Locker Love Notes(A Samon Gokuu One Shot)

Kitsuna rolled her ruby eyes as she heard her sister swoon over Hajime.

Damn was it annoying. High school was bad enough, but now I have that to deal with as well. She thought.

She reached into her shoe locker to pull out her combat boots, the red haired girl paused feeling something that felt like paper. She pulled it out and looked at it.

An emerald green envelope was in her hand, with ‘Kitsuna’ written on the back in the most beautiful kanji. She turned it over to see the envelope was sealed with a blood red heart sticker.

Her blood red eyes stared at it, questioning who might have put it in there.

“What’s this then?” Uno all but sang as he ripped the letter out of her hand.

“Aww! Someone has a crush on Kitsuna-chan! Isn’t that adorable!?”

“Kitsuna?” The red head heard Hajime question, “Who would be stupid enough to make a move on her?”

A tick mark formed on the fox’s forehead from all the commotion.

“Let me see, Uno! Let me see!” Nico called jumping up to try to get the letter from the taller boy.

“No can do, Nico!” Uno sang, “It wouldn’t be fair if I let you see it before I read it outlou- Ak!”

Kitsuna’s patience snapped and she hit Uno hard on the back of the head, ripping the letter from his hand in the process.

“Has anyone ever told you before that nosing into other people’s business get’s you killed?” She snarled.

“Oh, come on Kitsuna, we just can’t contain our curiosity.” Rock defended.

“Curiosity killed the cat, Rock.” The red head growled.

“Awe!” The four of them whined in annoyance as the fox stuffed the letter into her pocket and grabbed her boots out of the locker to put them on.

“Do you just not want us to know about your boyfriend?” Uno teased.

“Leave her alone.” Momoko cut in, glaring at the long haired boy, causing him to recoil and back away quickly, “It’s non of your business.”

“Thanks, Momo-nee-chan.” Kitsuna mumbled to her sister as she finished putting on her combats and stood up, “I’ll see you at home.”

She picked up her backpack from the floor and trudged out of the school heading home. Ignoring everyone calling after her as she went.

Kitsuna groaned, knowing she was going to get an earful of this tomorrow.

She rounded the corner out of the school yard to head home and all but ran into someone.

“Sorry.” She muttered and tried to step around them.

“Is that all you have to say?” A shrill voice laughed, forcing her ruby eyes to look up from the sidewalk and look into the apple green eyes of one Samon Gokuu.

Kitsuna growled, “What do you want?” She demanded.

“Maybe you should learn some manners.” He smirked.

She rolled my eyes, “Maybe you should fuck off.”

She then stepped around him quickly and trudged forward away from him and his posy.

The red haired girl felt something get tugged out of the back pocket of her shorts. She whipped around to see Liang grinning as he looked over the emerald green envelope in his hands.

“What’s this then?” He teased, “A love note? Who’s it for Kitsuna-chan?”

She rolled her eyes and held out her hand, “Me. Now give it back.”

“What juicy details are in here?” He teased again.

“That’s not fair you get to read it and I don’t!” Uno all but yelled as he sprinted over to them.

“Aw, too embarrassed to read this in public, eh?” Liang teased.

“Liang, let it be.” Samon said under his breath.

“Let’s read it finally!” Uno cheered as he ripped the letter out of Liang’s hand and tore it open pulling out a pale green piece of paper.

Your parents did right naming you, Kitsuna, as a fox is exactly what you are. Your eyes full of stars on a clear night, your smile as bright as early morning light, your laugh more sweet than a summer’s rain, and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned your brain. So smart and determined, always at practice, I hope you don’t think my words are sarcastic. I could waste away hours watching you, with everything you do my passion for you renewed. I hope you don’t think less of me for hiding behind this letter, for I feel if I actually talk to you about this it would surely bring bad weather. I really wish for you to know in your heart that I think of you when we’re apart. Your secret admirer, -S” 

Kitsuna’s face heated up as Uno read. The blonde looked up at her with a shit eating grin.

She lunged forward and snatched the letter out of his hand and kicked his legs out from under him.

“Alright 11, you think that’s really funny! How about you tell me how long it took you to write that huh!? Clearly you’re the one trying to pull one over on me!” The girl accused.

“It’s not me!” Uno yelled in defense and curling up in a ball, “I didn’t do anything about it, obviously you actually have a secret admirer! I don’t know how anyone could think any of that about you!”

