor Samon Gokuu entered the guard break room for his lunch break with a sigh that quickly disappeared when his apple green eyes landed on a certain red head sitting alone eating.

“Hey.” He said coolly as he approached her table.

“Hi.” She managed out through the bento that she had stuffed in her mouth.

“I’m glad I caught you here.” Samon said and took a seat across from the girl.

“What’s up?” She asked after swallowing.

“I got two tickets for that new horror movie you wanted to see.” He smirked, unwrapping his own lunch.

“No way!” Kitsuna exclaimed staring at the monkey man in awe, “They’ve been sold out since the early access date a month ago! How’d you get ’em?”

“I have my ways.” Samon smirked, “Anyway, how about I pick you up to go see it at 6 tomorrow. Then we can grab dinner before hand.”

Kitsuna’s excited face soon broke into one of disappointment, apology and regret.

“I want to.” She told the monkey, “I really want to. But I’m scheduled on the night shift tomorrow.”

“You’re kidding?” Samon dead panned, “Does Hajime not understand the meaning of the word break?”

“He does and he already covered for me twice before.” Kitsuna admitted to the green eyed man, “He asked me to take this shift. I’m really sorry, Samon. I would love to go see it with you.”

Samon only sighed, “It’s fine, at least we can have lunch together now right?”

Just as Kitsuna was about to agree her radio went off.

“Kitsuna we got a code yellow over here.” Hajime’s voice called through the speaker.

“What’s up?” She called into the hand held.

“Yamato triggered one of the new traps in B building, sector 7. I know you’re on lunch right now, but no one else knows how to shut it off and get him out.”

Kitsuna sighed before replying, “I’m on my way.”

She stood up, closing her lunch kit.

“I’m sorry, Samon.” She said apologetically to the man, “I’ll make it up to you, but duty calls.”

Samon said nothing as he watched the girl go with a pout on his lips. He knew better than anyone what their duty as guards at Nanba entailed and that their relationship together was something that would always come second, even third. But he missed her.

He honestly missed her. The two could hardly get a shift that lined up, let alone a night together in over a month. He just wanted to be able to talk her, uninterrupted, for just 10 minutes. That’s all he wanted.

Kitsuna walked into Building 5 with a report for the supervisor. She knocked once on the door before entering.

“Hi there foxy.” Inori called to the red head as she walked in.

She bit back rolling her eyes as she asked, “Where’s Samon?”

“Who knows?” He asked the girl, “Why don’t you wait for him to come back, I know you’ll never let me see that report.”

“From what I’ve heard, you don’t even know what to do if I handed you this report.” Kitsuna bit back.

“That’s not nice, foxy.” Inori said, faking his hurt, “Why don’t you apologize?”

“Why don’t you go jerk off to those girly magazines you’re always reading.” She hissed, turning to go.

“I wouldn’t mind if you were in these pages, foxy.” Inori called as the door opened, “I bet you’re hiding the best body under that stiff uniform.”

“INORI!” Samon growled out at such an intensity Kitsuna took a step back in surprise as the door flew open.

“S-Samon!” Inori shrieked in surprise, “I-I was just-just.”

“Just making unwanted sexual advances, not only to a fellow officer, but your superior officer’s girlfriend.” Samon growled as he stalked forward towards the desk Inori was sitting at, “You better hope the warden doesn’t catch wind of this.”

“I’m just gonna leave this here.” Kitsuna mumbled, not wanting to interrupt the seething man as she placed the report on his desk and backed out slowly.

“No, Samon! It’s not like that I swear!” Inori tried to defend himself as the door closed.

“You weren’t even working while I was gone!” Samon yelled and lunged at the larger man.

Kitsuna heard Inori’s cries of pain as she walked.

“Yo, Kitsuna-san.” Kokoriki said as he approached.

“I would not go in there if I were you.” She told the pink haired man as she walked past, hurrying back to her building.

“Why do you always keep it back so tight?” Mitsuru asked the red haired girl as she was eating her lunch, “You would look so much better if it were down.”

A blood vessel in Samon’s forehead almost burst hearing the wolf’s words to the fox.

Kitsuna shrugged, “I can’t usually focus when my hair’s in my face. And if it gets stuck when I’m working on a trap it can turn ugly real fast.”

“With a face like yours it’s impossible to think of it turning ugly.” Mitsuru said leaning in closer and sticking his tongue out.

Kitsuna looked at him funny out of the corner of her eye before going back to her bento.