Kitsuna glared up at everyone around her, while Uno was reading everyone else showed up and crowded around them.

“Whoever thought it would be funny to do this, I suggest you stop before you get hurt. I don’t find this amusing.” She then turned and stormed off back home, heat still filling her face.

There was no way that was serious. No one would dare. She thought as she trudged on.

She took a few deep breaths to clam herself.

She knew exactly how to find out who it was.

“Homework on a weekend… Damn that teacher!” Uno cried as he, Jyugo, Rock, Nico, Hajime, Hitoshi, and Kitsuna walked out of their class room and towards their show lockers.

“You complain too much, 11.” Hajime growled.

“Not everyone likes work, Hajime!” The blonde yelled at the taller man.

“What the?” Rock questioned, stopping dead in his tracks and causing Jyugo, Nico, Uno, and Hitoshi to crash into his back.

“What’s the big deal, Rock?” Uno all but yelled at the taller man, but as he peered around him, he realized why he stopped.

In between two rows of lockers there was a person hanging upside down, bound tightly in ropes, gagged, and wriggling around like their life depended on it.

“Kitsuna-chan, isn’t that guy hanging right in front of your locker?” Nico questioned hesitantly.

“Yes. Yes he is.” The red head smirked and strode forward towards the hanging boy. She gripped his hair and turned him around to face her.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Samon Gokuu.” She grinned.

The tied up monkey froze as bullets of sweat started pouring off of him. He knew deep down that he was about to be killed.

“Kitsuna, what the hell did you do?” Hajime all but exploded at the girl.

“I wanted to see who was stupid enough to leave me notes in my locker. Looks like I found him.” The red eyed girl growled.

“Kitsuna-chan, I would hurry up and cut him down before the principal comes and sees this. You don’t want to get expelled, do you?” Hitoshi called out to the girl.

“I probably should, shouldn’t I?” Kitsuna teased as she circled the boy, slowly pulling out her pocket knife and raising it to use it.

“Kitsuna, no!” Jyugo yelled but it was too late.

The rope holding the monkey up was already cut and he let out a shriek before falling to the ground with a thud.

The girl’s classmates all stared at her like she was insane as she pocketed her knife again. The red haired girl looked up at them, gave them a confused look for a moment before she shrugged and turned back to the issue at hand.

She knelt down and pulled the rope gagging the monkey out of his mouth so he could speak.

“So it’s been you, huh?”

Samon scoffed, “Have you ever heard of a joke?”

Kitsuna rolled her eyes, “Most jokes like this consist of vague and, rather standard comments and compliments. You actually went into depth with all the notes you’ve left.”

“All?” Uno all but yelled, “You’ve only gotten one?”

“That you know of.” The fox smirked at the boy before turning back to the red head still tied up.

“I was dedicated.” Samon growled.

“Or desperate.” Kitsuna sighed, “You know, if it was a joke, which I’m still not convinced it was, it was very sweet. I never knew you had a romantic side, Samon.”

By this time the monkey’s face was beat red. He didn’t have any good excuse anymore so he just turned his head away so he wouldn’t have to face the red eyed girl.

Kitsuna sighed in content again before she reached back into her pocket and pulled out her knife, cutting the green eyed boy free.

Samon finally hand his limbs free, with his new found movement he pushed himself up from the ground and onto his feet. Dusting himself off soon after.

“You should know better than to tie random people up like that, fox.” He growled.

Kitsuna rolled her eyes as she pulled her combat boots on, “And maybe now you’ll know not to put random things in other people’s lockers.”

Samon crossed his arms and turned away from the girl rather childishly, “You should be happy I gave you my attention. I mean, who would want to go out with you?” He scoffed.

“You.” She muttered standing straight up and grabbing her backpack, “That is if you want to.” She offered.

Samon’s face was once again red as the girl’s eyes, “Pardon?” He questioned.

“Would you like to go get ice cream with me, Samon?” She grinned.

The green eyed boy sputtered for a moment before he regained his composure, crossing his arms tightly, “Only because you know my one weakness. But I’m buying!”

The girl held back a laugh, “If you insist.”

She then started out of the school, leaving the boy to stand there with his nose turned up and his arms still corssed. Samon realized and started after her. Though he convinced himself it was because he didn’t want to be in that school any longer than was necessary, and not because he actually wanted to go out with the fox.

The boys who were still standing in the lobby of the school blinked, trying to register what exactly had gone down.

“Everyone else saw that too, right?” Uno was the one to break the silence.

“Yeah.” Just about everyone replied.

Hajime sighed and rubbed his temple. He should have known it was the monkey doing that. He knew for the longest time that the two had unspoken feelings for one another, they were just too stubborn to let it through.

But now his main concern was not the new…. happy? Couple. It was the yelling children beside him who were going crazy after seeing that interaction.

He made a mental note to smack both red heads for it, as it was due to them he was about to get horrible stomach cramps.



No flirting!(Samon Gokuu One-shot)

Kitsuna bit her tongue to hold back an eye roll as Inori continued with his comments.

How did she get to be here again? She asked herself, oh yeah. Hajime was way too concerned with cell 13 escaping again that she got stuck bringing these papers to building 5 so Samon didn’t have a spas about them being late.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like visiting the building and getting a chance to see her boyfriend. His second in command just made some really stupid remarks to her. And, for some reason, he decided that today would be the day that he unloads all of them onto the weary red head standing before him.

“You look tired, Foxy.” Inori smirked, “I would imagine you would be considering you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

An invisible sigh left her nostrils as she gauged about how much time she could possibly have at the moment to kill him and hide the body, before reasoning there was no way she could do that and not have someone walk in on her.

“You know Foxy. As pretty as you are there is something about you I would like to change if I could.” Inori continued, “Your last name.”

He loosened his tie before adding to the berate.

“It is hot in here or is it just you?”

At that comment an audible sigh erupted from Kitsuna’s lips and she reached up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

“Inori,” She began with a frustrated growl.

“I’m fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on earth tonight.” He grinned staring into her blood red eyes.

“If Samon where to over hear the banter you’ve just unleashed, not only would you be working overtime you would need to swim back.” The red head started with a hiss, “Now while these ridiculous pick up lines you drop for me cause a lot a laughs back at my office, when actual work needs to get done I have issues. Now, either tell me where Samon is or I’ll be forced to leave these with you against my better judgement.”

Inori just looked at her dumbly.

“What is it?” She snapped at him, “Spit it out already.”

A sinister smirk broke out on his face before he responded.

“If I told you that I thought you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”

You could almost hear the veins in Kitsuna’s forehead pop at that last comment. Hardly a second after it was uttered, however, the door slammed open to reveal a seething monkey.

“Inori!” He screeched as he slithered into the office, “What the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

“I-uh, Supervisor! Kitsuna and I were just, uh.” He searched frantically for help.

“I came to drop these papers off for you, Supervisor.” The female red head called to the monkey.

“Please leave them on my desk, thank you Kitsuna.” He growled, though his heat was not directed at her but rather the boar.

Kitsuna did as she told and quickly made her way to the door.

“I wish you both a good day then, Supervisor, deputy.” She nodded and left before either could say a word. She knew Samon wanted nothing more than to beak the ever loving shit out of Inori for what he over heard.

And, of course, she was right. She hadn’t even made it out of the office building before bangs, crashes, screams, and the sound of things breaking screamed out of the main office.

Kitsuna could only chuckle to herself as she walked away. Sometimes her monkey was a little too overprotective, but it was definitely cute of him.

A laugh then came out of her throat that she had to cover up as she heard something break through the ceiling of the office and go shooting off behind her.

Samon had sent his deputy flying.

He really did hate it when anyone but him flirted with her. Not as though she minded his reactions.

Good Family Memories

This is a Nanbaka fluff kind of piece. It’s slightly SamonxOC and slightly MomokoxOC.

“Oh, thank you.” The red eyed woman in front of me smiled and accepted what I offered.

“No problem, just don’t forget it again please. Hajime will have my head if I’m late again.” I sighed and crossed my arms showing her my annoyance.

“If he has any issue with it, tell him to come and see me, I’ll resolve it.” Momoko assured with a gentile smile.

“I can fight my own battles.” I reminded.

“I know you can.” She half laughed at her own actions, “That being said I want you to know I care about you, even still.”

“I know you do.” I finally smiled at her. Our crimson eyes sharing in a rare moment of love and happiness, that was quickly interrupted by a knock at the door.