“Say, I’m sure I can convince Hajime to get you a day off. What do you say about going to the amusement park with me?” Mitsuru offered.

“I’m good, but thanks.” Kitsuna muttered.

“Oh, come on. You’re just the kind of person who would go after an adrenaline rush like that.” Mitsuru looked disgruntled by the rejection, “What about hiking some of trails around Tokyo? I know you’re outdoorsy!”

“The girl said no, so back the fuck off Mitsuru!” Samon yelled at the wolf.

“I’m just trying to hang out with her, Samon.” Mitsuru smirked leaning closer to the girl in question.

“Get any closer and you will not like the outcome!” Samon growled.

“Oh-ho, so the monkey is possessive of his fox. Do you not trust her, Samon?” Mitsuru grinned.

“That has nothing to do with it!” Samon yelled at the darker man, “Now leave her alone!”

“Samon, it’s fine.” Kitsuna called softly to the fuming monkey, “We all know how Mitsuru gets. Though if he continues things will turn ugly.” She eyed the wolf out of the corner of her eye as she said that.

“It’s not fine!” Samon yelled at the red head.

“Don’t yell at me.” Kitsuna hissed to the green eyed man.

Samon completely ignored her and continued, “Hajime’s been working you to the bone to the point I hardly ever see you! I can’t get a lunch break with you to even calm down, especially after what Inori tried to pull the other day with you! And now when it seems like we can finally catch up, I’m forced to watch a loud mouth wolf make advances to MY girlfriend who then insists it’s fine! It’s not fine, Kitsuna! Non of this is fine! Have you ever thought how I felt through all this!?”

Kitsuna stood up to be more eye level with the man.

“You know as well as I do what happens between you and me comes second in this building.” She growled, almost inhumanly, “Emotions have no place in our job, Supervisor. And I’m sorry, but I’m the only one in Building 13 right now who has any knowledge about traps, all of which I’m trying to work the kinks out of now so I can have some more free time later to spend with you! I figured you could keep yourself busy for a month while I worked my tail off to try to get the days I want off so we could go back and see your family like you wanted! I have thought about you, that’s why it’s all getting done now. And as for, Inori? I’m not easily embarrassed. I’m fine with whatever rude, vulgar, sexist things come out of anyone’s mouth as long as they keep their hands to themselves. Guess what the boar does.”

And without saying another word Kitsuna stormed out of the break room back to her post in Building 13, ready to put her, now unleashed, anger to some good use perfecting the traps that she just implemented. Leaving the monkey to just stand there and stare at the spot she hat stood when she chewed him out.

He could and couldn’t believe what she had just said to him.

“I’m sorry, since when was this any of your business?” Kitsuna sneered to the heavily make-uped man standing before her.

“It isn’t.” Kiji sighed in admittance, “But Samon has been less than stellar after the altercation you two had. I don’t care too much for the monkey myself, but I prefer to see him happy and bouncing around versus the sad and down hearted one we now have.”

“He was the one who was jealous the other day, not me.” Kitsuna bit, “Why should I be the one to talk to him about it.”

“It’s called being the bigger person, Kitsuna-chan, something I’m sure you’re used to in the relationship.” Kiji grinned for a moment before it was wiped off his face by the glare Kitsuna sent his way, “You are dense when it comes to romance, aren’t you?”

“I am about 3 seconds away from breaking my pledge to pacifism, what the hell do you mean?” Kitsuna demanded.

“Communication.” Kiji said simply, “There hasn’t been a lot of that recently between you and Samon, I can see it. The best thing in a relationship is too communicate with your partner. Samon’s still shocked over the fact of what you were doing was for him, and is ashamed of how he reacted. He’s not ready to face you yet, which is exactly what you two need to do. And since he’s not ready, you need to be.”

Kitsuna looked away from the pheasant man and sighed. She was never good with expressing her feelings and she knew it. Perhaps she had also reacted harshly during the altercation. She decided to move past it and talk to Samon, see if they could work whatever was wrong out. After all, she knew she cared deeply for him.

“By the way, are you really a pacifist?” Kiji asked the red head, “I never thought of you like that.”

“Appearances are deceiving.” Kitsuna said and walked off.

Using the spare key she had been given she entered the small apartment and took off her shoes in the front foyer, closing the door behind her.

She went down the short hall in search of her monkey. She found him layed out on the couch in the living room staring at a black tv.

“Hey.” She called, startling the man the man on the couch so he fell off.

“You okay?” She asked as she stepped forward to peer over the couch and look at him.

“Fine!” Samon all but shouted nervously as he shot up, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to talk.” Kitsuna started simply.

“Alright, then.” Samon said calmly and gestured to the other end of the couch from where he sat down.

Kitsuna went around the long way and sat on the other end, taking her guard cap off and putting it on the coffee table. She looked over at the red headed male opposite her. While she had only just gotten off her shift, Samon had been off for a couple of hours now. He was clad in just a pair of grey sweatpants that were too big for him, Kitsuna was certain that they were a pair of hers she had left here before. He had no shirt on so she had a clear view of his sculpted chest, abdomen, arms and the tattoos that littered them all.

“I’m going to start by apologizing, I’m not very good at sitting down and talking about things that bother me.” The red eyed girl started.

“I know.” Samon said gently, “I’m not that great either.”

“I know we haven’t seen a lot of each other recently, and I’m sorry about that. It’s my fault.” Kitsuna admitted, “I took on a lot of responsibilities at my building, and they all took up way too much time of mine.”

“It’s fine.” Samon uttered, “Work comes first. And I know that you’ve been redoing all the traps in Building 13 because some of them were…”

“Stupid? Redundant? Not at all traps or were in no way an obsticle that would hinder an attempted break out?” Kitsuna offered.

“Something like that.” Samon muttered to himself scratching the back of his head, “And I’m sorry about what I did and said in the break room with Mitsuru, and startling you when I came in the office with the whole Inori fiasco, and raising my voice at you.”

“It’s alright.” Kitsuna forgave, “You have your reasons for doing all of that, just as I did mine. Neither where good expressions.”

“We both messed up. So I guess, we’re both sorry.” Samon shrugged.

“I am.” She nodded.

“So am I.” He fidgeted, “By the way?”

Kitsuna hummed letting him know to go on.

“Did you mean what you said about taking on all the days now so you could have time off to go meet my family?” He asked her unsure, not looking her in the eye out of embarrassment.

Kitsuna nodded, “You said you wanted to go and see them for Chinese New Year, and you really wanted me to come and meet them. I figured with the holiday coming up in the next few weeks I should work as much as I can now so I can get the time off later. I didn’t mean for it to hurt you.”

“That makes me feel even worse.” Samon growled and rubbed his eyes, “You’re doing all this for me and I haven’t even made the effort to be interested in your family!”

“You’ve met my sister.” Kitsuna pointed out.

“Yeah, but what about your parents? Grandparents? Cousins? Aunts? Uncles?” He asked.

“You know about my ‘parents’.” The red eyed girl told him, to which the green eyed man nodded, “As for extended family, if I have them I never met them. Momo-nee-chan’s all I got. So that’s all you gotta worry about.”

“I feel even stupider about that.” Samon muttered.

“We’ve both been stupid.” Kitsuna pointed out.

“You’re right.” Samon sighed, “Wanna cuddle to make up for it?”

“I thought you would never ask.”

Winning Incentive(A Samon Gokuu One-Shot)

“These are the buildings that will be moving on to the second round!” Mitsuru yelled into his microphone with enthusiasm as the scores were shown on the screen.

“Too loud.” Kitsuna muttered to herself as she sat down next to her supervisor.

“You can say that again.” Hajime sighed.

“What’s the matter, you two throwing in the towel already?” Samon growled as he approached, the inmates that would be participating with him following closely behind.

“Hi, Saru-chan.” Kitsuna yawned.

“Screw off you damned monkey!” Hajime hissed back at the shorter man, “Lack of enthusiasm does not mean we’re going to lose, right Kitsuna!?”

“Now you’re being too loud, Hajime.” The girl recoiled and sighed, “What is with everyone here and this tournament? You didn’t even want to participate in this to begin with.”

“Maybe so,” Hajime growled while glaring daggers into the supervisor over her head, “But whether I win this or not, I’m not losing to you.”

“Well, I hope you’re ready for disappointment.” Samon snarled, glaring back, “But I’m not about to lose to you either. And I’ll win this thing.”

“Like hell.” Hajime roared.

“What’s the matter foxy, staying out of this because you’re afraid?” Inori laughed at the red head who was done with everything.

“No, I’m not you.” She shot back, causing the much taller man to wince slightly.

“You got some big balls to say that to a superior officer.” Inori snarled at her when he regained composer.

“Rank means shit when you don’t have respect to back it up.” Kitsuna muttered.

“What was that?” Inori demanded.