Momoko sighed, breaking our eye contact before turning her attention to the door behind me.

“Come in.” She ordered.

“Good morning Warden Hyakushiki. Oh, and good morning to you too, Kitsuna.” Samon said in surprise as he entered the office.

“Good morning Samon.” I nodded.

“Thank you again, Kitsuna.” Momoko said to me, “I’ll let you go now.”

I bowed and said, “Have a good day, Momo-nee-chan.” And took my leave of the room.

The door slammed shut and I turned my attention back to Samon who was standing ridged with his green eyes fixed on nothing in particular.

“Is something the matter, Supervisor Samon?” I asked, snapping him out of his trance.

“Forgive me, Warden.” He started uncertainly, “But did Deputy Supervisor Kitsuna just call you ‘Momo-nee-chan’? Implying you are her older sister?”

I couldn’t hold back the laugh that came out of my chest.

“Yes, Kitsuna is my little sister.” I explained, “She’s my junior by 2 years.”

“But, Warden,” Samon tried to reason, “How can you be sisters when your family names are Hyakushiki and Rekoin respectively?”

I smiled sadly thinking about it.

“Our parents divorced before she was born.” I said slowly, coming across some painful memories and split occasions, “I stayed with our father, while she stayed with our mother. That’s why our names are different.”

“I see.” Samon said, sweating lightly under my gaze, “Forgive me if I probed too deeply.”

“Curiousity is a natural thing.” I said with a shrug, “Though when we were younger, it was far easier for people to tell we were sisters. The years have been hard on her.”

“What!” Kiji exclaimed, nearly dropping his compact.

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Kenshirou growled with accusing eyes.

“If that were the case I would have known about it!” Mitsuru shouted.

“Would have known about what?” Hajime yawned as he entered the break room.

“Hajime!” Kiji jumped up and pointed at him accusingly, “You work with Kitsuna, so you should know this piece of information! And the fact you never shared it!”

“What are you talking about, pheasant?” The tall man growled.

“Did you know that Kitsuna and the Warden are sisters?” Samon asked calmly to the taller man.

“What!?” Hajime asked in disbelief, the cigaret that had been hanging loosely from his lips fell to the floor.

“I found that our this morning when I went to give the Warden my report.” Samon admitted, “They were just saying bye and Kitsuna called the Warden Momo-nee-chan.”

“Th-that could be anything!” Kiji tried to wave the comment off and laughed.

“I thought so too, so I asked the Warden.” Samon continued, “Turns out they are siblings. Their parents divorced before Kitsuna was born and the Warden stayed with their father. Kitsuna has her mother’s family name, not her father’s like the Warden.”

Hajime sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Alright, why are we treating this like it’s a huge deal? People are allowed to be related.”

“I know, just look at you and Hitoshi.” Mitsuru laughed behind his hand.

“Don’t you get it, Hajime!” Kiji all but yelled, “This basically means Kitsuna can get away with murder in this prison as long as her sister is on top! What does that mean for the rest of us! For you! Are you not afraid of losing your position to that fox?”

The gorilla pushed the long haired man away as he had gotten too close during his spiel.

“I’ve worked closely with Kitsuna for quite a few months now.” Hajime bit at the men in defense, “She has no interest in taking my position as Supervisor unless I step down. She’s very comfortable where she is as the trap designer for building 13. On top of that, she’s never once brought up family. So even if she is the sister of the Warden, and even if she is close to her like you think she might be, she has no interest in using that to further herself. And if I catch any of you trying to bad mouth her again, I will bash your face in.”

“Oh-ho!” Kiji laughed, “It seems as though the gorilla is rather fond of the fox.”

“Could this be a crush!” Mitsuru teased.

“I look at her more like a little sister than a potential girlfriend.” Hajime hissed at them all and lit up a cigaret.

“Why, not enough in common?” Kiji teased again.

“Too much, actually.” Hajime corrected.

“How can you have too much in common with someone?” Mitsuru asked.

Both Kiji and Kenshirou shrugged as Samon was in deep thought.

“I don’t know.” Kitsuna said turning her gaze from her sister’s.

“You don’t have to decide right now!” The bluenette assured, “Just come with me to check the place out and if we both like it we can talk about it.”

“I just don’t want to intrude in your business, Momo-nee-chan.” Kitsuna started, “We’ve never actually lived together so it might be hard to adjust.”

“But we love each other, right? So it’ll make things easier.” Momoko smiled at the red head who shrugged in response.

“So, what are you two lovely ladies talking about?” Mitsuru all but threw himself between the two of them sitting at the table.

“Nothing of note.” Kitsuna said coldly.

“Speaking of note!” The wolf man cried, “Is it true you two are sisters!?”

“Mitsuru! You idiot! You have no idea how to approach these situations!” Kiji screamed at the dark haired man.

“Oh, come on. I got straight to the point.”

“Are we sisters.” Momoko giggled darkly as she reached into her pocket.

Everyone but the red head across from her flinched as she pulled out the item.

The bluenette opened her wallet and pulled a handful of photos as Kitsuna’s head hit the table.

“You still have those things?” She all but whined at the older girl.

Momoko chuckled, “These are some of the good memories, Kitsuna.”

“Are these you two?” Kiji asked as he looked over the pictures behind Momoko’s shoulder. Samon, Mitsuru, Kenshirou, and Hajime not too far behind.

The bluenette nodded, picking up the first photo to show it off better.

“This was at Kitsuna’s kindergarden graduation.” She beamed.

“That’s Kitsuna at six?” Hajime howled in laughter. The girls in the picture were both elementary age, one girl had long blue hair and stood almost a foot taller than the other. The other girl had short red hair that curled in very awkward angles. Both were in different uniforms but rather well kept.

“You two actually look a lot alike in that.” Kenshirou noted.

Momoko nodded, “People would sometimes confuse us for twins if we wore matching outfits.” She took a moment to smile and reflect, “This one is from my middle school graduation.” She held up another photo. One girl in a school uniform holding a bouquet of flowers, her long hair beginning to gain the signature curls the warden sported to date and her red eyes beginning to get hard. Standing a few inches taller than her was a red haired girl beside her. Distinct pieces of black and silver were evident in her hair though it was pulled back into a pony tail. She wore no uniform, but dirty, torn up jeans and an over sized t shirt that was partially covered by her crossed arms. She was covered in bruises and had a couple of bandages on her face. The wonder that was there as a child had vanished from her face, though there was still an evident smile on her face as she stood next to her sister.

“What the hell happened to you, Kitsuna?” Samon couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“Our father was good man.” She said calmly, pushing herself all the way back in her chair and crossing her arms, “Our mother was not. Because of what she did I wound up with the wrong crowd.”

“How on earth did you get here?” Kiji all but snarled at the red head.

The bluenette skipped a few pictures and held up one of the last ones. The warden stood proud and tall, resembling the entirety of the woman she was that day. Perfect hair, hard eyes, and a sinister smile on her lips. Standing next to her in full military uniform, saluting the camera was a girl with harder red eyes, and red hair pulled tightly back into what was assumed to be a bun.

“This was taken on the day she completed all her training an joined the Japanese military.” Momoko all but swooned, “I was so proud.”

“It was hard to tell who was happier that day.” Kitsuna chimed in, “You, Shinji, Or the supervising officers who didn’t have to put up with me anymore.”

They both shared a quick laugh.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The bluenette uttered, placing the photos back in her wallet, “You still have little respect for authority.”

“You have to earn respect.” The red head all but snapped, “Not expect it to be given just because of rank.”

Samon snapped his fingers as he connected the dots, “That’s why you wouldn’t think about dating Kitsuna, Hajime. You both had military experience.”

Kitsuna all but snorted.

“What’s so funny?!” The monkey demanded.

“It goes a little deeper than that.” She told the green eyed man.

“It’s true.” Kenshirou added, “I don’t know what either of you went through, but you both have the same eyes.”

“That’s because we went through the same thing, right, Kitsuna?”

“unfortunately.” The red head all but whispered.

“Well hasn’t this just been a trip down memory lane!” Mitsuru all but shouted.

“And here you guys were doubting they were sisters!” Samon laughed.

“No one said that!” Kiji all but screamed.

“You know what, Momo-nee-chan?”

Momoko hummed, encouraging her sister to go on. All the men behind her stopped dead in their tracks.

“Let’s go see that apartment after work today.”

“I knew you’d come around!” The bluenette grinned.

Both of them shared in a laugh. After everything their lives had done to break them, they came out strong; as individuals and, as sisters.