“Back off, boar.” Hajime snarled, defending the girl, “Respect your superiors.”

The deputy supervisor fell silent, knowing he couldn’t take on the supervisor.

“May the best man win, I guess.” Kitsuna said dismissively, letting the others know the conversation was over.

“Damn it, 3rd again! I’m only above that stupid pheasant!” Samon growled and punched a wall in anger.

“Disappointed you’re losing?” Kitsuna teased from behind him.

“What do you want?” Samon asked, turning around. There was no heat in his words as he spoke to the girl, but he was annoyed.

“To check on my Saru-chan.” She smiled, still leaning against the wall.

“At the very least don’t call me that in front of Hajime and the other supervisors.” Samon pouted, “They’ll never let me live it down.”

“But it’s cute.” Kitsuna said pushing off the wall and strutting towards the shorter male.

“Not a compliment to pay to a man.” Samon huffed.

Kitsuna rolled her eyes before leaning down slightly and kissing his nose. She was only 2 inches taller than him, but she was happy about it because she could lean down and kiss him any time she wanted.

“Yeah, but you’re mine, so…” She said with a smile.

“Whatever.” Samon sighed and crossed his arms.

“You can win against, Hajime.” The red eyed girl said, gaining the monkey’s attention, “He’s tired because he’s been working all last night. You can take him, just, don’t hold back this time, okay?”

“You really think I can win?” Samon asked, looking up at her. At moments like this he wished he was taller than her.

She nodded, “And if you do win,” A devilish smirk spread across her face as she leaned down to whisper into his ear.

Samon’s face became as red as his girlfriend’s eyes as a smirk that matched her own grew on his face.

“Only if you win of course.” Kitsuna uttered as she pulled away from him, staring him dead in the eye.

“I’m going to win!” Samon yelled and took off towards the arena.

Kitsuna giggled to herself and turned to follower the man back outside.

The matchup for the spinning tops were building 5 vs. building 3, and building 4 vs. building 13.

As expected it was buildings 5 and 13 that moved on to the final round.

Hajime and Inmate 15 stood in the arena, preparing to participate for their own building. It was Samon and number 2 who were representing building 5.

The last event was sake opening. It seemed like the perfect way to bring in the new year.

“Ready?” Mitsuru shouted, “GO!”

Both teams took off. Samon and Liang pulled ahead of Hajime, Jyugo was all the way in the back as he had always been slow.

Liang and Hajime were neck and neck, Samon was way in the front though. He was the most athletic after all, and given the fact he was smaller than Hajime gave him a bit of an edge.

At least, that’s what everyone thought until Hajime shot forward and pulled Samon back by his tail to try to get ahead of him.

“I will not lose to you!” Samon yelled, fire burning off of him. He then doubled up his fist and punched Hajime off to the side and went flying up the stairs to the platform the sake barrel was on, leaving a trail of fair in his wake.

As Hajime pulled himself out of the rubble of a crumbled wall, Samon punched open the barrel with all his might, sending sake and wooden splinters everywhere.

“Oh Yeah!” Mitsuru yelled again, “Samon takes the win! Building 5 wins this year’s tournament!”

The red haired girl leaned forward onto the railing she was standing behind and rested her head on he hand that was supported by the railing as she smiled at the monkey man.

Liang was soon up on the platform with Samon they were congratulating each other. Cell 8 was going to get anything they wanted, and Samon was going to get exactly what he was promised.

“Well, it was a good try!” Yamato laughed as Hajime and Jyugo climbed back up to where everyone was standing.

“I just don’t get what got him fired up like that.” Hajime grumbled as he glared at Samon. Cell 13 was disappointed because they weren’t going to get what they wanted, despite having won already.

Kitsuna had to stifle a giggle that wanted to escape her chest.

“What’s so funny!” Hajime yelled at the red haired girl.

“Nothing, Hajime.” She giggled again, “I’m just happy for him.”

“Yeah, your boyfriend’s probably ecstatic about his win.” He grumbled again.

“I, at least, hope he’ll use that bonus to take you someplace nice.” Kiji droned as he approached the scene, “After all, what good would he be otherwise?”

Kitsuna could only laugh again. Partially because of the stupidity of what the bird man had said, partially because building 5’s supervisor had looked up at her in victory only to turn bright red remembering exactly what he won.

“Okay, be honest.” Hajime ordered the girl, “What the hell did you do to make him win?”

Kitsuna just smirked to herself.

“Oh you know, I just gave him a little winning incentive is all.”